Tooth Ache

Some Thoughts:

  1. When you have a tooth ache everything else takes second place.
  2. Oh, and the tooth ache always happens on a bank holiday weekend, to ensure maximum pain, and remind you to go to the bloody dentist more often!
  3. Vodka, rubbed onto the infected gum/teeth is a god-send for pain relief. It lasts almost 3 hours and it’ll let you get some measure of rest at night.
  4. Have an understanding partner who’ll take care of you and fuss over you.
  5. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  6. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  7. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  8. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.

I’ll probably have to get a root-canal next week, the tooth is dead so hopefully it won’t be too sore. (I’m not too hopeful though..)



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  1. i have real bad tooth ache !!! my side of my gead is hurting so much as i write this im in pain can concentrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ouch/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help plase!!!

    1. i was so disapointed when seeing this page as i rely thought i would get some ideas of relifing the pain from the toothace bummer

      1. God, it really pisses me of to see hoe expensive it is to go to the dentist. Tue number of people who can’t afford going to the dentist continues to increase throughout the years. even I myself can’t afford afford a stupid check up so I simply avoid going to the dentist.

        I hate it when my teeth hurt, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can ease the pain, but what good will that be if the pain continues to come back after the hour? Well right now I have MAJOR molar pain that is killing me. I’ve been up for the past 2 hours. The pain is so bad that I try to sleep sitting up. (having my head at a certain elevation helps ease the pain).

        It seems that there are many good home remedies on this website (the comments not the dumb article). I’d like to try the vodka trick, but unfortunately I don’t have alcohol. I took 2 advils, and that seems to have work for my complete right side of my mouth. I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

        1. If you can get your hands on some Coloital Silver Water, it does work as an antibiotic. You soak the painful area with cotton ball or similar. You can also drink the water. Just use a little at a time, like a dixie cup half full. Best to you.

        2. Amen. Whats up with the crazy cost f dentistry? No going to the ER for teeth matters. My GF is in severe pain after aawful filling. Cant get redone there do to new job so hours cannot accomidate s must see new dds for out-of-network. $200 out of pocket. Sad.

        3. I feel all your pain this page doesn’t help and my parents don’t want to take me to the dentest because I can’t miss anymore days of school when I can get a note they told me I need a root canal in 8 years but I think I need it now my moler is hurting sooooo bad and I want to rip it out I’m crying and don’t know what to do if I don’t put presher on it it hurts very bad please help!!!

    2. Tooth pain that you can’t stand is most likely a infection and left untreated it can go to your heart, should not let it go that far as it can or will cause death. Penicillian taken will take care of it immediately within the hr.
      do not prolong a Dentist appointment or let them set you up one,later that week as it is dangerous. My dentist wanted to schedule my appointment two weeks later, telling me to take advil etc. I ended up going to the Emergency that same day, everything whisky, over the counter pain pills- more than what it tells you to take did not which meant infection did not go away.
      Silver Biotics may help or clear the infection Holistic health vitamin store. Not very expensive, or it may only be temperary feeling of no pain – then back a couple hrs later or off and on. Get penicillian for it. Then get treated if you still have problems after taking it. If it goes away, then your fine.

    3. put some finger nail polish directly on the opening and let it dry without letting your saliva move it out of place because it burns…alot. use clear color so you dont look like and idiot, and remember, let it dry the first time!! It will seal the hole until you can get to the dentist. Take pennicillin if you can get it and are not allergic. dont use too much anbesol as you can o.d. on it and if your tooth is absessed your heart can stop and kill you. probably won’t, but it can. this way you can go to work and help me pay some of the taxes uncle sam uses to screw us until we’re 67.

    4. So sorry about your toothache. The best thing for reliving the pain is for you to go to the dentist. You may need to be on an antibiotic for the infection. You may find that an antibiotic can relieve the pain within 24 – 48 hours. Please go to the pharmacist get some home remedies until you can get into the dentist’s office. I had a couple of infected teeth pulled – too late for me to have root canal – and it is the best thing I did.
      Even if you have to borrow the money – it will be worth every penny to get rid of the pain! Julie

    5. Oh god thankyou to the person who posted this. I was seriously wondering around the house mumbling and sobbing. Strong pain killers did nothing to help but the vodka thing (well in my case some really expensive 20yr old scotch) actually dulled the pain enough to get to sleep. I found getting tissues and drying the gum as much as possible then holding a drenched cotton ball or gauze on there for as long as I could worked best. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and I am so relieved that I have something to get me by untill then. Again THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.

    6. Oragel helped me ………………i was in complete pain for 6 months, i overdosed on Ibuprofen, i was taken them every 2 hours. Oragel is at all chemists over the counter. Hope this helps and you get relief soon

      Take care. xxx

      1. I was going to suggest orajel, unless you’re sensitive to benzocaine(the active ingredient). Otherwise, good old fashioned clove oil from the chemist. It tastes rank, but it’s a local anaesthetic.(you can also use it to humanely euthanise sick pet fish, weirdly enough)

    7. What i would recommend is get a advil gel medicine and get a knife ( or whatever tool to make a hole to sqeeze the juice inside) and get a Q-tip and take out the cottons on both side and roll them together to make a small ball in order to stick in inside your broken tooth, and squeeze the juice onto the Q-tip and place it inside the broken teeth… ( if you have two or more broken teeth on the same area, u might need to make another one for those teeth

  2. help my tooth is aching so much i had to browse about it, will get it yanked off 2 wks time, a suggeston i read here says kissing can actually releive it , this seems like a wellcome alternative for me, to kiss a girl i like, compromising my christian virtues , pls God help , this could drive a guy crazy !! the most neurotic thing about it , i mean what causes people to go mental with tooth ache is not so much the extent , but the persistence and duratio n of the ache . pease pray for me . take care .

    1. I really doubt that kissing will relieve your toothache. I have never heard of such a thing. So if your worried about compromising your christian virtues == you have nothing to worry about – no need to kiss anyone – it won’t help you anyway. GO TO THE DENTIST…please…and my prayers are with you……hugs, from Julie

  3. Friday March 11 Toothache diven me mad since Tuesday.Dentist day off Wednesday, Thursday sit patiently and wait at twelve, to be told can’t see anything. come back if you can decided which tooth it is, thought in the twenty first century he could have told me. all my head aches. any suggestions

  4. I am havin a lot of trouble. My tooth is achin so bad and i am breastfeeding so that complicates things a bit. hopefully i’ll have a rootcanal tomorrow, pray for strength. God bless u all

  5. my tooth is acheing sooooooooo bad i keep rescheduleing my dentist appointment because i cant affored it right now what can i do to reliave this pain

    1. Even if you have to go on a payment plan – go to the dentist and get the root canal – you are lucky – I had to have my teeth pulled to late for a root canal. Julie 🙂

  6. my tooth is hutring so bad i feel it in my neck and i cant see the dentist2 tomorrow what can i trhe vodka really works whatr if i had the vodka in the freezer 2 get cold because i like it when its cold and my tooth cant take it because its to cold

  7. OOOOOuch! my tooth is really painful! my bottom tooth is decayed and has no side to it but not painful my other side bottom tooth has a hole in it but not painful yet instantly my top second back tooth is killing me! i am petrified of the dentist had a real bad experience when i was yonger have taken solphodol yet it is painful beyond beleive rather go through child birth then this help!

  8. Why does a toothache hurt the most at night and make it so you can’t sleep? I’m calling the dentist tomorrow!!!

  9. I have removed most of my teeth and i’m still having pains. do i remove it and get false teeth to replace the extracted teeth?

  10. I cannot believe I waited this long to get something done to my teeth. I am in so much pain, WhYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY mEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?????????????? Help I need relief fast.

  11. like others who’ve posted, I’ve got a toothache as well. It’s so annoying, I have no motivation to get back to work and I’ve got an exam tomorrow! Maybe some pain killers will help

  12. All last week I was in pain. Now the right side of my face/head is huge. I just got back from the dentist. She told me to call a different dentist. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to go to the other dentist/specialist for root canal. Now I am looking forward to going to the dentist. This morning I just got Motrin. We will see if it works. I was using Advil and Vodka. That did work.

    1. Just wondering how your experiance turned out. I know it was a long time ago but.. was it abcessed? Asshole doctor tells you to go see someone else??? yours sounded liek an emergency of priority. I hope everything turned pout alright.\


    2. I never tried the vodka but orajel and advil AND tylenol helps. I take perks and oxy for back surgery and they are no help except when I got really desperate I crushed a perk and put it in the hole, it was awesome but didnt last too long. You can do the same with asprin but they taste nasty!

      If you are swollen or have a bump on your gums you have an abscess, rince with warm salt water, tepid should not worsen pain. Of you have a hole in tooth or gum pocked, slight pressure should push out the bad stuff. Immediately spit out and rinse with listerine! Good news, antibiotics should help pain in a dayor two
      . Some dentists or even fam dr will give antibiotics without an appt.
      Alot of dentists will do pmt plans and cash discount, some have emergency hoirs and some towns have emergency dentist.medicare/ medecaid will only cover extractions and they r not very expnsive. Hospitals wont do much if anything unless you are lucky and they have an inhouse dentist. My dad is 83 and he says when he was a kid he would walk to the clinic, with no adult!! And they would pull teeth for a nickle each, with no numbing!

  13. I have had a tooth ache for two weeks. However I could manage it with anbesol and motrin, But every time I ate or drank anything it was pain for hours until I could get it under control So I went to the Denist today and started a root canal only to find that the tooth is to far gone to save. the tooth would not get numb enough to pull it because of infection. So a temp. filing went in and now that I can feel my face again, I can’t stand the pain. it feels as if she laid the filing on my nerve end and the pressure and pain are to much. I have taken 1000ml of motrin and IO tried the wiskey thing any I have to be at work by eight and I am not getting to sleep any time soon. Ice is out of the question. I hurts more. any other ideas

  14. …….. OK …….. it’s late…. really, really late for me…. i have to get up in 4 hours to go to work… but it hurts… theextreme pain i feel is like none other… i thought that i could feel my gums throbbing so hard, that they were going to break open, and spew blood everywhere… (maybe just maybe that would releive some pressure…) i put on the anbesol… it numbed everything in my mouth but the pain… i took a big handful of tylenol… (like 10) and the vodka thing, all i’ve got is freezing cold cuban rum. it ain’t touching my mouth…
    and to top it off… my wife caught me crying in bed because ot hurt so bad, (i’m a little embarrased)

    I’m feeling a little crazy about it… i can’t control the pain, and everything i do seems to make it worse!!
    Ouch… it hurts just complaining about it, and i’m not using my mouth to do it!!! —– Lukewarmsteak

  15. I really dont understand… I have met several people with decaying teeth. I never see them bent over in pain. I get a cavity, which causes a tooth to break off and I’m in soooo much pain. One thing for sure I’m trying the vodka tonight!@

  16. Had a toothache last week and its the most horrible pain ive ever experienced. Ive had 3 kids and would much rather do child labor than experience this pain again. At least you get a break from the pain while in labor. Nothing helped my pain. I took vicodin and ibuprofen and neither one helped. Finally got in and got a root canal on Friday and all pain is gone. Earache, pressure behind cheek and throbbing pain in my tooth are all gone.

    1. hey just wanted to agree with the labor pain lol…im in so much pain right now i cant even think straight!!! i got some tylenol 4s from my doc and still hurts like no other!!! going for a root canal friday hoping it helps!!

      1. i will have to agree to i would rather go throw labour again i have had tooth ake for 3weeks and yesturday found out its an infection and a massive whole in it and i cant go in till monday now to have it out and i cant sleep and i have a baby nothing helps i have took everything 🙁 i just want a good sleep cuse its my boys bday on saturday can anyone help!!!

  17. I’m surprised they don’t have tooth ache related suicide statistics. I haven’t tried the vodka yet. I guess it’s worth a shot. Orajel, Ambesol, Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, vicoden, Tylenol with Codeine do nothing for it. Had a root canal twice already on this tooth. Went to the dentist last week, was refered to a specialist, saw her today and now I have to make an appointment with someone else to have them look at it and then make another appointment to have them extract it. Hopefully they can get rid of my wisdom teeth while they’re at it. I wish they had a puch card. Buy 4 get the 5th extraction free. What a waste of money, but it’s worth it to get my sanity back and the pain gone.

  18. Hey people, I’ve had the mother of all tooth aches for 8 days now.. the pain is totally OFF THE METER! I had both my front top incisors knocked out in a good old English pub fight, and that was nothin.. this mother! PEACE. J.M. -UK MASSIVE!-

  19. ohh man its tru it hurts the worst right when going to sleep… this tooth has a little cav. in it and it hurts so bad i have another tooth half gone never hurt a day in my life ……i just dont get it!!!!!!!

  20. This really is bull crap if you know what I mean. The pain of a tooth ache Want STOP and it takes you 5 days to get in to see a Dr. Give me a break!! Why don’t they have walk in dr. for people in pain with tooth acheS?? Part of my filling has came out and I feel so bad. If i can just get the damn thing pull out I will do it myself.. i have tried everything and nothing works i take about 3 sleeping pills at night just to sleep a few hours the pain won’t stop…….

    It snapped of last year and half of it is still in there..
    what do i do without seaking a dentist.. its hurting really bad. Makes me angry !!!

  22. My tooth is killing me and I have to be up early for Christmas and what not …. I can’t sleep and nothing is working! Why me??? 🙁

  23. I have the mother of all toothaches. I’ll get it yanked on Tuesday, but what do I do until then. The pain is so severe, the pliers in my toolbox are looking real useful now. I’ve been crushing up aspirin and making a paste w/ it, then packing the hole..short term relief! I guess I’ll try the vodka. Vicoden,ibuprofen…do nothing..

  24. most of my bottom tooth is decayed and falling apart and while i have yet to have sharp pains by jaw and neck feel bruised. Although im terrifed hopefully i can get into the dentist soon

  25. Im in so much pain, not sleeped in three days. Only that helps my tooth for a second relif is ice cold water direct on the tooth then spitting the water out in a bowl and repeting the process…It hurts so much ARRRRR

    1. Hi Matthew,
      I just found your post. I see that it is from January 2006. Did you ever find out why only ice water helped your toothache?

      My husband has the same problem and I have never heard of anyone else besides him that only ice cold helped until I read your post.

      He has not slept in 5 days now and the only thing that gives him any relief is putting ice directly on the tooth.

      Do you have any advice for him?

      Thank you,

      1. I know this is an old post, but sounds like the tooth or gums are infected. Holding ice cold water in your mouth alleviates the pain entirely, but it soon returns after spitting the water out. I’ve had this happen a couple times before, and I would lay in bed with a big cup of ice water, sipping it every few minutes. Those few moments of relief are priceless, but having to take sips of water every few minutes quickly becomes tedious.

        1. I have a root canal planned for tomorrow, tooth is hurting so bad! Tried all pills etc, nothing worked…ice cold water works BUT it’s like crack, the more you use it the more you need it and then you can’t sleep because you can’t have your ICE COLD WATER!!! Had to break the pattern, tried VODKA..Take a shot glass fill it with VODKA and put it in your mouth on the side that HURTS and then keep it there through the pain, spit or swallow(if you didn’t take any pain killers, oh who cares really!) and REPEAT..There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

          IN VODKA I TRUST!

  26. Great…I’m probably the only person in the world without Vodka in their home…shit…the whole left side of my mouth is in pain right now….can’t sleep….help me…

    1. You know what I had a tooth ache for like three days and then last night I used peroxide and felt a little pressure on my tooth and all the pain went away. Like something was in my tooth that caused it to hurt. The pain was so unbearable too no meds worked. Now I feel a lot better.

  27. Jeez, I was feeling a little sorry for myself because I have the beginnings of what may or may not be a persistent toothache, until I read the posts above. You all have my sympathy, because I’ve been there myself in the past and know what it’s like. However, I live in a remote area and thus always have some antibiotics around, just in case of any infection. Can you get a doc to give you a prescription? Mine saved me an expensive airplane trip to the nearest dentist once, at least until summer when I could get to town by boat and road to have it looked after. If it’s an abcess, antibiotics should help, and, as I understand it, could also prevent more serious problems arising from untreated infection. Of course, if the problem is an exposed nerve from a broken tooth, filling fell out, etc., but no infection, antibiotics are not going to help and should not be taken.

    Anyway, good luck to all you fellow sufferers. It enough to make a gal get false teeth and be done with tooth pain.


  28. boy o’ boy! I’m sure glad for this web-site because a little laugh is in-deed very much appreciated from folks that have shared and or sharing the same pain I’ve been batteling for a couple of days. This pain should have it’s very own category rather than being generalized as pain or toothache. To categorize this pain as “toothache” is like naming your pet chihuahua “killer!” I’ve never been under so many different kinds of drugs trying to control this pain. Oh and I’m probably the 2nd person without vodka in my their as well. At the moment I’m trying this product to temporarily fill my cavity “refilit” but the damn thing won’t stick to my cavity! At the moment I’m not feeling the pain but I know its only a matter of time till the damn beast brutually tortures me again. I need remedies for amo when this things starts to ache again. I’ve tried most of the things mentioned above and even tried meditating but I only meditate myself to a place filled with flames (hell). Gosh darn it! This stupid temporary filling fell off again! Good luck you all and GOD Help us all!!!!!!

  29. misery loves company so i found this site. i had a tooth ache for the past week and i have tried everything known to man. anbesol numbs my tounge and has no effect on the tooth. i tried some appleton with cloves which was helpful in the begining, warm salt and any and every suggestion given to me. yesterday i goy enough guts to go to the dentist. they drilled and cleaned it and gave me a temporary filling but yesterdaywhen i got home things really got from bad to worse. i cried like a baby last nigt i felt like my head and especially my ear was going to blow. i have given up i thought going to the dentist would give my a relief but living in a small undeveloped island you have to take what you get. someone help before i put my head through a wall

    1. that dentist didnt know what he was doing!! you poor thing, you should have definatly gotten relief. MAby they do it, so you HAVE TO go back to spend more money. Makes one not so sorry for their hi suicide rate sometimes.

  30. Try Excedrine migraine for a toothache. It is the only thing I have found that works this good, short of a prescription. I have severe tooth pain where a couple of teeth are broken off at the gum line, and severe cavities. I can’t afford dentist right now either.

  31. Margaret:

    My understanding of a root canal procedure is when a tooth is beyond saving for various reasons, but you don’t need or want to have it yanked out, and so the dentist removes all the living pulp in the tooth, which goes right down into the roots of the tooth, in the bony part of your gums. Then he/she fills the empty space with a permanent filler. The tooth is then usually capped, as a dead tooth often becomes brittle and dark.

    I had one of these done on a pre-molar, and it didn’t hurt at all while it was being done. Unfortunately, though, it started to act up months after the cap had been put on, and another dentist told me it was because the first dentist (who had moved away) had done a poor job and didn’t get all the pulp out, and infection resulted. Antibiotics fixed that, and I still have the tooth. Since then it hasn’t been a problem really, but could be someday, I’m told, and would have to be redone or yanked. I’m personally leery of having future root canals and caps done.

    Moral of the story: go to a good dentist with lots of root canal experience, and ask him/her what the chances are of screw-ups!! Too bad we can’t get them to sign guarantees …

    Good luck.

  32. Best way (and this worked for me) is to get a cup put 2 teaspoons of salt in it stir with hot water into a paste then add a little cold water to make warm then swirl around in your mouth for 5 minutes it may hurt like hell at first but try to bear with it the pain will go away!

    1. hi, i tried tghe salt water with the pain thing… IT DOES NOT WORK =’,’,[, like ive missed 2 weeks worth of school, ik i have an absesed tooth, i saw a dentist, but the pain is to bad and of course the drugs dont work, u know anything else?????

  33. I have a tooth that broke off out of nowhere yesterday and of course it is a weekend when there is not a dentist in sight. I am in excruciating pain in my ear, head and mouth. Usually crushing an aspirin into a powder and packing it on a tooth will help me get temporary relief, but nothing is helping me right now. I hope that I can find a dentist to take me in the morning and just rip this tooth out. It is in the back and I don’t need it for anything. Best of luck to everyone who is in pain. we need it. I second whoever said that they should give this pain a category of its own!

  34. I went to the dentist 4 months ago and paid $1300.00. I had a root canal and crown, the tooth has been infected ever sence with swelling and infection coming out. she also filled a tooth and accidently went to the root. She said maybe it will heal and covered it up with a filling. the tooth is in so much pain now. I think it cracked because the filling was too thick and my bite was out of balance. Also one tooth which she couldn’t get numb she drill anyways and I felt like I was giving birth. She was asking the asistance how to do the root canal. I think it was her 1st one. I am going back tomorrow if they will let me in I can’t sleep. I would like to see a lawyer and get a refund, so I can go get real help. I am sick of paying for serivice that is done incorrectly.

  35. 3rd person w/o Vodka, going to to get some tonight. Can hurt. I have tried everything else. Going to the dentist on Thur..but its just a check up, they “don’t have time to do anything”. But I’m afraid now after reading that it won’t help. Can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t concentrate (had to think how to spell that). Can’t a dentist provide a pain killer that works – novicaine sounds good! Good luck everyone!

  36. Hey I’ve had a toothache for several days and I went to the dentist yesturday and found out my tooth’s root has begun growing into my jaws main nerve!! As it continues to do so the pain has moved from a localized ache to a severe pain that is inflaming my entire jaw. This is rediculous I am in classes right now and can’t miss due to attendence in my grading but I’m starting to fail my test becuase I can’t concentrate and I’m not getting any sleep at night. Does anyone have any suggestions for concentration so I don’t lose my scholarship over a stupid tooth. Thanx.

