How to make cocaine

Cocaine use is ruining many lives, the social side effects of paying for an expensive addictive habit ruins society but it’s also disgusting all the crap they use to make cocaine. As it’s an illegal drug you have to take what you get: petrol, cement, calcium oxide, ammonia, H2SO4 and of course coca leaves. This video takes you through the process of from picking the leaves, chopping them, spraying them wth the above chemicals and filtering. Ugh. Everyone should see this video. It might stop someone experimenting with it in the first place.

The Swearing Lady has been reading about Cocaine use in Ireland and the UK. It’s being cut with carcinogenic chemicals to increase yields so on top of the chemicals above drug users are really f*cked. (via and I’d swear Damien linked to the movie a few days ago too)

Edit: the video that was here is long gone, but here’s a text description of how to make cocaine. Reminded me of Breaking Bad reading that.



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    1. no the only drug that should be legal is weed because it is natual salva is legal and its worse than weed salva is natural make weed legal cut crime in half and make cash on tax win win for ever one the only resone they are keep going is to make a point that we dnt tolerate any laybrakers but they do they kill people in jails and half the time they people who die are inersent so taht tells you something

      1. “inersent?” Your post is why weed is illegal. The only reason people think weed’s any different, is because they like it. It makes people lethargic, stupid, and impairs their judgment and basic motor skills. It’s a light-hallucinogen – you know, like shrooms or LSD. Personally, I’m all for drugs being illegal and letting the drug-dealers flaunt their ill-gotten gains by pumping all that money back into the economy, than living in a nation of unhindered dope-use under the government’s peddling. Cuz this way, I’ll at least know that someone who uses the phrase “inersent” isn’t heading any important corporation.

        1. Seth the reason why its illegal is cause of fucking morons like you who dont use it, dont know shit about it n read some crap and think u got a idea! Its nothing like Lsd or shrooms. You and people like you are who ruin it for smokers like me. Ya you prob dont do drugs but being a alcoholic dont make u better then anyone! The only time any of those things u said happen is when u r a first time user. After u have ur first exp. you will no longer b paranoid and can drive go to work and go on about your day as you do normally!

          1. There are MANY jobs that require completely unimpaired judgement, and coming to work high can and will cost lives, and not just your own. This is why there are drug and alcohol tests. With alcohol, it only stays in your system a few hours, so it’s easy to have a test show if someone’s been drinking on the job. But marijuana stays in your system up to ten days. How are we supposed to know you “only smoked it on the weekend” and you weren’t high when you “lost control” of the steamroller and ran over your co-worker?

            Your statement “After u have ur first exp. you will no longer b paranoid and can drive go to work and go on about your day as you do normally!” is also complete bollocks. Canabis is a psychoactive and physiological compound, and produces stimulant, depressant, AND halucinogenic effects. Before spouting off about how someone “dont know shit about it n read some crap and think u got a idea” you should read some crap (ie dictionary, medical study) and get your facts straight.

        2. If you think that weed is bad you are a fucking retard. Weed is an incredible medicine with more uses than almost any other plant in the world. Just because some drunken idiot talks about weed online doesn’t make it a bad thing. I smoke weed several times a day and have for about 2 years now. As far as being lethargic, thats your own fault.

        3. Have you ever used drugs? I smoke weed, have been for the last 4 years and have been pro drugs since always. And your argument based on a poorly written post by someone like myself who is not a native english speaker (in advanced sry for my poor english) and a lot of misconceptions about what weed really does to you, weed is not a hallucinogen at all, dude, please don’t buy into all the myths and try to test for yourself then speak up, in highly controversial topics as this, media and others who have a lot to gain from demonizing something are not the best sources. Cheers.

          1. Yes, weed is a hallucinogen class. And depending on the species of the plant (sativa or indica) you’re looking at either a stimulant or depressant effect.
            There is nothing wrong with LSD, either. LSD has anti-addictive properties (not only making it impossible to become addicted to, but also helping those addicted to heroin and alcohol and the like to quite altogether (yes, alcohol is physically addictive. It’s got a dopamine affinity). Furthermore, LSD has been known to help with depression and work as a powerful psychiatric tool. The fact that it was made so illegal in the sixties that even labs were not able to conduct research with it to prove whether or not it was safe is a sign that somebody does not want this drug on the market, pharmacuetically or otherwise.
            In fact, a lot of drugs have uses beyond the normal conception of “getting fucked up”. Yes, you can get fucked up on them, but the have extreme personal/physical benefits not found in today’s pharmacy.

        4. ur a fucking dick , people do not use weed just becuase they like it. the use it for stuff like medicine and clothing etc…. but to say that it is just like shrooms or lsd is retarted.(sorry if i spell some stuff wrong) .

          1. Recreation (“just because they like it”) is the number one use of weed in the world. Also: “weed” isn’t used for clothing. “Weed” is the buds and leaves of the plant. Hemp is made from just the stalks, and is what is used in clothing.

        5. how the f*$k can you compare weed with lsd and other drugs?clearly you have no f#$%@ng idea of what you are talking advise?kill yourself.

        6. Comparing weed to shrooms and LSD.. really? You may type like you are intelligent but please look up your facts before you flaunt your opinion. Thanks

  1. I actually wondered if there was half as much carcinogenic painkillers going into our imported coke as the authorities make out. Ridiculous scaremongering (like in the case of the Phenacetin stories) has no place in an informed campaign directed towards adults… like I said, the reason people should stay away from cocaine is that the business side of it ruins so many lives in Columbia and on the “lower rungs” of Irish society. Look at the shite that goes into making a packet of Taytos; that doesn’t stop any of us.

    The more seizures the authorities make, the more the drug needs to be cut to match demand. Making it rare doesn’t stop people wanting it… it just makes the stuff out there even less pure.

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  3. As a previous cocaine addict it is a very dusguisting addictive drug that has many people by thier f*cking balls and anyone who sniffs this shit or smokes it is a big dumbass and should be vanished off the face of this earth. If you are going to kill yourself just use a gun hurry up and get it over eith so the smart ones on this earth can continuie livinfor g our lives in peace without worring about crack heads around us. And as ashley slay, you arethe buggest slut for saying that sh*t i hope you get aids and then you wont be spreading your damn legs so muck to everything that walks. From now one keep thatdick in your mouth so you can shut up saying sh*t on this website. STAY OFF DRUGS. BESIDES SLEEP IS A BEATIFUL THING LIVE YOUR LIFE DONT WASTE IT

  4. I dont smoke cigarettes cuz it will stop I breath
    I man no sniff coke cuz it will make I choke
    All i smoke is the real Tusheng Peng
    tusheng Peng make me I call from one to ten
    pass the tusheng peng – pass it over
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  5. I used to sell coke and I was sniffing a few grams per day and started smoking it too, it’s okay but after awhile it gets boring, I just do it on the weekends now, ecstacy is the bomb thought it makes me feel better then coke, I usually take around 5-10 e per week.

  6. i deal crack..and i laugh at all the poor motherfu**ers who i sell it too…they are dumba**es throwing their lives away…but hey..they make me money right? hahahahahahaha

  7. This is some of the stupidest shit i have ever heard. do you understand that cocaine is a multi billion dollar operation, you know what that means, no matter what you do or what the governmant does you are not going to get rid of it. and if someone wants to do it hey more power to you, everyone is entitled to whatever experience they want. so if your going to do it do it and have enough fun for the rest of the people in the world that are to afraid of the law or death that they dont experience everything life has to offer. doing it once wont get you addicted unless you are a complete pussy and have no self control. dont get me wrong it is incredibly addictive but dont be a vagina and use your brain when you come down and make the descion than and there if you will ever do it again.

