Dana Elcar, 'MacGyver' actor dies at 77

Dana Elcar, MacGyver’s boss in the hit series died on Monday at the age of 77. I can only presume there are very few people from 25 and up who never saw MacGyver. It was certainly a favourite of my brothers and I! What that guy could do with a pen knife and duct tape.
Dana Elcar was the balding boss, Pete, who sent MacGyver on his missions. Remember he went blind towards the end of the series? That’s because in real life he suffered from glaucoma, and he lost his sight.
Thanks for all the good times Dana!
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That is really sad. RIP. We will miss you. Thank you for making MacGyver who he was by meeting him with that bazooka pointed at you.

Mac Gyver I Will Pray For Pete I have Both of DVD LOVE Your Angel Susan Verre.
Iam Right Here To Help Work WILL mac gyver On His Side.

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