  37. heres one for yall i had 12 teeth pulled in feb 6th went back monday dentist said the gums are healing well..which i know they will be sore for a while and sometimes slivers will come up..well about a hour ago i felt like a sliver or so i thought come upo and the more it worked on my still sore gum the bigger it got ..much to my suprise it seems to be part of a tooth still lodged inside my gum!..emergency room said they cant do anything abouit it and dentist only comes to the town i live in once a now what?and yes its hurting and im out of pain pills

  38. o baby o baby o baby av got the worst tooth ache pain EVER cant sleep cant drink 🙁 coz it to have root canal dose it hurt never had it befor am scared.woz at denist thurasday an th denist woman woz ripin at ma tooth for 30 mins an then she sed to me i cant take it out i wanted to cry i wanna cry now.people all i can say look after your teethhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  39. Good lord, I feel all your pain I too went to the dental colege in Memphis Tn. Bad tooth ache!I was sent to the 3rd floor for the tooth to be pulled, he sent me to the 4th flooor for a root canal stating that the tooth was not bad enough to need pulling. The guy on the 4th floor had his bags already packed and a look on his face that said he wanted to go home, and also do you know how much a root canal is going to cost,along with the build up and the crown? So I get sent back down to the 3rd floor for an extraction, so now I’m thinking every one just wants to go home and not be bothered with me. They all deny it, so I get my tooth pulled the last one on the lower left. Thr two young guys were having a real hard time so the old one come’s in their instructor, I swallow hard because I know it’s no more Mr. nice guy , he’s about business I screemed so loud and farted a loud uncontrolled fart that I was most embarressed about. You just cant take a fart back, it’s out there and you did it! yet maybe it’s a warped kind of pay back. Now on the 18th I got the tooth pulled on the 14th I am still in a lot of pain so tonight I went to the licour store and I dion’t drink and I bought 3 kinds of booze, cheers.

  40. heh,my eye, ear, cheek, jaw, and neck hurt soooooo bad. i had a temp. crown put on second to last tooth and it feels like the cement is putting pressure on an exposed nerve. i was taking advil every 5 hr. now it’s every 3-4. codene doesn’t even touch the pain. the tooth on the other side feels like he drilled too far and covered an exposed nerve there also, because whenever i bite down shooting pain! soooo it’s been a week of not being able to chew very well. seeing doc. mon. at 1pm, never thought i’d love going to dentist. i won’t do root canals, so he’ll probably have to pull the tooth and later get a bridge. i went to the emergency and they gave me anti biotics and codene for the week end. i’ve been saturating my tooth with hydrogen peroxide 3-4 times a day. it fizzles up big time. there really should be a walk in clinic late hrs for this kind of thing. there’s just no pain like it. my brain can’t remember a thing lately. good luck all with your dental problems.

  41. was just at a site that talked about ideas we can try for pain relief, here goes hurricane jel, food grade clove oil, 2 T baking soda in glass of room temp. water, leave on tooth for couple of seconds then spit out repeat til glass is empty, ground cloves on tooth, room temp. caffene free diet coke swish around sev. times, hydrogen peroxide leave on tooth til it foams all up then spit out, i tried this and feels lots better,pure vanilla extract with qtip. fingertip of salt on tooth this lasts for 30 to 45 min., wet a washcloth and place in zip lock bag, stick in freezer and lay on it when frozen might help. good luck my friends in pain. i will be trying several of these tonight. tired of my steady diet of advil and it can’t be good on my kidneys and liver.

  42. root canal got to have 1 dont wont1 i no its gonna hurt like really bad had 2day of work coz of the pain an not benn sleep now for 3days some1 help meeeeee:(

  43. god i hope nose of u have to go thow the pain i am coz its so bad av had enuf am goin to the densit 2moz an demaindin thats they take the pain away

  44. Thank God for this blog! I was hit by a car while jogging, I have had neck surgery, I’ve had salmonela food poisoning but never in my life have I been in as much pain as I am right now… all due to a tooth! I feel completely weak and pathetic and it is good to know that there are others out there who agree that this is the worst pain they have ever felt too. I felt the pain coming on about 3 weeks ago while on a work retreat and thought it was sinus pressure from a cold I was trying to get over. It got worse and worse and finally something told me to make an appointment with my dentist *just in case* which is not like me at all. Total time between initial dentist visit on Monday, February 13th and my scheduled root canal at 4pm today, February 21st – 8 days, so I count myself lucky. I have never looked forward to a dental appointment so much in my life. The last 3 days I was bawling to the point of hysteria, so my dentist prescribed Tylenol with Codeine (which takes 40 minutes to work and only works for about 1 1/2 hours after that and shouldn’t be taken more than once every 4 hours – no good) and finally Hydrocodone (generic Vicatin) after I left a blubbering message begging for my root canal to be bumped up even by a few hours. The Hydrocodone has worked well in conjuction with maximum strength ambisol. And I finally slept for almost 12 hours today after 2 nights with almost none. I haven’t had any solid food for 2 days – I’ve stuck to Slim Fast (high in protein and vits) and Odwalla juice smoothies (fruits and veggies) all drunk through a straw to avoid the teeth. It has worked well to keep my energy up and in avoiding the horrible pain in my jaw after chewing. All in all I had to take 3.5 days off work to deal with this and it’s not over yet. My poor boyfriend has been trying everything to help me, including finding this website, getting me to rub gin on my gums, and putting up with a crumpled heap of a girlfriend drooling on herself while crying in agony – it’s not for the faint of heart. Tooth aches are serious business and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Take the time off work, beg the dentist for meds, watch a comedy special (laughing atcually felt good) and good luck to you all!

  45. well karla i av had 4 days of work coz of my tooth pain its is so bad an to make it worse i have an infection dent go sleep for 3day till i got my antibioctis an the pain as gone a little i need a root canal an am scared:( i dont want it but it will make the pain go for good the pain of tooth ache is unreal.i hope all your toothaches go an never come back.

  46. I’ve had excrutiating pain on the right side of my mouth for 3 days now, and I have missed a day of work, and have no idea how I have survived the other two. My steady dose of Ibuprofen is unhealthy, and really doesn’t work well enough.

    This pain gives me a migraine on the right side of my face, and I cannot see a dentist till next week. They won’t see me. ahhh. well, i guess it’s anbesol and/or vodka tonight

    Wish me luck guys

  47. ooooo ppl had ma root canal 2day not as bad as i fort but still a lot of work an pain but i think am all good now yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good luck every1

  48. I am going to compel my dentist today to extract the molar. He treated my tooth and there is still pain. I use salt water and pain pills.

  49. i’ll tell u one thing. toothache made me give my life to christ. one thing i still can’t figure out is why dentists take all that money and are never there when u need them. u’d think it shoud be open 24hrs like a hospital since its a serious infection. i’m also sure a lot of people have comited suicide coz of the pain they were in just too much pain to leave a note. truth be told there isn’t really anything that can help the pain apart from dosing yourself with sleeping medicine at night to have a good night sleep. but when u wake up..prepare urself for some ass whuping pain. make sure u time the pills right. if u take them too early in the evening u’ll wake up early in the morning which is when it hurts the most and u’ll be pisssed coz everyone will be having a sweet dream and u kan’t wake them up. all i can ay is Toothaches put you in touch with God. n the only solution is to pray and pop sleeping pills till the dentist decides to look after u. olord i would give my all to stop this painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

  50. i have a really bad tooth ache, i can feel my gums swelling,ive been looking through several web sites at remedys, i dont have any vodka, the last time i had a tooth ache i rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide, after doing this 3 times, my tooth ache went away. noy working for me this time. so far the only thing ive found to ease the pain is sucking on a piece of ice.

  51. I’ve only been in pain for two days. I lucked out. I had some minor pain last weekend. I had a cleaning scheduled for Wednesday. They took a picture, saw an abscess. Told me I needed a root canal. I called the endontist the next morning. He had a cancellation at 11:15 AM. I’ve had root canals before but they never hurt this bad. The tooth had a crown already. He had to drill through it to do the work. The abscess was worse than he thought. I had to work that night. By the time work was over I was in a lot of pain. I was able to manage with ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol II. At 4:30 am I woke up and the pain has yet to stop. The dentist was able to see me again today. He didn’t see anything wrong. At least he’s good. He has extra training in pain management. It didn’t hurt when he did the work, but the place where the had to inject the novocaine hurts. He put a few shots in my gum and two shots in the roof of my mouth. Now the roof of my mouth is sore. I’m just trying to figure out how much Vicodin I can take. I have the 5/500. I saw on one website that they have 10/660, so I figure I can take two – or take one every four hours. Unfortunately the Vicodin doesn’t work if you already have pain. What’s up with that! I need a pain killer that actually kills the pain when I’m having it. I took my pain meds at 5:00 and 6:00. It’s 8:00 and they are finally starting to work. I tried the vodka, don’t feel any results yet. I asked my husband to get the extra strength anbesol. I can’t talk to him about it. He gets upset about dental work, so I don’t want to freak him out. It just hurts so darn much.
    Well, I’m glad I found this blog. It helps to know I’m not alone. I hope everyone finds relief. Thanks for the advice.

  52. I had what I would call the father of all toothaches lastnight and this morning. Kept me up all night and almost drove me crazy. Now (knock on wood) pain free. What I did was use my leftover penicilin from a previous incedent for the infection and naproxen for the pain.I tried saltwater,ice,orajel and frozen juice bars but as soon as I finished it would flare up again. Thank god I had that penicilin which took exactly 17 hours for it to work. I now am paranoid about it hurting again since its night time and I feel a strange pulse pumping in the cavity. I think its true toothaches hurt more at night and I havnt even laid down yet. Well yall hang in there and hope ya find something that make it feel better.

  53. OHHHHHHHHH, does it hurt!! I left work ealy yesterday and saw a 24hr emergency dentist…who saw NOTHING. I can’t believe this pain is imagined..I broke my foot badly 2 years ago and that was a walk in the park compared to this.
    Cold water hit the area last night and the pain went away instantly…but when it came back, I thought I would die…I kept using cold water and then realized I had to deal with the pain and not mask it…how could the xrays show nothing?? Waiting to see my dentist today, any advice?? Help, this hurts soooooooo much. 48 hours no sleep.

  54. God!!! God or anyone!!! Please make this pain GO AWAY!!!!! And why does it always have to happen at night?? And why does it have to happen when I already have an awful cold and a stuffed up nose and a headache? ARGH! I want to complain and cry and scream! I want to sleep! I have already read this whole page through and the pain is still throbbing away, it’s coming from under my tooth inside my gums or something, can’t quite localise the spot but it’s making my whole lwer left hadn side of my face pulse with pain. I have tried an ice pack trying to numb myself, i swished some cold water on the spot and it made tears spring to my eyes, i rinsed about 15 mins ago with antibacterial mouthwash and all these remedies seemed to have SLIGHTLY reduced the pain. i am totally paranoid that the pain is about to come back i just don’t know what to do…I am considering praying now, i am that desperate! I too, am without vodka but i assure you, if i had it i wouldn’t be rinsing with it, i’d have chugged the whole damn bottle to knock myself out. another option is to do what tom hanks did on cast away…..take a rock, put it to the tooth, take another rock, close my eyes, SMASH…then pass out. I always hated going to the dentist, all my life, but when I see him for my upcoming app. i think i am going to kiss him! thank god for dentists….think of people 200 years ago…what the hell did they do? poor souls. good luck to all of you….i know i need it….ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. I had a rooth canal done yesterday on the upper tooth in my back right jaw and now my lower molar is the issue…it is hurting almost as bad as before…could this be the result of the pressure from the root canal on the top?? How long do I wait. My endontist was fabulous, returned pages at home when I was in pain, and really checked up on me from there, but now what? HOw long should I wait??

  56. Holy macaroni. I am currently, as you may all know, pain that I never would have thought a living person could go through. The needle that he used to jelly my mouth up, well that spot, is throbbing, my tooth feels like its launching nuclear missles at my gum, its only the RIGHT side of my face, mind you. My ear feels like its shot and very sore, my head is pounding, and if by chance my tooth ache goes away for a godly few seconds, my headache makes a damn good substitue of pain. This results from a filling that broke off with a piece of my tooth, and went to the dentist yesteday and he just took out the old filling and re-filled it.. Well guess what, I didn’t feel pain. Nope, went right to bed like a good chap. Woke up 2:00AM, worst pain in my life. Its been going on for three days now, even before the dentist visit (Obviously) I am currently headed there again, since the dentist is a family friend and will accept me anytime hehe… But yeah, I really wish all of you the best, may what ever motivates you be with you in the dire times of these damned tooth aches.


  57. good luck everybody who finds this page the same way I did…
    Currently holding a mouthful of whiskey for as long as I can is working quite well!

  58. It’s almost 4 am, cant sleep because of this terrible pain! Ive done almost everything from ice to salt water to pain killers and nothing seemed to work! (only a few seconds of relief from the salt water gargle then the pain comes back splitting my head to two). I want to go to the dentist but I have no dental and can’t afford it right now. o my…o my…pain please be gone…i want to bang my head to the wall just to get this over with! I cant believe Im whining coz of this stupid tooth. My life is put on hold because of this. helppppppppp!

  59. COCAINE!!!!!!I don’t ever do drugs but I’m sooo glad a friend told me about it’s numbing effects.DON’T SNORT IT!Cocaine rubbed on the gums and surrounding area or even pushed up into the tooth or gaping hole where the nerve was exposed was the only relefe I got and I tried EVERYTHING! It was a last resort but saved me. It tastes terrible but numbs it completely for an hour and you only need a tiny amount! Hope this helps any one who is suffering.

  60. I hear people saying why me!!!!!! Well beat this one, i have a root left in the gum which is killing me one side of my mouth and a broken tooth thats killing me the other side, I know the true meaning of pain right now! God why didnt i brush my teeth more. AHAHHHHAHAHHAAHHa

  61. I think i’m going to die i’m in so much… Almost all my teeth are broken off. My dentist made holes in ALL my teeth when I was little to make money off my mother. After words I wasn’t able to brush them without blood flowing out like a water fall. I’m in more pain then i’ve ever been in. Oh god please help…

  62. same shit, different toilet! it’s been a week with pain so bad i don’t know what tooth it’s coming from! i feel like shooting my jaw off! 2000 mg of ibuprofen, antibiotics, handfulls of vicodin, anbesol, full tubes of orejel to the point i drooland the throbbing continues! my dentist appointment is 5 days away….i do’nt if i can make it…i think i’m dieing….the right side is so swollen that i can’t make my left side bottom and top teeth touch! someone shoot me

  63. Tina get to that dentist and have the bastard pulled out,One side of my toothach is back, and got densist tomorrow, Cant wait.

  64. I think the wisdom teeth on my right side are trying to come out and are killing me right now. It’s been about two weeks since the last pain episode. I also have a few cavities, and the top back molars (not wisdom) have cracked, the one on the right side is pretty much half gone (the inside half) and sometimes cuts my tongue. Good thing is that it never really hurt…until now that the wisdom teeth are pushing out. But even then I’m not sure if that’s it, and I can’t afford to go to the dentist right now. I think I’ll try the vodka deal. Mom told me to try sunflower brew (with actual flowers, not sunflower seeds :-P), but that is only for cavities, so it wouldn’t help me much, but might help someone out there.

  65. i cant imagine pain any worse than this. im dancing around here pouring ice water into my mouth. its the only thing that helps. i thought it was bad yesterday. its hitting me with monster truck force. i get a root canal in 4 hours. thank God. i cant take this much longer. ive taken vicoden, percocet, ibuprofen. when it gets to this point nothing helps but ice water..more ice water continuously. it helps a little bit.

  66. The ice water wasnt helping much anymore, so i graduated to ice directly on top of the tooth. I just got back from getting the root canal and I am pain free…at least until the novacaine wears off. Advice to anyone experiencing this kind of “Off The Charts” tooth pain, Ice directly on the tooth and get a root canal ASAP!!

  67. Been to dentist three time in last week still in pain ,no hole no fillings lost just said gums shrinking, help still in pain what can i take for this ,,,,

  68. I’ve got severe crohn’s disease and I’d rather have a year’s worth of my bad guts than have to deal with the toothache I’m having right now. It started yesterday, I was training a new guy at work and it just hit me, back right, upper wisdom tooth, a spike of cold electric pain that radiated all around my upper jaw. It’s unreal how much this stuff hurts, I never ever expected it to be like this.

    But the fear of what it was is very much diminished by the fact that this site exists with all these comments. I don’t feel alone in this anymore, and I’m very very very much looking forward to trying some of the suggestions on how to alleviate the pain, especially since I won’t be seeing the dentist for a week.

    Take care.

  69. Tooth pain is always worse at night…arrrgggg! I have used listerine…brushed my tooth severely with salt and tooth paste. I have used warm salt water, ambesol extra strength, 3 aspirin melted on the gums, tooth picks to shove the medicine up higher,…no vodka…no money for these items, the tooth ache caught me broke, my cheek is swolen and my sinus is stopped up on that side but the dentist can’t see me for three days. I have pulled my own teeth but NOT without help from whiskey…to say the least it hurts sooo severely to pull your own teeth because there is a point of no return…a time of panic when one pulls their own teeth. I have been looking at the pliars…but feel a little chicken…can I go through that again???? I didn’t use pliars but used a tooth brush handle for leverage and my other teeth to bite down and break the teeth. I have pulled about five of my own teeth because my tooth ache always comes when I am broke or on the weekend. I thought about hospital emergency but decided the cost is something I will not soon forget and will not do anything for me because they won’t actually pull the tooth. I think a person could die from tooth pain but that is not comforting is it? I have envisioned putting a rope around the tooth and having it tied to a truck and the truck peeling out…lol I can’t wait for my appointment. I have tried the peroxide, ambesol, salt, tooth paste, listerine, vanilla extract, aspirin, tylenol,…all are good but are temporary. I read where one person had taken 10 tylenol…they must not do that…tylenol is a killer…it will damage your liver beyond repair. Tylenol is very dangerous to overdose on so please pass that on…it is not something that will forgive you like aspirin.

    Hope everyone is helped by the suggestions.

  70. Oh my god. I have been in pain for 3 weeks. Went to the dentist. he started a root canal…that releived the pain for almost a week. Went back for him to finish today. I am in so much pain tonight. as much as before the rootcanal. the root canal itself did not hurt…I had lots of novacaine or what ever they use. I wish I had some now. I have the SAME pain as before the rootcanal. I dont think I should have this severe pain. I am so sick of taking ibuprofen. i just took 800 ml. and it has barely touched the pain. I probabl have no kidney function my now. I am crying myeyes out right now. I have 4 kids and a fulltime job. I have got to ge some rest! I cannot continue like this.

  71. I had a molar on the right side extracted two weeks ago. They put in stitches so I’ve had to chew on the left side. I also have a bad tooth on the left and now it hurts so bad I think I’m losing my mind. The whole left side of my face hurts, including my ear! I’m taking vicodin, 800 mg ibuprophen, Goody powders, 200 mg ibuprophen, aspirin and orajel and it still hurts. I can’t get it pulled till I save up $300 dollars and I can’t save any money ’cause I keep missing work because of my tooth. I’m sitting at my desk crying my eyes out right now. Please help! What can I do to get some relief?

  72. My whole mouth feels like a bomb went off in it. Funny i have 3 kids,3 tattoo’s,been poked with the needle in my spine 6 times, ( with each child twice},eleven holes in each ear,had my eye brow done,and been caterarized 3 times. But this tooth ache tops them all. And funny im afraid of the denist. HA

  73. Stick a clove of cut garlic in your mouth next to the painful tooth. It should take away the pain soon. I’ve left it in hours at a time and it works like crazy. And its cheap too.


  75. I have had decent shape teeth all my life.Well up until a year ago.This last pregnancy drained the calcium out of my body,or so my dentist and doctor says.I have the worst tooth ache and this would be the second one I have ever had.Before I would take advil like something aweful and do the anbesol thing.This time the pain is unreal and leaves me very grouchy.It will be taken care of in due time,(when my dentist gets back from vacation).I have tried the vodka,asprin,anbesol,everything,even tried to get drunk,(don’t take much because I don’t drink)and pull it out myself.Yea…that made it so much better…..NOT!!! For those who have heard if you soak a cotton ball in anything numbing and shove it into the cavity or pack it tightly on or around the swollen gum/tooth that hurts to stop the pain”…DON’T DO IT……It makes it hurt more in most cases anyway.But anyone have any advice on how to stop the pain,please share….Also, what causes a tooth ache is when the gums and nerves around it to get infected by decay or other.When the infection is gone then the pain will usually be gone as well.

  76. A-HA….I found one that works!!!!My husband had some private stock rum by C.M and i tried it by rubbing it on the affected area and it went numb.Nope no feeling.Tase horrible made me gag, but no pain.I think I will keep this nast stuff with me at all times.

  77. HELP!! im in severe pain with this stupid toothache, i have an appointment in 3 months to extract 3 of my wisdom tooth, in the meantime they are hurting like MAD!!! ive tried everything, painkillers, vodka, salt, ice, (the ice works a little, i crush it on the side of ma tooth and it numbs it) NOTHING ELSE IS WORKING!!! i even tried taking nuerofin painkillers ++ and they didnt do anythin!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole side of my mouth is just in pain, (i will try the garlic one and see if it helps) anyone with more tips pls get in touch!!!!!!