  8. Hey cocorachez, see that cunt that deal crack u should be lined up and rattled, maybe when u get caught, that might just happen!

  9. Ok, heres the the thing. We’ve all seen them. The desperate crack-heads. They will do anything, steal from anyone to get that next hit. Cocaine has ruined many lives. However, so has porn, alchohol, the internet, video games, music, money, whatever. Take your pick. The world is full of potential addictions, all of which can be equally deadly. I beleive that anything in life, ANYTHING, that is remotely enjoyable can be abused, overused, and ruin lives. One of the biggest problems in society today is that basic human values such as self control have all but vanished. And yet our dependancy and trust in our government seems to be getting stronger. Does this look funny to you? Making drugs illegal and putting people in prison has not, does not, and will never cure addictions. Just as sending billions of tax dollars to help impoverished countries will never solve the growing poverty problem here in America. Another link in the chain here? Look at the numbers people. Look at the amount of people whos lives were far beyond ruin before they started using crack, or any other drug for that matter. Also, look at the successful people who simply had a habit, they liked to get high, who are now useless sitting in a prison somewhere. The drug war in America has but one victor, and that is the grave. Start teaching people about self control, and make the drugs legal. If some1 wants to OD on crack or heroin, then GREAT! Someone who will go that far, is going to do it legally or not! So what are we trying to accomplish, really? I say we take the unsurmountable amounts of profit being made in the drug trade OUT of “the hood” and put it to the good of the general public. Lets make our trade sanctions on Cuba worth a shit and stop giving them our money for cocaine! In closing, I have been a user of powder and crack cocaine for many , many years. My priorities are still in order. My responsibilities met. My mind strong. My body fit. My life is great. The problem with a drug user is NOT the drug. People are not powerless over their bodies. Cocaine is NOT a living being. It does NOT have big, nasty mean claws that grab you and wont let go, I promise. However, it must be respected. And moderation is key. I smoke between $25-$50 a week in crack cocaine depending on what bills are coming up when. And guess what happens if it looks like Im not gooing to have enough money to get high? I STAY SOBRE and find something else to do with my time. I dont go rob a bank, or sell my dead grandmother’s wedding ring. I dont crawl on the floor endlessly looking for crack rocks that dont exist. I simply maintain control of myself. So, I hope this helps shed some light on the subject of cocaine and possibly serves to at least “dull” the stigma that has been attatched to it because of mindless, lesser members of society.

  10. Mix the cocaine and some baking soda (usually 1:2 ratio) in some water.Heat is then applied to this solution and the crack will rise to the top. 🙂 enjooooooooy

  11. Mix the cocaine and baking soda in some water (usually 1:2 ratio) and heat gently … the crack will rise to the top… enjoy 🙂

  12. i cant believe the losers on this site that think cocaine is so cool and the aids skank ashley .and to the guy who does it in moddrztion well good for him but stop advocating its use to others most people become freaks in varying degrees because of that shit and to the crack dealer well i can see why he laughs at his customers pull your head out of your asses smoke weeed at least it dosent make you intoa boil on societys ass

  13. ther is no good grugs, it just is NOT!! not even weed, but i believe if u can u use drugs in a responsible way, i do it, but in your head u must fight sometimes, if u cant stay off the shit, u feel forced & think u need it, go outside & start sporting, something to put ur head off the dope, dont thinj u need that shit, its just a fun thing to do, ONCE IN A WHILE, im planning on staying a live & NOT becoming a pshyco for drugs.

  14. Take care with it. As someone told previously, moderation is the key! And be sure to buy good coke, otherwise you’ll be sniffin a lot of fucking toxics that only do damage to your body.

  15. you lot should just do what u want and stop bitching about what be peoplle want to be and do read the da hbbits line and take it in he makes total sense

  16. Hey I was wondering if who ever posted this piece knows who the YouTube user is that has this video, because it says it’s no longer available to the public, only ppl who’ve befriended them on youtube.


  17. i ll say that coke is for losers and wannabes and for the ones who dont have money at first but then have a fortune somehow (like singers athletes models etc..) elite people mostly wont deal with coke no matter how much money they got cuz its lame.i did coke once it feels good for a while then makes u depressed tho cuz ur brain gets addicted to the fake happiness feeling. to me happiness is more meaningful than coke 😉

  18. cocaine use can grab anyone by the balls, and it
    brings out the worst in a person. Alot of drug use is
    going to destroy you mentally and physically. Doing coke
    is like trying to get sick, and trying to end up with a
    serious brain disorder. They used to call it cocaine phycosis. But really once you mess up your brain chemistry it can bring on scizophrinia, Bi-polar, and
    depression. The coke might seem like the cure but it just
    making the problem worst.

  19. I had tried coke once before. just put in for ball the other day wid a few mates. had a few lines of it wid a mate yesterday. and it was gd for a measly 20-30 mins then DEPRESSION!! then ya have another line coz ya feel shit and lifes gd again then DEPRESSION. im not even gonna have any more of wat i bourt just gonna throw it away couldnt give a fuk bout the cash. life is 100 times more important and REAL than that shit. its just a false sense of security because people who take it or any drug for that matter feel so low about them selves and so insecure that they have to try and make themselves feel better about themselves by getting a so called “hit” off something. here’s one to think about. would any of us want a life threating disease such as cancer? or any bad diseases? unless your a dickhead most wouldnt want it. but how many pound your brains with all sorts of drugs to eventually become pyhcotic manics with a life of “LIVING HELL”. so for all of you have your drugs!! you can keep em! GO FUCK YOUR LIVES UP!!! and if any perthetik fuk wit junkys try to say any different to what i have said.. just goes to show how drug fucked you are!!!

  20. i got so much yayo its going to curl your toes i got so much work/crack/cocaine/money i dont have to work get money pimpin o-block and ALL-SET on deck

  21. Can anyone upload the Vid through RAPIDSHARE or something?
    Thanks if possible aight,

    PEACE and goodluck with the site !

  22. hey i am high out of my mind right now and i really dont care what every 1 says about cocaine because ive never tried it, to every man his own right. i just know that this sticky icky homemade shiz is the f*cking bomb digity!!!!!!im gunna go eat a whole bag of gawd damn doritos now so peace out.

  23. im a former cocaine user and i smoke weed about 5 to 6 times a day. I got caught by the cops but you think i would have had commen sense to quit. I got hooked in to doing cocaine and blew a whole 8 ball to my face and turned purple and just about Over Dosed. I drank that night so my heart and my insides im sure were just about dead. I use to do it on weekends than it became a thing where iw ould do it during the week. I don’t think anything of it until now and how stupid it was and how much of a scummy person it makes you look and feeel. I would wake up on mornings where i would feel like a huge mack truck had hit me in the face or almost visiting the hospital. Im formally getting into groups and getting help for my addictions. I had lost my cousin to a Herion overdose, it was only his second time doing it. He was in a Rehab for doing cocaine. I’ve thought about alot andi know i could do so much more without spending my money on that and doing othethings with people who i’ve kicked out of my life due to being a drug addict. I miss them. I’ve lost 7 people who wre close to mein the past year. It hits you all. It hits you at once and it sucks. You think about to much

  24. how can you watch the movie now? it says when i try to play the video that the owner of this video does not allow embedding of this video, please watch it on youtube.

    whats the key word on youtube?

