Honest to God. Superman would beat the shit out of Batman. “But batman would plan it out!” “But batman is smarter” “But batman would use Kryptonite!”. No, the context that everyone is using to argue against Superman is that batman has beat the shit out of superman before in comic books, well don’t you think that it is a little bit unfair to always show superman destroying his opposition? so the writers think up these ways in which batman concocts some genius plan to destroy superman. Ok, well thats the writers view, think about superman’s powers, he has a shit load, now think about batman’s powers, he has none. superman would take batman’s head off with one punch. now this doesn’t mean i don’t like batman because i do i like him a lot, in fact more than i like superman, however this age old question has just been settled. batman would get annihilated by superman hands down no ands, ifs, or buts about it. However Dr.Manhattan would destroy both of them in an instant.