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Superman vs Batman

Batman would so-have a Bat Missile Defence Gadget in his utility belt. I don’t care what Superman says!

And here’s a rather cool “trailer” for a Superman and Batman film. Now, that I’d like to see! It’s a fan film and not in production, but it’s done really well.

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I just watched Batman Begins on DVD. I saw it in the cinema first time around, bought the DVD shortly after it came out and only now got around to watching it. Still a great film, and I can’t wait for the next installment!

Batman 2 is not out untill 2008! 🙁
It’s going to be the Dark Knight vs The Joker with Heath Ledger playing the Joker. Can anyone else play the joker besides from Jack Nicholson? I doubt it…


Lol, Man of Steel you are HILARIOUS! I’m not biased, I dislike both, BUT HOW IS IT that Superman who apparantly is indestructable (as all you superman fans who have a gay crush on him say) STILL manages to lose and be in peril. If he is supposedly as incredible as you make him out to be, why aren’t his comics only one page long? Oh by the way, DC has officially announced before Batman would beat Superman. I mean for gods sake a ROCK is all it takes to beat him. Batman would win hands down (by the way I’m a marvel guy just tired of hearing all you superman lovers defend him). Just admit that your man crush would lose. I admit that my favorite superhero spiderman would lose to plenty of superheroes so why can’t you?

With time to prepare Batman would wipe the floor with superman. He lkie a thousand times smarter than the man of steel.

You are all a bunch of idiots you don;t have anything better to do than sit at your computers and write mess like this. Superman is an idiotic moron he would never defeat batman, even with his power batman would find a way to defeat him.

Any geek could be Batman. Superman could fart on Batman and kill him and half the city. Batman is really lame.

batman isn’t just a brain. and if superman could kill batman so fast then how he never killed him in all the fights they were in.

Batman already defeated Superman in frank millers graphic novel “The Dark Knight Returns” and Batman was 55 years old. Superman doesnt age cause he is cheap like that, and Superman was the one that started the damn fight and got his ass kicked. The Soviets launch a a-bomb at USA, superman redirects the thing into a desert and it blows up in his face, the explosion kicks sand into the air blocking the sun, superman gets all fucked up and looks like a zombie. Some how he gets most of his power back eventually, and takes on Batman cause, batman starts to go senil and is killing the villians (like joker, and a gang leader) Batman makes a deal with the Green Arrow and batman goes out to fight superman in crime alley(the place his parents died) Batman shoots hunter missiles at superman that knock him around and he starts unloading sonic bursts at the bitch. superman rips the batmobile apart(which is a kick ass tank) and batman start kicking his ass with this strength suit. Superman starts killing batman then Green Arrow shoots a kryptonite arrow at him and batman starts feeding the bitch punches and eventually it gets to a point of batman about to break the Man of Steels neck. instead of killing him he lets him live to remember that Batman was the only one that could defeat him, Batman then has a heartattack from a pill he took a hour ago (later you learn it was to fake his death so people would leave him the fuck alone)

lmfao ok so IF a giant missile blows up in his face AND THEN of course blocks out the sun?!?! then….. no i just cant see it… theres no way batman could win. even if he somehow was able to get kriptonite (sp?) out before superman bashed his face in, or freeze him with his breath, or fuckin wreck him with his vision orrrrr hit him with a fuckin cum shot then superman would wreck him human vs. human. Kriptonite ONLY dramatically reduces supermans strength which in turn causes him pain. That does not chance the fact that he is no basically human…. not dead…. so then he can fuck him up in a fist fight… i would say batman could shoot superman but he is to pussy to use a gun lmfao. how sad…

victor newman ur pathetic…. ur faith in batman is horrific… “batman would find a way” yea ok, give one SEMI LOGICAL senario you moron. And on top of that u call superman stupid? bravo… amazing comment… besides the fact he is NOT a moron batman is HUMAN… SUPERMAN IS AN ELITE SUPERFIGHTING ALIEN

How does superman ever get in peril then huh? why aren’t his comics one page long if he could supposedly kill batman in an instant? DC itself has mentioned that Batman would beat Superman. Get over your man crush already, and admit he would lose. I admit Spiderman (my favorite superhero) would lose to plenty of superheroes, why can’t you?