    1. Hey yogi, FUCK YOU. Druggies are just a person with a problem and many of them ending up committing suicide like a good friend. If you wish people dead it sounds like you have more hatred in you then many drug addicts do. Drug addicts are like old people because they are not going to live as long but they are still worth while and have thier own truth and wisdom. I know a few. I learned some of the most important lessons from my drug addicted friend who recently committed suicide and I hold upmost respect for him because he was truelly a brilliant person who made a bad decision early on and stuck with it. He taught me to make sure I knew I did not hate my father. As for the “ALL DRUGS ARE BAD” perspective I have gotten many good things from experiementing with drugs. Cocaine, is bad but I have done it like 6 or 7 times, will never do it again, regret doing it the last time but I have gotten good things from the experience. LSD as significantly increased the quality of my life and I am eternally grateful to have experimented with it. Dropping acid was one of the best decisions I have made. Pscylocibin also has a point. Majic Mushrooms are fundamental and a catylist to the evolution of the human race. My drug habits now are smoking weed on occasion (with moderation) and experimenting with psylocibin every 6 months or so. I see this as a healthy living style. Probably going to drop LSD again once I fall in love. LSD has helped me more then any psychologist or perscription pills ever could. Just don’t take too many hits at once or do it too frequently or after the first few trips if you know your not right for the drug then do not continue its use. I have also done MDMA twice and rolls once. I will never do E or cocain again. MDMA also has a point and there is a social learning that occurs and it produces great empathy. I meditate, eat healthy, excersize and live life beautifully. Gratitude and faith are important and I feel like most drug addicts have a lack of gratitude. I would never do pcp or herion but opium is cool rarely such as when you at a place like BONNAR0o0o0o0o0o!!!!! Just don’t do the wrong drugs and don’t do too many drugs. Basically, say KNOW to drugs.

  25. Hi all let me give you all some advise ,if your thinking of doing any drugs please just say NO and if your using find help because its only goner get worse and all you are achieving is lining your dealers pockets.i like having money ,looking at money and spending it on all kinds of over useless shit.When i was young it was weed which was cool at first but then it gave me depression now im 24 i use crack once a month which is the biggest waste of money on the earth but i havent used for 3 weeks and have no plans to do it again but who nos if i get pissed maybe .ive tried everything and weed occasionly is ok and a E in a club once or twice is ok but be carful everything else stay away from crack ,h, ketomin ,coke they only lead to debt ,losing good friends gaining bad ones and a WASTED LIFE peace stay alert

  26. OiOi fuckaz this is a kid ere from owa the Big UK cumin from the Newcastle Upon tyne Bigg it Up y’aal

    Y’all need to quit the Shit ya Punk ass bitches
    stop the skunk grass,nd leta Month Pass

    Maan drugs R lame Ya need to fuckin Buck Ya Shit up bitches

  27. After reading all your posts it seems like NOT doing cocaine makes you a lot more of a sick and twisted ass than otherwise. ‘Do us a favor, take a bullit’????!! What!? You Americans really are insensitive pricks. Your war on drugs wrecks several third world countries en screws up your own people aswell. And all you can do is insult people who are in a vulnourable position. Way to go people!!!

    As for me, last time I did cocaine must have been some four years ago, with good friends. It was recreational and I never did cocaine for more than two times a week. It’s fun and it’s interesting. Ik love life and anything in it, with respect to the potential dangers. A well informed man counts for two. Use your head. Cheers!

    Thank dahobbit for his sensible writing.


  29. I love cocaine all of u are freaks if you do a little in your life. Well i take that back its your choice of course….however if you have nothing to do and you are depressed why the hell not? The drug itself is not as scary as people make it out to be. The scary thing is getting it..a.k.a. drug deals. But if everyone would just move to europe, there wouldnt be any illegal problems. So for all of you who are protesting the drug…go snort a little, then come back and leave another reply. thanks and goodnight.

  30. I’m guessing all those that say drugs are bad eat chocolate, smoke tobacco, or even drink.
    Let me make something clear, those three substances are also drugs.
    Just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean it’s dirty.

    25000 people die in the UK each year from alcohol-related illnesses
    5 Ecstasy-related deaths per year
    0 Deaths that have ever occurred in direct result of Cannabis
    Cocaine was present in 44 deaths 2005, and that was the highest death count per year since

    I think it is safer to say, they might be illegal, there still the safest, and most enjoyable drugs.
    If they where legalise, then we would be able to reduce the death rates of heroin down, (stop people to mix it with crap etc.)

    I’ve never tried charlie, but I have tried the other 3 drugs listed, and I think that alcohol is also the crappest one available, a depressent that makes you violent… nah, not my narcotic;
    Chilled out in my room with some fat bass tunes playin with a nice tasty spliff in my hand being passed around with mates, while socialising, thats more enjoyable.

  31. wow….americans r cool, they rant n rave about how illegal drugs r bad and try ta get rid of them, but there they go smoking cigs, and drinkin gallons of alcohol.If u ask me i think that cisg and alcohol should be banned. How many deaths a year compared to say cocaine or marijuana does cigarettes or alcohol cause…..i guarentee you its more then the illegal drugs i had mentioned

  32. haha dude, Pieter and medz r thinking wat im thinking man. i have been smokin the herb since i was 12, and im in all honores classes and making B’s and A’s man, not 1 fuckin C,D ,or god forbid an F. but the second i started drinking and smoking cigs… my grades dropt, i started bring vodca to school in water bottles and shit cus i needed it to get things done. like mary-jane is not nearly as addicting as booz, cigs, COCAINE or anything man, its just straight chill. all these people telling druggies to go kill themselves r the real problems in america man. let me tell u something…THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENt RIGHT NOW R COMPLETE IDIOTS, i cant even belive bush got reelected. i bet the violent ignorent people on this website voted for that dush face. fuck war man, expesially this one, which was started on false acusations anyway. the only reason we’re there is for oil.

    and ive tried coke and crack before. i did coke for like a month then decided to quite cus it made me want to smoke cigs. crack i only tried 3 times and decided to quite just cus i liked pot better. now i just surf, go to school, and smoke grass with my mates, and life is sweet.
    FYI: the only reason weed is illegal in the states is cus the greedy government cant put a tax on it


  33. im trying to stop.
    i was emitted to the hospital i was so fucked i almost od.
    i wanna stop cause now im so parinoid
    but if i dont do it
    i feel more fucked up
    and fucking horrible
    i hate it

  34. man yall lame iz hell down here in the dirty south we snort that neo coke bitch last an hour longer than normal coke 2397965 to get some


  36. dude bernard ur the real problem in the world man. listen to urself u fuckin ignorent asshole. y in the world would u want people to kill themselves? expesially people who have problems in theyre life. ur a loser bro.


  37. drugs are not good in any shape or form! im not preaching u gotta do what u gotta do but i am recovering from a coke addiction at 1 point i was doing 6 or 7 grams a day. this fuckd me up but i got through it. its super addictive and i still crave it now. It really isnt worth it it destroys your life! but if u are going to do it do it in moderation.take the drug dont let the drug take you!

  38. I would blow my head off if i had a name like BERNARD you sad little twat take sum drugs an chill out.

  39. hey.. the video isnt working.. so can u guyss tell us the recipe of how to make it? thanks.. danica will give you head if u do…

  40. This will get you no where, you are just sitting around spinning your wheels. Life is about living!You weren’t created to be addicted to things of this world, “GOD” is who you should be addited to. HE can set you free of all of your imperfections. I know, I have been where you are. So one day I hope you will understand this.. greater is HE that lives in me than he who is of this world. I pray that you wake up soon!!!!

  41. Any1 know whats best to mix cocaine with im just going to start selling is paracetemol any good so whats the ratio and wheres best place to store it??

