How to make cocaine

Cocaine use is ruining many lives, the social side effects of paying for an expensive addictive habit ruins society but it’s also disgusting all the crap they use to make cocaine. As it’s an illegal drug you have to take what you get: petrol, cement, calcium oxide, ammonia, H2SO4 and of course coca leaves. This video takes you through the process of from picking the leaves, chopping them, spraying them wth the above chemicals and filtering. Ugh. Everyone should see this video. It might stop someone experimenting with it in the first place.

The Swearing Lady has been reading about Cocaine use in Ireland and the UK. It’s being cut with carcinogenic chemicals to increase yields so on top of the chemicals above drug users are really f*cked. (via and I’d swear Damien linked to the movie a few days ago too)

Edit: the video that was here is long gone, but here’s a text description of how to make cocaine. Reminded me of Breaking Bad reading that.

238 thoughts on “How to make cocaine

  1. me and my mom are the only ones left in my family because everyone else died to drugs!!1 no joke!!! i hate drugs!

  2. Hey,
    I just want to know if anyone had any contacts to dealers?
    Ive been cut ive been cut off from mine and need a new one

  3. That has got to be one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would put something like that up their nose. Then again you have to be out of your mind in the first place to be putting something like that up your nose.

  4. I thank you so much so teaching me how to do it. its not that i’m going to do it but its cause i have a final paper that is due and its on how to make cocaine and the abuse usage of it thanks so much…

  5. i just spent 3 years in prison for possession of cocaine that was not mine. cocaine does not destroy your life, you do. there are no excuses. you make your choices and you live with them. i do not use cocaine every day, or for that matter every month, i nuse it when it is financialy viable. my preference is opiates. yet, i know the dangers and consequences of that also. i have seen the consequences of the irresponsible use of every substance known to man. i still firmly advocate the unrestricted legalization of EVERYTHING. it is noones reponsibility to protect me from myself especially not the governments.

  6. pot doesn’t make you a boil on society’s ass…yeah right. you should get a load of my stoner roommates, who can’t hold a job or pay rent and are always mooching off people. then there’s the flunkies I went to school with, who are now stuck either working minimum wage jobs, or the streets, selling drugs/stolen goods/their ass. pot isn’t the benign happy-go-lucky shit everyone is duped into thinking it is. there’s a reason your parents told you not to smoke weed…that’s because cocaine is way better and makes society a utopian paradise. burn in hell, potheads.

  7. all you stupid idiots on drugs,, listen to yourselves,,,, dumbass bums livin off your friends and stealing to get your next high, and lying to everyone ,,,, smartin up crackheads ,,, low down dirt bags is what you are

  8. To this jessie person.. we all kno its a HERB. Usually drugs are made out of plant extracts…. soo ur the dumbass =] stating the obv.

  9. how to make cocaine.. cool 🙂 i’m not an addict but i heard in high dosis cocaine can kill.. how great… i’ll make my own cocaine and then kill myself, literally

    so cool thanks for teaching me this =)

  10. Cocaine is a huge business for our government here in the United States. Did you know wall street asked the FARK to invest their drug money into wall street and they would leave them alone? When the FARK said no suddenly the FARK became known as narco-terrorists. Do you think there is a coincidence that when we invaded Afghanistan it happened to be harvest time for the poppy farms?
    When we were in Vietnam, there are documents of heroin being shipped home on military planes, sometimes in body bags. I know you are still thinking this chick is a conspiracy wacko!! Have you heard of freeway Ricky Ross? He was recruited by the CIA in Watts to sell crack to the neighborhood. That is documented and you can watch a great documentary called the American Drug War. Please people the war on drugs is a war on our freedoms. Look at the prison industrial complex that has sprung up since war was declared on “drugs”. Imagine the black men who would have been able to be fathers had they been given the same sentence for crack as a person with more cocaine would have gotten much less. Alot of work has to be done in the justice system, I wish we all could step up and work toward a brighter future.
    I’d love to hear from some of you. Contact me on myspace/jenniferstruth.
    Peace, Love and Respect,

  11. I love coke when I can get it and I don’t find
    it addictive. it’s a nice change from drinking,
    doing pot or taking e. As with anything else.. work, drink and drugs in moderation.

  12. yo coke is the shit ive been doing it for a long time and love it hey if im gonna die doing it then hey to me thats the best way fuck all you pussy’s

  13. this is a good video to stop making people do cocaine.u should write more about this so people can see what they are doing,and what is going to happend to them and there cosicqensis with the law.

