i wouldnt give a rats butt what people think..they will think what they want anyways and surely pass judgement without one moment spent in the mirror seeing what all is wrong with theirself and believe me..they would be there a very LONG LONG time i am sure…i had to take tons of antibotics when i was a kiddo and i believe that is the source of all my friggin dental problems..i am 45 and when i was a kid there was a coupld of anitbotics that ended up being a nightmare on teeth……they dont use that antibotic like they used to for that reason alone….so i hear ya and can relate…but dont worry about what people think if they do have a bad opinion its normally cuz they are jerks and have lots of problems themselves..but easier to judge someone else…….really dont worry….girl you have to stop that kind of worrying in life…..people and especially strangers are not worth the effort of that worry…..people are over rated.get a dog and value that opinion…it will lvoe you no matter what your teeth or hair looks like and will respect you and never form a opinion of ya……..wink