Dude, just admit that Superman lost! C’mon, why else would he say that Batman is the only man he fears? and on top of that why would he then give him a kryptonite ring (I believe it use to belong to Lex) and say he trusts him if Batman ever needed to take him down? REALLY!!!

C’mon the JLA was afraid of Batman because he had those secret files on them and how to beat them!!!

Superman is a bitch, whos his villian? a business man what the fuck kind of supervillian is that? Throw a briefcase at him and Superman still has a hard time beating him, if Superman was so good at defeating shit why the fuck is Lex still alive? He is human and so is batman. Some ELITE SUPERFIGHTING ALIEN that cant even kill a simple business man. What the hell is keeping SUperman from flying into the officebuilding and breaking Lex’s neck? Batman plans shit out, he wouldnt run into Superman and duel him on the spot, he takes time to make gadgets and understands what weaknesses superman has, and ways to overcome his strength and superpowers. Also batman is a opportunist and as soon as Superman was weaking he would unload. And Superman is stupid he started the fight with Batman when he was weakened, no wonder batman kicked his ass Clark is halfretarded

The Reason Lex Luthor is alive is because Superman does not believe in killing a human. But you seemed to miss something. Superman has other villians like Darksied, Doomsday, Bizarro, Black Adam, Loki, just to name a few. What does Batman have, The Joker (what a joke) The Penguin ( some little fat guy in a tux) The Riddler (WTF).

Yeah, you seem to be biased. I don’t read either comic series, but I know batman has Uber Powered baddies as well, you’re just mentioning all the weak ones. By the way, Joker has outtricked Superman into almost getting killed a couple times before and Batman had to save Superman. And DC has mentioned Batman would beat Superman. Superman is just a cocky, dumb, douche. Admit it.

dear “kid”. learn to spell before you get hardcore with the keyboard. no one who writes like that can be taken seriously.

Batman has defeated Superman many times in the comics. Quick FYI, Superman went to give Batman some kryptonite after some evil thing or another made Superman a killing machine and he couldn’t control himself (mind you he didn’t kill anyone). He shows up with the green rock and tells him to save it just in case Batman ever has to put his ass down like the lame horse that he is! The best part was how Batman already had a piece of kryptonite and told him,” no worries, I already have a contingency plan for you silly ass!” (paraphrased)

So fuck Supes, Bats will shove that faggy curl right up Superman’s ass!

Me and my brother have had many arguments over this. Who in their right mind could think that Batman could defeat Superman? Batman is the stupidist character ever. Firstly, he does not have ANY powers, he needs a bloody sidekick coz wen he’s in trouble, he needs his bitch to save him and he’s dirty coz he’s around bats all the time. Superman rocks in so many ways and could rip that pussy batfag limb from limb

LOL. You are so funny. You think BATMAN is the stupidest character ever. LOLOL. SUPERMAN Is the most pathetic superhero ever. I’m a spiderman fan by the way, so not biased. Just tired of Superman fans in gay love with him. He is supposedly indestructable and STILL manages to get his ass handed to him and has even died before. Batman HAS beaten Superman multiple times (once when he was 55!) DC has even publicly stated that Batman would kill Superman quite easily. Superman is pathetic because with his powers, he should be able to instantly kill villians/beat them up, but he doesn’t because he’s a pussy. I admit my fav superhero spiderman would lose to multiple heroes, by why can’t you admit the same about your man crush Superman

first of all…we all agree that batman can WAYYYY kick superman’s ass so lets just leave it at that. Now that we have that out of the way, you guys have no lives and really need girl or boyfriends. if you really have nothing to do at 2 in the morning but argue about superman and batman then you have hit rock bottom and need to reconsider what your doing with your lives. maybe you could sleep? i dunno, just an idea. and “KID”. shut up and don’t comment back until you know exactly what your talking about. read a comic or two before you come on next time eh?

