Here’s my story –

2 years ago, I moved into a flat with my girl; she’d recently been evicted from her parents, so i put the deposit on a flat in her area – so she’s still be around friends, family, etc.

Two weeks after moving, I come home from work early on Friday night – what do i see?

My girlfriend being sh@gged silly on my sofa by my best friend – a guy i’ve known for 12 years.

Im gobsmacked; I mean absolutely DEVASTATED and feeling sick to my stomach.

I was so shocked, I could only stand there feeling sick, whilst this backstabbing friend pulls his jeans on and runs out of my flat.

2 or 3 minutes later, reality sets in and and i chase the guy with a baseball bat and brain him all over the bonnet of his car. As I walk back into my building, a police car drives past. I GET ARRESTED.

Fortunately this idiot doesnt press charges, but I was beside myself with grief and anger for weeks; I packed my girl’s stuff , sent it in a taxi back to her mums, and changed the locks on my flat. END OF STORY.

2 MONTHS LATER – Christmas time. The cheating skank sl@g phones me crying, begging me to take her back.

Like an idiot i did. Things got better, i started to forgive her, vowed never to speak to my former friend again. I could forgive her but not him.

Out of the blue, 4 months later; my other friend phones me, tells me that a friend of friend of a friend mentioned a girl with the same name as my girl got taken home the night before and gave oral to this idiot he knows from university.

I knew it was true. Asked a lot of questions around town, and found out within 24 hours that this “reformed” girlfriend of mine had been spreading her legs all over town for months behind my back. Despite already almost pushing me to the point of murder once .

I dumped her immediatly, havent spoken to her since, and i also paid 2 lads from my area to hand out 200 photo quality prints outside her college of the b/tch giving me oral and getting naked on camera. I ensured her full name was printed on each copy to avoid doubt over who the skank in the photo was.

Police came to see me a week later, asking where did these photos come from – i explained I’d sold that camera at a market months ago – cant remember who purchased it though. HEHE 🙂

MORAL OF THE STORY – 1. Always get revenge. 2. Dont use violence. 3. And most importantly – NEVER, EVER, EVER forgive any girl who cheats; once a whore, always a whore.

My heart goes out to any man who’s ever been played; I know some men cheat as well, but not on the scale of maliciousness that women do – women know how to lie, and deceive, and connive, and most (not all, most) show no remorse – only false tears because they got caught – not because they hurt you. SHOW NO MERCY FELLAS AND KEEP YOUR HEADS UP