Facebook advertising on a shoestring

You’ve got an interesting project to advertise but your advertising budget is, nil, nada, nothing. An empty box of air is worth more than you can spend on getting the word out.

That’s sort of what Frank said when he asked me (and I presume a number of his friends, the Facebook email is generic) to help get the word out about the new play in the Granary Theatre, They Never Froze Walt Disney.

I was wondering if you would help me out with an experiment… you may have noticed I am trying to get the word out about ‘They Never Froze Walt Disney’ – and I would love your help!

Would you mind changing your status on Facebook to read:

<your name> is letting people know about They Never Froze Walt Disney. See theatremakers. net for more details!

Always eager to help friends if I can, I updated my Facebook status. Will it help? Does anyone look at my profile? I doubt it, but it can’t hurt.

The latest teaser trailer is really, err, strange. Can’t we see a bit more please? TBH, it looks depressing!

Here’s what Frank said before the original production last year in the summer:

Funny and poignant, dark and yet light hearted, the writing is really tight and the story unfolds beautifully. Also the two performers (Jody O’Neill and John McCarthy) are excellent actors, and though I personally haven’t seen Jack Healy direct before he is extremely well known in the Cork theatre scene, and I have a lot of respect for him from acting with him and attending his workshops.

Check out my photos from one of Frank’s previous shows, The Importance of Being Earnest. We really enjoyed that show, but getting out to the theatre is a little harder to do these days with a small baby around!

They Never Froze Walt Disney
The Granary Theatre, Cork
8th-12th January at 8pm (preview January 7th)
Bookings & Info: 021 490 4275

2 thoughts on “Facebook advertising on a shoestring

  1. Thanks Donncha! Much appreciated…

    Indeed, the trailers are strange, but then it’s quite a strange show, but in a good way 🙂
    There are quite depressing themes such as isolation or fear of being a burden, but what is really great about this play is that they are explored with wonderful humour…

    There is a longer trailer which was near completion last time I checked with Eoin, but, due to the aforementioned shoestring, Eoin has had to row in at several levels in the production and the longer trailer got held up… I hope you will get to see it this week.

    I too have no idea if the FaceBook marketing will help, but it certainly can’t hurt as you say… so thanks a million for helping out!

    Hope all is well & hopefully see you in the real world sometime soon!

  2. Thanks Donncha.

    You’ll be glad to know the longer trailer Frank mentioned is now on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXxx-0qqST4 At 2 minutes 53 seconds it is long for YouTube I feel but being the last of 4 teaser trailers I think any viewers who’ve been tracking them can handle it.

    If you can get the baby-sitter this play won’t be a disappointment. Watch out for a review in the Echo soon as Liam Haylin was in tonight.

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