Too much Bosco to handle

From the opening title sequence of the wool, the yoyo and the cut out paper men…

To the magic door leading to the zoo…

And then there’s Michael Finnegan, I wonder where he went?

Yes, if you grew up in the eighties in Ireland then you’ll know all about Bosco. Aren’t we lucky?

9 thoughts on “Too much Bosco to handle

  1. Ahh, but you’ve a diet of Dora, Barney, Wiggles, Hi-5, Peppa Pig and Balamory to look forward to! I’d start practising now. Peppa Pig will enrage you as you’ll be convinced you could have drawn it better.

  2. Did you know… when Zig and Zag were first aired (live and before the Brits stole them!), the show came back from adverts sooner than they expected. They were captured sliding across the screen in from of millions of unsuspecting kids singing ‘bosco is a wan*er, bosco is a wan*ker’ classic moment that will go with in TV history. They were banned for a week and rating soared amongst adults.

    Speaking of memories, does anyone remember the Wanderly Wagon with forty-coats so-far-so-good?

  3. The magic door leading to the … zoo? Or is that more like, prison? Living in a dump between brick, cement, and bars, oooh what a treat! Think, this magnificent animal (“soo cuddly”, yes, we know) could be roaming the plains and *have a life*.

  4. lol thats so funny that magic door thing i used to loved that part of the show and i loved the macspuds who lived in the supermarket and the dog and the crow who lived in the park

  5. she sells sea shells on the sea shore
    she sells sea shells on the sea shore
    she sells sea shells on the sea shore
    she sells sea shells on the sea shore
    i really miss that show

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