I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.

Lots of good stuff on i-am-bored.com including this great snowball fight game (lots more games for download) and the Counterfit Mini site!

If you’re bored of playing games on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, then head on over to Xeer2000, Evil Dave’s, or Dvotee for gaming tips and chat. Or check out the excellent Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 videos sasbenjr produces.

OK, if you’re really bored, here’s a few things to pass the time:

Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Photos.org. Any idea what kind it is?



903 Replies to “I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.”

      1. Oh cool i found out that if you press the alt key and the f4 key at the same time a whole bucnh of secret funny pictures come up.

        1. umm i tried that a loooooonnng time ago and I got pissed lol. my sister said she tried it and you saw some things just to trick me and I was stupid enough to try it and I got super mad.

          1. hey did u ever find something to do because im bored and looking for something to do and i dont know what to do so im asking if you know what to do when youre bored becaues i bored and looking for something to do

    1. i am sitting here on a friday night on this website. i cannot believe how popular this site is. anyhow, all i said today at work was TGIF, and now look where i am. hmmmm

    2. im so fucking bored, i took a shower and the only shit on tv thats remotly interesting is ghostrider on fx, and i fuckin hate nicolas cage!, im bout to smoke a blunt in hopes it’l alleviate my boredom but i doubt it

  1. ha all a hear on ere is AM BOARD!!! well it is a site 4 BORED ppl so quit complainin!!!!! ha yes am a complete nutcase if ya wndrin!!

  2. dudes…im done with a report yet im still not allowed to do anything on here (fun stuff). with an nearly an hour left of class, i can officially say I AM BORED.

  3. you all don’t have to be bored. go outside, call a friend, if you have any. go to a movie, go bowling, hell go fishing, just QUIT YOUR BITCHING!! and be happy to be alive.

      1. he’s fucking stupid all those things suck what am i gonna do when i get outside just stand or take a walk.. how fun. not. i do that all the time and i don thae money for that other shit.

    1. well being its fucken 230 a.m. an i cant sleep! this would really defeat any of your go live life shit, tard every one else was on at like 1 or 2 in the morning!!! your the only one who typed in im bored an got on this website at 5 o’clock on a fucken friday like 7 years ago!! an yet to keep myself entertained im trying to bitch you out!! yup thank you ”Feebs, The Wonder Woman” you ignorant fuck im no longer bored!!!

    2. We’re happy to be alive(most of us) were just bored as fuck. If you weren’t bored as fuck why did you look up “bored as fuck” in the first place? Hypocrite asshole

      1. WhiiteOwl i typed “what to do when youre in bed and typing this while your so bored”, im pretty sure you won’t reply to me and if you do then i wont reply back.

    3. Some people aren’t able to do these things, I came to this website in hope of finding a good suggestion on what I could do when I am bored. Insulting people and telling them to QUIT BITCHING!! isn’t helping anyone, maybe actually get your ideas across without being a dick in future,

    4. You know what, I think your comment is dumb. Because Alot of people on this site and I are at home and it’s 1:00 or 2:00 so why don’t you be quiet! Because this website was meant for people that are bored. So please, shushh.

    1. Dude, obvioulsy you need school more than most other people here. Learn to spell and get a life. Go do something productive instead of wasting valuble time bitching on the internet.

        1. some one needs to smoke a bowl. ADAM wow that comment up there really triggered yo feelings huh. dont get mad, get glad. god bless i hope you have a better day tomorrow. thank you. holy shit im bored and that was three years ago. HOLY SHIT THAT ONE WAS FROM 2005! smh. i need to calm it down.

  4. I am bored here when I came to this site it’s really bore oh ‘god’ what a bored life…………………………how about u allllllllll

  5. you are all weird, i am bored to but you don’t see me saying it all to often. hahahahahaha
    you all seem to be a bunch of lay abouts and i would like you to know that i am with the police. i am filtering the internets and getting rid of people like you!

    1. our on this website at fucken work bitching about us, every one else is on here at 1, 2 o’clock in the morning wtf??? an you dont even sound cool “i’m with the police” soo what, your obviously not a cop, what kind of job is trying to censor the internet fag!!

    2. OMG this is literally the funniest thing i have read since like…. hmm idk 3 comments ago. cheers. wow god strike me dead for reading EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. lmao ” i would like you to know that i am with the police ” dahahahahahahhahaha funny.

  6. I was soooo bored I started searching for anything to get my mind inspired, starting with the letter “a” and so on. I am so lucky this sight starts with the letter “I.”Now I forgot why I wanted to become inspired. I’M stuck here.

  7. wow its so weard that i can conect to so many people hear. I also found this site by typing how i felt in a googal serch!!!!!!!!!

  8. hey i just wanted to say that i am bored too and infact i am so fored that i actually came onto this site and read all of 47 comments made by BORING people like you!!!!