  78. I managed to catch the “crappy teeth” gene handed down to me. Both parents, sister, grandmas and grandpas etc., all had there teeth out at a young age, and I am down to only having my bottom teeth left with a denture on the top. I had the top row taken out about 5 years ago and had been feeling fine until about 4 months ago when the bottoms started hurting me like crazy. Went to a dentist to get them looked at and this new one said that a big part of my problem was that the enamel on my teeth had never properly formed and went on to go into more detail. The outcome is really that the teeth have a limited lifespan, and the pain I was feeling was similar to having exposed roots.
    Had a lot of problems getting a dentist to see me, then a bigger issue with the dentist refusing to extract them and wanting to remove only a couple, root canal 4 more, and then try to strengthen the remaining teeth with fluoride. It was pretty obvious from how much pain there was, and the opinions of a couple other dentists to find the best solution, that the teeth needed to get pulled.
    Those of you reading this know how much pain there is for having one tooth giving you problems, let me tell you having 10 of your teeth trying to kill you is 10 times the fun. You get that feeling of chewing fire whenever you try to eat, your earache making your ear feel like it is going to bleed, muscles tight and tense causing pain and headaches. Here is what I typically try to take to dull the pain down some:
    – Tylenol 3. If you can get a prescription of these they help a ton. I try to limit my use of them as they can cause havoc with you body some and you build up a resistance after a bit. Helps numb the “surface” pain, deeper the hurt the less effective it can become, but still great to help combat the secondary effects of the pain like headaches.
    – Extra-strength Anbesol LIQUID. The liquid version of this is great, put some on a Q-tip and let it soak on the spot that it hurts. Can get it more directly to the spot of the pain then blindly trying to get the gel to it. Found it does not numb my cheek or tongue as bad as the gel does, but it does numb the throat a bit.
    – Sensodyne! Use this toothpaste religiously, but only the ORIGINAL PINK one! The newer Sensodyne toothpastes use a different formula then the original variety, and do not provide the same amount of soothing (I found this fact out from talking to the dental surgeon). Use it three times a day and it will help.
    – Fight the infection. A lot of my pain was caused by severe infection. You can feel that when it aches in your jaw, parts of your mouth that should feel fine, earache, headaches. Go to your doctor/clinic and get some penicillin-like prescription. I take APO-Amoxicillin 500 mg. You take three a day for like ten days. I feel the effects on the first day of taking them, and you are usually good for 15ish days after you stop taking them before the pain comes back. Not a long term solution but if you have severe pain and had it a while, odds are its infected. Eat yogurt while on it to get active bacteria back in your gut.
    – Only drink water. Cutting out any sugars or other pain causing agent just stick to water. Do not drink the new flavored waters however; the flavored water have some sugar or maybe its the flavoring itself that’s sweet, but that will soak into your teeth and cause a lot of pain if you have sensitive teeth. Stick to the plain old water.
    – Salt water is your friend. I swish with it 2 – three times a day, helps take away infection and bacteria. Swishing with Vodka does work, but not recommended before/during work!
    – Go easy on the solid foods. Any time you have sore teeth any use of them is going to aggravate your pain. I try to limit myself from eating any solid food until supper. I have a Carnation Instant breakfast (the shake kind that you mix up), once you mix it microwave it for about 30 seconds to warm it up so the cold milk won’t hurt your teeth. I have two Life brand “complete meal replacement shake” which tend to fill me up (I am a big guy, so one may do for you). Then at supper I will eat a normal meal, not having to use your teeth all day can sometimes mean you can have a less painful meal.
    – Stop eating chips or other snack foods. The constant munching motion, even if you are chewing on the other side of the painful area, can aggravate your mouth. Switch to having some cereal, something you don’t have to crunch much. Mini wheat’s were nice and easy, so was Special K. Try to stick away from cereals like sugar crisp as they will cause you pain.
    – Robaxacet. This will help relax your back and muscle tension, will also help relax your jaw muscles which will be pulling tight. Take about an hour before going to bed.

    The tips above help keep me going and help control the pain, hopefully it will help someone out. I know I mentioned a lot of name brands above, but tried to list the products people would maybe recognize.

  79. I’m sorry for all of you with the bad tooth pain. I too have a sore tooth, and it’s one that’s already had a root canal, so I don’t know what to think. FYI, I haven’t had a cavity since I started drinking diet soda almost 3 years ago, maybe 4. Maybe I traded one set of problems for another, but the teeth are happy with the switch.

  80. I took a toothache last Wednesday – I can honestly say I know how you people all feel – I was so bad I kept taking Co Codamol and Paracetamol at 6 hourly intervals- and still this didn’t work.. I have also been on amoxcyllin for the last 4 days and I can still feel the pressure in my Wisdom ttoth with the infection .. I can say though that rinsing your month with salty lukewarm water does help and rubbing on a toothpaste like Sensodyne also helped.. I am back to the dentist on Thursday – hopefully for extraction as the dentist says the toth isn’t worth saving — Good luck to you all – I really know how painful it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Tooth pain is so bad nothing is the same i have broken bones and it does not feel this bad, but i found clove oil to be good, i have herd it can damage nerves, but place it on your sore tooth, with a bit of cotton wool, and it does work a little, plus pain killers, and then masterbate i dont know why but it worked took my mind of it and let out some frusration.

  82. I am in INCREIBLE pain.I have 8 hrs till the dentist office opens up and I will be there waiting to beg for mercy so they will take this thing out of my mouth.I cant call it a tooth anymore its porecelin hell fire! I have an exposed nerve in my back molar on my left side.My cheek is swollen,my eyes are swollen and its radiating up and down my jaw and to the rest of my gum line.This is unreal.WHY dont they have a dentist emergency room???? I have tried Vicodin..Anacin….now Tylenol PM,toothache drops,cold compress,warm compress…. NOTHING WORKS.I feel like I could pass out it is that extreme.I need to find my zen like state and zone out of my body.If I had weed or crack maybe that would help but Im not a druggie.This could make me one though.Lousey Vicodin is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray for me I get it pulled this morning please!

  83. woooo fake filling from the dentist..the dentist put in fake filling for about 2 months and i felt relived even during the process that shit didnt hurt 1 bit.. it actually tickled alil

  84. wow. nothing in my life has been more painful then this. I am a big tough guy and this has me face down crying out of frustration and pure agony. I am on 4 vicodins, half a bottle or orajel and now I am drinking scotch in hopes that I will get tired. I already took a sleeping pill/ vodka on the tooth and warm salt water and nothing is helping me! I am terrified of the dentist but tomorrow will pray that they can get me in and take out my 4 impatced wisdom teeth =[ My whole jaw and neck and ear hurt, this is pure torture. Good luck to you all I know I need it to make it thru this night “3am now”


  85. toothache no pain like it on earth nothing works tried it all no nhs dentist available a small bit of tooth fell out my god the pain shot through me been suffering 2 months now cant afford private my eye ear and head feel like there gonna explode has anyone pulled there teeth out with pliers
    seems like the pleasureable option

  86. I know exactly how you feel.. i searched google for guides on howto pull your own teeth out but heck i cant find anything. This pain is unbelievable. I’ve had Toothache/Earache and occasional headaches for 5 days now, i feel like going to a boxing club just to hope my teeth get punched out. It started as a broken tooth but never had problems with it for months, but now all of a sudden its hit me with the mother of all aches and i dont have a dentist to goto. Oh well i guess all i can do punch myself until im unconscious.

  87. i have not got dentist and i would like to know how can i get a dentist from hns and i have to stop toothache and two tooth has broken and i can not find a dentist at all they start to be pivite now and i can not paid because i am on the sick for good and i need help please help me to stop toothache

  88. This pain sucks bad! I got this toothace friday and decided to wai to see if it will go. NEVER DO THIS EVER, go straight to the dentist, I have never been so happy to see my dentist. He couldnt see what was wrong with it from the x-ray and looking at it and has given me penacilin as he thinks its an infection. I went to the “emergency dentist” on sunday and they said they thought it was a tooth at the back and filled it with a temparary filling because basicaly theyre an ass and too lazy to do a normal filling and said my normal dentist will have to pul a real one in even though he is shut until monday (today). So I am still in agony and hoping to god this penacilin works fast and kills the infection if there is one. Specificaly the pills are called Amoxicillin Capsules BP. The only thing that helps the ache is ice cold water, I have a cup for sippin and a cup for spittin. But if i stop this cicle the pain is INSANE for about 30min then it calms down to a dull ache, I have earache and all kinds. I hope this goes soon because its so horriable, the pain is crazy bad.

  89. OMG!!!! severe pain..root canal ordered…for 3 weeks from that appt..I have been in pain for 2 solid weeks…I’ve popped 4 ibpro’s every 3 hours, ran out of Codeine, sucking on Ambesol tubes, ice packs and still PAIN!! My mom just gave me some Codeine she had from an early question…CAN YOU TAKE CODEINE OR IBPRO BEFORE YOUR ROOT CANAL?? i WAS TOLD NO MED’S 10 DAYS B4 AN APPT…IS THIS TRUE?? if so, how am i to survive????

  90. Had wisdom tooth and molar’s roots extracted last week, and a root canal and temporary crown on friday, today’s tuesday. Had throbbing agonizing pain in the tooth all weekend. Been drinking enough whiskey to drop a mule, doesn’t affect me, but it does stop the pain for short periods. I’ll try some of the suggestions here.

    But honestly, I wish I had taken better care of my teeth. What a pain to have, I have never experienced anything like it. The place where my wisdom tooth and molar was extracted is painful as hell, rushing up the side of my face to my head, I can’t wait for hometime to go and swallow a bottle of whiskey. Oh and for the first time in my life, I’m looking forward to seeing the dentist tomorrow, even if it’s for the shots she’ll give me for temporary pain relief. I’ll beg for pain pills.

  91. hey guys, ive just gotten a wisdom tooth pulled out after 2days of aching pain, and no sleep. what can i say, when the numbness started wearing off, then i started feel bad pain, im on my second day of my tooth being out, and it doesnt hurt as bad, but my jaw feels a little worn, feels like the muscle has been stretched, any remedys on that, feels like pain. also how can i have my gum in which the tooth was pulled out to heal quicker and without getting any nasty infections.. cheers guys..

  92. I just wanted to say that the other night (monday) i had this excruciating pain. i came home from work and it just increased 10 fold. well i got home, had a light dinner, while getting to know my good friend “Jose Creveuo”. after 5 shots of him, and a few tynelol rapid release (yeah right) i climbed in my bed about 830 pm. well by 9 i was wide awake tossing and turning. by 915 i was sleep, with sweat beading up on my forehead it hurt sooo bad. so up i go, popping more pills, by 11 (mind you i’ve been up and down since 830 – between the pain, and my ignorant neighbor who lives above me who has a fetish for walking during the times when people need to sleep), i couldn’t take it anymore. im in my bed crying in pain, yelling at my neighbor to take his butt to bed, searching on the internet for remedies, b/c i dont have the 300 for a root canal. then i come across this site, and my eyes are all out of focus trying to read and block out the pain. so i get up and run to walgreens, get the dental gum, some more ambesol. come home, did the swish with vodka, with “Jose”, with listerine, finally i pop a tynelol 3 with codine. come back to bed, read a lil more, still not working, got a few phone calls, cried some more, got up rinsed with enough salt water to fill a fish tank, brushed my teeth a few times, popped a vicodin, took another shot of jose, climbed in my bed, within 20 mins i was out like a light.

    but i must say i woke up the next morning and my pain was gone. and when i say gone, i mean gone, i felt refreshed, i had slept thru the night, my sleep walking neighbor didnt wake me, i slept like i had no pains, no worries, no nothing. i hope like hell that between now and june 6 when i go in for my root canal it doesn’t come back. work is getting stressful, and i can’t take any more time off, without it being unpaid.

    *sigh* thanks for listening

  93. I read everyones and i do mean everyones comments and i tried everyone of them (except the coke) and nothing has touched the pain its my top and bottom teeth on my right side. My head is about to explode and at this point I’m kinda praying it does,no i mean it. I can’t get to the dentist till tommrow so here goes another night of no sleep.

  94. Ok. I have chronic allergies, and when my sinus acts up, the ENTIRE F**KING SIDE of my face aches. It sounds like what a lot of you are going through. Its actually caused by pressure. Try a cold pill, or an allergy pill, like advil cold and sinus or my favorite, motrin IB cold and sinus. I’ve been having this for three days now, and not even the prescriptions are helping me, thats why I’m awake right now, but in most cases, it knocks it right out.

  95. Holy Shiznit I have a toothache. I’ve been to the dentist and they insist I come back in 2 weeks. When I call them and tell them I need to have it worked on now…they schedule me to come in in a week but with the WRONG tooth. What a bunch of morons! My back up dentist is even out of town. So much for emergency visits. What a bunch of assdarts!

  96. Holy Shiznit this hurts! Of course I can’t see a dentist until next week. Even my back up dentist is out of town. So much for emergency appointments.

  97. okay left one message guess it didnt work so heres again. yall are right toothaces are worst than any pain ever because its your face and its not something you can ignore. i got one now too but i’ll be takin the pain away soon as im done writing this. for those of us who dont have insurance and cant afford to get the bad teeth pulled ill tell you what i do. if you have a weak stomach dont read this but if all you can think about right now is how bad your teeth hurt read on. yes the vodka and the other shit work but only for so long and depending how bad the tooth is. so if your not goin to the dentist. GO TO WALGREENS BUY A BAG OF COTTON BALLS AND THEN GO THE THE TOOTH AISLE NEAR THE ANBESOL AND STUFF AND BUT “RED CROSS” its a small bottle comes with tweezers and cotton pellets. now for being such a small bottle its a little price almost $7 for this teeny weeny bottle but you’ll be glad you did. if you just have a kinda bad toothache then just use the red cross. but if your ready to die instead of feel having a toothache then take a piece of cotton first just a piece big enough to place in the cavity or decayed tooth suck on that tooth as hard as you can its goin to hurt like hell but only until you suck all the crap out of it. it may be infection it may be blood it may be both. but anywayz just keep doin it till you dont get anything else out. BE VERY CAREFUL DO NOT SWALLOW THE BLOOD OR INFECTION THAT COMES OUT. then after you got it all out use the red cross simply put some on a piece of cotton big enough to fit in the tooth now the red cross is very strong its clove oil (eugenol). it will burn anything it touches dont get it on your skin especially but if you do it wont kill you. anywayz so put the red cross soaked cotton in your tooth and let it sit until it stops hurting usually takes me about 5 minutes or so. I like to do the dishes or fold clothes or something while its in so it takes my mind of the burning. oh and it will make you salivate alot so dont swallow keep spitting it out until you decide to take the cotton out. or its gonna make your stomach feel yucky. sometimes i like to take a couple of excedrin or motrin to because it may irritate your gums but that will go away after a minute and so will the toothache. i can almost guarantee it i have a few horribly bad teeth due to losing alot of calcium during pregnancy and can afford to get them all taken fixed right now. so that is what i do and it may last you all day it may not but if you have to repeat the process its better than having your whole face hurt. so get on down to the nearest walgreens cause they are the only ones i know that carry the ‘red cross’ if you try this email me and let me know how it worked.

  98. the comment by zoe is so true “toothache no pain like it on earth” I have had 3 kids all natural not pain killers at all with the last two and I had reather give birth again than to ever have another toothache again a day in my life. I have had so many I cant even begin to count. never heard about the vodka but just tried and i’ve been up all night, done took aleve and a kicka** pain killer (XODOL) i got one month ago from the denist when i got another tooth cut out and it didn’t stop till i rubbed it down in vodka of course if it wears off you could always just drink it and i’m sure than it would be gown for a while. i think i got the worst teeth in my family the just break for no reason they said they were brittle. denist told me it would cost 25grand to fix every thing that i needed to have done. going to see my denist monday cant take this much longer.

  99. Why do we call it tooth ache!? Ache! more like tooth Agony, I as like most of us sit here facing my 4th night with no sleep, and yet its 2006 and technology as good as it is today we still cant have an instant fix for tooth agony.. I have seen 2 emergancy dentists in 2 days and both said they cannot take my tooth out cause its infected, so they gave me antibiotics and i have been taking them for 30hrs and the swelling only appears to be worse, they say it takes time to work, i’m just hoping it does work pretty damn soon. I also went to the docs today cause over the counter drugs had no affect at all, the doc gave me some dehydracoedine pills 1 step down from morphine, i took one 4 hours ago and also a couple of paracetamol and get this, as i type the pain is slowly backing off. I really do hope all gets better for all of us cause this is truely by far the most painfull thing since cliff richard! take care all and may the tooth fairy be with you!

  100. The only thing that will work for a toothache is antibiotics. Trust me call anyone you know that has amoxicillin or a refill for it if you can’t get to denist, it will take the pain away for good. The infection is causing the toothache and the antibiotic will kill the infection. And if you go see a dentist DO NOT leave without a prescription for an antibiotic and a pain killer. You can also go to the emergency room for a toothache as well

  101. I know how everyone feels! I have had an extremem toothache in my back lower molar for 2 weeks now. And I am 7 months pregnant. Dont have a dentist and the pain is so unbearable at night i cant sleep. Cant take pain killers cause im pregnant and already took antibiotics and didnt help. Wish someone would just yank this tooth out for me. how long will i suffer??? This pain is unreal i sometimes think i cant make it through. the pain is constant and so sharp its UNBEARABLE!!!! HELP!!!!!

  102. thank you all for the suggestions. i can’t believe something like this exists, its so helpful. i had root canal yesterday and just searched webmd and nothing there so i googled it. i am trying the ice on the pain now and it feels much better. i had to finance the $1400 to have it done and will be paying in installments for years. i wish we all had better health coverage. please know i am thinking of all of us as we try to get through this torture. i wish i had booze in house,

  103. For about 3-4 weeks now my sinuses have been bothering me. When I wake up I have tons of build up in my nose and it is hard to come out fully. MY nose has not gotten any btter and it now feels like I have sores inside my nose. Then about 5 days ago my very back top tooth started to ache. I have been in severe pain and have been taking tons of motrin. I went to 2 dentists and they have said it needs a root canal because the filling in it is close to the nerve. However, I am only 21 and do not want to believe I need a root canal already. Do you think it may be from my sinuses and I just need an antibotic? HELP!

  104. I agree a tooth ache is probably the worst pain imaginable. I have a few fairly decayed wisdom teeth and a molar that lost it’s filling and it feels like my jaw is broke and my ear drum is going to explode. I’ve tried advil,aleve, extra strength tylenol, tylenol 3, anbesol and nothing will dull the wretched pain, so it looks like it’s time to go in debt and see a dentist(oh the joy of no insurance)

  105. I am in so much pain now I cannot stand it i took 4 ibupropen and 2 aspirin, and extra strength ambesol my right side feels like its swelling and I am intense pain, if anyone knows anything to do, its 6.30 and all the dentists are gone I am going tomorrow if I can survive tonight. Help!!!!!!!!!!!11

  106. i feel all of you guys. NOTHING is working for me either. sending the kid to bed and the guy to buy vodka and clove oil while i try the salt water thing. i am terrorized by dentists, and try to wait the pain out, but this time i dont think i will be able to. its my canine tooth in the front, so i dont want it pulled, but after reading all this, i dont think i want a root canal either. and i have just recently discovered a pea sized painful lump directly under the tooth at my jaw. LOVELY!! HELP!!!!!!!! does that mean its abcess and going to kill me?

  107. i am not alone! thank god for you people i was starting to think that i was losing my mind, have taken paracetamol and ibuprofen, tried the warm salt water thing and yes you guessed it…no change! I WANT 2 DIE! aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! thank you to whoever said about neat sensodyne toothpaste, hurts like hell wen u first apply it but halved the pain in a few seconds hence i have managed 2 get my hand away from clutching at my agonised jaw just long enough to type this. thats it, im gonna go 2 the dentist! just as soon as i find 1! they’ve all gone privete round here and nhs waiting lists take 4eva! plus the fact that its 3am so chances of finding a dentist that dedicated are rather slim, theres 1 who lives over the road but he appears 2 h8 me so we wont go there! i give this half an hour then im either turning to religion or suicide! owww *cries* gud luck all of you, i hope you find a quick and easy way out of this hell!

  108. Hey Everyone, Have I got news for you!!! The best way to get rid of a toothache, is NOT ONLY going to the dentist, to get that damn tooth fixed, BUT…. The BEST thing in all the world to temporarily get rid of the pain is “Percocet!” A prescribed medication. It ALWAYS helps me out. I take it for a few days , and I dont get another toothache, for atleast another month or two!! But , I mean depending on them, ain’t the smartest idea, but it works!! PROMISE

  109. I too have had excruciating pain from a decayed tooth. I’ve found that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) with some filtered water swished around helped stop the pain in seconds. It will neutralize the acid produced by the bad bacteria.

    At first it stung and made the pain worse, then about a minute later, I noticed I had no more pain. I finally can get some sleep. Try it!

  110. Holy crap. It feels like the entire right side of my face is about to explode. I had a killer ear ache and a killer tooth ache at the same time and started to wonder if the two were related and it turns out this is a perfect sign of an impacted wisdom tooth, which of course I can’t afford to have dealt with. My current solution: pour a shot of Jack Daniels, hold it in my mouth by the painful tooth for as long as I can. It helps the toothache but it doesn’t do crap for the ear pain.