OK, Superman is stronger, he is faster, and he has a boatload of freaky powers. Batman is a rich, smart dude with some cool gadgets. Seems like a no brainer right? WRONG. Superman does not have the will to kill his enemy. He is, in short, too good. He would win round one, he might win round two, but he would loose round three, and there would be no round four. Batman would keep coming back until he figured Superman out. If Lex can find and use Kryptonite, you can bet that Batman would figure it out, and you can bet that he would not be afraid to use it.

Ok, first of all. Batman is not a Superhero, you must have superpowers to be considered a Superhero. He is simply, a Hero, who, in fact, fights a penguin with umbrellas that shoot bullets. Wow, whoopdeedoo. He also fights a guy that makes up riddles, simply amazing! These are some real hardcore villains.

Superman, on the otherhand, is a REAL Superhero, with Superpowers. Who fights villains with Superpowers. And plus, he does more than just save the city he lives in, unlike Batman, only hanging (no pun intended) at Gothem. Superman, actually goes out and helps people from around the world, like a REAL superHERO.

Let’s move on to the next point. My friend, who I must say is pretty crazy, thinks Batman can beat Superman. He says that “Superman has too many weaknesses.” WOW!! That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Superman has too many weaknesses?! Uhh, Hello, look at Batman, he’s a human for crying-out-loud. He could slip on his tub and smash his head open. He could get shot from a gun. He could get hit by a car, struck by lightning, get a really bad flu. Get stuck in a burning car. Even Alfred could own him, he could poison a drink that he serves Bruce, because Bruce is too lazy, and SLOW to get himself. Now, tell me, who has more weaknesses?

And my friend also says his second point, “He’s so stupid he tells the whole world his weakness.” Ok, smarty pants, he tells them because he knows he’s unstoppable, batman wouldn’t need to tell what his weekness is because we all know what it is, he’s a fragile human being.

Granted, Batman may be the fastest, smartest, strongest, athletic, and whatever else you want to say, HUMAN being, but remember he is ONLY a human being, with no powers. Now, we move on to Superman. He is, let’s just say, ten times faster than Batman; I’m being very generous to Batman, we don’t want to make him look THAT slow (even though he is, because Superman is at least 1000 times faster). He is also ten times stronger than Batman (OK, more like 1000 times, again, but whatever). He also has Superpowers like x-ray vision, laser eyes, freezing breath, flight capabilities, and indestructability, wait, wait…. but Batman has –money. The only thing Batman has over Superman is his brains– in which would not equal out to Superman’s OTHER abilities he has over Batman–, money (which Superman could have if he wanted — he COULD rob every bank in the world), and finally, Batman has a butler, in which, Superman doesn’t. That’s probably the biggest difference, his butler. Big whoop.

So, after further investigation, Superman is the ultimate alien SUPERHERO and Batman is the most rich HUMAN with a butler. Who would win in a fight? Well, I think it’s pretty obvious.

Superman wouldn’t even be touched by Batman or his Inspector Gadget-like gadgets. Superman could simply stay out of range of his kryptonite and throw cars, buses, tanks, planes, building, Alfred, Robbin, whatever, at Batman. In which case, he would probably use his ‘amazing’ grappling hook to “dodge” it. Superman would just use his laser eyes and burn the rope. Wow, he falls, with no flying ability, and no more grappler, and is “dodgeless”. So, Superman throws more crap at him, which, one is bound to hit him, paralyzing him (like Bane did — a human, how pathetic), or even killing him. So, Batman tries to shoot a kryptonite bullet at Superman, in which, Superman is “faster than a speeding bullet”, so he would dodge it. Hello people, is this getting through your hard-heads? The coolest thing about Batman, is he wears the color black. His animal of choice is pretty retarted, a bat?! Come on, at least pick the King of the Jungle, or a monkey, or something cool.

Hands-down, Superman ftw! (for-the-win, in-case you didn’t know what that meant)

Oh, and one more thing, The New England Patriots OWN ALL!!! WOOT!! GO PATS!!!