  9. i am so bored that i actually typed IM BORED in google, it came up with this page and so, as boring as it was, i read all of 47 quotes made by you people! any less bored???? NO

  10. This website sux, but coursework sux more. I am contemplating eating the pc to relieve one’s boredom.

  11. im bord..kinda wel im not really; ) uno this sites jsut open incase my mum walks in 😛 cheers peeps. hope u find sumtin unbored soon!:)

  12. Im in a lesson right now, andnn im soooooooo bored. AGGH, we’ve got this supply teacher who is just sitting there and it is driving me crazzzzzzzzzzzy SOMEBODY HELP!!!

  13. this is some seriously shit site.i was less bored wen i came on here.like omfg dis iz da most shitiest site eva!

  14. MY god im soo bored it brought me here and i find it funny that so many other people are bored too. lol im so bored i wanna go back to work AHHHHH.

  15. im bored … liked the fat dutch man, he made me laugh…just had a row with bloak so thought id come on line to chill, then realised ,,,ive nothing to look at, so typed in im bored and found this site.. he he cool…glad im not the only one!

  16. Im so bored, I searched google for “Im bored” and saw someone else did the same thing. Like searching for bored would help me find something to………..ahhhhhhhhh forget it IM FREAKIN BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED!!!!!!!!!!

  17. shut up all people from earth. if u are bored.. chill out and hav a cone wit us wiggers from da northside! peace out mutha fuckas…

  18. earthlys i under stand this boredom my leader nanu nanu2 has had us sit on mars waiting to destroy your planet for 5000 years

  19. Hi Every other sad person who has Googled thier Boredom, my name is Omoloo. This is a bit sad of me but its something to do I guess. Anyway I am at school now and meant to be doing some History Crap. Sorry for filling up so much space on this “Bored” thingymajiggy. By the way my real name isnt Omoloo…its just this cool thing where you replace the vowels in your name with an “O”. Okay I’m going now, my friend “Stroggie” or Stephanie is writing a message too. Thats okay, we can be bored together! (I wonder what other people are going to think of my little essay on this bored web-site..hmmm) Love from Princess Omoloo xx (I am 14 by the way incase you think from the way I;ve written this that I am like, 6 or somthing)

  20. yo peps! just wanted to say that i, like Omoloo, am doing some kinda shit involving history so thats why i came to this site.
    I hope in time you all get bored again (highly likely) so you can send more of your time wasting comments to this poorly programmed site.
    Also i wanted to let you know of the pidgeons that are gonna one terrible day take over the world.
    Arm yourself with guns, and for gods sake dont go out with bread!!!!

  21. i thought this website was supposed 2 make me not-bored, its crap, im even more bored now than i was before! utter shite!

  22. Im more bored than everone cause Ive just read all the comments, now Im so bored Id rather just sit on the couch and do nothing, t’s less depressing

  23. omoloo is the most boringest peep on this website!!!
    Did you know ,its a really facinating fact by the way, she has the hugest crush on a guy called …………………………………………………………………………………………….Liam.

  24. how can stephanie say that I do not fancy Liam I swear.
    I know what “Bulltothis” meant about bored having a whole new meaning. In fact, ive been saying it in my head so much it doesnt have a meaning anymore.

  25. What the fuck is goin on, what a bunch of pricks but the sad truth about it is i have tacken the time out of my dayto read some of this shit!!!!!! but chuz for the 2 mins of ammusment it has gave me. SAV MAN

  26. Well i never heard of this site so i might as well write in it. I am also bored as many of the people have said well have a nice day! La di da di do di da

  27. wel li was bored so i typed in im bored and now i am reading all these little peoples comments tho sum i wouldnt call a comment.. so thank you for having this site.. actually its a very boring site.. but.. i am not sure wat i am saying.. i am a loser.. but there’s noting wrong with bein a loser, just depends on how you are at it.. thats wat billie joe says.. you no.. billie.. from green day.. well i am prob boring you and i am sick of thi site so i am going to green day.com cuz i am in love with green day!! ok ill shut up now! by

  28. yeah! u mentioned Green Day!!!! im soooo bored and like most of you guys from skool im doing a dam history ass. on the fucking Civil War and im not even from America! URGH!!!!!! and anyways IM BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hi ppls we r doin sex ed! he he he it’s funny!!!! penis……..dare u 2 yell out PENIS really loud in class/work!!!!!! PS Green day Rox!!!!!!

  30. Hey…i just wanna say i don’t get it what is the fun part of this site to make me unbored? I read that message by Omoloo, by any chance was you name Emilee or sumthing? lol I tried out the replacing vowels with O thing…bet you can’t guess my name though….lotsa people in here said thy were in a history lesson or something, but I’m at home avoiding homework………………………………yerrr so im really bored hahaha yeah bye

  31. Bored at work…. Not finished until 10…. Waiting to go to the pub…. Salvation needed….End message

  32. i am ace but i am also bored so i searched im bored n found this shite i must really be bored to comment o n hi everybody

  33. hiyall same situation lmao. im bored too and i found this website on google. cheers.

    anyways, i believe there are million peeps bored now like me and you, reader. how sad is this?