  42. I got the best rock on the block. All cocaine in the USA is cut. Better off going to columbia or peru if you want pure shit. or miami before that shits spreaded through out the USA and cut by every drug dealer. I’d be damned if i ever bought some shitty cocaine from a bloody american. Just hop plane to grand cayman and clog up yah nose with a lil bit of blow. thats how i roll

  43. ingredients

    white food colouring
    baking soda
    self raising flour
    plain flour
    plain sand….(from sand pit)

    how to make
    1. mix baking soda and sherbert
    2. add in self raising flour while continuously stiring
    3. add the rest
    4. chuck it in the oven:)
    5. bake for 3 hours on 180c
    6. have a snort

    and thats how you make cocaine:)

  44. i suggest no one try this drug , its easy to get addicted, when u try it the first time it is literly nothing, weed makes u actually more stupid than actually cocain, cacain just dosent have that much effect to a certain point if u dont overdose. If u ever done it and got addicted this will help u stop doing it: the drug dealer put disgusting things in it to make more money out of it such as tylenol 3 shit like that but the worst thing is glass , literly there is glass in cocain so it cuts ur nose and the cocain runs through ur bloodstream faster. just think of that next time u THINK about doing it and hopefully you will stop

  45. well, making £17,000 a day and geting high off blow sure is better than sitting around bitching on the internet. life’s full of choices so make your own, don’t listen to anyone on this forum, not even me, if you want to, find out about coke yourself, by snorting it. most people in england cut coke with paracetamol or other NON-LETHAL ingredients that are in such small amounts that you dont even notice. whats the point in killing your customers?

  46. Oh and to that bitch laura who thinks religion is better than drugs, drugs are a fucking religion you fucknut, religion is just something to keep the weak willed from killing themselves, thats why it was invented, and thats exactly what drugs do, keep the sane from going insane in this seemingly pointless world, so before you try preaching christianity, look into why addicts actually do drugs…

  47. I remember the days coke was shit hot , one line and you were flying for ages , Some advice 4 you guys that want it .flush your cash down the bog , Its been cut that much these days its not worth the 40 to 50 quid you pay for a g . Once you sniffed the shit you will no what i mean! Im not saying you dont get decent stuff but its pretty fucking scarce .

  48. oh my face is soooooo numb, fukin class.
    Just try it, its not so bad.Religon is one big fuk over.Just dabble in the twilight zone and be peacful.

  49. I could speak volumes…I did find places to buy coca leaf and tea–they ship to problems…This is good stuff. I’ve been getting high everymorning and go to work. But chewing the leaf is amazing. And it goes great with grass. The coca makes your whole body work better. That’s all I need to eat all day of hard labor outside. I have no desire to take a break or even stop for lunch. I put the baking soda in my mouth with it all day. One chew may last 15 to 30+ minutes, so it requires to keep eating and sucking on. My braething gets better, I am pumped up. My mind turns into supercomputer, and then with the weed, I have many revelations. What is knowledge? What is revelation? What is the essence of crack cocaine? I’ve had the best experiences of my life on crack cocaine. I’m not addicted. What happens when you take the crack ride to the end of the line? Where does it go? I know where it goes! Yeah, that coming down from crack is pure misery…like extreme melancholy. For me it would last about 5 hours. So anyway, check this out…This is a top contender for my heaven on earth. First take 1 viagra. Then you’ll need one lover who you have a committed relationship with. And then, follow the Bible of where I am the man, and she, the woman whoo’s only real purpose in life is to submit to her man. Of course more women would be better. And of course, you need some crack, lots of it. I take a nice big hit. No…my woman gets the first. I love to see her face light up with happiness. I wouldn’t feel like getting naked normally, but everything changes in a few seconds. So I take a big hit, hold in, and then when we exhale, we kiss the partner, and they suck in the hit. It is a nice tasty kiss, and then I am whished to a different universe, a universe of only love, all good! She feels so good. Suddenly she is everything beautiful, like aphrdite, and I am the MAN. So I get big and strong. My chest fill with air, So anyhow, the happy place is getting plugged into each other. Try as we might, we could not orgasm. I did get there a couple times at first…You get there, and boom! the place is squirting, no chemical release, so you can start over punping…just a simple thing…in and out…face to face is good.So usually a crack hit doesn’t last very long…2-3 minutes. But I found when we take one and then get plugged into each other, the high just stays there for 6 minutes or more, but less later in the night, after several hours of sex.And then, I would feel guilty after having abused her so, and plus I would need a rest, and have to pull out, lose excitement, and start to crashing down…so do more. And then down later, I just couldn’t comprehend the feeling I just had, and the feeling I would have again in a few seconds, of 2 people joined together as one, where for both it is the absolute best place to be. I kept asking my love…Do you like this? For her it is the best place to be, and for me. It is a natural place, where people can be very close friends, and your body is there for the other to enjoy. No hangups, only big happy smiles, love radiating out…
    Just 2 people joined together in holy badassism. We cuss at each other, and realize that it makes the love better…So it greatly extends the high. So even after 8-12hrs of this, I have so much memory of being the man. I have experienced a deeper, closer relationship. We were both the biggest badasses on the cosmic stage. Of course it would be nice to orgasm at some point…So anyhow, after all the sex, I am kind of floating in a good feeling, so that when there is no more smoke, things aren’t so bad. Sex on chewing coca is really good, as I can be the badass mother, and also reach conclusion, but may need viagra.So crack steals its good feelings from your orgasm place. Pure love. What are we? Pure love. Why are we here? To make love. Life is a harvest of love. What is it that we seek? All we need is love? Is feeling good love? Yes!Are drug laws wrong? Of course! Could Edison have invented the light bulb without cocaine?
    If everyone ate coca all day, would anyone be fat, tired, confused? Would they not come closer to the spirit? What happens when you can think? Then you can contemplate Chewing coca has changed my life. Look for the good in things. There is no one that can hurt you or make you sad. You have the ability to shape your own thoughts. You can choose to think the good, the loving, or focus on some bad thing, something that could hurt you…

  50. First off…….Coke aint cool! I hate those people that have seen scarface once to many and think the’re Tony Montana… know the type!!
    Yeah, I take it at the weekend ,(usually smoked) ,but as I have been clean from an heroin addiction for ten years now which I had for ten years I think I deserve at least one vice eh!!!

  51. hey im 14 and ive been doing cocaine for the last 3 yrs of my life and i fucking love it. im not addicted, trust me but i love the feeling of it!!!! Nearly 3 weeks ago i was skateboarding and i gashed my leg wide open on a rusted pipe. I was rushed to the hospital and i had to get 27 stitches. I didnt want them to numb me cuz it rlly dont even help, cuz i always feel it. so thru the night i had extreme pain going thru my leg so i got some crack cocaine and pure cocaine and got stoned. after that i couldnt feel my leg. i did cocaine every day i had those stitches and it did not bother me one bit. i just recently got them removed 4 days ago and i feel great!!!! cocaine may ruin some peoples lives but in my case it just helped me thru the rough times!


  53. All You Guys Are Just FUckin Stupid. You All have something better to say than the other person when really you all have a fuckin point…..yeah coke is wonderful but i wouldnt do it all day and all night every week of my life!! i got better things to do than a line every Hour….but too coke is also bad for you it can get you into a lot a lot of trouble and you will regret even looking at it so you all can just think for your own fuckin selfs if you think its bad ok its bad….If you think its the best thing in the world think it….but what you all need to stop doing is fighting over dumb shit like oh no GOD is the way to go and blah blah blah or no you need sone coke to live life to the fullest they can both be true but yall are different ppl so do as you wnat and think what you want…and yeah state your opinoin but shit you guys dont need to fuckin fight about it all stupid with your selfs….so just do what you do!!!