Ok, back to my sermon now. (Jesus would own Batman and Superman at the same time!!)

ok dudes anuff fighting over who would win all tho its true batman keep criptanight in the back cave in case superman gos crazzy or is takin over but some alien thing..and batman has defeted him in the cartoons as well ..batman rules!!…but realy do you honistly thing after time and time again of saveing each others ass’es do you realy think they would kill each outher…superman and batman are like long lost brothers..hell batman buys superman birthday gifts.well gives him cash….cant wait for them to start filming the movie..theres some cool things on batman at really lets you get inside of the jokers head…harlys kinda cute too ;]

The basis missing in all of these arguments is the premise. WHY would the two fight? What is the contest about? Yes superman wins in contests of strength and speed. Yes batman wins in contests of wits and proactivity. Neither of them lack the moral integrity necessary to kill the other and have no reason to compete. In the end, all superman has to do is wait for bruce wayne to die of natural causes. Batman could just taint the atmosphere denying superman of the yellow rays that give him his powers, and he’d be as helpless as a baby. Again, there is no reason for them to compete and there is no unilateral comparison that could be made to indicate a clear superiority of one over the other. Batman still owns face though.

Batman is just an ordinary man with gadget
Superman is an aliens with superhumanly power and invulnerability

Superman ain’t dumb.He’s actualy a Genius.Sure he could fly at Lex House and broke his neck.But he’s a Hero not a AntiHero.Kinda like spiderman . Sups don’t Kill . He don’t realy need to kill anyway to capture someone because of his power.He captured Lex often.

Stupid Debate .. Superman and Batman aren’t member of the same leagues.

DC = Superman
Marvel = The Hulk

The end

bob what do you mean there not in the same leages..there both DC cmoics and on the justic leage tho your right about hulk tho he a marval (i liek there web site Hi im a Marval and im a DC .. funny stuff)..but i dont thing were tlaknig about hulk lmao..i agree super man is not dumb but hes not as smart as batman…superman dosent die neather dose batman they fight one wins the fight but they dont die .. they fight over diffrences.. didnt they allready make a cartoon of this with keven conroy a Wb thing i remeber seeing it years ago … and if you guys havent see the how it should have ended should its funny as hell

Uhh..hold on Superman saints…I believe Batman kicked his ass a couple of times in the comics and in the cartoons…Remember the space ass kicking when Batman wore that special suit and then when he wore the Krypto ring that had superman bleeding on the chin…Sups got real power but The Dark Knight’s far to intelligent for his punk ass that’s why he beat him so many times….The Dark Knight rules…

Batman is not only smart, but arguably (inarguably for me) the greatest fighter/strategist/thinker/athlete in the DC universe (and Marvel, for that matter). Batman wouldn’t rush into ANYTHING half-cocked, assuming his superior abilities (mental, in this case) OR gadgets (which are used as only as enhancements, NOT a crutches/handicaps) would win the fight for him. Superman’s MO is to hear of trouble, and zoom in without further investigation (half the time, he has to ASK the villain what they want; Batman prefers to make educated guesses based on what he reads about the villain and recent goings-on in Gotham city, if he doesn’t just ask the police). Furthermore, neither would kill the other, as that is one of the few things on which they agree (not killing, that is). To sum it all up, Batman has fought Superman (in a complete fight; there are dozens of fights that were ended without a hint to the conclusion, often intentionally) twice; he won both times (Batman Hush, and The Dark Knight Returns, if you want to include pre-crisis “what-if?” storylines). Both times, Kryptonite was used to weaken Superman, not take him out, proving that Batman does NOT need to eliminate the Man of Steel’s powers in order to defeat (again, not kill) him. Besides this is the fact that, if you read Superman/Batman (meaning at least five issues in the series), Batman understands Superman much better than Superman understands Batman–another advantage. Also, there are several ways to take Superman out, apart from kryptonite: hypersonics (Batman: Hush, DKR, and Sup/Bats vol. 1/ish. #3), red sunlight (common knowledge, SUPERGIRL ish. #s 4, 14, & 17-19) and magic (though in this case, irrelevant, as Batman has stated in several instances that he not only doesn’t have any magical abilities/training, but doesn’t like to contact those who do [Under the Hood, Superman/Batman vol. 3/ish. #14]), and finally brute force (again irrelevant, as Superman’s invulnerability allows him to fly through the core of the sun safely in most storylines, as well as survive blasts that are literally earth-shattering).