  34. WOWOWOWOWOWOW man we are all the same arent we.

    I found so many quotes that sound like i wrote them but i didnt lol

    like many of you im in school lol its all i ever seem to do anymore lol im in my TIM class and the teacher actually lets me go on the net instead of doing the work the rest of the class is doing lol.

    IM SO BORED my friend claire says she likes rainbow jelly too and that she used to lick her toes….

    shes very very odd.


    any1 wanna chat add me to msn messenger my email addys ________@hotmail.com lol

    One of the gay teachers just walked in and i thought shed have a nut at me 4 being on the net… she didnt even notice!!! wot a crak up! lol well i best b off now

    lata owt peeps lol

    * Edited to protect your privacy… there are weirdos out there.

  35. i am so bored.. DSS THANKS man u showed me the path to eternity, path to a higher dior help me stay a gentlemen , still wonder wats Pi to drive a jaguar & stay cool water.Fahrenheit’s high,crave’s low ….these dont stink. Laaast but not the Least.. I’m Bee Ooo aRe yEe Dee.

  36. Hey paarth..iam gettin bored of this same routine, hardly anything different to do, this all happened just coz of my parents entertainment works..Yawn)) )) ))

  37. This is so sad. Everyone should just, I don’t know, be happy you are all healthy; my little sister is in the hospital and they’re not letting her out because the pain isn’t under control so you just thank god you don’t have cerebral palsy and you just thank god that you don’t have to go through all that pain and surgery and teasing and you all, I’m assuming, can walk and everything.
    So you just thank god.

  38. R u seriuos???????i was typing somethin then this came up omg
    i didn’t know ppl were really this bored it is call GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. funny stuff, everyone googles, everyone hates school,well im not there right now hahahaha, so bored i read all 135 of these. blah off now

  40. this suck ass…. oklahoma blows…bought a misfits shirt and tried to buy a slipknot shirt at star ship.. had to deal with that for about 2 hourse.. people are so slow their.. yea its nice that u guys are bored… same here.. and stop bitching about people writing their bored and giving them advice to grow up or get a life or watever THEY DONT WANT IT !! atleaste i wouldent but yea .. i had to get a crappy slipknot shirt but they still rule…GREEN DAY SUCKS !and u wont hurt my feelings if u gripe at me 😛 so dont waiste your time or energy ..ok ? like i said no bitching or bitching at k well later posers/maggots/fiends/metal-heads/guys/sweet low lifes/people that are like me and feel same way lol ( fat chance ) gay asses and fuckin sick ass lesbians (sick)! and fuck u preps and stuck up people/and fuck u pretty boys as well… k comment later ps. going to a disturbed concert august 21 HOPE TA SEE YA THEIR!…… and u whores and sluts PLEASE STOP LIFTING UP YOUR SHIRTS U PAID 30$’s TO LIFT UR FUCKIN SHIRT… how pathetic.. do that at school not their.. bls fans came their to see the band not you… k my notice is over…. byebye

  41. blobby blobby blob blob, i think there is blood coming out of my nose i am so bored, i can feel the last bits of braincells sliming out of my ears and shriveling away. i am going to go and buy some tuna at lunch so that i can laugh at the fact that i am so bored i am eating tuna. My little friend here is also bored, infact she is watching me type right at this very min.hi. i am in I.T and i am concidering giving myself a omega wedgie so that i do not have to live with the o so much boring times. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL AND IM HAVING LOTS OF SEX TONIGHT so in your flabby faces!!!!!!! anyways i am still quite bored and slightly amused at my own comments, i am so sad. :o( i am a sexy beast o yes sir eeeeeee

  42. i had no idea i could ever be this bored in the summer holidays, i just wanna start college now!!
    whoever said that everyone on here are sad twats and need to get a life, think you should to.

  43. im so fuckin bored. i thought that this site would help cure my boredom syndrome… but it made it fucking worse. i read all fuckin 142 comments!!

    wow i really have no life… that makes me sad :'(

  44. omg how the hell dus this website make u less bored all u do is read shit heads comments like mine which makes u even more bored!!!!!IDIOTS!!

  45. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored, I have sat here and read almost ever comment on this web page…..lol….lol

  46. i am sooo bored, i thot this wud be a funny website but its nothing but a waste of time but then again i am bored so like i mite as well check it out. i think im gona fall asleep. i thot da summer wud be class but it is crap and i cudnt b bothered learning the driving theory book…nooo 🙁

  47. i am really bored and this website is crap lol its making me even more bored and i carnt belive im even on it lmao ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  48. im sooooooooooo bored. its really sad how i read all 153 comments. I think im going to go slit my wrists for fun. playing solitare is better than this shit. how very very sad. I am actually laughing at my own comment. unfortunately this is actually the best part of the website. I just graduated from newcomb and i am actually looking forward to highschool. Though it shall never happen because i will drink a bottle of drain cleaner first. well i guess i will go write comments on other…ringringringringring bananaphone(damn it i got that shit stuck in my head). i wish i had friends i guess leaving a horse head in thier beds wasnt the best way to make friends…oh well. help meeeeeeeee!

