Superman’s only the leader because leaders have to inspire, and Batman makes all the other “superheroes” shit themselves in fear…not to mentioin the general population.

So when Superman shudders in fear at Batman, a normal human, and he does at times it brings the point home on who would win. Since Superman dose have some fear of Batman and that gives him an advantage.

Superman would think…well Batman would use kryptonite from his belt on me so i’ll have to hit him long range. But remember Batman would have already thought up the first ten ideas Clark would have used against him, then the top 10 evil ways Clark would do it if he was possessed, turned evil, etc.

Superman moves fast…well that’ll set off the air current sensors placed within the city used to detect him flying below radar.

I do admit Superman “could” win the fight, but to do that would mean civilian casualties in the millions. He’d have to destroy the city to get at him without any reaction time. Even he’d have to get Bruce out in the open and not suspicious that something was up. So good luck on that one.

BTW, the US elected George Bush. Not the greatest of all leaders and he dropped the ball.