Some people don't feel the cold

The weather reading on my desktop computer says -3C, that’s the temperature at the local airport I presume. It’s very cold out, but the sun is out and at least there’s no wind.

I took Oscar for a walk, I’m all wrapped up against the cold with a thick warm hat and over that a hoodie (yes, they do have a use!) and finally a light jacket to keep all the heat in. I dodged the ice and enjoyed the lovely sunlight melting away the frost on exposed surfaces. The footpath wasn’t too bad, Oscar was enjoying himself.

Half way down the road I bump into a neighbour. He’s dressed for a totally different season! Apart from his usual black jeans, he had on a nice shirt, but the top two buttons were undone exposing flesh to the cruel winter cold, and his one concession to that cold was a light black jacket, not closed of course. He hurried past, commenting that, “the sun is very bright this morning isn’t it?”


8 thoughts on “Some people don't feel the cold

  1. There are a good few of my friends in college who are like that, yet I’m the complete opposite. I’d feel the cold anywhere.

    It’s probably generally why my room is always that much warmer than the rest of the house.

  2. Im like that but when it was -5 C I only had a T shirt on, I was at school and everyone was talking about me. “she must be freezing” I heard one girl say.

    haha I feel cold for a few seconds but then it just fades away I feel fine after.

  3. I have never felt the cold. The problem for me is in the summer people say to me that they love the warmth..I hate it. I inherited my father’s gene on this matter. I tend not to understand any one who is cold and the temp is about 16c. This is NOT cold.

  4. I am at -2 C now and using a shirt and a sweater , I dont feel cold cold I feel fresh, like when you exersicea lot and get a nice not hot bath :)some guy asked me once if it was my ego?

    Anyways this is real. I love it, I love hot wheater too but somethimes i feel slulugish it its really humid.

  5. I’m exactly like this,haven’t wore a coat since I was 12 ,when the teachers finally gave up trying to force me to wear one.My husband wears layers in the winter We are definitely a odd couple 🙂

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