  49. I am so bored an this is so sad that we all are complaining but in reality we are all dumbfucks for visiting this site, which realistically is making us even more bored. How lame…

  50. you all think your bored ive been sittin on my ass for a week and a half coz i hava had an operation, usually i play tennis every day, and now i cant play sport for 6 weeks!!!

  51. Oh my god who started this ** web site go kill urself whoever did..ur alllll idiots i have the maddest headache liek gosh!

  52. i am so bored u guys suck ass cause i know u guys r rich and not bore. u rich plpl just rubbin in shiiiiiiiiiitttt

  53. Lets see i’m bored searched in “things to do when your bored” on google and found this yippy…”roll eyes” lets see i’m always bored at night becuz there is nowhere to go in this sitckin place grr!anyways i’m bored and thats all i have to say good bye!

  54. i am a really bored person!actually i am really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, reallly, reallllly, reaeaaaaalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy bored!!! you have probly noticed that i am really bored

  55. Being bored is a sign of a lack of imagination…
    Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease called Privo Della Mente, Italian for devoid of mind. It was discovered and classified in 1876 and has puzzled doctors ever since. Multiple ploys to alieviate the symptoms of PDM have been created over the years, the most well-known being the television. Now, though, PDM has been cut down to nothing more than a mere mood, nicknamed boredom. Many victims of the disease write it off, and sadly suffer through a life plagued by PDM, never knowing true happiness or getting the medical attention needed for studies and medications to be administered.

  56. im so bored omg an evil rabbit ahh its eatin ma leg help omg crazy frog i like crazy frog…Ur all gay (i luv gay ppl i hav nufin agens em) (im a girl) im a real girl 😀 im so proud :'( btw number 167 ur pert is so so so so so gay omg me nm ma m8 we totally fuked up ma m8s syt it was well funi we tryed 2 get the longest name n btw no1 ever goes on dis syt :O ha u r all losers get over it can i add an image plz.o it wont alow me k im goin 2 tell every1 2 leve a note on here goes its gay wow im so proud :'( ha ha ur gay all off u can i hav the longest note plz u no u want 2 let me hav the longest note yay i think i do wow u must all b wel bored well thx 4 ur time
    Urs gayly Bob (im a girl)

  57. Hello to my friends hugh jass, Alec Butt, Master bates, Izaac Cox, Iva Biggin, Izzy Gay, Homer Sexual, Justin Bed, Ivan rection and U

  58. I’m bored enough to realize the only way I found this site is because I subconciously searched for “i am bored” and was directed here. I must be bored.

    1. Right it’s twenty past four in the morning and I think it goes without saying, I’m pretty fucking bored. So bored that I have just sat here and read too many of these comments but in a sad way I was kind of proud I made it this far so just wanted to mark where I got too so on that note, anyone who actually gets to reading this comment, I feel for you, just sorry I had nothing more interesting to say oh and to all of those aggravating people telling me to get a life, fuck off. There is very little to do at stupid o’clock on a Monday night. So that’s all, bye

  59. All paid jobs abrorb and degrade the mind-Aristotle
    I live my life by this quote, which is the reason i have no job and coincidently no money to do ANYTHING! I now believe that the begining of the quote could be replaced by “all i am bored sites” and it would still hold the same truth. I feel like my brain got sucked out my nose, thanx for nothing.

  60. hey!surprise,surprise i am BORED…and im at school…….did u know it takes a very boring person to get bored….i guess im boring then.what else is new

  61. i am sitting in skool being more bored than all of you this site is boring this town is boring and my life is boring this is the most exciting thing i have done in awhile


  63. i can’t believe i read all that….anyway i can’t believe that many people got here my google searching I am bored….thats how i got here…

  64. you know wt? if ur bored go outside and play a sport and not be a stupid computer geek googling im bored…cant believe my bro told me this is the best site ever…..nerds………..

  65. I’m bored. poopie! OMG! i just noticed sumthing, its fun typing “poopie” just try it, it will amuse u 4 a few min. If ur so bored, typing “poopie” will seem fun! poopie poopie poopie, this is so fun! wow, i’m not tht bored n e more, k, bye
    🙂 poopie

  66. OMG! i cant believe i actually searched “bored” on google, but according 2 all the comments (which really help me get less bored) i c tht a lot of peeps actually searched tht on google 2! lol… yeah, i’ll go now, n click on the next link on the google search i wz talking ’bout, k, c ya if i no ya!

  67. i’m so bored, i have to do a 24 hour work day of nothing but sitting around staring at a computer trying to entertain myself. and i’m not even allowed to sleep:(

  68. i gots paid on saturday! wahoooooo! i’m so happy but i’ve gots ta buy a load of books 4collage :(. evil. might go up ta dublin n amuse myself by getting a piercing…hmmm…now theres an idea…

  69. yup i googled bored off my ass and this is where i end up.serves me i guess. already watched paint dry today.literally. think i might have spaghetti for breakfast. hhhmmmmm…..so . crap i m bored. sigh. i want to move to ireland. are there e.m.t.’s in ireland??? who gives a shit right? as long as they have guiness.