all u thick batman geeks u need to shut up n listen as if batman wud ever have a chance at superman, ur all saying if batman had kryptonite he wud beat him well hes a pussy 4 havin it to fight him superman wud just hammer him no rocket or explosion can hurt superman. he cant die he wud tear batman a new one. batman is just a human ooooooh hes got ninja skills big fukin deal, superman faster than a speeding bullet, he wud kick batman all over the fight wud last 4 seconds he wud grab batman and rip him apart. end of !!!!

wow!!!! i never thought that people would be arguing about some fictional characters, Hehe that’s funny u all sound serious like if they were actually real HAhaahahaha, i just found bout this cuz i was trying to research a paper about batman’s economic status for an economic class. YOU GUYS ARE FUNNY HEHEHEHE, =)

Lol, it’s kinda funny, this debate.

Batman would win for sure. If a war was declared between the two, Batman would prepare and beat Superman.

If Superman out of nowhere just showed up at Bruce’s house while he was taking a shower and just punched him in the face, then sure, Superman would win. If Batman just showed up out of nowhere while Clark was writing an article and stuffs kryptonite down his throat, then sure Batman would win.

However, if you are going to say a fair fight between men, then yeah, Batman would win. Why? A fair fight between Batman and Superman would mean two things. Superman is allowed to use his powers (strength, speed, icing etc…) which Batman as a human being does not. Superman, as an alien, has the unfair advantage. It’s like telling a human being to stand infront of a dragon without a sword and say “break that thing’s neck in a fair fight.” No one expects a knight to destroy a dragon with their bear hands in a fair fight (they are always given a sword and a shield), and no one expects Batman to beat Superman in a fair fight without his gadgets.

Batman’s power = his intelligence which created his gadgets and develops his plans (SINCE HE’S HUMAN)
Superman’s power = super strength and speed etc… (SINCE HE’S AN ALIEN)

To have a fair fight between the two you would have to allow both of them to use their “powers.” OR you can take their “powers” away.

Either case, Batman wins. With Gadgets, in the comic (the fricken answer is infront of you, Superman was defeated by Batman in the fricken comic already), Batman rules Superman. Without their powers (batman gives up gadgets, and superman doesn’t use alien powers), then Batman wins too (he has martial arts training).

So hands down, Batman wins.

I would prefer to BE Superman though. But I admire Batman. If that makes any sense

Ok so all who say Superman will win dont have anything to back them up but ” Becuase he’s superman! ” , BUT Everyone who KNOWS Batman would win has PROOF from Comics that already have been published IN WHICH BATMAN WINS!! Dont be a dumb ass and just spout crap out of your mouth without looking into it. As I stated before IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE AND WHO WON? Thats Right BATMAN!

superman wins easily considering his only weakness is kyrptonite when batman can die from a gun a knife bow and arrow a missile a superman powered punch to the cranium or even by choking on a piece of pie. i don’t see how anyone can say that batman wins…sure his movies are cooler but superman takes the cake…and takes it easy as well.

Ok, Superman is the original and still the greatest superhero and Batman comes in 2nd..faily close. I have comics,tattoo, books, toys, games, movies, even the old Superman cartoons on DVD from ages ago, but I’ve thought about this a while and Batman could very well win.

Everyone has their opinion about the comics and Batman pit against Superman and whether it is a ‘fair’ fight or not and whether there were mistakes in the comic could have gone either way… BUT in any fight, I am leaning towards Batman. Read the book Kingdom Come. Superman goes to see Batman and Bruce can hide dark can lower his heart rate so Superman can’t hear it. So All this talk about fairness etc.. is silly. In ANY fight I’m starting to go with the bat.

Bruce is smart and has the recources to locate (or maybe create) Kryptonite and as such Superman would be helpless as a baby…See the latest Superman movie.

So, I’m ashamed to say it, but that’s what I’m going with. I’m still a Super-fan, but a realist as well. (As much as one can be when discussing comics).