    P.S. Im Sweets 16 and a female that knows all the shit you can get your self into when you use coke and how great it can be….but i also know what its like to not be on it and still have the time of my life!!!!

  54. man look peoples ive been doin cocaine since i was 12 years old and man that shit feels bangin you cant feel yo damn face once i took 3 lines and my face was up in da clouds and i plan on doin it for tha rest of my life no im not addicted if thats wat u think i only do it everyday only like 1 line but a thik ass line so once i bought a 8 ball and finished it in a week

  55. Reading this one and the Paris Hilton one (I almost wrote Paris Hitler…geez), I seriously wonder if you’re doing nothing but pure thought provoking…?

    (When you’re not working on the important stuff we all need and love, that is)

  56. you guys all are so lame talking so much bullshit about cocaine think your all cool and shit i have been there done that cocaine yeah nice drug not worth the crash the,hmmm cocaine high and crash to me is something like drunk sex,its awesome when your wasted and fucking the girl (the high),but then it sucks when you wake up and its a 400 pound gorilla (the crash)

  57. Hi guys! I am thinking of trying coke, but I am scared of getting hooked on that seemingly great shit. can any of you give me some advice?

  58. leave in australia, been on speed 24hours, on bikies 24hours, u name i took it..finaly decided to be serious n study…now i only take drugs once a month…but in big amount.n usually buy 1g of coke and 1g of ketamine for the after hours to calm down… ketamine is my drug!!!!!i luv it…but it fucks ur brain to mutch so u need to becareful on the dosage…

  59. you fucking retards ! especially “George Jung” you fuckin idiot go watch the movie blow a few “HUNDRED” more times goof , and buddy at the top of this list says “i finished an 8 ball in week” your a fuckin loser you must do blow to brag about it or something cause chum anyone with an 8 ball in there hand would have it gone in a night …. maybe 2 ! and seriously you all make me sick for thoses saying you love coke and say your not addicted… uhh stupid you’r supposed to own the drug and your letting it run you. P.S.. i like doin lines… BUT STOP BRAGGIN ABOUT DOING COKE! ITS FUCKING DEGRADDING IT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD HIDE… go tell your grandparents your a coke head see how happy theyl be!
    just a point…







  61. Im in the process of an 8 as I sit here looking up why it is that my hands and face are purple as though I have no circulation. Wondering once again why I even wanted to do it at all, like I d everytime. Addictive personality my friends and family say. I’m scared to go shovel my driveway for fear of having a heart attack. Hope it doesn’t kill me…my son would miss me…

  62. I say legalize all drugs and tax them …. those than afford them will still do them…. those than can’t … well they will still have to beg borrow and still for the next hit …. Me .. I weird … I will go a year …. and then I will do it once a week for a month …not because I have to, but because I want to. Depending on the kind of buzz I want … I either snort it (3 bumps, always the same size, at specific time intervals….. or, I mix abt a 1/2 gram into a low alcohol content drink and drink it …. that buzz is super soft and lasts forever .. with no drippy nose in the morning. Ya’ll should go checkout …. responsible users

  63. if ur gonna do coke, u might as well rock that shit up and smoke it all at once. the only way i keep from being addicted is making sure it’s gone in one night. if u buy a ball or two and save some for the next night thats when it gets addicting, it’s the repetitious joy, not natural.

    1. k, youre 12. dont fuck up your life already. when i was 12 i thought if i were to do drugs i would be the cool one, now thats not true. youll figure that out in like 3 years. just wait. dont try it yet.

      1. Yeah, a girl that I dated just recently started using coke again. I can already tell that she’s changing. It will mess you up.

  64. yo da best way of hitting it is like starting big n ending big in dat way u never get addicted. da way i usually do it is varrying on how high i wanna get or what i had to eat or if im getting jinxed or not i usually do a gram in a single line if im not feeling up to it ill just do half a gram in 1 line nothing less n da same when im ending it. but when u start to hit to many balls dats when u know ur getting addicted. hey any1 know how to open up a really fu*king blocked up nose?

  65. ay nigga y’all want anything
    not jus cocaine i can get u whateva u want
    deez people dont gotta legalize dope
    jus be like me sellin drugs smokin weed
    deez white cops too stupid to catch us anyway so y we gotta legalize it

  66. i’m 12 too
    u wanna get high get ur little sharpie markers
    or smoke smarties or something
    if u wanna do somethin real hit me up nigga

  67. I used to work in a forensics lab, and its amazing what rubbish they put in pretty much most drugs. The average purity of heroin was 60-65%. Many users are aware of the dangers, but use anyway through choice or addiction. More information is always useful, but knowing the dangers won’t change everyone’s minds about using – just look at cigarettes.

  68. alright you know what fuck you all!
    saying the people who do coke are retarted.
    I have an appointment to be evaluated by a rehabilitation clinic tomorrow.
    but for those of you who say, oh coke is gay, why would people do that?
    well it NEVER started off as using everyday. it started as being social.
    just ended up getting this way after time.
    SO FUCK YOU. and your mamas tooo.
    fucking eyyy

    1. you never should have tryed it. and the fact that you did is retarded, but i dont know you. so i cant say if you, as a person, are retarded.
      “we cant help it” yes you can. well, maybe not now. but you couldve, you made a stupid choice, but thats your past. maybe youve changed. if you could go back to the first or second time, would you still do it? if your answer is yes, then you are pretty stupid.


  70. hey “niggah please”. u are a homo. u think ur top shit dont u? u rekn ur gangster but u probably just some sad young man who has no life and takes coke to make the pain of knowing ur a failure disappear. and if u want pepl to contact u regarding buying coke u should probably leave ur naumba u retard. Fuck u.

    1. uhhh.. sooo.. why would he leave his uh number? When writing a comment your name is auto linked so they can click on your name and leave information, comments and what not. It’d make no sense to leave a number so the officials can track start tracking. That’d really fuck you up then. Loser.


  72. I hope you are right, I hope people who see this will never be tempted to try cocaine. I am also skeptical about it, because I have a guess that many cocaine addicts will try to do this at home…

  73. I have never tried cocaine and neither do I want to personally but for those of you who think it is the only way to make you feel happy, you are wrong. In fact one of the reasons people start is because they think it makes them high and so on but so long as you think that then it will appear to but it doesn’t actually do that, it probably just harms your body if you ask me. I don’t need to take drugs or smoke to feel happy even more so why people would use that as an excuse is beyond me.

    Those who think it’s cool and so on are really just pathetic from where I am standing. Those who are additive then I can see why they continue but if you do this every day then you are basically additive to it and there is no use denying it, try going without it for a week and you probably couldn’t so you would be additive to it. In any case there are loads of ways to stop, I generally think if you can convince yourself to stop because it’s bad and think your family then you can stop taking it even if it’s hard.

    I know it’s all personal choice but just think about it for a moment, why would you even want to take cocaine or any other drug for that matter if it harms your body and could ultimately kill you coursing more suffering to those that knew you including yourself? There is so much we can do so why would you want to waste your life away so quickly by taking them? Sure you get the high which is all in your head but is it worth the money and ultimately your life and others in the first place? If you ask me we’d all be better of without drugs.