  14. all u bitches who oppose drugs – think of it this way. nicotine, alcohol, and weed are drugs. me, for one, would give up my left nut to legalize weed. coke on the other hand is different. i’ll do coke 24/7 if i could. im not addicted. i’ve been offered the shit many times and passed on it. then again, i’ve smoked the shit, snorted, seen ppl shoot it up, etc. it all depends on the user. you can have 2 completely different people from 2 completely different regions, who’ve tried the shit, smoked/snorted the same amount of shit, and have 2 completely different views.

    here’s what i say – if you dont do it, shut the fuck up and stop worrying about what other people do. you are fucking pathetic if you think every single drug is addictive. look at it this way. IF UR A DRUNK, UR AN ADDICT. IF U SMOKE CIGS, UR AN ADDICT. REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH U INTAKE.

    here’s an example. ur a cop. ppl fucking hate cops. some ppl will kill a cop if they had the chance, yet many many many ppl become cops and ppl dont say shit. ppl who wake up at 6 in the morning to drink a fucking beer hate cops. ppl who smoke weed, smoke crack, go to church, work in a lawyers office hate cops. and yet ppl still become cops. sometimes they let it be known. more times than not they shut the fuck up and mind their own business and when shit goes down, they shut the fuck up and go along with it.

    same with coke/crack/crank/weed. you’d be surprised at the amount of ppl who do these drugs and still live a fucking decent, wealthy life. all u fucking pussies who’ve never tried the shit have a mindset that “this drug is bad. its a GATEWAY drug.” FUCK THAT. if some one seriously said that to me, i’d pimpslap them in the fucking face and prostitute them. if weed and coke ARE gateway drugs, then wat are cigs and alcohol? bricks in the road to failure?

    1. mate, i agree with u entirely. i don’t believe in that idiotic gateway theory either, the only thing thats true about that is that there is a trend. my best friend doesn’t smoke anything and never has done, but he’s tried coke and ecstasy. i was a habitual cocaine user for 7 months then abstained from everything for 4 months due to an overdose and residual panic disorder. I have been doing it since the age of 16. now im 19 and only do it when i get offered it when im drunk and stoned. also, i was a 15 a day joint smoker for 2 years, and had been a heavy drinker too. having just turned 19, i regret every night out the morning after. i wish i could quit cigarettes too, but im also doing an intense gym routine for rugby simultaneously. that and studies has me stressed beyond belief. it started all in this order for me: alcohol, cigarettes, weed, mescaline, coke, lsd, mdma, ecstasy pills (i have no idea whats in them, possibly: piperazine, 2-cb, pma, dxm, caffeine…etc), speed, ketamine, crack. mdma and weed are the only “illicit” drugs i like, and both proven to be safer than either alcohol or cigarettes. having come from a very conservative background, it really makes one realise how every government skull-fucks the public by all the propaganda that they spoon feed us. i’m not a bad person for doing drugs, in fact im thankful for the inciteful experiences, character-building and increased social confidence they provided. but also they took their toll (cocaine in particular) on me. stay safe and don’t be subject to peer pressure.

  15. i think u shud all take crack an cocaine and smack an smoke weed then \after u all got ya self high as fu c k go out side an do a bit of braek dancing wiv ur nans cuz its been a long time since ya nans beein in here wheel chair an she is going to die of swineflu pretty soon an hersmack head of a husband been ur grandads are going to play wiv lil black kids so stop feelin sry for ur selfs and get on wiv ur sad lil lives u bunch of monkey d i c k chicken nuts crinkled balled anal gagin retardsnall my love penis quaker xx msg bk if u disagree thx

  16. i’ve done it, and its not worth the high. If you wanna TRY it, by all means, go for it under the circumstances that you have self-control. If you have no self-control, its not your drug, and you should never try it. Its a one shot deal to have one night of done- i live by “you only live once”, but the idea is to keep living after and cocaine will kill you. I’ve done it, and regardless of what pople say, its not hard to stop if you want to, quit while your ahead and save yourself. be successful, and stay in school.

  17. Fuck. I’m realy tired of people typing “u”, instead of “you”. Does it realy take that much of your time to type out the whole word?? And if you want to learn more about coke, figure it out on the street, and don’t be a pussy…

  18. You guys who do coke and fuck up are sad, ive been doing coke for 6 months, heavy use to like every day and i still function, grades are As Bs and like one C. If you cant handle it dont do it.

  19. grow the fuck up man get fucking life you fuck ups wot a wast of life wots the point in liveing if you gonna keep getting drug theres more to life man think about your family’s it mess them up to and urs kids

  20. Greetings drug users and abusers,
    It saddens me deeply to observe young persons wasting away their lives by consuming such toxic and destructive drugs. I too, know the effects of the drugs mentioned and discussed above, and I am telling you know, it is not worth the ‘high’ that you achieve. In closing, get help! You have the power to save your life, so what are you waiting for? Put the needles, pills and powder away. That is all.

