It is good to read all the comments written in wee hours of the morning.

I like the rest of posters am one small step from yanking my tooth out pliers. Or carefully making use of Tom Hank’s method of tooth removal from Cast Away.

The annoying part is this is not the first time I have had problems with this tooth. Four years ago I had a similar experience. Fortunately I have good dental care and got a root canal and crown put on. Unfortunately it didn’t work (at least for the long term).

Of course the toothache (why is it called an ache? Ache are mild and inconvenient, “toothackes” are not mild and inconvenient) starts on Good Friday. I make it to Easter Monday before I head to medical clinic to try and get antibiotics. The doctor there tells me to rinse with salt water and see my dentist. Now salt water is better than nothing but needless to say not the response I was hoping for.

May we all brush our teeth 5 times a day and be free of dental pain for the rest of our lives.