    If you still don’t agree then fair enough and flame me if you really must, I really don’t care and I will probably never visit this page again so it probably isn’t even worth it. However I will say this, I am one of those who will not fool for such a drug even though others have and make it out to be a good thing when it really isn’t. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hey, I agree with some of what you say, but why do you say that the high is all in the user’s head? Definitely not true. Different drugs work in different ways but they all are chemicals that get metabolized by your body and cause temporary changes in how your body works. Psychoactives (which include recreational drugs), affect how your brain works and cause changes perhaps in perception and emotions or many other things depending on the substance. But the highs are all chemically induced biological phenomena. Regardless of your views on use, there is no denying the very real high that drugs create.

  74. You are right, cocaine is ruining many lives, I wouldn’t have the curiosity to learn how it’s made, I don’t want to meed this drug. I’ve seen what cocaine can do, I think I’ve had enough.

  75. for anyone addicted to cocaine, i just wanna say, i’m currently in rehab for it. i did it ALL day EVERY SINGLE DAY and i used some grimey @$$ tactics to get the drugs. i would pull all night binges day after day, and my nose was so fucked up and i never talked to my family. i was disgusting, i had dark under eye circles, my sleeping patterns were all messed up. finally, i decided it was enough and decided to go to rehab. i have been clean for two months now, and things seem okay. cravings are the worst, but i ride through them, i lay down, listen to music and pray to god i wont hurt myself by cutting trying to release my anxiety. please get urself help. dont try it, im effin serious yo, it might seem fun, it is fucking fun, but you WILL most likely get addicted. i didnt even realize i was an addict until a year into it. by then i was well past addict stage. i was a fiend son.

  76. haha, i didnt read everyones comment but i read most…

    i just have to say…
    Cocaine is a hell of a drug
    & “This is my life, you decide yours”

    the funniest one i read was the guy that did a 8 ball in a week lmao…. i can have 3 balls done in 24 hours.. and alot of people try adn be cool and say they do it.. think that a 8 ball is 8 grams… lmao they are duh

    dont think your cool if you do coke.. your really not your just really dumb spending $50-$70 on one g that will only get you really f’in high (and have that high that high and last) for about 6 hours at the most if you know how to make it last.. thats dumb

    but heyy i do it :):)

  77. Fuck coke and those who enjoy it. it fucked my family and my life up. my dad was prescribed ocs for 3 years and got addicted then couldnt get them anymore so he started using coke. while on a binge and drinking he killed himself and me a 15 year old girl who had no idea of drugs or anything found him..[im 20 now] what do you think of that. imagine the one person you love finding you dead cause you were so fucked up and didnt realize how stupid you were acting. think about it i hope everyone who does coke gets caught. you should think of someone besides yourself. what about the people who care about you?? your bringing them down with you. all that money GONE! you could be driving a caddy with all that money wasted and do something charitable that makes people feel good ya know helping others maybe someone should read the bible

  78. watch me who ever says you cant make coke well think again! i did and made a shit load of cash. so who ever loves cocaine dont worie most of us do

  79. If you people don’t like coke… Then change the fucking page!!! And as for the chick who found her dad after he killed himself… Coke didn’t kill him, it just gave him the courage to do what he was to scared to do! Sorry your dad was just a bitch.

  80. Shit if you black the you r a jack (spade). Oh an for the homies in here. yo yo niggers, what do you call 50 of your mates in a field?? da good old days you weed smokin fuckers.
    An oh yeah, shannon… get you ass back to the trailer park an get me my money bitch. no your role an shut the fuck up!

  81. cocaine is the shit i mean shitty it fucked up my whole life i just want to get high and i am broke i used to be rich and nnow i am fucked up and i get paid and its back to powder heaven i got to get away from this shit but it be calling me son

  82. man all u yank cunts make us uk boys laught so fucking much u just dont have a clue . u all think u da boys hey ,grow up dick heads

  83. if you have and addictive personality dont do it!! but hey once in awhile who gives a shit! you only live once!… but i wouldnt buy it, but if someone offered me a line, at a party or something, why not! rock n roll!


  85. I see alot of the word Hate on this list and I can tell you I havn’t hated one person who was on crack or cocaine, call it a gift of seeing what is good and bad or nature in the human being , at any rate anyone can use cocaine and be abuse free, I used it for a weekend drug in my single years, and stoped when I needed to. I think it’s up to the person to make the decisions on the matter to stop or not. The everyday smoker of nicotine can not stop cold in his tracks and has a worse problem in the area of stopping useing the drug nicotine than cocaine has ever recorded in history and has many more health related problems than cocaine. More or less the balance of bad effects verses good in many drugs is up to the person themselves and no blame can be aligned to anyone for we all have our problems, not to mention that if every state and country would make every drug legal we wouldnt have such a problem with people being sent to prison or jail for a noneviolent crime or even a violent crime that could have been avouded from the legalization of a drug that would otherwise send people to prison for a sentance like that of a conspiracist.. In ending I think we as Humans have the right to do what we please with ourselves and noone but GOD has the right to say otherwise!

  86. I’ve just tripped up onto this page and it is crazy…

    It looks like most people just try get their messages across by using insults and swearing… get a grip some of you!

    Most of you are probably experienced with drugs. I’m not.. but this site has made me realize no matter how much people tempt other people don’t /do it, it all comes down to…


    its all your decisions so..

    >let them/ yourself be ruined for life until they/ you sort it out..

    peace out
    Oh and take care?
    X x X x X x X x X

  87. People People People… =]

    Drugs is bad but if u do it well then just be careful how you use it!

    >Simple as.. wanna make a statement and be a junkiemonkey do it where the crowd cares..

    >Haven’t started it.. then don’t because if you do start takin it, no-ones gonna do anything about it except from you 🙂

    Now get on with your lives.. make the most of it but don’t try and cut it short? e.g. taking drugs 😉

  88. Im not very far away from what most ppl would call a genius. Also I am a very lucky guy. A guy that has been there and done that… still alive and “well”. I have done loads of everything but heroin. I have the perfect upbringing, best parents ever and so forth.

    I have all that I can ask for in this world. Love, good friends, good job, $14.000 stereo, $50.000 car, A nice appartment, no health problems etc. Keep this in mind when you read the rest.

    After 5+ years with massive use of X, Speed, pills, cannabis, LSD etc etc. I found my self in a position where I had to make a choice. When you wake up, and are surprised that you diddnt die… well, you start thinking.
    After 5 years with sobriety im now starting to get afraid, because I once again started doing coke, and a lot of it combined with a bottle of vodka a day.
    Earlier I have quit biting fingernails, drinking and smoking. Nothing to it really. Except, I might be back at it again. All due to alchohol making me less able to withstand the temptation of coke.

    I now know, that if I want to quit coke, I have to quit drinking, forvever.
    If you want to be able to enjoy a few beers and a drink with your friends, dont try drugs. There is no such thing as _trying_ these kind of drugs. Its a start.

    To make a long story short…. dont EVER think you are to smart to end up with a serious drug problem.
    Even if you are so fortunate that you still have your head working normally, your friends by your side, your family, job etc. etc you will still have a serious life long problem.

    How bloody powerfull is this shit, when you cant grasp your own stupidity or choices when you´re high, but still keep on doing it, no matter what.
    You get high, but instead of feeling all great, you regret doing it.

    Why is it so difficult to understand??? if you get tangled up in this shit, beeing high is just as frustrating as if your sober.
    The solution might very well be stronger drugs, that leave you with no feelings at all. And then you´re up shit creek.
    When drugs are medicine you can´t live without, and not weekend fun….. well, you sertainly diddn´t listen to me. You made the same mistake.

