I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.

Lots of good stuff on including this great snowball fight game (lots more games for download) and the Counterfit Mini site!

If you’re bored of playing games on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, then head on over to Xeer2000, Evil Dave’s, or Dvotee for gaming tips and chat. Or check out the excellent Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 videos sasbenjr produces.

OK, if you’re really bored, here’s a few things to pass the time:

Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Any idea what kind it is?

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Suicide is bad. So is boredom… idk I’m just bored. I think i was tryna be poetic…. Boredom has changed me (shudder).

Year 2013. Sitting in front of my computer. and…. I’m BORED. fuck. piste naman oh!!! anu ba gagawin q?

I googled “I’m fucking bored.” And you, google, …gave me this!!! I wan’t to die!

By the way all the girls in the office just started talking about fucking. I’m all good now!!

^ ( I ) ^ MOOOOOO I am a disfigured cow or some other object that is not a vagina. Anyway go to and it will give you some info on how to be even more bored when you’re bored.

lololol cant believe people have been commenting on this thing for like 8 years :O
ITS STILL ALIVE ???!?!?!?!?!?
and im sitting here like wooooooahh Im from the future bitchessss moooahahahhahahaha
okay that was lame, anyways im just gonna have a little conversation with myself. please feel free to join whenever you like 🙂
so uhhhh my name is sal and just like the majority of the people here, I came across this by accident lol supposed to be doing my criminology research assignment for uni but noooooooooo, heres where I ended up. oh sweet lord in heaven its due on Friday DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS? THAT MEANS I HAVE LESS THAN 2 DAYS TO COMPLETE IT AND LOOK AT WHAT IM DOING
wtf is wrong with me loloooooololol
yep im crazy. which 19 yr old speaks like this seriously lol welllllll I actually know a few that are just as crazy as I am. hmmmmm this quote comes to mind “you laugh at me because im different, I laiugh at you because youre all the same ”
mmmmmm hmmmm that’s right guuuurl
gonna go on chatroulette or omegle and strip for some studs. hope I find someone goodlooking lol. hmm feeling horny

dont poste such a fucking long comment as the newest one im to fucking bored to read it!!!!!!!

Tony was here and now he’s gone, he’s left his name to party on. Those who knew him knew him well, all the rest can go to hell.

Simple Sally Sang a Song. Sally Sang it All day long. She tried to sing the best she could. But still became a plank of wood. “I Am A Board Now” ~Sally

I’m bored before school. The bus isn’t here. I’m standing in the fuckin rain. I feel like a soggy enchilada.

I’m in school detention! I’m hella bored please someone suggest me something to do like right NOW!!! I feel like I’m gonna die :O

I just want to leave a comment to keep this thing current. And yeh, I am bored. Why can’t the bored folks get together or at least pair off? Sex, Booze, Movies, Walks, Sports… there ARE options. id.not at verizon dot net.

I’m really bored at work….. I need to set a goal like find a career and not a job…… this is so lame but these comments make me laugh i deleted my social media sites cause i dont like most of the people on them. now i don’t know what to do with myself to pass time at work. i guess ill read these books i bring but never open up so people will think im cultured and sophisticated

This is cool. Some of these comments are over 10 years old, and yet here we are 10 years later, still complaining about how bored we are. (Why do they make classes 90 minutes long? Is that really necessary?) But yeah.. bored.

It’s really funny to see how years past but the amount of boredom just increases… yeah funny. maybe on 2090 or somthing some one comes hear to say “Im bored and im in a class…” and sees the situation is the same everywhere, even about a century ago.

I asked Google for this: “I want to read something interesting or I’m gonna delete all these damn internets”. And this page was the answer…but not the right answer, so, say good bye to your lovely internet, because I’m gonna delete them all! Damn, how evil I am…!

Well, i noticed that this site has been around since 2005, that’s almost 11 years back…
This is like a museum of boredom (museums are already boring though)… well whatever, I’m joining this colective display of boredom.
I’M BORED AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

im a liar, iv got filthy desire, my test results are positive for wickedness, toss me out, i dont wana try no more. and at the same time i dont wana die no more. im a mixed solution of toxic waste. my turmoil in the soil dont produce much and these resolutions come and then i loose interest. cant trust my self and you, you hurt my heart so i lurk in the shadows of hate and suffocate to the torture. scorched in the flame shooting up in my main vein sick in the head man i wish i was dead. sleep all day to come alive in the night cant survive in this flight with this knife at my legs cutting and sucking the blood like i was thirsty. man this shit is so dirty but ima use it any way and its dull too so i gota dig and ooo it hurts but fuck it this shit is the bomb but im not gona die like your moms cause im smarter than that never more than a lil at a time. man its the big things in life that bring us down and its the little things in life that bring us up. yo so whats up im just bored as fuck taken a sip of this Sunkist to quench my thirst. and this burst of lust for you grows when you touch me and fuck me so dont touch me or fuck me in attempt to make me sin. but temptation grows with every moment and temptation dies with every prayer so i aint got no reason to be scared. i cant even see you and i dont even know what you look like so dont touch me or fuck me dont even stay here leave in the name of God. i dont wana see your facade any longer, show me the truth in the light of the day and ill do what i have to ta stay. let us pray.

Sometimes a movie makes me less bored. 123movies shows movies for free. My hubby can even get the NFL Network thru them and its free too. So is Showtime, HBO, TNT and most all networks.

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