I don’t know where we have gone wrong in the world of love. How… in any way possible… can someone tell you to your face that you are the reason they breathe… then go down the road and even TOUCH someone else in a sexual manner; and like it.

Furthermore, how can someone who hears this clip say that what the girl got was undeserved? News flash: cheating, in ANY shape or form, is NOT a fad; it’s not something you just “make a random, bad mistake” about; there’s nothing good about cheating whatsoever. I don’t care if it’s a 3 second decision that ended up with some girl/guy allowed to do something sexual that’s reserved for their lover, it’s the worst 3 second decision that you made and, like all decisions, there will be consequences and repercussions. IT — IS — WRONG. Cheating is not hot or sexy; it’s quite disgusting and is more than frowned upon: it gets backs turned to you. Cheating is not justified in any shape or form. You don’t like the person you’re with, break up with them. Don’t string someone along and make them feel like they’re the only one when in truth they’re just the only one that doesn’t know you’re screwing everyone in your area code.

Your significant other is an asshole/bitch? Either work on change or DUMP them. Beats you? DUMP them. Has no sense of ambition, low moral standards, shows no affection, has absolutely nothing to offer in a long-term relationship; whatever your reason/excuse is, either work on the problem or get rid of the problem. Cheating isn’t a fix-it solution. It’s not a solution at all.

I don’t know about you, but I am so severely sick and tired of cheaters and liars and adulterists (sp?) and infidelity. Thank you Jerry Springer, for making people stars because they couldn’t keep their hands off their lover’s friend’s/bosses’/neighbor’s/random-person-in-a-“what-goes-on-here-stays-here”-place’s genitals. Thank you cheaters who just “try someone new just for a bit then quit and it’s ok because no one will ever know” like it’s some item on a “Things To Try Before I Die” list.

Thank you internet sites that promote adultery like it’s a game to see who can cheat the most and how devious and deceitful they can get; like giving some guy a HJ while talking about your christmas plans on the phone with your significant other. Wow, you really got one over on him: you ROCK girl. I mean he TOTALLY doesn’t even know you’re tugging some guy off because he’s deciding what to buy your CHILDREN for christmas. He’s so lost. You’re something else. (end sarcasm).

Get some standards about you. Get some sense about relationships and love about you. Get some religion and get back in touch with your savior. Realize that cheating is not good, not at all. You’re breaking more hearts than you know. Be a bit more moralistic about your life. And for God’s sake (and all of this damned world), make the rest of us romantic, faithful, loving people believe that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Or at least, they are getting better.