    This applies to 90-99% of all people, and you know it. So why try? If you just want to kill your self, then a bullet is MUCH more fair to your loved onces. Dont ever forget that the ppl who loves you suffers the most.

  89. “Our national drug is alcohol. We tend to regard the use any other drug with special horror.”

    “The idea that addiction is somehow a psychological illness is, I think, totally ridiculous. It’s as psychological
    as malaria. It’s a matter of exposure. People, generally speaking, will take any intoxicant or any drug that gives
    them a pleasant effect if it is available to them.”

    quotes: W. S. Burroughs








    1. i need money seriouselly for my up keep and ever ready to do anything for the cash.something like push drugs or even be your seriuos.

  91. so yeh all you fucking idiots that are coming onto this website just to fucking put your 2 cent bullshit on what you think about coke and how its “so” bad ,why don’t you do all of us users a favor and worry about yourself.I love fucking cocaine and that’s never going to change. right now I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come through for me so I can get at some. But yeah fuck all of you that are discriminating us because of the drugs we use. I LOVE COKE .and I dare you fucking pricks to write back calling me a loser. Maybe I fucking am in your eyes but you don’t know me personally so how can you judge me? Drugs don’t always determine a persons life. I fucking love my life. And Anya I’m looking you up on myspace.We should get together sometime and sniff up the goods.Well ,that’s all I had to say. Anyone want to add anything?

  92. i agree with sniffles, ppl we only have one life lets use it however we feel. ive been doin coke for 7 months now, and i feel great. I’ve got a steady job, nice house, a a fiance, and the coke is my mistress. lol

  93. me and my mom are the only ones left in my family because everyone else died to drugs!!1 no joke!!! i hate drugs!

  94. Hey,
    I just want to know if anyone had any contacts to dealers?
    Ive been cut ive been cut off from mine and need a new one

  95. That has got to be one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would put something like that up their nose. Then again you have to be out of your mind in the first place to be putting something like that up your nose.

  96. I thank you so much so teaching me how to do it. its not that i’m going to do it but its cause i have a final paper that is due and its on how to make cocaine and the abuse usage of it thanks so much…

  97. i just spent 3 years in prison for possession of cocaine that was not mine. cocaine does not destroy your life, you do. there are no excuses. you make your choices and you live with them. i do not use cocaine every day, or for that matter every month, i nuse it when it is financialy viable. my preference is opiates. yet, i know the dangers and consequences of that also. i have seen the consequences of the irresponsible use of every substance known to man. i still firmly advocate the unrestricted legalization of EVERYTHING. it is noones reponsibility to protect me from myself especially not the governments.

  98. pot doesn’t make you a boil on society’s ass…yeah right. you should get a load of my stoner roommates, who can’t hold a job or pay rent and are always mooching off people. then there’s the flunkies I went to school with, who are now stuck either working minimum wage jobs, or the streets, selling drugs/stolen goods/their ass. pot isn’t the benign happy-go-lucky shit everyone is duped into thinking it is. there’s a reason your parents told you not to smoke weed…that’s because cocaine is way better and makes society a utopian paradise. burn in hell, potheads.

  99. all you stupid idiots on drugs,, listen to yourselves,,,, dumbass bums livin off your friends and stealing to get your next high, and lying to everyone ,,,, smartin up crackheads ,,, low down dirt bags is what you are

  100. To this jessie person.. we all kno its a HERB. Usually drugs are made out of plant extracts…. soo ur the dumbass =] stating the obv.

  101. how to make cocaine.. cool 🙂 i’m not an addict but i heard in high dosis cocaine can kill.. how great… i’ll make my own cocaine and then kill myself, literally

    so cool thanks for teaching me this =)

  102. Cocaine is a huge business for our government here in the United States. Did you know wall street asked the FARK to invest their drug money into wall street and they would leave them alone? When the FARK said no suddenly the FARK became known as narco-terrorists. Do you think there is a coincidence that when we invaded Afghanistan it happened to be harvest time for the poppy farms?
    When we were in Vietnam, there are documents of heroin being shipped home on military planes, sometimes in body bags. I know you are still thinking this chick is a conspiracy wacko!! Have you heard of freeway Ricky Ross? He was recruited by the CIA in Watts to sell crack to the neighborhood. That is documented and you can watch a great documentary called the American Drug War. Please people the war on drugs is a war on our freedoms. Look at the prison industrial complex that has sprung up since war was declared on “drugs”. Imagine the black men who would have been able to be fathers had they been given the same sentence for crack as a person with more cocaine would have gotten much less. Alot of work has to be done in the justice system, I wish we all could step up and work toward a brighter future.
    I’d love to hear from some of you. Contact me on myspace/jenniferstruth.
    Peace, Love and Respect,

  103. I love coke when I can get it and I don’t find
    it addictive. it’s a nice change from drinking,
    doing pot or taking e. As with anything else.. work, drink and drugs in moderation.

  104. yo coke is the shit ive been doing it for a long time and love it hey if im gonna die doing it then hey to me thats the best way fuck all you pussy’s

  105. this is a good video to stop making people do cocaine.u should write more about this so people can see what they are doing,and what is going to happend to them and there cosicqensis with the law.

  106. all u bitches who oppose drugs – think of it this way. nicotine, alcohol, and weed are drugs. me, for one, would give up my left nut to legalize weed. coke on the other hand is different. i’ll do coke 24/7 if i could. im not addicted. i’ve been offered the shit many times and passed on it. then again, i’ve smoked the shit, snorted, seen ppl shoot it up, etc. it all depends on the user. you can have 2 completely different people from 2 completely different regions, who’ve tried the shit, smoked/snorted the same amount of shit, and have 2 completely different views.

    here’s what i say – if you dont do it, shut the fuck up and stop worrying about what other people do. you are fucking pathetic if you think every single drug is addictive. look at it this way. IF UR A DRUNK, UR AN ADDICT. IF U SMOKE CIGS, UR AN ADDICT. REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH U INTAKE.

    here’s an example. ur a cop. ppl fucking hate cops. some ppl will kill a cop if they had the chance, yet many many many ppl become cops and ppl dont say shit. ppl who wake up at 6 in the morning to drink a fucking beer hate cops. ppl who smoke weed, smoke crack, go to church, work in a lawyers office hate cops. and yet ppl still become cops. sometimes they let it be known. more times than not they shut the fuck up and mind their own business and when shit goes down, they shut the fuck up and go along with it.

    same with coke/crack/crank/weed. you’d be surprised at the amount of ppl who do these drugs and still live a fucking decent, wealthy life. all u fucking pussies who’ve never tried the shit have a mindset that “this drug is bad. its a GATEWAY drug.” FUCK THAT. if some one seriously said that to me, i’d pimpslap them in the fucking face and prostitute them. if weed and coke ARE gateway drugs, then wat are cigs and alcohol? bricks in the road to failure?

    1. mate, i agree with u entirely. i don’t believe in that idiotic gateway theory either, the only thing thats true about that is that there is a trend. my best friend doesn’t smoke anything and never has done, but he’s tried coke and ecstasy. i was a habitual cocaine user for 7 months then abstained from everything for 4 months due to an overdose and residual panic disorder. I have been doing it since the age of 16. now im 19 and only do it when i get offered it when im drunk and stoned. also, i was a 15 a day joint smoker for 2 years, and had been a heavy drinker too. having just turned 19, i regret every night out the morning after. i wish i could quit cigarettes too, but im also doing an intense gym routine for rugby simultaneously. that and studies has me stressed beyond belief. it started all in this order for me: alcohol, cigarettes, weed, mescaline, coke, lsd, mdma, ecstasy pills (i have no idea whats in them, possibly: piperazine, 2-cb, pma, dxm, caffeine…etc), speed, ketamine, crack. mdma and weed are the only “illicit” drugs i like, and both proven to be safer than either alcohol or cigarettes. having come from a very conservative background, it really makes one realise how every government skull-fucks the public by all the propaganda that they spoon feed us. i’m not a bad person for doing drugs, in fact im thankful for the inciteful experiences, character-building and increased social confidence they provided. but also they took their toll (cocaine in particular) on me. stay safe and don’t be subject to peer pressure.

