How superman would flank the enemy

He’d fffllllllyyyyyyyyyyy over their heads and land behind them. Great clips from Bad Company 2 games where they catapulted players on quad bikes over the defenders in their bases.

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Anti tank mines under the quad bike! Those clips are great, and they flanked really well, but it’s probably a little too hit and miss to be used regularly! 🙂

It’s worth a try. Get a full squad (especially on Port Valdez). Have two spawn on the attackers spawn, one engineer with explosives upgrade and extra damage, and one medic. The other two guys get ready to spawn on the medic. Mines down at the top of the snowy ridge inbetween the two roads (sniper hill) and KABLAMMO! As long as it looks like it’s going to be successful the other two spawn and that’s three badasses heavily in enemy territory.

Naw, its not: its actually the best tactic you can use when you’re losing on attack and the defenders have pushed you all the way back–they stop guarding their crates, and so if you manage you catapult all the way over there, you almost always get the charge because they can’t get back in time…its especially great when you get your entire team to spawn on you when you get there.

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