12 thoughts on “I love Charlie Harper

  1. There’s something I meant to say a while back. Everytime I read an individual post of yours I find it hard to figure out when you wrote it. Take the Charlie Parker post you linked to. Unless I’m completely blind, I can’t find a date on it, which makes figuring out the chronology of things hard 🙁

  2. Good point. The URL has the date structure alright, but the fancy date thingy is removed from the blog title by the theme.

    I’ll add that back again. Thanks!

    1. omg , i so know that!! i love that show, i watch it every dayy.. i love itt.. its hilarious too.. makes me laugh, =)

    1. Charlie Harper , from Two and a Half Man , i love it ! the best ever ! Charlie is soo hot !!! , i hope u read it charlie <3 im 30 , name is Ashley , msn is modmich@hotmail.com , if u read it pm me your msn babe <3

  3. I wonder if anyone posting their MSN details on this post or the other one actually hooked up with Charlie Sheen? And I wonder if Charlie Sheen was one of those visits above, you know, checking out what the internet was saying about him

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