My first serious relationship started when I was 18 years old, a senior in high school. It lasted over a year and a half. 3 months into the relationship she looked up at me while lying on my bed and said “I love you” I swear to god time stopped. I had never felt like I did when I heard that. I said it right back meaning it. I loved her…part of me probably still does. I found out she cheated on me with this guy. I tried to work it out with her thinking it was a mistake it was an accident and that she regretted it. Then I found out she had cheated on me with two other guys both on my rugby team. One a good friend of mine. It turns out she had sex with him the same time I was watching my grandfather pass away. The day I found out about her cheating I was crushed. I was a 5ft 8inch 165 pound guy who was very athletic. In the next two months I dropped to 145. I never went out. I was a wreck. I loved this girl with everything I had. I am over it now and thats why I can talk about it. But if I felt as bad as I did after just 20 months. I cant imagine what this guy felt after 4 years. She didn’t anything she deserved…she deserved a lot worse than what he did to her. I wish I had ruined my Ex’s life some how. Every once and a while it bothers me and I still think of ways to get back at her. I think karma works it’s way around and she will get hers. Cheating on me while my grandad’s dying…..she deserves what this bitch got.