WPMU Update – Improved Caching

Hopefully you should see this site run a little faster, I’ve moved most database accesses to inside the cache loop.
For most users caching and processing of requests should be faster as the whole WordPress posts-loop is now cached, however there is a trade off. I can’t check if there are multiple or single posts on a page so every page, including the front page, is cached with your comment credentials and user login (if any). In other words, if I visit the front page and then you do, the front page won’t be cached for you, but if two anonymous users visit the second visitor will get a completely cached copy.
If you see any problems please leave a comment on this post, or email me at donncha @ linux.ie!

A bit later…I’m watching the logs and I’m glad I made that change. We’re being hit by 240 280 attempts at referer spamming from sex 4singles.com. After the first hit, all they get served is static html! 🙂

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