  111. I have had my tooth ache pain for a week now and I’m afraid to visit the dentist (only 16 years old) for a root canal. I would rather have my tooth pulled out than that!! I dont know what to do but the pain is growing inside my jaw. Sometimes when I “suck” on the tooth it would make this excruciating pain for a few minutes and I feel like I would get a heart attack from it. It scares me now whenever I think of sucking the tooth. 🙁 My parents never focused on my teeth brushing when I was little and now this happens. When I grow up, I will do everything to keep my children with perfect hygiene so they dont have to go through what I experience.

  112. Too all the youngin’s out there. This is comming from someone who was never really “taught” the importance of prevenative dental maintainance. As a child and teenager, I never remember going to the dentist for annual, or bi-annual cleanings and checkups. I did have a couple of bad experiences with dentists as a child, which in turn, made me very reluctant to seek dental care. Now, in my mid-fortys, I wish I would have known then, what I know today. Please young weed hoppers, you must DEMAND from your parents, that you get your 6 months cleanings and checkups. Brush at least twice a day, and floss just as often. Alot of dental problems can be avioded, if precautions are taken. Don’t be like us here. It’s hard to conceive that an abcessed tooth can kill you, but it can. At the least, they can lead to other health problems. So here I sit, face and jaw throbbing. Gums swelled up like Robin eggs. Antibiotics have been started, dentist appointment has been made, but the pain presists, and all we can do is grin and bear it. Please,please, take care of your teeth.

  113. I have heard stories that going to the dentist for cleanup actually weakens your tooth’s enamel, increasing the likelihood of dental problems.

  114. Well thank god for google, but god sucks for creating toothaches. I wish we all had no pain ever again, however if my wish doesn’t work, I too have lots of ambesol, oragel, extra strength motrin, rinse with scope and occassionaly use a tea bag moistened with hot tap water if I am too pain riddled to wait for the kettle to boil. all of these things used together at times can advert the pain for awhile. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone, and others are awakend rudely by hell fire trying to rip thru our mouths and faces and heads. and eating, I am sooooo hungry. I hate pain, almost as much as bad tooth habbits (in hind sight of course) and dentists, oh yeah and if anyone knows pregnant people enforce the need for calcium my teeth went to hell during my second pregnancy. I am on my kids for mouth care but this fear of dentists needs to be resolved….we need to revolt and make the policies different. here’s to free, friendly dental care, that works and doesn’t make us feel WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when the pain lessons, lets organize. god speed the healing

  115. Well I am with you all on this horrible tooth pain. I have 2, count them 2 teeth that are broken (and fell off) from the gum, which leave both of them half in my mouth, The are both a little brown not black. But anything I put in my mouth and chew causes severe pain, which includes pounding in the area affected, jaw pain, ear pain, lighting like spasms in tooth area. My gum is all irrated. I have tried advil, forget it, I am so immune to advil it doesn’t work anymore. It is hard to eat cold/hot anything food/drink. I know that whatever it is it is bad, and I don’t need a dentist telling it is bad, Im not afraid but more embarrased of anything with this problem. I guess I have my ex to thank for this, (he was abusive, and knocked my teeth to brake) so hear I am paying for it….I have had 2 csections and this Is soooooooooooooooooooo Much worse. Heck I would take enougher csection so I could get rid of this pain!

    Last night was the worse, had some icecream with the family, and *it* started. Tried to go to bed at 11pm ended up passing out from pain around 5am, and then waking up to a screaming baby.

    Have any of you experienced tooth pain from stress. More stress I have seems to affect that side of my mouth.

    Ok enough of me talking (typing).

    Wish me luck, and luck to the rest of you 🙂

  116. This is just ridiculous. mine is on my lower left molar and i feel like tearing my entire lower jaw off – it actually seems like the pain would be less!!

    having toothache makes me wish i’d be born a tree.


  117. I’m in good company with my abscess I see. It’s 2;30 in the morning and I don’t expect to be getting a single second of sleep tonight. I have tried all the pain relievers to no avail, BUT – like someone above wrote – ice water is a god send. Will remove the pain INSTANTLY and completely but it only lasts 30 seconds. then you either swallow or spit, and repeat. I’ve been doing this for 12 hours – I take the ice water cup to the bathroom, the movies, I can’t bear the pain if I don’t get that ice water within 30 seconds. If the tooth is dead – ice water is the answer (until yu can get a root canal).

  118. I get toothaches alot and the only thing that gets me to sleep anymore are swishing peroxide around my mouth taking 6 excedrine and then holding the liquid childrens tylonal on the toothache for about 2-3 minutes.. But the pain always comes back. I don’t have the vodka right now and I can’t get it… I heard about salt water but that just sounds like it would make my toothache worse so forget that. I don’t know what to do.. I need help… Yeah people say go to the dentist… well you can’t go to the dentist at 3am so what do you do????

  119. Ok I am in excruciating pain here – started out as a cold…then what I thought was a sinus infection – but days later I am still having throbbing tooth pain. Does anyone know if these antibiotics will truly help???

  120. 4:30 am and im sitting here swishing ice water around in my mouth every 2 minutes. this sucks a bit of ass, i want sleep, but at least im not in pain, just wet!

  121. I found out that Oravive tooth remineralizing paste really works! It desensitizes my teeth so I BARELY feel any pain. It is basically a toothpaste but its designed to seal in the pores on your dentin that is revealing the nerves. I would suggest giving it a try at

  122. I ve too have tooth or teethpain. Its been 2 weeks and counting. It all started out as a very nasty sinus infection which spread from my nose to a clogged head, migraine type pain behind right eye, headaches, upper jaw numbneess, and stiffness in neck and shoulders. As for pain relief, I was lucky I got a script for Percocets from the Emergency Room ( so embarrasing ). The Percs worked OK @ times, (soon I was pooping them like candy). I’ve found relief from the vodka trick, Ambesol was ok, fresh garlic smashed next to area works ok (it burns), Tylenol PM, Tylenol Sinus, Motrin and Advil are all the same effect. TRY Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse!!!!!! (theactive ingrediants are peroxide and alcohol.) Rinse for 60 secs , then water, then Lesterine Regular Mouthwash. Works almost instantly!!!! If u are having teeth pain like myself, its most likely infected and antibotics are usually the trick. Well I have 3 more days to my DOCTOR appointment and 3 weeks for the dentist (4 cavities and maybe the wisdoms need to come out). Wish me luck….
    By the way…this may be a dumb question. Cigarettes cant B good But how much damage can u cause w/ tooth pain?
    26M Philadelphia (the cocaine trick works, try malt liquor)

  123. Focus on the tooth that is aching and suck in as hard as you possibly can, over and over again and the tooth will eventually leak all the blood/puss into your mouth, which will instantly relieve the pain. I know it’s gross, but just deal with it. Spit it out obviously and you’ll be fine. Your tooth hurts so badly because it’s filled with infection/blood that is pressing on the nerve, cause extreme pain. Suck it out and spit it out. It hurts like hell, but it really works. I’ve done it with 5 toothaches and after I do it, the tooth never hurts again.

  124. God! Good that I found this site. I have two tooth situations. First is on my left lower side. It has this horizontal hole just next to the gum. It didn’t hurt before and I didn’t even notice it. But now…now the gum is swollen and my tooth started to hurt today. Never before. It also has an old filling on top. And the second is on my right upper side. But that one doesn’t hurt. I noticed it also has a hole next to the filling. People keep telling me I will have root canal heading my way. And they all describe it so awful and so traumatic. I am so scared of that. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I have loose stool and I even threw up because of such fear.

    I have a manic fear of dentists. My lower tooth right now hurts loads and I fear of root canal situation. Is it really that painful? Does it really hurt? I am scared of pain and that needle poking in my tooth. I almost think I am going to pass out on that chair. Can somebody please tell me if it is really that painful? Thank you for all the information.

  125. woah!!! the ride of a lifetime. rollarcoaster of pain anyone?
    have had bad teeth for years, and mother of all toothagonies to boot, but last night was simply the worst ever. I got on here about 3 in the morning and read every word, and the best tip on this list was excedrine migrane. for temperary relief you can keep antiseptic mouthwash in your mouth to kill the pain for about a half hour to an hour, at least to a respectable level. the best thing to help with the swelling over a longer period of time is biotene mouthwash. its ensymatic so dont follow it with alcohal or it wont work. best thing short of antibiotics. it works to kill the bateria in your mouth, have your tounge pierced and theyll tell you to use it. anbesol and oragel are a con. they work directly on the nerve true, but when they wear off witch is pretty quick they leave the nerve swollen and tender and the pain comes back exponentially. and of course you immediattly use more regardless of the warnings on the package and there you are through a whole tube bying more at the twenty four hour only to find that it isnt working anymore and the pain is hundreds of times worse than before. bad idea. heres the todo

    1. temperary pain, hold a smaal amount of listerine in the area of pain for relief or scope.follow the same with bacardi 151.
    2. after the pain subsides, best to take a couple of shots of that 151. down it alon with two exd. mig. two ibprof and two tylonol pm.
    3. when drowsy and finally ready to sleep, gargle with biotene to relieve bacteria, works better than anything else that kills bacteria for long term effect.
    4. get your self a teddy bear. its rude to wake your smoopy.

    god bless you all and I hope this helps.

  126. According to DR. ROBERT O. NARA, D.D.S. speaking at Total Health ’87, every time you have your teeth cleaned, you lose about 2 to 3 microns of your enamel. “Even in dental professional literature, they state that there is probably some damage to the root surfaces when they scrape with these scalers.” ( 92 ) In other words, one wonders if the cleaning process drums up extra business for dentists by weakening teeth and eventually allowing more cavities.

  127. Sigh, well, my tooth pain risen again! I think I have an abscess and I am so scared sometimes I feel like sitting in a corner alone to cry. I dont know what to do, I fear of telling my parents and seeing the dentist room with all the needles and weird pointy thingies! Theres two Waterlase dentists near here and what it is, is it replaces a drill to remove dental decay and to prepare for root canal. I dont think I can get a root canal though because I think my tooth is.. dead. The color of it isnt white//yellowish anymore, but a whitish grey sort of. I’m scared. /cry /cry /cry
    I feel like death is better than going through this pain. For the last three days I couldnt sleep well at night because it startles up then and UGH I just want to die.. but I wont. ;_;

  128. Whatever any of you do, DO NOT PUT ICE COLD WATER IN YOUR MOUTH. It may ease the pain BUT once you stop doing it, the pain WILL get WORSE. I just had a near death experience from this. Do what most people do, put warn water with salt in your infected tooth area and swish and repeat.

  129. Mommy!!! I had half my scalp torn off, a shattered cheek and orbital bone, 3 skull fractures, and a broken jaw at the same time. but compared to this… nothing. It’s all about your sanity man! anyway, I’ve also found WARM SALTY WATER to work along with being selective with what you eat. Avoid junk food (chips and sugary things) try not to eat anything acydic. keeping your mouth in the basic region of the pH scale helps. rinse with baking soda after eating, followed by salt water. also very important, if you own firearms, have a friend take them off your hands until the hellish nightmare comes to an end. Honestly, the though of ending it crossed my mind. try to relax and not move much, I found pacing around cursing just makes it throbb more. through a good comedy on the tube and try to forget (along with as many house-hold pain killers your liver can take). get your ass to the freakin dentist!!!

    oh please merciful mouth!!

  130. the last time i had a toothache this bad was 7 years ago, before there were blogs like this… now that it is here again the pain is not any less, but at least i get to commiserate with all my fellow sufferers!!!! the pain just RADIATES, like a tsunami spreading over your head, your neck and your face… now i feel like my eye sockets are going to swallow up my eyeballs… i am wallowing in tears and self-pity. i am through with dentists, pain killers and vodka. I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING ACUPUNCTURE OR EASTERN MEDICINE…. ANY TIPS?

  131. I’m finally doing it… I am off to the dentist on Monday for an extraction/root canal(maybe?) on my tooth which hurts like hell at night. I couldnt sleep at all and I spent most of my time in the bathroom rinsing with salt water. Enough is enough, I wont let a tooth take over my life. I hope you all do the right thing and go to the dentist. A tooth problem is no laughing matter.

  132. Bloody Hell!
    Had severe pain in the front tooth (which is chipped a bit)and I took some Coproximal and it’s gone. Now I have to call the Dentist and get it filled !!

  133. Whoever said concentrate on the tooth and suck real hard, saved my life. I arose in a sweat, from a drug induced nightmare, as a man posessed! I looked at my swollen face in the mirror and reflected on that advice. Out of pure frustration I did the unthinkable, jammed a toothpick into the nerve hole, loosening up what ever poison cyst was in there, then sealed my mouth to create a vacuum. the pain was so intense I believe shock set in. I felt something give, followed by a rush of relief and accomplishment. I spit into the sink 1/2 oz. of “bad blood” and that was that. now there is no more pain. 1min later I fell into a deep recuperative sleep (one of the best I’ve had)

    this may not work in every case and is very painful. but it saved me. 2 days now and no serious pain. thank’s for the idea.

  134. (See Entry 137) I had to go to the Emergency room again. My left side of my face from the cheekbone to my lower jaw was swollen.Also, I had some baggy growth in my mouth,(connecting to the side of my mouth and my gums) So any way….so 4pm I had enough, and took a cab to the ER. After waiting 4 hours to see a doctor. They found I had a nasty absess. He told me what he had to do to relieve the pain and infection. He said, “I could lance( sticking a needle in the swollen red pus bag) or scapel( slicing it open). I choose the lancing. He sprays some sort of bad numbing stuff on the pus bag and gums and sticks a long needle in it. I thought I was gonna die!!!!!!but I didnt=(
    Then he stuck some sort of vacuum and sucked it all out. It was about half the equivelent of a can of Pepsi, but instead of cola it was brown and golden pus. He keep sucking and pressing on the abscess and finally I felt some relief. Doc gives me 2 Percocets and 2 antibotics and a persciption of 20 Percocets and antibiotics. So this morning I woke up with a little swelling. I’m bout to fill the perscription NOW. I hope it doesnt return till I see a dentist (2weeks)

  135. My teeths are in really bad conditions according to the x-rays. I’m disappointed in myself for not taking proper care in brushing and flossing and now I live to regret it. They found out I had major calculus on my teeth and my wisdom teeth seem to be growing slanted and I have one teeth that has an infection and I’m being treated with antibiotics until I can get a root canal done in 4-8 weeks from now. Today at the dentist they removed a tooth that was nt growing, it was just sticking out the gum. I have to say, the needle shots didnt hurt one bit (well maybe a LITTLE). Right now my mouth is bleeding and I’m not sure what to do besides leaving a cotton ball on the gum. Can anyone give me advice on what to do after a tooth is extracted?

  136. I am 8 months pregnant and my teeth are falling apart — apparently, gums are receding and the nerves are exposed. Ironically, part of the problem is that I took brushing my teeth too seriously and ended up brushing too hard. I’ve never missed a 6 month cleaning in my life. I have 1 cavity and this is the thanks I get — the worst pain in my life. I went to the dentist and she sealed the tooth and now the pain is worse. I would like to extract my own tooth at this point, this pain is way worse than a spinal tap or recovering from abdominal surgery. I’d rather give birth without anesthesia. At least I’d know that it would have to end.

  137. i want to rip off my jaw. my tooth hurts soo bad i just want to rip it out. i am trying to think but it’s hard. this pain takes over everything. the pain shoots trough my face and make the rest of my teeth hurt. i have yet to make a dentist appointment with hope that it will go away. it has beena month and still pain. i think i am going to ask someone to pull it out tonight. i just want it to stop!!!!!!!

  138. Man my top back tooth hurts. It broke awhile ago but no pain untill now! And the wisdom tooth behind it is coming in. 🙁 I have a host of prescription painkillers and even some leftover antibiotics but id give my left foot for a shot of novocaine right now!

  139. I have single handedly put my dentist’s children through college with having other dental issues addressed, and he cannot see me until Monday (I called this past Monday). I’m in such pain now I wish I could fix the damn crown myself. I think I should have had him call in a prescription. Idiot. I will probably die from an infection.

  140. my story. I cracked one of my teeth on my Dad’s gummy bears that he put in the fridge (no clue as to why he does this.) Anyhoo, it’s a back molar …didn’t go to the dentist at first and now i feel stupid. I’m in soooo much pain. It’s not so much the tooth pain… but it feels like someone is driving a nail directly in my ear.

    I took a vicoden …not only did that double the pain i feel sluggish and in pain.

    Of course i’m writing this on the weekend. But, what i did to temporarily get rid of the pain is swirl crest mouthwash around that area (removes the pain for about 30 min.) I’m going to take penicillin …and hope for the best. Pain is comming back, back to the mouthwash.
    There goes 1500 dollars or so to get this fixed 🙁 I always think i could have taken a nice vacation or purchased a nice hdtv screen tv ..instead of fixing this tooth!

  141. Story:

    Monday: toothache
    Tuesday: dentist. Removes old filling, finds base of molar to be cracked. Explains options: root canal or extraction. We agree that root canal is better option (keeping teeth). He does state that it ‘may be beyond the point of no return’. I ask what he means, he states ‘you may still get an infection.’ So he does root canal and puts in a temp filling.

    Wednesday: back to dentist – lots of pain. Puts me a 5 day course of penicillin.

    Thursday: call dentist – more pain. Tells me I had the option of extraction but declined! Under his advice.

    Friday: back to dentist – tells me to be brave! And to finish the course of anti-biotics.

    Saturday: Absolute agony, off to emergency dentist. Won’t take tooth out. When you have an infection, the aniphestic does not work 100%. Tells me to go back to my dentist on Monday!

    In agony, want to kill everyone. I have noted one valid point in my tale: why did my dentist not explain to me the ramifications of an infection. Had he said ‘I can extract or do a root canal which may result in the most painful experience of your life.’ I guess i would have gone with extraction.

    Incidently: it is 5am, had 2 hours sleep for second night in a row. I am taking 3 x 500mg Penicillin, 3 x 400mg Ibubrofen, 6 x 500mg Co-codomol (nice, but get a little stoned). I also have tickets for Wimbledon on Friday.

    So does anyone know if the anti-biotics will actually work? If so, when?

  142. To Troy – no home remedies really work. You need to call a dentist. I hear that ibuprofen works well to relax the tooth. Who knows…I took Tylenol and it only helped somewhat. Good luck. My saga continues….I finally got to see my dentist after waiting 6 days for an appointment for my broken crown. I think I should receive a medal for sucking it up. The pain was lovely. I was surprised I didn’t have an infection but I guess rinsing with hydrogen peroxide helped with that. I now suspect the temporary crown is too high and now my ear and jaw ache. I don’t go back to him until July 10th.

  143. AHHH! I had a crown on about a month ago. But the dentist didn’t do a root canal. She simply drilled off the decay around the nerve and popped a crown on it. Now it feels like someone is driving an icepick into my tooth and the pain is surging throughout my lower left jaw. Ibuprofren seems to be working for now, but my tooth hurt like this before I got the crown. And the Ibuprofen worked for a little while, then I went to Vicodin, then I had to use both!!! HELP!

  144. Jesus Christ, the testimonies from you people is simply astounding! I’ve had toothache before and I know for a fact that they hurt like a beotch. Here’s to finding some sorta relief for you people!

  145. god,the pain ‘ went to the dentist today and got molested with her drill , my tooth has a temporary filling on it as im in the middle of a root canal. ive taken ibuprofen , held brandy against it and found that the only cure is to get totally drunk which i now havinng discovered this plan to keep up until the next appointment in a week

  146. I cried myself to sleep last night. And it was sad, because I think crying actually relieved the pain a little bit. Had alot of expensive dental work done back in 2003, and I think something went wrong somewhere. It looks like all my teeth are black on the inside and the process has just moved from the back molars up to the front teeth. I am in so much pain it is unbearable. My neck hurts, my ear hurts, I can even feel it in my eye. I have tried Advil, Excedrin, Tylenol, even Aleve 500mg tabs and nothing has relieved the pain. I have used clove oil, Kankha Gel and Orajel liquid. I have tried to sleep on ice, and while it dulls the pain for a moment, I can’t take it. I think I have a wisdom tooth that has come up through my gums and is pushing into another tooth (or trying to push through more gums). My dentist can’t see me for a while…I am in SO much pain. OOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  147. Had an appointment with the dentist and he said he had to extract my upper right molar. Fair enough, went there, he took it out. Didn’t feel any pain.

    I come home, and as soon as the numbness starts to fade…OW!!! It’s been 3 days since i’ve been and it’s still in agony. Plus there’s this weird taste in my mouth…Is this normal?

    By the way, here’s a tip for anyone with toothache: Get a hot water bottle, fill it with hot water (Not scalding hot obviously) and lie down on it. Relieves the pain lots!

  148. about 6 weeks ago i had an abses top left somewhere and my dentist of 20 years gave me some antibiotics. took them an booked an apointment for the rootcannal for tomora. and guess what last night my filling fell out and tyhe abses has flared up. for sum strange reaswon my lower jaw really bloody hurts too. i know i m not gonna get any sleep tonight just like last night. toothache is by far the worst thing in the world. it just tops back ache, but not by much. roll on tomorow i hope he can cure my pain…..

  149. See…Entry 137 and 149. I’m back again. Woke up a hour ago with the same toothpain.(3:01am). First I rinsed with the Listerine Pre Brush Rinse ( alcohol and peroxide). It helped very little this time. So, I’m all out of Percocets. I walked to the store, got a bottle of Tylenol PM and Motrin. Popped 4 Pms, and 1 Motrin. Check this out!!!!!!!!!! Rinse with WARM to medium hot salt water (the more salt the better) I rinsed for about 5 mins. Woot!! =) Its throbbing but nothing like when I woke up. I’m surprised that the salt trick helped. Pms kicking now. Ninight/ morning everyone.

