I am at a loss for words! The pain good lord! I too have a tooth problem I have two back teeth on my right lower side that has large fillings in them, I had one refilled about 2 years ago and wouldn’t you know it here at Christmas time all bills due no job no insurance and bam severe pain in one or both of the teeth it hurts to just do nothing my jaw my ear my face good lord it does not stop I can chew bit put anything on it it hurts dentist is out of town on vacation fir 2 weeks I am scared and in pain, it feels like my whole bottom teeth are all affected by the 1 or 2 teeth I am a grinder and have taken the pain meds the over the counter and scripts not helping using sensitive tooth paste, vinegar and baking soda, tooth med gel, heating pad, nothing us helping and I do not have any liquor in my home if I did I would go way over the limit, my car us broken down it happen today I have cried so much I feel sick from the pain yes I think there should be a study on why the heck isn’t there 24 hrs dentist out there for low income or no income people but there is no help for any type of medical issues either unless you are rich or covered under some great plan! Good lord will it ever stop!