  70. Jesus is here dont worry. Anyone ever heard of knaan? i didnt till i yesterday then i downloaded his song called struggling. Its pretty good in a wierd way. So i just got back from my fucking job at wendys but i think im quiting because i know they will work me new years…and theres no fucking way im working new years but n e ways payce dawgg im out

  71. I am duncan and I am a lazy duck. I can not be bothered going out to mow the lawn as I am a lazy duck I can not be bothered doing my health home work (that will orevent me from failing) bacause I am a lazy duck. Instead of doing all of the things I said I will not do I will sit here doing nothing writing to no one about nothing while I get someone else to do the things I am supposed to do. Oh now…..I must remember to tell who ever that I am not a lazy Duck that begins with F instead of D I am really a Dragon. I dont have an email address so how will i send this piece of poopie?? I know!! Wait a second…DONE….fixed…say it…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  72. if i was a flower wud u pick me, if a were a lolli wud u lik me, if i was a sweet wud u suk me if i asked u nicely wud u FUCK me! hi all u bored peeps im not bored hahaha hope u lyke my poem oh and i love rosie and HI SARAH AND VELVET!! mwa to all my bored m8ts that im gonna force to cum on dis pile ov poop peace OUT!

  73. i cant believe i was so bored to actually type into google and even more surprised there were things to cure my boredom….am i cured…well, im typing on this thing arnt i…!

  74. this is a sheat site why woz it invented u deekheads!
    i hope u all burn in hell for ur incignicent behaviour i hate my life am gunna take an overdose bye xx

  75. i cant believe so many people say this site is boring cause all of yall are on this and making a bunch of comments how dumb i thought it was funny and so were yall!! ha ha

  76. All yall hating ass hoes need to shut the fuck up hating on the site, cause your dumbass is the one on it,because if you dont like it all you got to do is sign the hell off. So stop all the fucking whining. Pussy asses.

  77. would u all just shut up especially u people who keep sayin that the people who are bored and are writin on this site have no life when evendently u dont either!!
    luv ya!

  78. all of you bored people i understand… i read like 150 of these comments and they are all boring. time to take a nap. im goinh to hawaiii. coolness. nothing much to say. bored out of my mind. cant wait untill tomorow for hawaii trip. yay. dont be jelouse. just dont. you could go for like $900 if you found the right place. bored. blah blah blah. la la la la la. well yah. gotsta go. school is almost over and so is my long 85 min. of bordum. and RATS are going to take over the woulr not anything elts, so just wathch out for your eyes when you are sleeping. bye

  79. Hahahahahaha
    The dutch guy was the best
    Some people come on here again and again
    But theres not much to do really hahahahahahah
    Add me cos Im bored please

  80. i have to admit i’m bored too. I’m here at school in my 7th hour. god i am so bored and i found this site. goodie for me. isn’t this boring.

  81. i am so bored!!! i here in gifted class at school listening to my teacher go on and on…………….boredom sucks………..

  82. Aaaaaaaah
    I am in school bored AGAIN
    and i came on here AGAIN
    aND i was so bored i looked to see if there was a 62nd post
    AND there is

  83. i work in a call centre with no calls, this site is most dissappointing. if your bored try getting a hand full of water pretending to sneeze and throwing it on the back of someones head, hilarious

  84. Its a friday night and im not not aloud to hang with any 1 till my mom gets home. She gets home at 9:30!!!!! Then ill probably call my friend and c if he wants 2 come over for the night. I AM SO FRIKIN BORED!!!!!

  85. dis is so fuckin shit i ment 2 be doin skwl wrk but cnt b fucked reli its so shit dnt wana go skwl i h8 it, nd mi m8 vix says hi nd she is bored aswel lol!! bi xxx


  87. I bloody love this site…whats with the picture of the bird…its just not funny the fact that it is called a tit…grow up u loosers

  88. uri?!wat da fuck is dt?!hahahaha!imaine i gt so bored i came onto dis dumbass site…ha!it wz funny to read sum of da sad sad sad comments doh!haha!fairplay for makin d site doh..ntrstng..chao babys xxx

  89. I had to do this for an assignment, I thought my teacher was stupid… but clearly you guys overrule.
    GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Find a hobby maybe… Draw, listen to music, get a car, drive it around, pick up an insturment, masturbate!
    shit do something! find another site to write on… one that has meaning
    I wish the best of luck to ya, have a good life.

  91. Hey everyone, you lot are all pathetic for coming on to this website and incase your wondering i’m kinda pathetic too so that explains why i’m on here. Anyway, i would just like too say that Omoloo fancies Liam soooo much and Ewan…er…right. My work is done. Sianora suckers!!!!

  92. i can’t believ so many people have left comments on this so i am goin 2 aswell. life is gd at mo jus findin ways of entertainin myself

  93. fully, im an Aussie r u’s lyk americans or sumfin. If so ur president sucks, he’s so stupi, I feel so sorry for anyone that has 2 listen 2 his bullshit. Anay see us lata im gona go put a shrimp on de barbie and crack open a case of V.B.

