As an expert of teeth rotting out of my mouth, I can tell you this. The very best thing, and most natural thing, which dentist also use when they pack your teeth is Oil of Cloves. It cost less then $5 and they most of the time sell it behind the pharmacy so you have to ask for it. I take a qtip and dip it in the clove oil, rub on the tooth and gum. It burns and taste nasty but it works. It has a natural way of calming the nerve and numbing the area. If you have an infection, you must get antibiotic. If you don’t have dental insurance then go to the regular doctor and ask for a script. This is very dangerous to let go. Also do not put heat on infected area, it makes it feel better but it makes the infection grow, put ice on your face at the area…..suck it up, it will make it feel better at the end.