Anyone can be batman, he don’t have any powers And hes human just like us.Superman on the other hand Has SuperStrength,SuperSpeed,SuperSight, Laser Eyes, Cooling Breath, Invulnerability, and Telepathy. Have you guys noticed How many things were had the name super in it how many things does batman have that super… nothing Accept Batgirl(whos superhot) and even than he needs more than one Sidekick. everyone here needs to admit two things batman is not Super and Superman is the shit. Hands Down superman will beat batman into an Oblivian.

Seriosly, It´s completely obvious who would win between Superman and batman, Of course Superman would. Batman is not much more than a smart guy who knows a lot of martial arts and has a lot of gadgets and stuff. Superman has supernatural powers and overpowers Batman in so many ways that they are not even comparable – they are not even in the same category – superman has superpowers – batman has not. And I agree that superman could basically fart Batman to a painful death, or just slap him and that would be it for batie. When Batman beat Superman is was first of all a really stupid comic that violated many thing about these two heroes, second Batman used the electricity of the entire city and had help. In a fair fight – just Batman vs Superman (wich is a crazy match up)Batmans best chance is to fly away in his batplane to the neares cave and hide there with alfred and Robin.

Sure, Superman is weakened from cryptonite but still, even in his weakened state I think he would beat him. Without cryptinite Batman definately has no chance – absolutely none whatsoever. One punch and batman would go into orbit around Earth for good.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Batman won over Superman in a comic, bla bla bla. As I Said Batman did not win by himself and he used a lot of equipment and shit, and why? Because he must have it – otherwise he is toast, and they have to make it exciting wich it wouldn´t be unless Batman had help and all kinds of equipment and connected to a powerplant and so on… As obvios, Only Batman VS Superman, without all kinds of extras, Superman would rip his eyes out and throw him to the the back side of the moon.

well put every thing aside. honestly if you take away all of the gadgets that make batman. then you would have to take all the things that make superman, superman. now if they were both just plain human at there human “prime”. batman or bruce wayne would win just for the simple fact that he knows martial arts. batman is a samurai. superman in the other hand depends on his super abilities to win all his fights. he has no background of fighting styles or teachings.

Ok, This really pisses me off. Most of these idiots are saying superman would win. You guys are complete D-A. In one of the Comics Batman ALmost Took out the WHOLE justice league by himself not using his arm power by using his brain. ok sure superman can fly at super sonic speeds and can move planets. But batman also knows how to make superman fall to his knees. that is kryptonight. Batman ALWAYAS carrys kryptonight with him in his belt. so sure if superman can get a punch in with out batman knowing then yea sure he would win. But of course batman is always 5 steps ahead of everyone else. No one stands a chance against batman as long as batman knows what they are doing. so Brains are far better than musscle.

I’ve always said that if superman stopped being a puss he could crush batman. I mean seriously if superman wanted to kill him, Batman could have as much kryptonite in his shitty belt as he wanted, couldn’t Supes just keep a safe distance and fry him with his eye beams or find something really big and drop it on him? I mean just the fact that Superman fights and defeats guys like Darkseid, Lobo and Doomsday(not really defeated) should be enough to let you guys know the deal. Let me see Batman use his brains and belt against one of the listed. You Batman fanboys know he’d be destroyed.

Batman will defeat Superman hands down. Batman always comes prepared… always ten steps ahead of everyone. I mean he has a contingency plan to take out the whole Justice League if it comes to that point.

Sometimes, it pays to be paranoid.

Superman is way too stupid to defeat the Dark Knight at anything.

By the way, it is rumored that Bruce Wayne did Lois Lane before Clark could marry her.

Stupid moron.

do really think batman can beat superman come on there is so many things wrong with that really think

Okay, In my opinion Superman is the greatest superhero ever!!!
He is loaded with powers and can kick batman’s but everyday of the week. I’m not even 100% positive that batman is a superhero. He has no powers, not one!!! He is always so dark and mysterious, I wouldn’t want him saving me. To all you batman fans, If Superman and batman were in a desert, and none of them were wearing their superhero costumes, who would win in a fight. Superman would win because without his costume and his gadgets batman is nothing but a wanna be hero!

well again if you take everything that makes batman then you would do the same for superman. you superman fans forget that superman is a fruit basket without his powers. all this talk about taking bats equipment and kryptonite blah blah blah… take Superman’s powers so that he cant use lasers, flying ability and all the other crap. he is a pathetic loser, just like he portrays mankind as clark kent.

if anything batman is a better superhero then all the other heroes because he is human. He is highly intelligent and is a true samurai warrior!