  94. i feel soz 4 maself cnt beleiv am on dis sht omgomgomg
    am goin neva cumin on dis crap agen
    oh yeh byeeeeeeee u bored ppl
    find sumtin btta 2 du

  95. You motherfuckers, what the fuck is this shit? I am bored, what the fuck am i supposed to do here? Give me some shit to do goddamnit.

  96. I would just like to say..I am so friggin bored my brain is bleeding!!!I can feel it oozing out of my fracking head!!!!!I am so bored ,drinking is even BORING!!!!Oh God No!!!!!

  97. hey people you guys should go to a different site…try metalunderground.com if you guys are into music…it’s like this..you talk and agrue..and share opinion…but you also learn something about your favorite bands….but as you can see its for people that listen to metal or alternative or rock…classic rock….so check it out you die hard music fans!!!

  98. OMFG help me. I’m going to die and my teacher or friends don’t give a shit. By the way, ur easily entertained if u thought the dutch guy was funny

  99. Holy Fucking Hell!!!!! If you dont see King Kong you have got to be the most boring fucking sad ass bitch on the planet!!!!!!!! This Movie Kicks ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. There’s an f coming, there’s a b coming yeah there’s someone down the back coming oh oh oh hang hang on oh yeah you’re still fucking boring. Um ah what was your name again. Yeah yeah John that’s right you fuckwits. P leeeezzze. Der Freddo. Drongoesssssssss…………..

  101. Oh my go*! I am so bored, i forgot to eat and died! Im writing this from beyond the grave…coz i’m fcukin bored!!! Oh, i dont believe it? Its sooooo boring on the other side, you wouldn’t believe it! Im going now…coz im soooooo BORED!!

  102. H u m a n i t y i s b o r i n g . . . . .. l e t ‘ s a t l e a s t g o to M a r s o r s o m e t h i n g b e t t e r t h a n j u s t s e x a n d r e l i g i o n . . . . . . o v e r i t .

  103. so i am not the only one who googled their boredom. if any of you schmucks are on myspace you should hit me up and tell me you saw my name on here. we can amuse ourselves otherwise. kisses.


  105. GOD DAMN IT GET OFF UR LAZY ASS AND GO DO SOMTHIN CONSRUCTIVE!!!!!….instead of sittin on the computer saying i am bored i am bored i am bored……dude go to iambored.com…it’s the shizzle

  106. i am the bordest person in the universe i types im so freakin bord into google…thats how bord i am… my bordum exceeds time and space..im in im neither up or down im in bordum limbo

  107. hi agen! jeez im bored agen and as usual im bored i no that dont make sense but wen im bored i jus talk crap!!! lol!! im bored! memba if ur 14 and want sum1 to talk to add me on: celersticks7@msn.com maybe we can be friends!! i dunno at least it will take away my boredem and maybe urs aswell!!!! rrrrr im so bored bored bored!!! PS i luv u all xoxox MWA!!!! pps i have a best friend called alex and she rox my world!luv ya lexi! lol! jeez im bored!!!! ni! hmmmm wat can i do???

  108. Hey PPL I’m Bored But I’m Not Going To Just Sit And Complain Because If Your Bored Do Something Fun Like Talk To Me!

  109. Give me a B. Give me an O. Give me a R. Give me an E. Give me a D. What does it spell B.O.R.E.D. BORING!!!!!!
    L.O.L. MWAH!!

  110. I’m good other than being stuck at work with nothing to do ….I thought you could have been a little bored. Just a lucky guess huh

  111. Hey PPL Even After Hours No1 Is On Just Dropped Back To Check If Any1 Wrote Anything And No1 Did Ha How Shite Is This Website Ha Ha

  112. yes its tru i am once again bored…but seriously guys we shudnt waste our tyme mndlessly biching about ur bordum we should start a blog fing and talk about stuff ill start it okay.. ronnie coleman mr olympia this is gna b hard since we cnt put pics i dnt fink but jus type ronnie coleman into goole image search dem type wat you fink.. hay at least its sumtin ta du..

  113. You know if y’all are really bored, i waste the time spinning in a circle until I can’t walk straight. I also like to bet my little brother all his allowance money that he cannot eat 20 saltine crackers at one time without any liquid in under 2 minutes. It’s quite entertaining. And finally I also like to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail…Or the Life of Brian….Or The Meaning of Life. Very funny

  114. WOOT! #418 im honored but *sigh* so very, very bored too.*yawn*im gonna go google my name now and see wat i get co cyas peeps

  115. ok the last day of vacation should be full of fun but mine is NOT i am so bored and i dont have anything to do so like OMG but idk nvm well happy new year

  116. I am studying all you humans for a take over this summer by Eclopolise people. We are traveling towards you’re planet , and will be there by June 2006 or so. Be prepared.

