Hey im not a nurse or a Dental assistant and my spelling isnt the best so dont rag on me cause im in no mood for the online bickering. But for all you other sufferers of excrutiating tooth pain. for the last month or so my tooth has been causing me ALOT of pain. So i did some research for home remedies. the only one i found that works is more of an over the counter thing. But Walgreens has this stuff Called Red Cross in the dental section, its active ingredient is Eugenol, Which is Basically Clove Oil. it stings on any moist fleshy surface for a moment but then it numbs it after. its an oil and comes with cotton balls and a tweezer for dipping the cotton in the oil. if u cant find the stuff u can just get clove oil or whole cloves. u can chew the clove a lil bit and keep in on the surface in pain. works great for a short time. Ive found that Oxycontin doesnt do crap for me. i was taking like 5-6 ibuprofen tabs before the clove oil and that worked for a lil while till it stopped working lol. but yea anyways the oil stuff is like 7-8 bucks in the US most pharmacies have it or something similiar. i use both the clove oil “Eugenol” and the Extra strength Oragel works pretty good. Also the Clove oil is Antiseptic so itll help clear up an infection if you have one. DONT DRINK THE OIL. large doses More then a couple drops ingested can make you sick, Barfing and nausea and the lot. and a tablespoon or more can kill ya, so spit it out dont swallow it. and rinse your mouth after treating with luke warm saltwater. hope this helps. it helped me. regardless its not a cure so im still gonna have to have the teeth yanked out on monday. but the pain isnt so bad.