alright i can honestly say that I did cheat once in my life 6 years ago! I have not done it since and I cant even look at another woman without feeling shame! i am one of the very few GUYS out there that actually learned from my mistake seeing the way I made that girl feel tore me apart. we are fairly good friends now i have not and will not bother begging her to take me back because not only does she have a kid now but she also all the way on the eastern side of the states and I am in the western. but my current girlfriend of almost 2 and a half years feels the same way as the guy up a couple spaces. she thinks that I cheated on her a few months ago all because her 18 yo skanky ass sister and her boyfriend say that I did. I did not and I have tried time and time again to prove to her that I did not. but even though I do love her so dearly and would do anything for her I cannot stay with a girl that doesnt trust me. If theres no trust in a relationship theres no relationship. I was 17 when I cheated on that girl I am now 23 and very very responsible and respectful of womens feelings. women are sometimes faithful loyal beautiful beings, but can also be lying caniving theiving skanky ass Cunts tht cant keep their legs mouth or a**holes closed!