Direct Quote:
Superman: “There is only one man in the world I fear… Batman.”
Batman: “There is only one man in the world I fear… Plastic Man.”

I know, I know, Superman is pretty ridiculous in terms of power, and for that, I must say I can see why so many people think he could kick the crap out of a human guy like Batman. Whoever quoted Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns was correct, however, and that is a clear example of Batman beating Superman (albeit that’s not “technically” cannon, although it did cause the massive reboot in Batman comic sales from the 80’s on). Again, they’re both fictional, so the question will always be a hypothetical one (which is why I’m always so confused as to why people get so angry about these things). However, in terms of the actual comic books, I have to say I find Batman more appealing. It’s much less interesting to watch a fellow as powerful as Superman save the day when you know if he really tries he can do just about anything. I enjoy reading a story with a little more conflict, one where the main character isn’t so removed from my own self and who has to struggle to gain victory. In terms of the characters, there’s not much I can say (I’d probably root for Batman, but there are so many different variables to this question that I really don’t think it’s properly answerable), but in terms of the comics, I definitely enjoy Batman more.