  150. I am finally pain free (no toothache, no earache – new crown put on today) this site helped alot…thanks for listening

  151. Oh my gosh the medical system in new zealand sucks!!! Cant get into dentist for two weeks i cant see my doctor for a week and i am going to die!!! Havent slept in three days and am drinking whiskey and it is only 11.00am!!! grrr i hate the medical system!!! just rang my boyfriend crying! i want to die!!!!

  152. Man!! I am so happy to to read people comments about the same thing I am going thru these last couple if weeks has been hell!!!I have this hole in my wisdom tooth and I could not afford to get it fixed until now with my new job insurance thank God for Medical plans. I cant sleep the pain will wake me up in the middle of the night everyday!!!until I started take some Motrin. I going to try the vodka I have a appointment on Monday and its Friday I’m going to have a long drugged up and drunk weekend cuz i cant take the pain no more!!(shouting)

  153. I just ran to the store and bought some Sensodyne- i packed it down into my molar and within 3 minutes the pain was gone !!!! THANKS FOR THE HELP !

  154. my husbands face is so swollen right now. We had to leave work an hour after we got there. So the dentist is getting a phone call this morning. This man can withstand any kind of pain………….except a toothache. He has taken pennicillin, 12 advil, 2 prescription pain pills, and the pain still hasn’t stopped, and now the pain is shooting up into his ear. HELP!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what else to do for him. Any one have any suggestions???
    I know about the vodka thing but don’t live near a liquor store. But my neighbor always has liquor on hand so maybe he can help. Does the sensodyne toothpaste help that much??? Something’s gotta give before he goes insane over a damn toothache. hope everyone starts feeling better

  155. Can’t stand it anymore…Flew to Massachuset on Friday 6/14 tooth started to hurt. (Dentist says that flying can usually help detect a bad tooth) I have a high threshold for pain but can not stand this anymore – i am going crazy. Stayed in MA for 4 days (Heat Wave and no Air) no dentist wanted to see me up there called my home dentist. He gave me clindamyicin and vicodin (makes me itchy) I have been adding in 600-100mg Motrin, barely cuts the pain. Saw the DDS today, and the Endodontist will see me on Monday – 6 DAYS!!! Taking Percodan now and it is not phasing the pain – I am gonna ask for Demerol tomorrow if it does not subside, the antibiotics seem to have relieved some pressure. This will be the 8th root canal for me and by far the worse pain so far.

  156. So glad I found this site, this toothache is driving me mental! I’ve had it for 3 days now, constant throbbing toe-curling pain that wont let up. And the pathetic NHS in the UK cannot give me a dental appointment until August! They dont even class toothache, no matter how bad, as an ridiculous. I think I’ll be rattling around with painkillers for the next few weeks and I’m even going to try my luck on holiday in Spain next week and see if they can help me with a dentist there instead. Going to try the vodka tonight even though it makes me sick..anythings better than this. Bleeuughh.

  157. Wow, I have got a terrible toothache. Started 3 days ago and have not slept since. Looked in the mirror and it looks like someone has beat the crap out of me. The entire left side of my face is swollen. My left eye is swollen shut and keeps watering and there is a little puffy bag under that eye. I look like suzy who from the grinch show or like a character from the planet of the apes. My nose is also swollen and the left nostril is swollen shut. Can’t afford the dentist, but afraid that this infection could be serious. I have heard news reports before about people actually dying of a tooth infection. I am so scared, my top lip is swollen and can’t eat, don’t think I would want to. Anyways just wanted everyone to know I feel the pain with you. I have had 4 kids naturally and was crushed between a house and van that broke my left femur in my leg and could not walk for 2 mths then had to walk with a walker for a while and none of that pain compares to the toothache.

  158. wow… i have a decayed tooth and it dosent hurt yet in my upper mouth my gum is infected and the tooth that is on top of the gum has a slight cavity in the bottom which causes the bottom of the tooth to be sharp so its constantly stabing the infect part of my gum… the pliars are looking real nice right about now… and i dont have any vodka, but will rum work?

  159. im sorry but i have to add that ive broken my wrist, sliced my leg open on lava rock and landed ona patch of vana all at the same time surfing down in hawaii, for everyone who dosent know vana is just another name for sea urchin, and when u land on one or many the bristles break off into hundreds of shards that stick into your skin, and you cant get them out by yourself, u need to dip the wounded part of your body in searing hot white vinigar for 30 minutes every day for 1-2 months untill it disolves.

  160. oops forgot to add the whole purpose of the second post. all that put together isnt anywhere near the constant pain im filling, its been going on for over 24 hours and i havent gottena more then 5 minutes of sleep before i wake up with a searing pain in my mouth!!!

  161. Toothaches are some sort of evil punishment. At least that is the conclusion that I have come to. I don’t have insurance, so a dentist will not see me. I broke my wisdom tooth a year or so ago, and now the entire right side of my mouth hurts. Not just one tooth, all of them. I have tried oral gel and all it seems to do is make my tongue numb. The only vodka I have is UV Blue, but am seriously going to attempt that. Just a note…I have a torn ligament in my ankle that I am currently awaiting treatment for, and this doesn’t even come close to the pain I am feeling in my dang mouth!

  162. Hi I’m 9 months pregnant and can’t do anything about the horrible pain I feel in my mouth. Its 4:00 am and i cant sleep. I also have pregnacy issues to deal with and I am do for a C-section in 2 weeks. Can’t do anything about this horrible toothace, not to mention it happened on a weekend when no dr. will help.

  163. thanks to all of you, i thought that i was the only person in history to be going through this, the right side of my face is unbelievably painful and if i rest my head on anything it just starts throbbing, i has this for about 3 months and it just seems to be getting worse, which up until a month ago i thought was impossible. i’ve tried pain killers, vodka, glove oil etc but the only thing that seems to make it bearable is keeping ice water in my mouth but as soon as i spit it out within a minute or two the pain is back, finally i realised that the pain is to much for me to handle and i’m giong to the dentist in 3 hours, i will just have to wait and see if she can take this pain away, i can’t do anything cause all that i can feel is this pain so i’m very unproductive at present, i’m not quite at the praying stage but if this dentist doesn’t fix it today i would be willing to try even stranger things :r

  164. Toothache is the the absolute worse pain in the world. I went to bed on Monday night, fine as can be. Woke up about 3am with slight pain, took a mersyndol went back to sleep. Went to work on Tues with a tinge as the day progressed i got worse. Went to the chemist and brought sm33, a mouth wash and toothbrush & toothpaste. $26 later and relief for 30mins this is at 11am. I knew it was an abcess and the pharamist suggested i get some penacillian. I hung out at work trying to be brave, by 3pm my friend demanded that i go to the doctor. He gave me a shot of penacillian and told me to go to the dentist when the abcess goes down. By 5pm i was crying in pain and poppin pain killers like they were lollies.
    Nuerofen worked pretty well for the rest of the night until this morning. I woke up in tears. I was going insane all day until about 3pm when i rang the public dentist for help they told me to come straight, luckily i was seen pretty much straight away. My teeth were that rotten and infected that I have now had 2 teeth removed, I am still in immense pain, the denist told me that removing the teeth will only releive some of the pain as the infection is that bad and deep it will probably take a week to clear up.
    I hope that i can keep my sanity for that long.
    i really wished i had of listened to my parents when they told me to brush my teeth, i probably would not be suffering this much now.
    Thanks for listening
    Annmarie from Australia

  165. i had a root canal done on thrusday and today is monday. I have had shooting pain everyday. I use pain relievers for a couple of days, it takes the pain away for half an hour. Then I switch to Morin now it works for a good hour then pain. i haven’t had a good night sleep for three days. I was notified that I had Voldka in the house by my husband. So I will try that. It seems to work for everyone else because I haven’t seen a complaint about it yet. I need sleep!!

  166. I am 25 years of age since last weeks my gums are swollen the last back 4 tooth are painfull i dont know if its the wisdom tooth coming out

  167. It is 1 am and Ive downed so many Tylenol and Ibuprofen 600s that Im suprised I havent overdosed.My whole left side of my mouth is swollen, pretty sure I have an abcess.Ive never wanted sleep so bad in my life.Its also Saturday and I cant get into a dentist until Monday.What will they do if I go to the emergency room…the pain is that bad.

  168. It is now 5:00 am and I am still up after being up most of the night. I have had a toothache for 2 days on the weekend of course. I do not have dental insurance right now. There are no dentists that are opened on weekends. I am trying not to go to the emergency room. I have been on mega doses of extra strength tynelol. Anbesol, salt water and toothpaste did not work. I don’t have any vodka in the house as I can’t drink on the other medication I am on. I just pray for all of you that your pain will subside and that you will find some relief.

  169. Hello All,

    I just had a molar AND a wisdom tooth pulled out of my jaw. The pain was so intense I saw stars when I bit down. It is still very very sore and difficult to open my mouth. I wanted to share a little trick with you all that seemed to work the greatest for pain. One Advil Migraine gel tab. Poke a hole in one end and squeeze the gel on to the sore area around the gum and on the tooth for instant releive (mind the bad taste).


  170. I recently got a tooth removed as it had the biggest whole ever… i had an incensetive jerk pulling out my teeth AND when he was finished i wasnt quite sure if he got all the pieces out but assured me he did. he said there was infection there but didnt prescribe me for antibiotics or anything.
    As my mouth is very small my wisdom tooth is moving into that space. Im not sure if now the gum has hardened it wont come through fully or not… (i can feel is partially out.)
    Also for some reason there is a tooth on the lower jaw. a wisdom. trying to come through but there is clearly no space… it hasnt really tried to come through before but the gum looks to have changed colour abit (Bruised) and my jaw is hurting like hell… At first i couldnt tell weither the top or bottom wisom was hurting as they are both on the same side… but it seems to be the bottom one…. its hurting my mouth,right side of my face… my glands, my ear and its giving me a headache. The pain is unbearable. nothing seems to be working. (only a hot water bottle on some occasions) im not sure of what to do next. (im going to the dentist on wednesday but im not sure of what they can really do…) im abit worried 🙁

  171. I just went to the ER for my abscessed tooth. Like some of you, I cannot afford to see a dentist anytime soon. (No insurance, and they won’t bill you anymore.) The ER doc told me (like I didn’t know) that I had a terrible abscess. My face was swollen from under my chin, to under the ear. It looked like an apple. I’ve had an abscess before, but this is the mother of mothers. I cried out loud in the ER everytime he tried to examine inside my mouth because it hurt to open. He finally said I needed to be on a potent regiment of antibiotics, so he gave me that and a strong pain reliever. Believe it or not, motrin helps more than the pain killers he gave me. I am alternating them. Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in soon, and this swelling, which has stretched my skin so taut that it looks like I’ve had a lower face lift, will subside soon.

  172. I am so thankful I am not alone. I have to get 12 teeth pulled and I can’t get myself to go to the dentist. First I am not sure how I will pay for since insurance only like a penny towards it. But on top of that I have horrible panic attack when ever I think or go to the dentist. All because some horrible dentist dropped the drill in my mouth while doing a routine root cancel. I had to have 20 stitches in my mouth. That was almost 9 years ago. I have been living in pain since then. Everyday I have a tooth ache. I just wish I could over come this fear. I can’t take the pain anymore and I am sure the people around me are sick of hearing my complain about how much I am in pain. How am I ever going to get 12 teeth pulled. I am so scared. I am crying just typing this thinking about it. My husband doesn’t understand since he doesn’t mind the dentist and he is not in pain. thank you all for letting me share this with you.

  173. This is the worst pain ever. Went to the dentist two weeks ago who gave me a temporary filling and a course of antibiotics for 3 days just in case there was an infection and i must say its the best £15 i have ever spent it gave me instant relief of toothache. However the dentist told me to leave it for 1-2 weeks and the nerve/root will die out then i can go and get it removed, so ive waited 2 weeks and guess what the nerve hasnt died and im in agony. Ive found the best remedy for relieving the pain is definately Alcohol, but if you have to be up early the next day its out of the question. Listerine is a good remedy, Ibuprofen (which i have been munching on like they are sweets), and milk believe it or not has releived the pain on occasions. Having a party tomoz so im gonna get absolutely wasted and then try and remove the bugger myself as this pain is ridiculous. Have you got the option of having a tooth removed from the dentist or do they decide what you should have, cos theres no way im forking out for a root canal, id rather have the bugger taken out.

  174. I can’t believe nobody has said anything about clove oil! You can get it at any drugstore. Dip a toothpick or a Q-tip (take a little of the cotton off so you don’t get too much oil)and put it on the tooth that hurts. It will stop immediately! Plus the clove oil is antiseptic. The only downside is it may kill the nerve in the tooth permanently but WHO CARES (!) when your tooth hurts you can’t even think straight.

  175. OUW 🙁 my wisdom tooth is killing me, all four corners have erupted through and i cant eat and find it hard to talk 🙁 Gum is all red and swollen :\

    I dont want it taken out , as the dentist said there was enough space to grow!

    I rubbed ouzo/arak on it and it numbed pain for a bit, but not enough and not completely!

  176. It doesnt taste very nice but CLOVE OIL on a cotton bud rubbed on the gums on the affected area dulls the pain abit.

    (it works for me at night when i feel the pain is at its worst.)

  177. Last week I was fitted for a crown on a molar. Tuesday it started aching so badly. But it only hurt in the morning when I got up. I figured maybe I grind my teeth when I sleep. Today, I went for the permanent crown and told the dentist about the pain. He figures I might need a root canal, even though he took an xray before fitting me for the crown and the root looked fine. He said the temporary crown looked ok and hadn’t come loose. He put the permenant crown in but with temporary cement. I’ll see him again in a week to check it out.

    Anyone ever hear of a root going bad so quickly?

  178. I cannot sleep normally this whole week because of this terrible pain on the right side my upper and lower jaw, my ear and the right side of my head.I cannot pinpoint which tooth is the cause since it feels like every freaking tooth hurts in result of this pain. It’s strange that the pain kicks in from 12 am to 5 am, it eases momentarily and then comes back again. If banging my head on the wall were an option for relief, I would do it in a heart beat. I’ve been putting so much Orajel in my mouth that my whole jaw is numb. It seems like Motrin or Advil work best for temporary relief. The only other experience that I’ve had with similar pain is when I caught a bad cold when I was younger and got sinus headaches for a week.
    The new dental coverage I’ve got is an HMO plan so it turns out the dentist that I used to go to only takes PPO. So I’m screwed until I register with a clinic that accepts HMO.

  179. The problem with amalgam fillings, apart from the fact that the mercury in them is toxic and could very well be creating a host of long-term illnesses in your body, is that in order for fillings to hold, dentists have to drill the cavity out quite deeply, thereby reducing the strength of the tooth by 75%. Fillings later expand and cause the tooth to crack and this harbours more decay and the filling eventually falls out leaving the tooth in worse shape than had the initial cavity been left alone. I can’t wait for all my amalgam fillings to fall out. But will I get them drilled out or replaced by new generation fillings? No way. I have found that the pain related to a cavity or a broken tooth, while intense, is usually short-lived – lasting generally no longer than a week max and the pain is mostly controllable during that time anyway. The body obviously has a way of counteracting the pain. I mean, you have to ask yourself “how did people cope in the days before dentistry?” I find that most of the pain of a toothache is related to food particles and tooth/filling fragments that irritate the cavity. Therefore my first line of defence is to use strong (rounded) wooden toothpicks to dislodge these particles and clean out the cavity and thoroughly work the toothpick between the adjoining teeth. Then using my thumb and forefinger I wiggle the affected tooth as much as possible from side to side and then bite down on a tissue that’s been folded over and over. I do this routine after every meal and whenever I feel pain. All this manipulation can intensify the pain momentarily, but in my experience the body remedies the situation itself within a few days. If I’m feeling excrutiating pain I find that swilling brandy or similar over the affected area in conjunction with a dose of headache tablets before going to bed works wonders. Would I get another filling? No way. Would I get a tooth extracted? Yes, but only if the pain of the toothache was so bad that I wasn’t prepared to wait for it to fall out on its own. But if you can stand a little discomfort, be patient and your body will generally rectify itself.

  180. i got a cavity that wasn’t even really bothering me filled yesterday and now i am in HORRIFIC pain!!!! the dentist disturbed my nerve and i can’t sleep, can’t eat, i’ve been crying, even calling my mom for reassurance! OMG!! i was actually thinking i would rather be dead! someone please tell me this happened to you and it only lasts a day or two!!

  181. april:

    Don’t blame the dentist, blame yourself. When the cavity is too deep the heat from removing the decay might cause the nerve to become inflammed. If you are lucky it’ll heal up eventually, if not the tooth will eventually die. It’s your own fault that you waited so long before you go to the dentist. It takes at least 3 years for a tooth to develop a cavity.

  182. Ban Fillings,

    Maybe you should advocate prevention instead of spewing rubbish. Prevention is the best cure. Leaving infection untreated is just asking for trouble. You are lucky nothing has happen to you yet, but others are not as fortunate as you. I’ve seen several cases at the hospital emergency department where ppl almost died from complications developed from a simple decay that was being ignored. Infection, if left untreated, can spread. Maybe you should try pulling them out with pliers yourself instead of leaving them in your mouth. Try leaving an open would on your arm and bath it constantly in fluid loaded with bacteria and tell me what happen.

  183. Had 4 wisdom taken out 3 weeks ago. Am now left with
    4 major food traps at the back of my skull. Dentist
    was a bit rough & ready – didnt tell me about after care.
    Am now brushing rinsing gargling 4 times day – but have
    major smelly breath. Anything to be done???? Anyone
    out there in the same boat??

  184. to dentistdownunder, how dare you!!! some people have no insurance and some are just plan scared to death, I know I am. I literally hate the dentist!!! it can be very tramatic for some people. I went to the dentist, to have one extracted and we decided to save it instead with a temp filling, well, it’s 2:20 in the morning, and I can’t fucking sleep, I am in soooooooooo much pain, I can’t stand it! I am popping tylenol 3 like candy, and it only lasts for about about 1 1/2 hours. Why do dentists have to be sooo crooked and take advantage of people in vulnerable states, they rip you off so you’ll come back, paying more money that you simply don’t have, as the richer get richer, the poorer get poorer. Get some compassion, and have an open mind, toothache pain is literally unbearable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. marla,

    Dental decay is an infection that is PREVENTABLE. If you have very good oral hygiene, brush at least twice a day, floss daily before you brush, use a mouthrinse, and don’t eat rubbish food e.g. lollies, soft drink etc and have regular check up I doubt you’ll be having toothache right now. If you’ve been religious about the above mentioned I take back my words and I apologise. If not you brought it upon yourself and I still stand by what I said. Early decay is REVERSIBLE and early treatment doesn’t hurt (and only costs $18, you call that expensive? It’s cheaper than 2 packs of cigarettes! If you still can’t afford it and if you don’t smoke I’ll even buy it for you), when it starts to hurt the decay has been in your mouth for at least 3 years. Ignore it for another few months and the nerve will be infected. If you see an open wound or feel pain anywhere else on your body would you ignore it? I just don’t understand why ppl would ignore pain in their mouths and when the pain gets unbearable blame the dentist for their own problems. Don’t even get me started on failed attempts to save your teeth. If you want to have your teeth pull out fine go ahead, just don’t regret when your face start sinking in when the bone resorps after the teeth are gone and you end up with few more wrinkles, or when you can’t eat properly due to the missing teeth (and I’m sick of ppl complaining about their dentures not fitting properly, of course it doesn’t fit, it’s only a piece of plastic/metal it’s not real teeth for goodness sake and will never feel like real teeth! You don’t hear ppl complaining about artificial leg so stop complaining abt artificial teeth), or worse, your bite close up and the pressure snap your front tooth (please don’t cry when your dentist says I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do). Compassion? It’s reserved for ppl who deserve it. Those who blame us for their own faults are not in the list. Oh and thanks for linking to my blog, thank you for the publicity. 🙂

    1. I doubt that you are a real dentist. If you are,you should rethink your profession .
      Just consider this, if everyone had perfect teeth you would be out of a job . So it’s these poor souls on this website that butter your bread. EVERONE no matter how well they brush, floss, maintain their healthy diet will have some dental problems thoughout their life time. Fear is a HUGE factor in missing dental appointments and leaving a sick tooth.
      Instead of that nasty attitude you have developed during the course of your dental practice, you should be encouraging people kindly and use your training and knowlege to help them get the help they need to get over their fears .
      You have only reinforced these fears with your attitude.
      I would not want to be on the other side of a drill or a elevator or chisel if your hand was guiding it with that attitude.

  186. marla,

    A secret to help you avoid the dentist. Cut out on carbohydrate in your diet. If you only eat protein and fat and minimal carbohydrate (no bread, cake, potatoes, sugar, milk, soft drink, ice cream, chocolate etc) you’ll have no fermentable sugar in your mouth to cause decay. My friend’s diet has minimal carbohydrate, he hasn’t been to the dentist for the past 12 years and never have problem. Good luck.

  187. Gappy,

    Keep doing what you’re doing now, and go back to your dentist and tell him/her to give you a “Monoject”. It’s a curved syringe that can help you to flush the back of your mouth. Every dentists should give one to the patient after wisdom teeth extraction.

  188. Watch the meds everyone! I just spent 36 hours in the ER and ICU because I overdosed on Tylenol trying to rid myself of the worst toothache I’ve ever had. That mess will kill your liver, it almost killed me. I have finally had the tooth pulled and it’s getting better. Better to deal with the pain than lose your life… take it from someone who knows. My liver still hurts as it is trying to heal too.