Ok, listen, Batman would NEVER beat superman, NO WAY! Maybe some of you dont realize supermans powers – he can move faster than the eye can see, he can lift practically any object of whatever size, he can destroy things with his eyes and many, many other things. Batman would not even be able to see superman if he wanted to kill him. Superman could fart on batman (and really hurting him with it) without Batman ever noticing him. He could simply hit him once (using maybe 1/10th of his strenght) in the face or anywhere and Batman´s history. Luckily for Batman sup is a nice guy and dont really enjoy killing people. End of discussion.

i agree. if they were hell bent on killing each other using what they have in the arsenal. at the end batman could lose. this is coming from a hardcore batman fan. u seems to make a valid point and not a stupid one like all the others by saying taking all of batman’s stuff but keeping superman abilities superman will win… NO DUH MORONS.

bravo for making a reasonable point. but u must admit though if superman was human or batman had the same ability as him. more than likely batman would win just for the simple fact that batman as a fighter is better then superman.

of course supes would win .. he would whip batmans ass so bad even robin would not recognize him .. dont forget supes is as fast as flash .. he could come in so fast and rearrange batmans face .. bats would not know what hit him .. only thing that stops supes is that he is a goody goody .. hell if supes went mad he could destroy the whole planet … so i guess a man who can go toe to toe with darkseid,doomsday , hulk , and can stop planets in orbit can definately annihilate some pointy eared psycho twit …

Ok, this is a very simple question to answer. Superman would kick Batman’s ass in just a few seconds if he wanted. Batman blows as a superhero if you can go so far to even call him one. He walks around with a belt with what? A batarang, a grappling hook? The best weapon he has is probably breath spray he uses for his gay sidekick Robin!
Superman can kill Batman a number of ways. He can crush him with a freaking building, heat ray him in the face, freeze him and use him in his drinks, even if Batman had kryptonite, which he carries around like a little girl because he is afraid that Superman might find him and kill him at any time, Superman could use his super speed and punch him in the face before it even had an effect on him. Did you not see Superman Returns. After getting beat down on an island made of his weakness and getting stabbed with kryptonite, part of which was broken inside of his body, and being thrown in a stormy ocean, he is saved and right after the kryptonite is taken out of him, he flies into the earth and lifts a giant island (of kryptonit mind you) out of the earth and luanches it into space! And you think that batman can beat Superman with a tiny little peice of kryptonite!?
Also, if Batman hid in the shadows like a little girly fag, Superman could turn the world around and make it daytime if he wanted.
Some of you say that if Batman had time to prepare for Superman, then he could kick his ass. Well that is like me saying that if I made a great plan to rob a bank, then I could do it. Duh! If he takes into account all the details then of course. But what if the bank I was going to rob knew that I was planning to rob them. Then they would prepare and I would be in trouble. So if Superman prepared too, then he would wipe the floor with Batman.
Batman just sucks at life. I mean whatch the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight movies. He doesn’t even make his own gadgets anymore? If you say that he made the stuid tracking phones thing by himself then you are stupid because he used Lucius’ tech to do that.
Superman kicks ass and is that kind of superhero that when most people think about him they think of power and indestructability. When you think of Batman, you think of some loser that buys his “powers”, hides in the shadows, and is afraid to come out during the day. All the villians have to do is do their stuff during the day and he does nothing.
One last thing, when Batman beat Superman, it was not a fair fight. Batman had to get help like a fag. Also it wasn’t enough that the two outnumbered Superman but also they had to use his weakness against him just to beat him.
Superman wins hands down!

your bais blinds you. read what you wrote and that out all of the opinions. and movies are not a reliable source sick with the comics.

Batman is a badass billionaire. Money makes the world go around. How much money does Superman have in his bank account? A couple hundred dollars maybe.






Batman is the only one that has a chance against Superman, and he’s more than capable of beating him.

Why? Batman is more than capable of killing, Superman isn’t.

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