  107. i think u shud all take crack an cocaine and smack an smoke weed then \after u all got ya self high as fu c k go out side an do a bit of braek dancing wiv ur nans cuz its been a long time since ya nans beein in here wheel chair an she is going to die of swineflu pretty soon an hersmack head of a husband been ur grandads are going to play wiv lil black kids so stop feelin sry for ur selfs and get on wiv ur sad lil lives u bunch of monkey d i c k chicken nuts crinkled balled anal gagin retardsnall my love penis quaker xx msg bk if u disagree thx

  108. i’ve done it, and its not worth the high. If you wanna TRY it, by all means, go for it under the circumstances that you have self-control. If you have no self-control, its not your drug, and you should never try it. Its a one shot deal to have one night of done- i live by “you only live once”, but the idea is to keep living after and cocaine will kill you. I’ve done it, and regardless of what pople say, its not hard to stop if you want to, quit while your ahead and save yourself. be successful, and stay in school.

  109. Fuck. I’m realy tired of people typing “u”, instead of “you”. Does it realy take that much of your time to type out the whole word?? And if you want to learn more about coke, figure it out on the street, and don’t be a pussy…

  110. You guys who do coke and fuck up are sad, ive been doing coke for 6 months, heavy use to like every day and i still function, grades are As Bs and like one C. If you cant handle it dont do it.

  111. grow the fuck up man get fucking life you fuck ups wot a wast of life wots the point in liveing if you gonna keep getting drug theres more to life man think about your family’s it mess them up to and urs kids

  112. Greetings drug users and abusers,
    It saddens me deeply to observe young persons wasting away their lives by consuming such toxic and destructive drugs. I too, know the effects of the drugs mentioned and discussed above, and I am telling you know, it is not worth the ‘high’ that you achieve. In closing, get help! You have the power to save your life, so what are you waiting for? Put the needles, pills and powder away. That is all.

  113. No matter what you say or how you look at it… there`s drugs everywhere whether it`s a cup of coffee or a drink at the pub.
    The word (DRUGS) kind of almost sounds scary even lets say for example (MEDICINE) which in itself is another term for drugs,drugs that help us get better,that are tested and produced in the highest standards by pharmacutical companies worldwide for over the counter or presription by a health care professional. These Drugs along with the ones we don`t even notice depending on your country are being sold and taxed with money for the government`s pockets of coarse to be used for what we hope is necessary but ooh they get so furious when there is so much more activity-illegal drugs which we can`t make any money from which are tearing lives apart… Think about it…… most of these lives torn apart may have allready been torn apart and they need an escape… just like nearly any kind of drug there is a positive and negative reaction in certain situations,lets say the drug is wearing off,you need more money to support your habit/addiction,you resort to desperation to keep yourself in some situations just on the level (normal) so in effect if you might reach a stage where you`ve figured out a differant aproach to your situation and had it have worked you would be back to normal without a bloodthirsty monkey on your back if it had ever reached such a stage.
    Recreational drug use can be as fun as doing something really fun or 🙂 make it more fun. In conclusion – go ahead have fun if you use drugs to do so be responsible and don`t do it because you might think you`ll be viewed as cool,myself I view anyone or friend who turns down an offer and doesn`t want to have anything to do with drugs with a good feeling because it`s their choice and they`ve made it… Guns don`t kill people and in a sence neither do drugs.
    Wait… I know what you`re thinking and I think that`s kind of lame too guns/drugs… What if you buy a shite gun and it backfires or your child finds it and accidentally blows your head off plus what if you took drugs and overdosed or chose to take a drug that you happen to be allergic to… Who knows…

  114. Listen up guys both drug users and drug fighters.The truth is that COCAIN is just a drug like any other drug if you take at normal dose and not at regular intervals you wont get addicted.For the FBI’s and other drug fighting angencies the best advice for you is to legalise it so that it would be made available at lower rate and you drug fighters will also make your own cash from it.I am planning the worst ever in world’s history a drug deal that will connect those who fight it and I will suceed not if its today.Thanks and God bless you .Amen

    1. Hey everybody grew up with drugs ever since,your born from the docs , pain,killers etc… so what’s,the different?

    2. Sweetheart i did and your very ignorant…..iv been smoking weed since age 6. I grow weed for a living and guess what? Im happy! Im intelligent im not suffering short term memory loss….the only thing that hurts me is close minded people like yourself. Im 16….im from humboldt county… that and youll have a slightly better understanding but i do agree that all of tbose chem drugs are ruining our countdy and alcohol is the worst! Do you drink? Smoke cigs? Well guess what im healthier smoking weed than cigs! And mushrooms totally aligned my spiritual life force with the earth feel free to judge me because i wont judge you…..but in alm honesty i beleive everyone should experience the peace and serenity meditating on mushrooms has to offer…..keep up your one sided thougbt process……but from my point of veiw i truly pity you for the fact a 16 year old child such as myself has more wisdom than it seems you could hope to accomplish… is more than it seems….i hope all of you can really grasp something out of my shpeal…..but from past experience s i only am criticized because the vast majority of our population is on a superficial wave link……well happy trails freinds:)

  115. There is nothing wrong with drugs. Its all about moderation. It can get away from you fast but always realize its something you need to be aware of when your doing it. When drugs turn to casual use they become a problem. They aren’t going to kill you if you do them on occasion.

  116. To everyone who says, that what all the drugys to kill themselves, are you stupid, I bet all of your favort actors, singers,
    Fighters etc. Does drugs so if you what everyone to kill themselves for drugs, say goodbye to everyone, everybody does it once in therelive if you like,to admit it or,not. Idc your an kept just saying,people should kill themselves, there’s more problems in,life then drugs like eg world hunger and climate of our world changing!!!!

  117. anyone who says weed is good for you is lying, it causes short term memory, paranoia and can fuck up life with your family etc. take it from someone who knows, i started smoking it when i was 8 years old and still am now i’m 16 and its one decision i regret. it should be legal no doubt because i will say its not as bad as alcohol but should be a weekend thing like alcohol is to most people. if the goverment wern’t idiots trying to make a stupid point that they are in control and being sheeps because no other contry allows it to be legal they would legalise it. in the papers a couple of months back over 50 goveners admited they have done it and were all talking about making it legal but the rest of the goverment who haven’t done it say no. PEOPLE NEED TO TRY IT BEFORE THEY JUDGE

  118. herion, crack cocaine and methamphetamine are the only dangerous drugs and that’s only because they’re so addictive. It’s so funny hearing people that have never tried ‘illegal’ drugs make wild imaginary claims like these below. I’ve done virtually every substance at least once and without sounding like git I can safely say I’m sharper, wittier, and more interesting than anyone I know that has chosen not to go out into the world to find these things out for themselves. 😛

  119. Where I am from our main export is marijuana. It’s traded for cocaine. The cocaine is then sold at street level. Like everywhere else in the world it’s then cut to yield more cocaine.

  120. i am doing a study on this subject if ya could enlighten on how to make, or stretch { add weight } thank you my report is due mon morn so please help

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