Photography stuff

Via PhotographyBLOG comes 2 interesting sites:

  • ePHOTOzine has 4 tutorials in their latest issue, on ND filters, fireworks, silhouettes and darkrooms. I have a Neutral Density filter in my camera bag and it rarely gets used.
  • Digital Panoramics from is pretty self explanatory and I’ll be reading it as I’ve failed spectacularly in the past to do panoramas!
  • And it’s Mac Vs PC in a shoot out to find the best computer for digital photo manipulation!

You might want to take a look at photographyBLOG too, as he’s listed lots of newly announced cameras, gadgets and equipment including a 0.85 inch HDD with expected capacities of between 2GB and 4GB! There’s a picture and the drive fits on the end of a finger!

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