    1. How much did you take can I ask, because I am going through the same thing, I took 4 325mg tablets about 4 hrs ago, and just now took 650mg more and was thinking about having a frozen slushy malibu rum drink too

  189. dentistdownunder,

    I was quite upset last night from all the pain I was in, your remarks to some were downright wrong, no matter how you may feel. I do however apologize for being a bit on the crabby side, and I appreciate your advice, on how to avoid the dentist, I will definately try it.

  190. Hello to all my fellow suffers, i have tooth ache, been to the dentist twice in 1 day becuase i could not get the pain to go away, so i gave up with dentist untill an extranction is available.I have learned to associate the pain with good feelings, ever heard the expression” it hurts so good”, no honestly it can be done, you can block all sensation of pain becuase if the electrical impusle can be re-rooted to another part of the brain or blocked all together, mind over mater is the stongest drug you can get and it’s free, so hurt all you want you little blighter you can not cuase me any more pain, postive mental attitude is all you need once you can control your pain you will feel much better and the tooth will no longer hurt. also if you try so clove oil rub it on the gum and cavity and the arean will go numb and the sensation of pain will ge less. Remember pain is natural part of the body nervous system and it actually helps you , though it may not feel like at the momment, painis a the way the body tells us that soimething is not right and we need to take action, i hope this had helped even if one person finds this usefull then it will have been worth it,

  191. I am in sooooooooo much pain – a year ago my dentist totally f***ed up a crown (the temp was on too long as he forgot to order the perm, then he dropped the perm on the floor before fitting it and did nothing to sterilise it. I’m too in awe of dentists (and in too much pain) to say anything. One week later – worst…. abscess….ever… trapped under a new, raised crown too. Emerg dentidt gives antibiots and reccommends root canal – dentist says root canal not necessary (he qualified in 63 and doesn’t seem to have moved with the times).

    A year of persistent problems later (each of which the dentist claimed to find “baffling”) I end up with the second…. worst …. abscess…. evere – which causes the tooth to erupt. Go to eergency chap who wants to know why this hasn’t been root canalled – long story short: new dentist, and root canal.

    The relief after the RC was great – for a few days – but now I have “tenderness” (to put it incredibly mildly) on the hard palate above the RCed tooth. I cant eat, talk, and I have to trap my tongue between my teath as if it even momentarily touches the sore spot I get a sick suddder all thru my body. I cant concentrate and havent slept in nights and – added to that – I’m working away from home and so can’t see dentist tim monday (I have the 8.30 appointment!)

    After having read this board I’m going to trythe “topical alcohol” approach (I may even try the ingested alcohol approach too). I wouldnt mind but the original problem with this tooth was caused by a malfitted brace about 20 years ago – it’s been nothing but trouble ever since!

    I could sit down and cry – I want to go home (5.5 hours by train) and just knock myself out til monday mornig.

  192. I have the WORST toothache then I believe anyone has ever had. My pain in my left ear, down my jaw, and cheek line, and all around my left back molers are EXTREMLY pained out to the max. I have had my left lung literally explode in my chest and this is waaay worse. I have thrown up several times because of the pain. It feels like someone has stuck a knife in my temple, and pored acid down my ear drum. My eyes turn a blood red glaze, and I’m not well because i don’t eat. Then pain is driving me to potential harmful thoughts. Please god help me if you can. I have called the dentist and they always want you to make an appoitment to get in. I have tried everything but vodka. PLease god this HAS to help me. I have no other options and it feels like my life is ending slowly. I’m sorry everyone 🙁

  193. OMFG, OMFG, OMFG you guys please please please use VODKA and put it on a towel and apply it directly on your tooth. Please listen to me, if you want your pain to go away NOW. You will try this. it doesn’t get rid of it forever, but for instant relief it is the shit. I just did it and I feel no pain at all. I’m going to try and get some rest, and see if i can sneak in a couple more hours. good luck:)

  194. Dentist Down Under,

    Prevention of decay is all very good, but the dentists’ philosophy of saving a tooth at any cost rather than extracting it is a profit motivated practise. Drilling and filling teeth is an expensive, destructive, cosmetic and very temporary solution to the problem akin to grinding the rust out of a car body and filling it with bog before respraying – it looks okay for a while, but the damage is already done and the underlying decay will keep resurfacing.

    I am not advocating that people ignore infection. The pain they experience is the body’s way of telling them there is something the matter. If they clean out the food particles and bits of toxic filling and remove the sections of bad tooth, the pain usually disappears within a couple of days without any other intervention.

    The money-generating dental “profession” has only been around a century or so, yet people seemed to manage before then somehow, even if they didn’t have perfectly straight, Hollywood bleached teeth. The human race managed to survive before dentists came along by using common sense and allowing the body to heal itself.

    Generations of people now have been conditioned to book an appointment with the dentist at the first sign of a toothache, or trained by the dentist to go regularly for checkups. Either way, the dentist gets plenty of repeat business and most people are totally unaware of their ability to deal with their teeth themselves.

  195. Ban Fillings,

    You obviously live in the last century. Nowadays we prefer preventive dentistry to restorative. If I don’t have to drill I wouldn’t. Like I kept saying, early decay is REVERSIBLE, provided it’s detected in the early stage, that’s why it’s important to have regular check up, unless you can cut out the carbohydrate from your diet no matter how many times you brush you still have the risk of getting decay but it’s your choice nobody is forcing you to see the dentist. If you let your car get to the stage of rusting you obviously never take good care of it, just like your teeth they need regular maintenance.
    I’ve left holes unfilled several times, provided it’s not decay and the patient can keep it very clean you don’t have to fill it. The filling is only there to prevent the tooth from getting decay again, as it’s very difficult to keep clean when you’ve a hole in your tooth. If you don’t want it filled it’s fine by me it’s your tooth not mine. What I don’t understand is that why do ppl think that fillings should last forever? Your car doesn’t last forever so why should you expect a filling to last forever. When you have a heart attack you don’t expect the cardiologist to fix your heart back to what it used to be, so why do you bash the dentist when a dental treatment doesn’t restore your tooth to what it used to be? Weird.
    Please do more research before you make any untrue statements. Human beings had been practicing dentistry for thousands of years. Archaeologists studying the remains of two men from Mehrgarh, Pakistan, made the discovery that the people of Indus Valley Civilization, even from the early Harappan periods (c. 3300 BC), had knowledge of medicine and dentistry. The physical anthropologist that carried out the examinations, Professor Andrea Cucina from the University of Missouri-Columbia, made the discovery when he was cleaning the teeth from one of the men. Later research in the same area found evidence of teeth having been drilled, dating back 9,000 years. Check out the news on the BBC website
    Ancient Chinese medical works also discussed dental and gum diseases in their oldest medical book written by Hung Ti about 2500B.C., one whole chapter was devoted to dental and gum diseases and the treatment of this conditions.
    Hammurabi’s Code created around 1780B.C. had several references to dental procedures and fees.
    The Edwin Smith Papyrus (dates as early as 3000 B.C.) and Ebers Papyrus from about 1550 B.C. also discussed several dental diseases. Numerous papyri enumerate prescriptions to dental diseases, such as pyorrhea, loose teeth, dental caries and abscesses. Surgically produced holes to drain an abscess under the 1st molar were found in the mandible of a 4th dynasty mummy (2625 – 2510 BC). A loose tooth fixed with a gold wire bridge to a neighboring sound tooth was discovered in another mummy of the same dynasty in Giza. Artificial teeth holding a maxillary bridge by a silver wire was also found in the late period (Greco-Roman). Tooth extraction, treatment of mouth ulcers and treatment of jaw dislocation were also dealt with in the Edwin Smith and Ebers Papyri.
    I can go on and on with more examples but I’ll just leave it at that.
    So the dental profession has only been around for a century or so? I don’t think so. You are probably living in a cave or your English is so bad you don’t know the defination of “a century”.
    I don’t advocate Hollywood straight, bleached teeth. In fact I always try to convince my patients they’ve beautiful teeth whenever they want me to bleach them or straighten them. Teeth are naturally yellow, I won’t bleach my own teeth so I won’t bleach others either. If you want to blame someone, blame the media. There is only supply when there is demand, if ppl never ask for “blinding white” teeth I doubt any dentist would be doing it.
    Tooth is drilled is to remove decay, if you have a better way of removing it please let me know. Pain would disappear when the nerve dies, but the infection is still there, that’s why ppl end up in the emergency department dying from an ignored dental infection. They think once the pain is gone the tooth is getting better, but as long as the decay is still there it will eventually blow up, the pain will return, often 10 times worse, and if you are the unlucky one, die from a simple tooth decay. If you want to yank your tooth out just because of decay by all mean go ahead, God obviously put your teeth there for a reason but like I said before, it’s your teeth not mine, do whatever you want with them, that’s what I always tell my patients, just don’t come back to me to complain later down the track. 🙂

  196. well guys,my story starts 10 long years ago when i broke off half of mt front tooth, got it mended and looks normal

    5 years later- got neuralagia or gingivitis-cant tell the difference-but its like having a tooth ache in every single tooth in your head.

    Sept 2005- found (or rather was rudely awoke with seering pain in head,what the hell is goin on, my head is goin to explode with pain) tongue finds hard smooth lump in roof of mouth(wtf??) i say to myself, day later after 3 packets of paracetamol i burst the lump with tongue-yellow golden puss and blood seeps out through my gum right over my tooth was broken as a child-keeps coming back for next year-(dentist too expensive and i could always burst it in time before it got too big and painful-kinda like series “lost”!!) anyways month ago face swollen up (wtf!!) golfball in mouth-pain so sore try to burst it with a hot needle….(doesnt work-in more pain-Next day walk to docs in crucifying pain-on the way it conveniently bursts-i think it has a brain-evil dead!!)doc xrays-says its dental prob!! (f*ck that!!)

    Today – went to dentist sat-face swelled up again fri,says its a cyst might hav to get root canal on three affected teeth. Gonna cost estimated 4200 im told but gettin an dentist est today-fingers crossed!!

  197. hi guys again, its actually €1500 not 4200, but its still a bomb!! if any one here could give me second opinion id really appreciate it! like i said my face is swollen right up to my eye nearly, kinda gone done a bit with the antibiotics-but the xray of my mouth showed a black large marbelled shape with my front right tooth and two teeth to the right side of the right front tooth sticking int the cyst or absence-whats the diff betwwen a cyst and absence-i know i hav one of them- please does any one hav advice!!

  198. Whats up all. I definatly feel your PAIN!! I’ve been strugglin’ with this toothach for 5 days now and the pain is so unreal it can’t be described in words! I’ve tried all the over the counter drugs, the ambesol and the numbing medicane but they only work for maybe 10 minutes at the most. The only thing that seemed to help me a little bit was by taking 4000 mg. of extra strength ibuprofen that was givin’ to my girlfriends sister for after labor pains. I can’t get into the dentist because the tooth is absessed an they won’t even look at it in that condition. I need to get some antiboitaics to reduse the pain and swelling. This is gotta be the worse pain I have ever experienced. I have had about 10 hours of sleep in the past 5 days, haven’t eatin a “soild” meal and I’m getting very weak. How are you supposed to build up your immune system with food and rest when yor teeth won’t let you do either.This is like a curse to test your strength see how much a person really can take. To be honest I’m about at the end of my rope!! My neck is swelled out, my ear hurts, my jaw looks like I’m holding a golf ball in it and I’ve keep a constant headach. I’m a man don’t get me wrong, but this pain is so MUCH I wanna cry at cry my eyes out because I don’t know what else to do!I’m a smoker but it hurts so bad to inhale the cigarette I’ve almost quit. I’ve got this little fear in having a dentist stab my gums with there needles and all that but It’s comming to the point where I wanna rip this tooth(whats left of it) outta my face! There is no dentist around my area that use the “laughing gas” sedation so needles it is. Scares me when people tell me that an absessed tooth could send the “poison” through out my blood stream and possibly kill me. Thats way to much information so somethings gotta be done and done RIGHT NOW!!!!!If any of you all have any advise or home remedies that really do work I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your time and I hope all that are suffering get back to normal as soon as possible!

  199. holy hell i have the mother of all tothaches for 2 weeks now .. i was eating doritos and it decides to crack in half and have a razor sharp point slicing my tounge for 4 days finally saw the dentist he filed it down and told me he couldnt pull it cuz i have no insurance!! so now i have half a tooth with a temp filling in there pressing down on a nerve making my cheek swell up causing me more pain than before i went. WHAT DO I DO?? its like someone is beating my gum with a hammer for about 2 weeks now .. goodtimes let me tell ya

  200. I can understand how you all feel,my thoughts are with you all.
    I am in horrific pain, it all started with a tooth which contained a post.The post started to go loose I saw my dentist who said it had fractured the tooth below the gum, so it would have to be removed.
    I went on Tuesday to have it removed ,my dentist could not remove all of it, as it was in pieces, after digging at it he called the other dentist in ( a specialist in implants)he tried but with no luck, he said they would leave a small amount in the gum & leave it to heal.He said it wouldn`t be a problem.By Thursday I was in agony so I went back..He packed it out and cleaned it up,he also x rayed it,said no problem but gave me some antibiotics just in case.It is now Saturday & I have consumed large amounts of painkillers, didn`t get much sleep last night.The dentist did say if pain doesn`t improve I would have to see a specialist who would get the remining part out of my gum, as there is a nerve close to it.I hope he is available on Monday as I cannot take this pain much longer.Definately worse than child birth.I had a 10lb 12oz baby with no pain relief & it was a doddle.Tooth ache is horific!!! I taken 2x 400mg Ibuprofen 2hrs ago & have just taken 2x 500mg of Co-codamol which you can take inbetween the Ibuprofen,so my Chemist says.Best pain relief so far!

  201. Well once again the whole of my left jaw is aching through tootache , but this time im getting tingles down my arm ! I’m no stranger to toothache , and have to be put asleep when i have dental treatment . Anyway , to get to my point, i have tried many different forms of pain relief over the last 8 years ( yes i really am that scared of the dentist) …
    The one that stood out the most for me was taking co-proxamol 500 m/g. If you chew trhe tablet around the gum area you are sure to get a lovely nights seep ……

    Also, to set the record straight , cocaine is worse than any sugary sweets ………….

  202. is it possible for my wisdom tooth to be growing back in? I am in severe pain and I’ve already had them removed 9 months ago..HELP PLEASE…… vodka is only lasting 20 min now.

  203. My heart goes out to all of you suffering with tooth pain. I never, never experienced such agony in my teeth until last week (Thursday). Got an emergency appointment with my dentist who cleared out the infection located in the tooth and cut the nerves. It was supposed to take care of the pain. It did to the point that I went from screaming and wanting to die to a constant toothache and being utterly miserable. My appointment with the endodonist was 3 weeks away. I knew I would have NO quality of life until I saw that man so I called his office to see if I could move up the appointment. Due to a cancellation I was able to get in today (Monday). The root canal was a blessing from God. The endodontist told me that my tooth pulp was so infected that the abcess would have exploded in 2 days if he hadn’t gotten to it today (and he is out of the office for the rest of the week YIKES!) It really wasn’t all that bad; no worse than getting a filling. I’m not even in that much post-op pain as long as I don’t put pressure on the tooth. The biggest bitch is going to be paying the bill. If you can’t afford the procedure pawn something, borrow the money, sell your first born (not really, but you get the picture)! You are not going to really feel better until you get that root canal.

  204. Hi Everyone,

    I felt the need to check this out because I woke up last night with an extreme toothache. I have never felt pain like this in my mouth before and it hurts like hell. This morning I ran to the bathroom and stubbed my toe on a 35 lb barbell. I was amazed b/c this did not phase me and my tooth hurt worse. It literally feels like someone drove a nail into my back molar. I have a lovely supportive girlfriend though who is sharing my lamentation. I am now going to get numbing gel and whiskey and see the emergency dentist tomorrow.

    I feel all your pain,


  205. I have a hole in my wisdom tooth, and I think my nerve is exposed. I’m not of age to purchase alcohol, but my husband did for me. I’ve tried 99 Bananas, Tylenol authoritis, extra strength, and Pm. Benadryl, Goody powder, IBProfuen, Hydrocodine, Anbesol, and Penicilen and nothing seems to work. I am petrified of the dentist due to a bad experience, but I plan to go soon. I’m afraid it’s to late for my tooth. i’m tired of overdosing and I need help. I feel like god is punishing me. On top of this pain the whole left side of my face hurts right along with other teeth. Is their anything to ease my pain? HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP MMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE PPPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. For 3 years ive had psycho problems with my teeth giving the most(believe this) INSANE pain. NO ONE has suffered like I have. Yet the last 2 months have been hell; sometimes I lie there, begging (with all of my) the Lord to releive me from the pain of this cracked tooth. I can feel the holes and jagged edges with my tongue – ouch! sometimes I imagine that in those moments im being smashed in the jaw with a spade, cos it sure feels like that. What did I do to deserve this evil pain. its too much for a guy too take.

    to the Toothache,

    The bane of my life

  207. ouuuuuuuuch!!! its weird that i was in excruciating pain last week then the pain just went away but it came back when i put cold liquid on it now there is mild pain luckily i can still sleep but the pain really comes out when i apply pressure to the tooth but i don’t feel any pain when i put liquid on it now how bloody strange.

  208. I feel all you fellow tooth suffers!..I have this tooth pain that has been hurting for 3 weeks now, I refuse to go back to the dentist who so called fixed it for me last time, he was putting a crown on it, and then the next day I woke up in the most pain in the world then he tells me, oh well maybe you need a root canal!! MAYBE I NEED A ROOT CANAL?? I was pissed to say the least! I paid him over 400 dollors just the day before, and now the very next day, I MAY NEED A ROOT CANAL?? WTF?? couldnt he see that when he was working on my tooth THE DAY BEFORE?? I think he messed up and drilled to far or something, becuz like others I have read on here, he was getting assistant from another dentist!..Now I have to wait to see another so called professional…in the mean time I have been ODing on any and all pain pills I can get..some relief but my stomach is upset due to the pills and drinking ambosel by the gallon..I have found that the salt thing does give a temp relief, but i am gonna try to put the pill crushed rite on my tooth and see if that helps.. I having been begging GOD to help, I guess his emails are backed up due to I havent got a reply yet, but I do agree, I would rather give birth again than deal with this!!! and why does it wait till you wanna sleep to go full throtle???

  209. i know how u guess feel i really don t know if it was a toothache but my teeth was killin me sooo badly i felt like killing my self it hurted so bad. I tried warm water with salt which help me for for 1 day ,and the next day i tried it did not work all alll. then i went to the hospital cuz the dentish were closed because of the jewish holiday.. the gave me codine and some antibiotic it help a little but not alot….Then i went to dentist right after that day .. I had a very bad infection whcih they had to pull my teeth out…….that was the day my pain was relived so happy… but i am not sure i might get A DRY SOCKET!!!!!!!! SCARED AS EVER…

  210. wtf is wrong with you people? VODKA? first of all don’t take any pain killers and then drink alcohol. Where are you all from that vodka is the answer? LMAO at these posts. Now I have had the entire right side of my mouth feel like my gums are sore and throbbing. Turns out that it is definnitely a tooth I had a new filling put in. It was fine at first then was sensitive to cold and I could no longer chew anything slightly hard there. It also has made the tooth below it feel like it is sore. I guess it is common for one tooth to make it feel like many teeth are hurting. So if you feel like your gums are really sore and it is in more than one small area it is most likely a tooth that is dying. Don’t waste time going to a dentist. They will only send you to a endodontist if they do not do them. Most dentists do not do surgery so don’t waste your time. Call an endodontist and get the hell in there. I feel bad for you but those who have so many bad teeth an dare just taking it I have to laugh. Do whatever you can because once it dies completely
    it will absess and that means infection and that my friends can kill you.

  211. Just had a root canal done nearly 3 days ago on a tooth that had 3 cracks. Procedure was okay and tooth is just a little sore. It’s the other symptoms that are driving me crazy; tenderness on neck, pain on swallowing, “pinging” in ear — all on the same side as infected tooth. These symptoms were what led me to dentist to begin with (along with a painful toooth). Am on antibiotics, but am wondering how long until these other aches/pains go away? Also, could the prescription Motrin be causing the difficulty swallowing and pain in ear? Anyone else had something similar?

  212. I have a severe pain in my fore teeth after exposing to cold weather. I can’t chew anything and pain is there all the time. I did not have this earlier till I come to a cold climate Pl. advise.

  213. my tooth as been hurting for a couple weeks maybe a month or so
    it will come for about a day or 2 then it will go then it will come back a few days later it at the bootm at the back can u please tell me whats wrong with it im in agony ???

  214. First of all, I would have to say that it’s BECAUSE of your lack of attendance to the dentist regularly that is causing you the pain.
    If you had had regular checkups, your local dentist should be able to pick up some of the holes and would have had preventitive measures at least to stop it from getting worse.
    If you are ignorant enough to leave the swelling, abscess or hole in the mouth for a long time, YOU WILL AND CAN DIE FROM IT.
    No joke here. I have seen people dying from something as simple as a tooth abscess.

    If you think your dentist is not doing a good job, seek a second opinion. You can continue seeking opinions, and you have the right to.
    But it’s not fair to slander dentists as blood suckers, who know nothing with the aim of just torturing and inflicting people with pain.

    Like mentioned above, wanna prevent going to the dentist? Cut down on your sweets. Brush and floss regularly. See the dentist once a year at least. This can save you lotsa money and trouble.

