i have read so many silly sites concerning a possible confrontation between superman and butman..(why am i responding?…right! i must be looking for these sites…tells you how bored i am) and frankly it is really stupid. batman would stand a better chance of beating me than an alien with super powers. i also read superman vs the hulk…does anybody realize how fast light speed or faster than light speed is? it is roughly 669,600,000 miles an hour. i don’t care what sized kryptonite batman has on him…but if i fly at that speed, through him…it won’t have much effect on me. i can saw him in half from the constellation of lyra with my heat vision, laser vision…whatever! you can’t pit a human against those types of traits. i believe it is stated in the comics that krypton is a 1000 yrs advanced technologically than that of earth. where this is leading to is that batman can not and is not more intelligent than Kal El who has listened to and memorized all the kryptonian crystal infomercials sent with him on his journey to earth and more importantly when he was old enough to retain the material…compliments of legendary einsteinian scientist father Jor El whose origin and knowledge is “ADVANCED EXPONENTIONALLY!” would not only give Kal El the up to date, out of date (depending on the point of view), info on his new home and all the status on their primitive ways, included in this menu would be all sciences, forensics, medical, exploration, evolution. laws, social studies, eco, traits, tendencies, and a step by step on how to interact with these simpletons…and so on and so on. why do you think superman acts like a dork in the form of clark kent? it’s somewhat similar to the difference of how one may behave in the presence of a lawyer (in this case a kryptonian, in comes superman) and children (in this case are humans, in comes idiot clark kent) he can act like a clown! is there someone out there that actually thinks that batman could be smarter than superman…or more informed. the only arguement that you might have is that superman is home schooled and that may explain his social ineptness. if batman possessed an advantageous step on superman in the intelligence category…than that would be stating that batman is approximately 1000 years ahead of his generation…and quite possibly shouldn’t have to resort to the physical intimidation tactics to accomplish his deeds and would most likely resort to something to the level of the a forever lasting phantom zone, not a stupid punishisment of 3 to 5 yrs, and maybe half of that with good behavior. what a joke. the hulk…that is another one. he is earth made…at light speed i would easily cut him in half…in half. marvel universe has him rated at a power level catagory of 100 tons! superman moves planets (more than a 100 tons…i think…lol)…and cleans his tights in the suns surface if he wants to or needs to. listen people…i will get a life when you folks show me that you are trying to get a clue! if this doesn’t oppose your beliefs…don’t be offended…if this does…shame on you! lol…havin’ fun…have a good life! respond…i challenge you!