My ass batman would win. To all you idiots who say he does, keep in mind he is wearing “suits” or “costumes”. That does not define a super hero. A super hero is defined by his abnormal powers among men.

Batman does not have abnormal powers cause I myself have hate, have learned martial arts and are angry. The only difference between me and batman at this point is he was born into a multibillion dollar family which could support his bullshit obsession.

Unlike superman he was thrown into his powers which he had to learn, master & hide from the public. Super man has fought numerous enemies with REAL powers, not umbrellas which shoot bullets or guns which shoot ice…… people who can set shit on fire and stuff which can blow up……

I dont care how tatical batman can be, regardless of all his suits, superman can long distance shoots heat wave at him. Oh whats that? his space suit isnt worth anything anymore cause superman just headshotted batman? Oh well. Rejoice.