  117. you guys suk i jus had 2 tell u that u suk u guys had the chance i think u lyk bein bord coz u suk so much i dnt wanna talk to u suky people eny mre

  118. Gambini The Only Person That SUCKS Is You So There!!!!!!!!

    I’m Not Bored Again I Just Come On This Site To See What You All Write!!!!!
    Ps. Gambini SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. i dnt think kisstina is my biggesst fan actually i think kisstina thinks i suck.. wat hav i dun to deserve this treatment is it not enuf that my people were enslved for hundreds ov yers..is it not enuf that my grandfather worked 13 houres a dae to suppor my granmotha so that i could 1 dae go to PUBLIC SKOOl!!!

  120. Ireland And Donnacha O caoimh Is From Ireland Aswell She Made This Site It Says It At The Top Of The Screen Tom!!!!!!

  121. FUCK U Amar No1 Is A Yankee Fuck Except U!!!!!! Or I Amnt Because I Am From The Great Dublin In Ireland!!!!!!!!!!!
    Up De Dubs!!!!!!!

  122. i am bored until nine then i wil watch the matrix incase u wer wondering yes i am sad aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  123. Hello PPL Its My 1st Day Back At School And Im Not Happy I Did Soooooo Bad On My Christmas Tests!!!!!!!!!!

    And Gambini Since Ur A Boy I Wanted 2 Tell U That U Have A Girly Name!!!!!!! Gambini No Offence!!!!!!!!!

  124. Man school is so gay. Keyboarding doesnt count so im on this stupid ass website. There really isnt anything here to entertain me. If youre looking for a good time go to tourettesguy.com. Oh damn, suck a fat one…

  125. Ur Too L8 ButcherSam I Dont Wanna Talk 2 Ya Now It Was Just At The Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad Luck Today Every1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Hi all you bored people out there! I run this site and I’m quite amazed at what everyone around the world writes! 525 comments (acnd counting!) is an amazing number and very productive for a bunch of people who are bored on the Internet!


  127. whoa, Gambini must have no life. i can see coming to this site and leaving ONE messege, but he/she has left enough comments for us ALL to feel sorry for him/her. i was just bored, not so much of a loser that i come back repeatedly. and i KNOW he/she will be back to read what i wrote about him/her… sad.

  128. Whoa. 550 Bored People Have Left A Comment So Far… Or Is That Just How Many Comments They Can Fit Onna Page, Hmmm. Well, Everyone Else Has Said It So… I’m Bored. =) Hooowwwwwever, Writing In This Here Lil’ Box Thingy, Is Slightly Amusing Me. Just Slightly. I’m Grounded, I Dont Even Know Why. My Mothers Taken Away The Only Contact I Have With Civilisation, My Mobly =( My Last Bill Was £370. Maybe Thats Why Im Grounded. Meh. Does Anyone Here Know Of A Site That Actually Pauses Boredom? Please? This One Is Utter Bollocks =) Sorry To Whomever Made It, But, You Suck. Have A Nice Day.

  129. I Didnt Know What The URI Was So I Put ‘Blah’ And Guess What? It’s An Actual Site. I Laughed. On My Own. Sad, I Know. Im Going Now. Play Some Games =)

  130. man i soo bored theres nothing to do when your w=bored u cant have fun so i fully suport thuis websiete but the people who said im not bored its cause your haveing a good ass time

  131. I am SOOOO DAMMMMMNEEED BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve done everything I can think of to stop being bored and I’ve run out of ideasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. yeah this is sum wierd site for bored people but atleast it gave me something to do so yeah thanx to whoever made this website!!!

    cuz it helped me kill time!!

  133. im still need to kill time cuz im here with my good friend franz so yeah i’ll reply again cuz he is not talking to me….

    bye i’ll probably never come back to this webste but if i do i’ll be nice..

    love all of u cuz im a hippie!!

  134. hey guz my friend told me about this site i cant believe it is true well im not bord im really not i m gunna go crusin with my friends and go and get some guys and go to the mall well gtg

  135. yo wut it dew. im from da bay were i ride dat short yellow but and go 23 dummy. well FOR SHODDY im jus chillaxin cuz dat how i roll yadadamean my jiggg!!! holla 2 barbie! a hardcore lil lady. CHYEA

  136. I googled im bored as fuck…and yeah it took me to this site. im so freekin bored in my class right now. plus im freekin out cuz i have an interview!!!!! but god damn i look hella fine and sexy today!

  137. how the hell did I get here?? I was bored…now after coming here I just wanna slit my wrists. I would rather sit my rectum on a fence post and swallow it whole through my anus than stay here a moment longer. goodbye!

  138. Why does everyone say they are bored?

    obviously you’re bored if you are on here and stay on here long enough to scroll down through the comments from people saying how bored they are and leave your own comment!

    and if this website is so crap why spend so much time on it?

    People who have visited this site only to report that they are bored and not provide enlightening information that may possibly provide some life saving entertainment to bored people such as yourselves need to get out more!

    I am providing that information so if u cannot for some personal miscelaneous and unknown reason go to blogthings.com its more interesting than this.