    Generally dentists are there to help you, and most of them know what they are doing. If in doubt, just question.

    But it’s definitely unfair to create such a negative impression towards dentists to the whole public. It’s not doing anyone justice.

  215. I am in a lot of pain. Part of my filling broke off about a year ago and the dentist just refilled it on top of the old filling instead of taking out the remaining filling in there. He said that the tooth was too fragile to take out all the old filling. Well that filling became loose and started moving around over the weekend and then it came out. I have so much pain. I have vicoden & neurotin and all kinds of alcohol. I have had Bells Palsy for 2 months now and my face is paralyzed on that side so I don’t know if the dentist will really want to stick a needle in it. But I am going to demand that they do this and do it tommorrow. Luckily I have FMLA at work because of the Bells Palsy and they can’t hold it against me for missing time with this tommorrow. I just want them to pull it this time, I don’t want anymore risk of this happening to this tooth again. I brush several times a day, floss and use mouthwash and see my dentist 2-3 times a year even without having pain, so I don’t neglect my teeth or deserve this nasty pain. Hopefully the rest of you will get some relief when you go to the dentist. Some say can’t afford the dentist. Well how much is your sanity and wellbeing worth. To be rid of this pain would be priceless to me. Guess that could be a mastercard commercial. Ice- free, small bottle vodka – $8 , your tooth ripped out & pain gone – priceless!

  216. Glad i found this, I have had major tooth ache now for 5 weeks….Dentist can’t take out my tooth as it has to be done in Theatre at hospital as I take to much drugs, prednisolone steriod and methotrexate for sysytemic lupus and this can cause serious bleeding problems, so i am on waiting list for extraction.I am honestly climbing the bloomin walls with pain, taking paracetamols every 4 – 6 hours and a very strong opiate drug called tramadol slow release, this did seem to help at first but for the last 4 days, broken sleep and last night never slept at all, crying and doubled up in agony. TEMPTED to get string and slam the door,I can’t try the vodka as not allowed to drink any alcohol at all due to the sle effecting my kidneys.pain feels like all ower jaw right hand side and up face, cheeks and behind if anyone is suffering for days then you can imagine how I feel now into my 5th week…

  217. HELP……… I can’t see the dentist unitl the first of next month… I’m putting aspirin in my tooth to stop the pain.. now that’s not working… how can I stop the pain for the next two weeks?…..

  218. i believe that toothache is the worst thing that cud ever happen 2 a person, fuck me THIS SHIT HURTS and the worst thing about it i cant go 2 sleep and my boyfriend is fast asleep at the momemt, tried most of the tooth remedies they just dont seem 2 work except for nurofens(tablets) and guest what i aint suppose 2 take them coz im pregnant but i cant stand the pain if u’ve had a bad toothache u’ll understand where im coming from………….

  219. I had a tooth capped twice, no just once, but evertime I lay down it throbs horribly. Does anyone have any ideas as to why and how can I help. I think we want to move. Has anyone had a similar cercumstance thar might help.

  220. hello everyone.I feel the pain you are going through and let me tell you… i admire you. you see, im a marine in the USMC and were trained to block off pain. hell when i was in iraq i had a bullet right below my kneecap. i thought that was the worst pain possible… i was wrong. my two back molars have cavitys in them. one is deep and narrow the other is deep and wide with a side missing on it. the pain is constant. i could block it out at first but after 4 days of no sleep, and constant pain it gets just a little hard. if anyone has any suggestions id be very gratefull please dont make them up. only tell me them if youve actually tried them and they worked for you.thank you all.

    God Bless

  221. Whoever dubbed this PAIN an ACHE should be SHOT!!! Its like the difference between a splinter or getting ran over repeatedly by a TRAIN!!! Im not very religious but i’ll tell u what, between my Snotty, drooling, Sobbing, I sat rocking with a pillow on my head and promised God i’d go to church every day if he could just take the AGONY that is my impacted, broken, infected wisdom tooth AWAY!! I have suffered with other tooth agonies, but this one takes the CAKE! I am also 7 months pregnant with a high risk pregnancy and am limited to Tylenol and Orajel or Ambesol.( WHAT A JOKE!) IM sure by now that my poor baby is completely NUMB due to the amount of Benzocaine in my amniotic fluid! What the HELL!? If i WASNT pregnant, i’d be DRUNK by now on Vodka and i dont even DRINK! 2 winecoolers puts me to sleep. And besides, I dont even have a bottle here. Im a NURSE, have been for 7 years now, and we learn to rate pain on a scale of 1-10, well this pain here is like a friggin BILLION! My ear, my jaw, my neck, even my shoulder hurts like hell. I now have a LUMP under my jaw bone, and (oh did I mention its the middle of the nite?) I HAVE to suffer til at LEAST the morning. The ER wont TOUCH me cuz im pregnant. As if us Pregos dont have enuff shit to worry about! To all my fellow sufferers, Im here with u, in my little part of the world in New York state, and u would think that in our great age of technological advances that SOMEONE would actually INVENT something that might HELP stop the pain of a toothache? We send people and monkeys to the moon, and theres no OTC remedy for A FRIGGIN TOOTHACHE?>>> GOd help us all!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Help! Okay, I’ve got an abscessed tooth, and yes yes, I know, I need to see a dentist. Let me tell you baby, I want to…but I’m broke…so its not a choice right now. I think the abscess started in my very back tooth on the left, then infected the one in front of it…so a double abscess, really.

    I want to die. Now that the pus bubble has popped, its not only excrutiating, its disgusting and humiliating b/c i live in a dorm and work at a day care…how horrible is it to be holding a five month old littl boy and try to coo at them and they recoil because your breath smells like pus???


    I’ve been in crazy insane pain for well over a week. In the beginning I was trying the warm saltwater thing and it helped some, but now it hurts more than helps because my pus bubble has popped and there’s a nice little raw space in my mouth. I was told the pain would last about three days and the pus seeping out would take about a day, maybe a day and a half. Well let me tell you…nuh uh.

    I have no Vodka, if i did i’m not of age and if i was of age i have no money. The crushed up aspirin thing sounds interesting, but I’ve been told since i’ve got the open wound it could cause an ulcer…so no…not going to happen. Because of this, I’m scared to do anything that actually requires putting something on the area, in case it got in the open sore.

    So right now I’m living off Ibuprofin’ gargling constantly to clean the area, numb it and get rid of the TASTE OF PUS IN MY MOUTH….EW. And trying my best not to have nightmares of all of my teeth falling out of my head.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me in any way? I’m terrified and

  223. Krazy Kate can you go to the emergency room? You need antibiotics stat, the infection will only get worse. Also call around to a few dentists. There are some great ones out there that will treat you if you are in severe pain and they will bill you. Don’t put heat on your face, try a bag of ice wrapped up in a washcloth, and some ibuprofin, take 4 200mg tablets it equals prescription strength. You also may want to look into clove oil. This stuff works wonders on toothaches and would be ok if it got into an open sore (natural antiseptic and pain reliever) It’s available at your local pharmacy in the toothpaste isle and is usually CHEAPER than oragel and works circles around it. In the mean time, I’m thinking about you and hope the pain subsides. It’s enough to drive someone crazy, and like someone said in a previous post I’m surprised we don’t see more toothache related suicide statistics. Yeah it huts that bad. I’m going to the dentist again today(another damn abcess). I’ve had 4 root canals in 6 months, along with 5 fillings, and a lot more work to go 🙁

  224. Okay, blc4198, since you’ve had an abscess before maybe you can give me a bit of advice. I didn’t go to the dentist, even though i know i need to, cos i dont have the money for it right now. The abscess popped on its own over the weekend and I was really careful not to swallow any of it, and I gargled w/mouthwash constantly to clean it. And I’ve been sucking on the area so that the pus come out onto my tongue, cos even though its nasty, I dont want the stuff touching the teeth any more than it needs to. Now, Thursday, no more puss is coming out, and even last night it was almost completely blood and hardly any pus. I’m able to eat pretty well and there’s not that much pain in the tooth, cos see, the thing is…the abscess somehow came from the tooth that already had a root canal. So my question is, since it healed pretty well on its own and i’m almost positive the infection came from the cap, how bad am I fucking my mouth over by not going to the dentist until I can afford it. I do plan to get my teeth taken care of eventually. I just have to save up the money for it.

  225. krazykate1332,

    Don’t worry about swallowing the pus, it’s only an inflammation product made up of a thin protein-riched liquid, dead white blood cells and dead germs, the pus itself does not cause infection, it is the result of an infection. The infected tooth is like a time bomb in your mouth but unfortunately nobody knows when exactly it’s going to blow up again. You would usually get temporary pain relieve after draining the pus from an abscessed tooth but because the root of the problem is not treated it will come back. The cap (I’m assuming it’s a crown that covers the tooth) does not cause infection it’s there to protect the tooth so it doesn’t crumble into bits and pieces after a root canal. If you already had a root canal done it could be either re-infected or a failed root canal (no matter how meticulously we clean the tooth during root canal treatment there is still a 3% chance that the root canal might fail). My advice is to call several dentists and ask if they offer a payment plan. My boss allows patients who can’t afford to pay off gradually or if you’ve any special skills you can negotiate with the dentist, one of my colleague had a landscaper done up her yard in exchange for dental treatment, and another one was offered a cattle (!).

  226. Alicia’s Suffering,

    Why don’t you go to the dentist and get an emergency root canal done? It only involves taking out the dead nerve and dressing the tooth with medication. It’s not a long term solution but it’ll help relieve the pain until the baby is due and it only costs 1/12 of the root canal fee, heaps better than drugging yourself and the baby. The amount of money you pay for analgesics that don’t work would have cost more than the emergency root canal. I’ve done a couple on pregnant women and they’re all doing well.

  227. I just had a lower back wisdom taken out on Halloween night of all nights – now that was frightening! It was somehow infected becuase apparently the dentist realised half way through that he should really have sent me to the Hospital for the treatment. The treatment was pretty bad but I just hoped that day by day the pain would ease off. Anyway its day 6 and without paracetamol and ibuprofen the pain is unbelievable. The
    painkillers do not always seem to work like last night. I have three children and the youngest would decide to start teething 2 days ago!
    I am in the UK and luckily you can see a dentist fairly quickely here although there is a shortage of NHS dentists so they are all private and very expensive. Due tp my age – 42 – teeth extractions take longer to recover from. Still quite swollen and pain does not seem to be subsiding.Anyone in a similar position? I empathise with you all!

  228. dentistdownunder,

    I just wanted to say thank you. You’re very helpful and gave me solid advice without making me feel like a bad person for having a messed up tooth, which a couple of dentists have in the past. I’m not that scared of dentists, b/c I know they don’t get some kind of sick pleasure out of hurting me and only want to try to help me. I think it’s really cool that you come on here and give people professional advice in a completely uncondescending way. Thanks for telling me the bit about the pus. A lot of people told me I could like die from swallowing the stuff :-O

    If the problem is my crown, where the tooth is messed up or something, would they simply pull it all out and leave nothing but gums there? Cos I’ve got to tell you, all it is is my wisdom tooth that i never got removed, so I’d just as well have it gone, you know? 😀

  229. Im in the same position as you Sophie..
    Its also been around a week since I got the pain , just as the cold weather was reaching Scotland.. Tried whisky and chewing on ibuprofen but the pain just keeps coming back.. Don’t know if the nerve ending will eventually die out and the pain will be gone for good , or if I’ll have to admit defeat and see a dentist within the next week or two..

  230. Argh! About three months ago i went to the dentist about a hole in my tooth. They were going to extract it but once i told them im one to faint he decided not to do it. So about three months ago i got a letter from the dentist in wolverhampton so he could do it. I really cant wait. My tooth is sending shooting pains up my face to my ear. My cheeks swollen and i look like ive got a gobstocker shoved in there. I look like a right freak. Ive tried putting ice on my cheek to reduce the swelling but its only made it worse. Pain killers dont work until three hours into it and by then i only get an hour of numb relief. Ive gone without sleep these past few days and im so tierd. I cant get into the dentist until 3 days. Someone hit me back if you have any ideas on how to help me 🙁

    Pleeeeeeeease! xx

  231. If you are ignorant enough to leave the swelling, abscess or hole in the mouth for a long time, YOU WILL AND CAN DIE FROM IT.
    No joke here. I have seen people dying from something as simple as a tooth abscess.

    whatever you can because once it dies completely
    it will absess and that means infection and that my friends can kill you.


  232. Just got done reading everything here, first time I’ve laughed in 4 days (even though it hurt like hell). Loved some of the comments, especially the one about giving your life to Christ – toothaches are definitely hell on earth. I have an abcessed upper eye tooth, face swollen and pain so bad a kick in the nuts couldn’t be as bad (though I won’t test that theory)! I have been on 2 different types of antibiotics in the last 4 days – amoxicillin and cephalexin and have gone through 28 vicodin in that time. What finally has eased the pain was baking soda, table salt and a wet cotton ball. I mixed equal amounts of the first two and dipped the wet cotton ball in this and placed it between my lip and gum (on the abcess) and left it in there for 3-5 hours before replacing it with a new one. Soon after placing the second one in their the abcess popped spewing blood and pus. I then rinsed with mouth wash followed by hydrogen peroxide (which foamed like a son of a bitch). In about 10 minutes time a wave of relief unlike any I’ve ever expierenced washed over me. My pain was at about a 12 on a chart of 10 (WORST PAIN EVER)!! and is now down to about a 2-3. Sex with a supermodel couldn’t make me happier right now!! Getting raped in prison sounds more appealing than going through that again. I have an appointment on Wednesday to remove what’s left of my upper teeth and get a denture. Until the last few days I was very apprehensive about having this done, no longer, I welcome it with open arms if it means I never have another abcessed tooth.
    One final note, I wish I had taken better care of my teeth earlier in my life (I’m 35) but still feel that dentists don’t always understand why people don’t. I think a lot it has to do with the high costs and lack of dental insurance that is offered (at least in the U.S.) and a general phobia about somebody poking around in your mouth (very invasive to say the least). Human nature also plays a role – if something doesn’t hurt we don’t think about it, especially for poor people like me. When you have to worry about rent, food, gas and the many other everyday living expenses sometimes preventive care gets lost in the shuffle. Most dentists make pretty good money and I’m not saying they don’t deserve it but maybe should be a little more understanding to those who don’t. I guess if you are a Republican you can blame it on me for not making enough money but we all can’t be rich. In order for there to be rich people there must be poor people(at least in a capitalist society). Anyway good luck to all suffering this horrific pain. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I’m going to sleep the sleep of angels now, 4 days with minimal sleep is horrible.

  233. I found that using a syringe with a hole in the needle to wash down the side of your gums with Corsadol Mouthwash definately helps as this was recommended by my dentist.

    It does the same job as the wash that the dentist will use to clean your gums before even considering taking you wisdom teeth out!

    If all else fails try a bottle of whisky should numb you for ages.

  234. i was at the dentist the day before and my wisdom teeth started hurting the next day its grew sideways how didnt the dentist spot this.pain is right upto my eyeball. ive tryed ibrufen,paracetamol, co codamol, antibiotics, vodka, bonjela, nurofen plus ,salt water, garlic and oil. nothing has worked reali except for swishin cold water round it n doin this every ten seconds n spittin it out.. if ya leave it more than 10 seconds its fukin kills. been doin this for 2days feel like im drowning but geting used to it.. cant wait til me appointment in a few days help!


  236. i am in so much pain! im sitting in my lounge at 7.30 am on a sunday morning with a warm thing strapped to my head and vodka burning the hell outta my mouth!! i think i have a abses but not sure if the vodka thingy works for that,,, it still bloody hurts i know that much!oooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwcccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh :o(

    i want to cry
    child birth wasnt this bad
    toothache never happens on a week day
    i hate my tooth
    id pull it out myself but i think it would hurt

  237. Sorry about the delay Kate! Haha yeah i did go he didnt do anything for me though he just gave me some antibiotics. I havent had toothache since its been heaven! I really feel for you all with toothache. It has to be one of the worst things ever. I hope that you all feel alot better soon!

    Im eighteen in two days! 😀 xxxxx

  238. I have had a pain in my jaw since the day after thanksgiving…I had visited the Dentist last week and he said need another root canal big cavity…I never had pain or saw any black or anything in that tooth and now I have pain in the cheek and jaw..Its Sunday night and I called the dentist of course pager service, forgot the football game is on, and the Giants are losing he probably wont be in a good mood..I have antibotics and think I am going to start them tonight…I feel like someone punched me in the jaw…
    If you are afraid of root canals they are not that bad, I was so scared 3 weeks ago when I had my first one and it was really not that bad..just make sure you go to a good dentist or endo specialist..In the USA dentist on every block 20 or more in my town…Feel sorry if you dont have Insurance my bill would have been about 1700.00 for the root canal and crown…only cost me 165.00..I always make sure I have antibotics on hand stashed away never know when an emergency holiday weekend you need them…Never been happier to see the dentist in my life, Cant stand the pain…comes and goes. Just when you think its gone it starts again…Is it Monday Yet…hang in there….

  239. I have been in pain for days, I was using toothpaste and orajel and biting down on a warm cloth, the pain came and went, of course the night is killer. Today I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to look online for information – home remedies- . I saw that people were saying you can die from an infection so I decided to go to the emergency room being that I have 4 kids and they need me. I got their and it was at least a 4 hour wait. I decided to leave and take my chances. While online I saw that people were using clove oil and thought I should stop at the pharmacy on the way home to buy some of that I found something called Red Cross Toothache Medication and it says use only if you have throbbing pain so I got it it was less than $7.00. I came home and decided to get back on here to read about this product because it says do not touch tissues around the tooth…sounds hard not to, anyway, I decided to rinse my mouth out with water and I decided to take 3 teaspoons of childrens motrin grape flavor and I took a 4th teaspoon but did not swallow I let the medicine cover my infected tooth, after I couldnt stand it anymore I swallowed it. Now I feel 95% better. I have not used the other medicine yet because my tooth is not throbbing, I will wait until it starts hurting again but then I will use the motrin first, if that works again I will not use the “toothache” medicine if it doesnt work then I will use it. But this relief that the childrens motrin gave me feels great, I don’t know if its the medicine itself or the fact that I let the medicine marinate on my infected tooth..try it and let me know if it works for you.

  240. Oh, one more thing, I read that cashew nuts have some properties that help cure an abcess tooth and I forgot to tell you guys that when I stopped in to buy the “toothache” medicine I also bought cashew nuts and ate them on the way home…Was it the motrin or the cashew nuts I do not know but I had a good night sleep and I am not in pain this morning I can feel the area is still tender but no pain. I chewed the cashews on the side of my mouth that wasnt hurting and I chewed each one untill is was watery then I swallowed it, I ate a few handfulls. So if the motrin doesnt work try the cashews.

  241. One home remedy that is useful to keep on hand (may not help if you are in immediate pain) is to steep whole cloves in vodka for at least one week, then discard the cloves and store the liquid in an airtight container. You would use this on the gums directly to help numb them. I make a new bottle every year just so I know it’s fresh, but it should keep rather well. Both the cloves and vodka have antiseptic properties and the numbing effects are great.

    I’ve also read that vanilla extract has the same numbing effect.

    Another great alternative is acupressure: to the index finger on the opposite side of where the pain is (for instance, if a tooth on the right side of your mouth hurts, massage your left finger), apply firm pressure just below the fingernail for a few seconds. This will give short-term but immediate relief.

  242. OWWWWWIEEEEE i feel with you all, I tell you one thing, i am so stupid for not taking care of my teeth, I cannot wait to go to the dentist tommorow and get this friggin thing outta my mouth.

    I now also finnaly landed a job that has Dental Bennifets, and now have to deside if i want dentures or implants, as most my teeth are probaly to far gone to be saved

    the only thing i have ever found that helps with the pain, is holding water in your maouth (cold water) and spitting it out and contiune ( if you stop the pain is 100 times worse.

    good luck everyone

  243. I was born with a set of teeth that were destined to help some unknowing dentist retire in comfort. I went through the pain of having my four wisdom teeth extracted only to discover months later that two addition ones were coming in right behind them. My dentist said that second sets of wisdom teeth were very rare. Oh lucky me. Yes they had to be pulled as well.

    Now at 59 I find that steel reinforcing pins, root canals, crowns, caps and snow-white fillings have all added to the natural beauty of my smile! What I wouldn’t have given all those years for some really effective medication.

  244. I totally agree with all of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been having pain in my teeth for the past month. I had a root canal done 3 years ago and it was a poor job. It got fractured internally and chipped on the top. I saw a dentist who did a filling and I was fine for 2 weeks; then my other tooth on the left side began hurting. I have been in tears for the past couple of weeks. The dentist did an extraction of the tooth because it was decaying thanks to my wisdom tooth that was growing sideways. As I type, I am excrutiating pain. I took some mg of morphin, 4 extra strength advil, zopiclone (sleeping pill) and will be taking another one soon. It is 10.37pm and I have to be up at 6.30am for work tomorrow. I have also taken lorazepam to relax me coz I am not at all relaxed!!!! I am in pain. I really need help.

  245. OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! My toothache is back and its bad. 🙁 I go to Wolverhampton on thursday for my consultation for my tooth extraction. Its going take ages. I almost forgot how much toothache hurt and then it came back and bit me in the ass.

