This story was hilarious. Ha but I can do you one better.

I am a 24-yr-old American. A few months ago, I was dating a 19-yr-old loser and he started avoiding my calls and cheating on me behind my back. I’m not dumb. I already knew what was probably going on, and then the cheating was verified when I read incriminating comments on said loser’s Myspace site. Now this loser didn’t have an affair with his boss, but in all reality he DID do the cheating with his dyke boss’s lil niece!(close enough) So I dumped him in a public way, similar to how that dude dumped his girl…I dumped my loser through a MYSPACE BULLETIN!

Yep. That’s right. Step right up, and hear all about it. First, I went onto Myspace and changed my status to “single” and posted in the Interests category all about my ex-boyfriends’ larger penises. Then I went on his site and wrote a sarcastic comment to the effect of, “Thank for being there for me! Check out my site updates! Thanks for everything, CUNT! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out! I’m off to enjoy my newfound singlehood(oh wait I forgot…that started last night!).” After that, I posted a very boastful Myspace bulletin…titled “Hey everyone! Check out the dumb bitch I dumped on Myspace!” and containing the same comment that I’d placed on his site, with a few smart remarks added at the end. LOL let’s just say a day later, I was no longer on his friends list.

In my situation, I hadn’t bought KOTY a ring…but I did have 2 heaping bags full of his laundry. Instead of washing it for him, it went straight into the dumpster…except for his deceased older brother’s sweater, which I took out of his laundry and kept for myself(I was in love with Koty’s brother long before I knew Koty even existed!). I also made sure to spite his cheatings by hooking up with one of my exes.

So because I can relate to it so well, I LOVE this article. All I have to say is: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Sometimes cheaters do deserve what is coming to them.