  139. what is up to all the bored ppl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so of anyone out there has a life and just accadentally came across this website pls help all the bored ppl out, give us some tips. peace love and bullet proof marshmellows.

  140. Everyone is right
    this site is more boring than church!
    but i’m not supposed to write that coz i’m in a catholic school




    Alex (n Oly n Maz)xxx

  141. ha ha ha i just used that thing talked about earlier – where you replace the vowels in ur name with o’s

    however, what do you do if the only vowels in yours name ARE o’s???



  142. This totaly sucks……….To think I was bored hhhhhmmmmmmm wait a minute all u fuckers are bored tooo hahahaha well I read some of the shit posted on here and it made me laugh wich I guess is the whole purpose of this site, well I must say it worked …. a little………………..still bored!!!!!!!!


  144. HOLY CRAP!!!!i just had fucking sex wit my gf for the like, 100 th time and i am only fucking 15 but, watev. ooooo i am soo horny, i gtg cause we are fucking again!!!!!!!!!!!ooo ya!!!! hey we should all have 3 somes.oooo man she is giving me a blow job!!!! wow this is awsom.ooooo all the raging hormones are out now!!!!!

    this better make u horney and jealus bitches!!! cause ur not charming enough to be blessed wit a beatiful chik like her, wow she is sooo sexy!!!!

  145. all of you are bored & sad
    do you know why ??

    read this from the Holy Qura’an

    Allah said ” But whosoever turns away from My Message, verily for him is a life narrowed down, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment.” He will say: “O my Lord! why hast Thou raised me up blind, while I had sight (before)?” ((Allah)) will say: “Thus didst Thou, when Our Signs came unto thee, disregard them: so wilt thou, this day, be disregarded.”
    that’s really the truth
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  146. i.

    ……..::::Queen of B0r3d::::…….

  147. tak bwt bein bore. u lot r a bunch of bored ppl. cnt blame uz we realy need a life. anywayz…….. a duno am takn 2 a bloomen computer omg!!!!!! am goin insane big style aaaaahhhhh!!!!!

  148. i have five english papers due in two days. but instead of doing my homework i chose to surf the net and discoveredd this crap website. thank god i have a job or my life would consisit of useless jargon, like this god-forsaken website. u will all probably go to hell. see u there M.F……….from heaven!!!!

  149. this site is lame…just like you
    what?? I’m just saying…
    grrr, some people!


  150. OMG u ppl r so trampy
    stop moanin about how bord u r an do summit about it
    dis websyt is crap
    ye sur it iz
    IT IZ EASY!!!

  151. I just googled “I am fucking bored” and google came back with this piece of crap to keep me fucking entertained.

    fuck you cocksucker

  152. yeh same here
    but why are you people WASTING YOUR TIME
    wow i think i’m addicted to this site
    i’m very sad
    but thats not the sort of thing you are supposed to say to stranges
    so here goes nothing
    absolutley NOTHING
    i ain’t sad
    i’m perfectly cool
    and sane
    (kind of)
    (well, a bit)
    well ok i’m completely mental but lets not talk about that right now
    lets not waste time
    but hold on – i hear ya….wasn’t my complete speech a waste of time?
    i have left so many messages on this site its pathetic – i just put them under different names so you won’t know. I’M SPECIAL!!
    it makes me feel as though i have no life
    which of course, i probably don’t if i spend time doing this
    however i am at school and there is nothing better to do right now – so i suppose i have some excuse
    i’m mad now
    yeh i’m sad, ok
    i’m SOOOOOOO bored
    thats what caused this
    to anyone who reads this = don’t worry –
    i don’t know what the point of this was either

  153. i am so fucking bored, but this site was pretty funny reading all the comments, i guess it entertained me for like 20 minutes

  154. sooo……
    am in maths
    supposed to be doing work….


    i am going to buy an A frame compass. And a 20cm helix ruler. And a protractor made of good plastic. My maths teacher told me to. Is that boring enough?


  155. Is boardom related to being lazy cause im freaking board cant even do my wife shes at work. any girls over 21 want to have a relationship on the side?

  156. Is boardom related to being lazy cause im freaking board cant even do my wife shes at work. any girls over 21 want to have a relationship on the side? just let me know.later ladys ill just wait here board as a box of rocks

  157. This Is SOoo Wack and Boring…There is Never Anything 2 DO!!!! I HATE SCHOOL…Wack Ass Subs!
    But Fuck…They Need 2 Put SOmething Good..Like Mini Games Or Something.

  158. i am so bored this site is boring!!!!!!!!!!look the only thing i see on this site is a ton of posts on how everyone is bored.i dont feel like drawing,reading,cooking i want to do something different or like a craft idea.does anyone know how to make a robot?i dont know.im bored help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. what the fuck is wrong with world? since when work places have become sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring

    i feel like jumping from this 25th floor just to add some spice to life. i am bored of spitting from the balcony, smoking on the terrace, throwing chits of paper and all that…

    anyone is mumbai? please mail me on jaan.bhide@gmail.com and entertain me…