I actually read all of this thread.

The morale of the story is simple. If Batman has even a few seconds to think things out he’ll come out on top. So unless Superman comes in flying at superspeed and kills him instantly, ONLY THEN, would he win.

It’s been shown many times that given a chance to think things out Batman will prevail. He’s saved the Justice League countless times. The only time Batman has truly failed is when his weakness as a human being is used against him (ie. Bane waiting till he was beyond exhausted and hurt to break his back).

Batman is the example of how close to perfection a human being can get athletically and intellectually. He may be paranoid in expecting the worst case scenario (and carry kryptonite) and have twenty emergency fail safe plans wherever he goes. But lets face it…have your parents shot in front of you as a kid and live in darkness, you allowed to be that paranoid. He lives in a world where there are superheroes and he saves/kicks their butts daily.

In the end he may only be a human being and many of you see that as a weakness. But he is a human being and that is also his greatest strength.

The best episodes of the Justice League cartoon by far are the ones that are based around the real human beings. They try harder to go toe to toe with the big menaces. BTW, whoever argued that Batman wasn’t a superhero because he had no powers. A hero is your normal person that does something heroic. A superhero does something up and beyond the normal heroics of normal man.

One of my favorite scenes from the animated series is when Hawkgirl asks Batman if he carries kryptonite with him always. He turns and says “Yes. Just in case” and walks away. She turns to another hero and says, “He scares me.” “He scares us all” is the response. Or the Batman/Superman movie when Superman meets Batman for the first time putting his hand on his arm mid-interrogation of a suspect. That first chance encounter and Batman, your normal human being, THROWS Superman ten feet into a wall without a second glance. The look they have Superman give tells it all of how the fight would go down…”What the hell just happened”.

Now you folks may bitch back with your half-assed grammer and hooked on phonics spelling.