Glad I found this site. I have a bad toothache. I had root canal a few years ago and the stupid doc put in a temporary filling said thats fine for a while. I didnt like him and switched docs. I HATE DENTISTS. I am terrified of them. My family never took me to them and my ex husband wouldnt allow me to go to one. Probably because he knocked out all my top teeth.When I finally started going I hated it. But I got a partial and stopeed going. NOW!!!! The temporary filling the doc put in has fallen out and I am in so much pain. I have no insurance and was laid off so no money. Also I am having knee surgery in 2 days. My regualr doc has me on antibiotics. Can my bad tooth affect the knee surgery. Can someone answer this please as I am so scared. I cant put off the knee surgery cause i cant take the pain in my knee and want to walk normal again. But the tooth is hurting so bad. One dentist said it would cost around 300 dollars since i have no insurance. Any ideas fellow suffers. please let me know.