  21. No matter what you say or how you look at it… there`s drugs everywhere whether it`s a cup of coffee or a drink at the pub.
    The word (DRUGS) kind of almost sounds scary even lets say for example (MEDICINE) which in itself is another term for drugs,drugs that help us get better,that are tested and produced in the highest standards by pharmacutical companies worldwide for over the counter or presription by a health care professional. These Drugs along with the ones we don`t even notice depending on your country are being sold and taxed with money for the government`s pockets of coarse to be used for what we hope is necessary but ooh they get so furious when there is so much more activity-illegal drugs which we can`t make any money from which are tearing lives apart… Think about it…… most of these lives torn apart may have allready been torn apart and they need an escape… just like nearly any kind of drug there is a positive and negative reaction in certain situations,lets say the drug is wearing off,you need more money to support your habit/addiction,you resort to desperation to keep yourself in some situations just on the level (normal) so in effect if you might reach a stage where you`ve figured out a differant aproach to your situation and had it have worked you would be back to normal without a bloodthirsty monkey on your back if it had ever reached such a stage.
    Recreational drug use can be as fun as doing something really fun or 🙂 make it more fun. In conclusion – go ahead have fun if you use drugs to do so be responsible and don`t do it because you might think you`ll be viewed as cool,myself I view anyone or friend who turns down an offer and doesn`t want to have anything to do with drugs with a good feeling because it`s their choice and they`ve made it… Guns don`t kill people and in a sence neither do drugs.
    Wait… I know what you`re thinking and I think that`s kind of lame too guns/drugs… What if you buy a shite gun and it backfires or your child finds it and accidentally blows your head off plus what if you took drugs and overdosed or chose to take a drug that you happen to be allergic to… Who knows…

  22. Listen up guys both drug users and drug fighters.The truth is that COCAIN is just a drug like any other drug if you take at normal dose and not at regular intervals you wont get addicted.For the FBI’s and other drug fighting angencies the best advice for you is to legalise it so that it would be made available at lower rate and you drug fighters will also make your own cash from it.I am planning the worst ever in world’s history a drug deal that will connect those who fight it and I will suceed not if its today.Thanks and God bless you .Amen

    1. Hey everybody grew up with drugs ever since,your born from the docs , pain,killers etc… so what’s,the different?

    2. Sweetheart i did and your very ignorant…..iv been smoking weed since age 6. I grow weed for a living and guess what? Im happy! Im intelligent im not suffering short term memory loss….the only thing that hurts me is close minded people like yourself. Im 16….im from humboldt county… that and youll have a slightly better understanding but i do agree that all of tbose chem drugs are ruining our countdy and alcohol is the worst! Do you drink? Smoke cigs? Well guess what im healthier smoking weed than cigs! And mushrooms totally aligned my spiritual life force with the earth feel free to judge me because i wont judge you…..but in alm honesty i beleive everyone should experience the peace and serenity meditating on mushrooms has to offer…..keep up your one sided thougbt process……but from my point of veiw i truly pity you for the fact a 16 year old child such as myself has more wisdom than it seems you could hope to accomplish… is more than it seems….i hope all of you can really grasp something out of my shpeal…..but from past experience s i only am criticized because the vast majority of our population is on a superficial wave link……well happy trails freinds:)

  23. There is nothing wrong with drugs. Its all about moderation. It can get away from you fast but always realize its something you need to be aware of when your doing it. When drugs turn to casual use they become a problem. They aren’t going to kill you if you do them on occasion.

  24. To everyone who says, that what all the drugys to kill themselves, are you stupid, I bet all of your favort actors, singers,
    Fighters etc. Does drugs so if you what everyone to kill themselves for drugs, say goodbye to everyone, everybody does it once in therelive if you like,to admit it or,not. Idc your an kept just saying,people should kill themselves, there’s more problems in,life then drugs like eg world hunger and climate of our world changing!!!!

  25. anyone who says weed is good for you is lying, it causes short term memory, paranoia and can fuck up life with your family etc. take it from someone who knows, i started smoking it when i was 8 years old and still am now i’m 16 and its one decision i regret. it should be legal no doubt because i will say its not as bad as alcohol but should be a weekend thing like alcohol is to most people. if the goverment wern’t idiots trying to make a stupid point that they are in control and being sheeps because no other contry allows it to be legal they would legalise it. in the papers a couple of months back over 50 goveners admited they have done it and were all talking about making it legal but the rest of the goverment who haven’t done it say no. PEOPLE NEED TO TRY IT BEFORE THEY JUDGE

  26. herion, crack cocaine and methamphetamine are the only dangerous drugs and that’s only because they’re so addictive. It’s so funny hearing people that have never tried ‘illegal’ drugs make wild imaginary claims like these below. I’ve done virtually every substance at least once and without sounding like git I can safely say I’m sharper, wittier, and more interesting than anyone I know that has chosen not to go out into the world to find these things out for themselves. 😛

  27. Where I am from our main export is marijuana. It’s traded for cocaine. The cocaine is then sold at street level. Like everywhere else in the world it’s then cut to yield more cocaine.

  28. i am doing a study on this subject if ya could enlighten on how to make, or stretch { add weight } thank you my report is due mon morn so please help

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