    I hoe your all allright x

  246. Has you ever been told that once you experience pregnancy… You’ll also eventually start experiencing TOOTHAHES that feel like a stick being shoved in places you don’t want to imagine? Well, I have. I had never before had a toothache or tooth problem, for that matter… Until I got pregnant. My mother-in-law informed me of how the baby will pull all the calcium from your bones, and guess what? Boy was she right! It seems as if I’ve had nothing but toothaches since my son’s birth and that was almost 4 years ago. For the last week the whole right side of my face and neck have been in excruciating pain, almost as if someone has beaten me repeatedly in the same spots again and again. As I sit here and type I feel this pulse in my right jaw and IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!! So I feel for you all that have the same type of pain and I pray (as I do for myself everynight before bed)… That someone someday will come up with something besides the Vodka and the same old pills … (that in my opinion, unless your trying to kill yaself… don’t work, anymore) to cure this very common aggrevating problem. God Bless and Good Luck with your PAIN!!!

  247. ok, I have tried everything that everyone here has mentioned…. saltwater mouthwashes, ambesol, oragel, aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprophen, vicodin, codiene, vanilla extract, clove of oil…. everything…. NOTHING HAS WORKED…. my face has been feeling like a bomb is exploding every 2 seconds…. it pulses with pain… however, i just thought of the wonderful detoxifying effects of tea. I decided that black tea is best seeing how it is the most powerful detoxifier. Anyways, it has finally relieved my pain by P…. not bad, it has gone from excruciating explosions to a dull pulsing pain…. hasn’t stopped in over a day… anyhow… what I have done is grabbed like 20 teabags of black tea and brewed up a single cup… and have been swishing it around my mouth for about a minute or two before drinking it…. it has taken some of my pain away…. I’m out to search for the sensodyne toothpaste that you all were talking about, but this pain is truly the worst thing I have ever felt in my life….

  248. ok, so I went to the dentist today, and since my current insurance doesn’t cover root canals, I have to wait until january to get it done…. I’m switching insurance plans, and my dentist decided that he could remove the nerve inside of my tooth and fill it temporarily with a temp filler. it felt much better when he was doing the procedure and about 30 minutes after…. however, once the anesthetic started to wear off, I got a searing pulsing pain in my tooth…. also, to those who say put aspirin or tylenol on top of the tooth, I will have to say not to. Placing aspirin or acetaminophen on top of the tooth causes aspirin burns…. which makes it painful to fix later…. it may provide temporary relief now, but you will get pain later… Also, if you are taking pills, don’t just swallow them…. my advice is to chew them up in your mouth with the water before swallowing them, it makes the drugs work faster and provide relief much faster than waiting for the drugs to disolve in your stomach…. and if you can, you should buy the extended release tylenol tablets… its 650mg of Acetaminophen. If you chew them up or grind them before taking it, it won’t be extended release and will give you the 650mg immediately… I take that as if I were taking regular tylenol but I grind it before swallowing…. it has eased the pain that I’m experiencing right now by 2 fold…. anyways, hope you all go to a dentist soon…. and tell the dentist to take his time…. because while he’s operating on the tooth, I was in heaven… no pain at all…

  249. oh by the way, if you are experiencing swelling of any sort, don’t take tylenol, it doesn’t help with swelling… motrin, advil, aspirin, bayer, aleve and other drugs containing ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and aspirin help with inflammation… acetaminophen only helps with pain…

  250. im 34 weeks pregnant and been suffering from tooth ache for a month ive tried anbesol and whiskey and other things what can i do to take the pain away as the densit wont take it out till my baby is born any ideas what i can do


  251. The best thing, and only recently mentioned, is black tea. but don’t make tea, use the teabag. Put the teabag between gum and cheek. I run it under cold water and immediately put it in my mouth. It pulls the infection out within about 10 to 30 minutes, but keep the bag on longer. Or replace as necessary. It should stop the pain in a few minutes as the tannins in the tea begin to work. You will see a lot of pus on the bag the longer you leave it in.

    It is amazing in its ability to relieve pain. Not a cure, but very very helpful for infection and relieving pain. Google teabags infection or teabags gums or something similar.

    To dentist down under: stay there. No one needs your paternalistic, holier than thou sermon like rants. Some people have autoimmune illness, lack of enzymes to break down normal bacteria, etc that cause problems. Carbs are the last thing I would ever eat. Soda? never touch the stuff and I have a 19 year old who has never had it either, nor does he eat junk food. OH MY GOD! We drink water! We eat vegetables!! We eat organic! We don’t eat chips or cookies or ice cream. We brush, we floss, we even take Vit C and calcium and magnesium. We use Co Q 10. What we don’t use are flopping off at the mouth dentists who make it harder for people already afraid of dentists to go there. We go to dentists that understand the role of genetics, and in utero influences, and enzyme deficiences and inflammatory chemicals and autoimmune illness and that despite “good dental hygiene”, people have problems that are not correlated to brushing and flossing.

    Compassion 101. Think about it.

  252. Yesterday evening I had a terrible toothache because of an abscess. It look like I have a walnut in my mouth. I really didn’t want to go to emergency room for antibiotic prescription. I call a healthfood store to see if they carried a natural antibiotic because cause I had a toothache. She told me they carry a product called “IMMUBOOST Blend SP-21” made by Solaray. She told me that she had used the product personally when she had an abscess and was able to eat later that day because all pain and swelling was gone. Within 4 hours the abscess burst, I rinsed with warn salt water and hydrogen peroxide until bleeding stopped. All the pain and most of swelling was gone like magic. The next morning the swelling was completely gone 🙂
    I have told all my family and friends including you about this product so that they will have around just in case.

    This is the kind of stuff most people don’t know about. Go sget sum and get rid of that toothache. 🙂

  253. Go get some clove oil & use that with ibuprofen/pain killers/whatever and then wait for the little bastard to die. Clove oil stops the abscess and infection that are giving u so much pain… (and me)Or pliers work too. Extremely painful short term but oh what a relief

  254. Vodka, rubbed onto the infected gum/teeth is a god-send for pain relief? Is it a good method?
    Must who does not use alcoholic drinks how do?

  255. Had a filling replaced a few weeks ago–a little over a week ago the tooth cracked or something—had some pressure and pain since filling—heard a pop and passed out for a minute—awoke to stars and pain that was previously unfathomable—and I’ve ahd bad road rash, severe burns, compound fractures and once almost a hundred stitches in my gut with a carpet needle and no anesthetic—nothing compared to this—not even close.

    Vicodin wouldnt touch it—finally had the first part of a root canal done—a large lump formed on my jawbone (walnut sized) and pain became intolerable.Then the burning acidic saliva came. By the gallons. Dentist seemed baffled and finally put me on antibiotics—yesterday something happened and it started shrinking fast, pressure went away even in my ear—best feeling of my life.

    Swelling comes back some but now I’ve been gagging/hacking/choking/puking up pus and foamy white mucus for 30 hours with a 103 fever.

    If I survive this and it ever happens again I think I’ll fucking well shoot myself right at the beginning.

    I still prefer thsi over the pain but I’ve friggin lost 15lbs the last week. Worst experience ever. No question. Think I would rather pound one of my testicles off with a hammer rather than go through this again.

  256. Last Wednesday went to the dentist and got a back tooth pulled. It was not in sever pain yet could still handle the hot/cold, but when something hit it, I about feel to the floor in pain. I knew it would be long until the nerve was completely open. I figured I would get it taken care of before all the pain hit. It took forever for the dentist to finally get it pulled out. I thought my jaw was going to break. I hurt worse afterward than I did going in. If it wasn’t for the vicodin I wouldn’t have made it through. Finally a piece of bone or tooth worked it’s way out and I was in relief….. until yesterday (wednesday) On the other side of my mouth a upper tooth has decided to abcess on me. I have never had a tooth abcess and I never want to again. Yesterday the tooth mildly hurt. Today when I got up I was in extreme pain. Also the one side of my face is so swollen that I can’t hardly breath out of one of my nostrils. It feels like I’m breathing thru a straw. The swelling is growing and is up to the corner of my eye next to my nose. I called my dentist who of course can’t see me until Monday, but did put me on a round of antibiotics along with more vicodin. When I touch my cheek I can fill the pus pocket. I have read different things to try on a abcess to help it drain, but with the pocket being so high on my cheek bone, I don’t know where to the “boil” is located on my gum. I’ve tried peroxide, and warm salt water hoping that it would help drain some of the pus, but no luck. My face keeps getting bigger and bigger. My upper lip is twice the normal size. I feel like someone has beat the crap out of me. I can’t eat, because one side still has the fresh whole from the extraction and the other side is hurting so bad I can’t stand the bite down on anything. I would try the vodka, but as much pain as I’m in now I probably would just drink it instead of rubbing it on my gum. I’ve learned pain pills and alchol don’t mix. Does anyone have any ideas that could help me? I think if I could figure out how to get it to drain and relieve some of the pressure I would feel somewhat better. I too have been up most of the night searching the web for answers. And if their are any dentist reading this, there are so many urgent care facilities now for medical conditions, you don’t even have to really have a family doctor anymore. Get sick, run to the urgent care center down the road that’s open 24/7. It would really be nice if dentist would do this as well. Dental pain is one of the worst pains ever, as probably everyone who has told their story here would agree, and by reading some of their stories would do just about anything for a little relief for the pain, I too am one of those. If I had a urgent care dental office down the road, I sure wouldn’t be here telling my story, I would be sitting in the waiting room. Sleep…. hmm I forgot what it felt like. A week now and probably 2 hours a night is all I get.

  257. Right now i am sitting here reading peoples stories and beleive it or not just about and hour ago the back lower tooth has throbbed so bad that their is no pain in this world to describe it. But after reading some of the stories some of them have made me laugh that there for 30 minutes the pain just went away. And I know that there is some people out there that when you hurt so bad it kind of makes you feel better that you are not the only person hurting. What i I am trying to say you are not hurting alone. I have done the salt water,brushing the tooth,antibotics,and pain killers and you feel good for about 10 mins. and it starts all over again.But i have no dental insurance. Heath insurance but no dental. And dentist offices don’t want to hear you when you say NO INSURANCE.They are ready to cut you off.SO what do you do?Right now i am using my health insurance and going to the emergency room and I have hit up 3 emergency rooms and they have prescribed antibotics and pain killers and right now that is all I can do and pray the pain goes away.

  258. Thank god for this site! ive had toothache since about 5-6 days ago n my god its ssssooooooooooo painful!!! it just started off as a slight pain i fort nothin of, then the next mornin i woke up n the right side of my face was huge! it proper swelled up, i cant open my mouth more than an inch, i cant eat, sleep or work properly at work! i went to the dentist n they said they cudnt do nothin for me!! TYPICAL!! so they gave me amoxcillan antibiotics, well 3 days in n its still exactly the same! its really gettin me down now seein as its only a week till xmas! uve heard the song all i want for xmas is my 2 front teeth? well all I want for xmas is to get rid of my 2 back teeth!!!
    im goin get a bottle of vodka and try that see if thatll numb the pain. i just hope its better for next week!! and hope u all get better soon too

  259. my tooth is realy hurting it feels like plack is super smart and there taking a drill and drilling my gum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this realy hurts i have 12 year mollers growing it fells like my bum is hafe open and half shutt and its terring my gumm day after day after day after day over and over i ceep putting ambasal on it but it dosent help it hurts realy bad its taken me an hour to write this because i ceep studddddering beccause it hurts so badim 10 if the dentist hade a scale of how much it hurts it would be a 8 because people with root cannal or scervy this hurts realy realy bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. i also have a tooth ache, i woke up 4am and coulnt sleep anymore because it hurt sooo much!! its 10.30am atm and my dentist is at 3.30pm i dont think i can last… im worried because its the same tooth that they said something about it cant be refilled if it hurts again… i think i have to get that root canal, i dont want to wait anylonger i want this PAIN GONE~~ Ouchhhhhh

  261. I have been through this now for the past 2 months. I have actually had a couple of experiences. I have had an absessed tooth before ( a root canal gone wrong), because of this my jaw swelled like an orange (size wise) from the side of my face. If this happens you need to take some antibiotics. If you “can’t” afford the antibiotics, get yourself a heating pad and some excedrine migraine. The Excedrine will kill the pain, and the heating pad will make the pain bearable until the meds kick in. If you can, get one of those microwave safe pads heat it up nice and hot (where it almost burns your face) and place it against the area of pain. Lay down, get some sleep (you will get a bit)

    If the problem on the other hand is a broken tooth. This is worthy of death. It hurts so bad. I had this happen where I broke a top wisdom tooth, and that was really bad, I left it go for a while and when I got it pulled I got nerve damage and lost the ability to use my face for 6 months. (The Dentist was not graceful with the removal). Suddenly I find that I don’t like dentists, which has brought me to now….

    If you have an exposed nerve, again get yourself some excedrine migraine. The vodka thing is fine if you don’t work. If you have to work follow these steps:

    Get yourself a 5 dollar dental pick from walmart. It has to be the actual hook pick, not just a tooth pick. They sell sets of 2 for the travelers picks. They are sufficient. Be prepared for the worst pain you have ever experienced in your life.

    At first (the first 3 weeks of having the nerve exposed) you can just pick out the excess food that is touching the nerve. (sometimes it is hiding behind/under the skin, you will have to pick around till you find it. You will probably think you died when you do this.)

    After you have done this, you can use some listerine to take care of it.

    After the first 3 weeks or so, this won’t help. You will wake up in the middle of the night roughly every 5 minutes. Maybe less.

    At this point you can get almost immediate relief putting the “Excedrine migraine” on the tooth. Bite down gently and leave it there for a little while. I mean until it is practically desolved in your mouth. DONT RINSE, it will defeat the purpose, but boy does it taste bad. This will kill the pain for 4 – 6 hours. Sometimes even more.

    I am told that it will eventually fall out. I don’t know how long it takes, but I am still moving forward. It can’t get much worse than this. BTW You can’t do it without Jesus, so don’t even try.

    Also I have heard that you can die from the infection if it is left go for to long. I don’t know if I will wait for it to fall out or get it ripped out. Either way, I do know that I don’t want to go to the dentist.

    Good Luck all. Hope this helps. I am like 2 months into this one. I broke the tooth and the nerve has been exposed for quite some time now. *Haven’t missed a day of work.

  262. Ok. I have had 13 kidney stones, and tooth pain comes just a close second to that. At this point I would say it is worse, but there are things you can do to help tooth pain. I have been on anti-biotics for a few days now, with little relief, I am chewing on a toothbrush, just kind of rubbing my gums gently with it, as it seems to help. I have been living on a steady dose of Ibuprofen, Tylenol 3 with codeine, and Vicoden. Although they help very little. There are alot of good suggestions out there. I woudl suggest the high proof alcohol (vodka, spiced rum, jack daniels) and just swishing it around and spitting it out. As it has helped. I haven’t ate in 5 days now. I have slept an hour and a half a night on a broken schedule all from a broken tooth and a abcess. It’s cool though. Complainging solved nothing, and cutting my gums open with a razor blade (yes I am crazy) and dug the infection out. For the first time in DAYS.. No pain. Minus the cut on the gums. I may have snapped, but I will be sleeping later. I didn’t kill anybody, almost though. Ok so tired, need sleepy sleepy. So, go. Use the alcohol method, live on ambelsol, and ibuprofrens, and if all else fails, and your are like me and can not get to a dentist for 2 weeks. I suggest doing the crazy move, numing your entire mouth, and just cut it out. It is either that, or deal with no more food and no more sleep. brain is shutting off. I bid you a farewell tooth pain…

  263. The BEST relief(temporary) for toothaches better than booze and anbesol is EUGENOL.aka OIL OF CLOVE. Be careful with the oil it will burn other parts like lips and face. It will give hours of pain relief.

  264. hi everyone , pain is not the word , im in pain right now from a infection that i had for awhile now and yesterday i had to go to the dentist because my face looked like a chipmunk and lots of pain , anyway for those of you that have pain i use (muclemist) this stuff works miracles , all i do is spray some on my finger and rub on my cheek as ofter as i need to and the pain goes away for some time anyway , hope everybody feels better for the weekend and merry x-mas to everybody.
    new brunswick canada

  265. its me again!! anyway ealier this week from monday-thursday were the worst days of mylife because of a stupid tooth i was waking up every 5minutes in the night unable to sleep from the pain i was even crying!! i was so close to geting a hammer or something and wanting to rip out that damned tooth!. the only temp pain relief that helped me was taking thoes painkillers which only lasted for a half hour but besides that i was sucking on ice for the whole time which helped a bit.. i had a infection in my tooth were alot of puss was under my jaw which made my tooth Farking hurt like a bitch.the tablets i took for the infection really fucking helped, after a week of taking them BANG my tooh ache disapared oh boy its the best feeling in the world, i had a 8 hour sleep the other night that was fucknig awesome, i could eat again,i was back to my old self! , oh man how good it feels. i mean i still cant chew food on the saw tooth cos it still kills like a bitch but no every 2second palsin pain. im going back to the dentist next wednesday to get my root canal to finnish this mother fucker off! anyway just wanted to share my story to u guys… no one else but u guys really understands how much a tooh ache hurts…for u guys that are still in pain i feel for yous i really do, good luck and may god be on your side 🙂

  266. Got an abcess just as the dentists went home for the holidays so couldn’t get anyone to call me in a perscription — bad, headache, ears ringing, shaking chills –too sick to get out of bed. Started to eat 3 crushed raw garlic cloves every few hours, 2 IBPropin (willing to risk the kidney failure on this one) and a golden seal/echanacia mix. Put a clove of clove between tooth and cheek, rinse every hour or so with salt water. Pain goes away and can eat a little – the garlic and herbals kill infection, etc. But it comes back if I don’t keep regular. New out here and have to risk getting someone to see me. I will literally sit in someone’s office if no one says they will. These things are life threatening and I’m not going to take no for an answer.

    Swelling won’t go down though, thinking of lancing it soon. Tired of being sick even when the pain goes away.

  267. Im 16 years old and need to have a root canal done.
    A little less than half of my tooth broke off while eating icecream[like 4 months ago] & after that i had no pain, went to the dentist to fill in a cavity that i already ahd an appointment for & told the lady about my tootj that had broken or whatever. She told me i had to have a root canal done. [still waiting for an appointment btw because in my dentist they dont do it they have to get papers signed elsewhere or some bullshit] so Its been like 3 days & i havent been able to sleep well .
    and let me tell you its 1000000000000000% true that the pain gets worst at night.
    Up to know this has been the worst pain ive ever experienced, im rethinking ever having kids. l0l.
    Oh, i have tried aspirins [dont work].
    Salt and warm water [dont work]
    Hydrogen peroxide [dont work]
    Tylenol [dont work]
    Antibiotics kind of work, at least i can sleep some before the pain starts. Currently talking ibuprofen, & now im about to take the pennincilin.
    Good luck guys i DEFINETLY feel your pain.

  268. OK, I have finally succumbed to the toothache problem myself after listening to years of other aches and pains by others. I am going to chronologically detail my journey so others can find relief and humor in my plight.

    Day before Christmas, I was starting to feel a dull ache in my #30 tooth. My favorite tooth. The one that has once been saved by Dr. my ****n DMD in Hacienda Heights, CA. He works weekends including Sundays until 7pm. Credentialed up to the kazoo. He saves tooths rather than be quick to perform root canals and extractions and all kinds of expensive quick fixes.

    Hell, I even had my silver amalgam changed to ceramic without injections of numbing agents. He’s that good…anyway, wanted to lay the groundwork that I had this planned for at least 6 years for this type of emergency. His office is at least 30 miles from my home but I have the kid’s orthodontic braces being done and the wife’s care as well and I pay cash.

    Here it comes. I was ready to feast on my favorite dishes. Prime Rib, fillet mignon medallions, sushi, fudge brownies, peanut butter brittle, coconut cream pies, gallons of ice cream, roasted cashews, crispy French pastries, champagne, good Davidoff cigars and brandy. But my frickin #30 was hammering me to the extent that when my doggie, Lexie nuzzled me in bed to take him walking, I was ready to get out into the cold just for relief. I went out to one of those surrealistic dog walks like a madman possessed. It hurt so bad my soul was screaming! I was ready to go prescribe myself but I got on the cell and called at 9AM on Christmas Day.

    I went in for an emergency check up. He had a digital Xray taken and we both looked at my #30. I didn’t see a prominent crack or cavity. Then of course the digital xray resolution wasn’t what I would call enough to see hairline cracks either. He stated that other than the tooth being more calcified than the other surrounding teeth, It looked normal. Then he proceeded to probe around like a deep cleaning procedure that sent me to the moon in pain. If that wasn’t enough, he then got the old Freezit can out and put a small amount on a swab to tap on each tooth for thermal recovery – this checks to see whether the nerves are alive. It wasn’t as bad though as the next test which consisted of tapping each tooth with the blunt end of a metal probe. Went nuclear in pain.

    I was sweatin about this time but kept my professional cool. I just told him that #30 is my favorite tooth and that it is the only reason I go to his practice. My whole family pays in cash for services with no questions asked. I know what happens when a patient goes to a cheap and flaky dentist. I see these cases often and it isn’t pretty.

    We talk about the possible conditions and decide to get me on 500mg of Amoxicillin 3 times a day. I get back by 12 noon and by 1:40PM the feast is layed out. Me smiling and everyone opening presents. Half of my tooth was throbbing and decided I was not to be denied my feast that I starved myself for weeks a little at a time to justify my pigout. I stopped by the hospital on the way back, filled the antibiotic and prescribed myself 3 grams of medical grade cocaine. The rest was a disaster. I felt numb to pain but had no desire to eat. I kept drooling on my cigar and dribbled my brandy like a complete slob.
    I cut a swatch of gauze and moistened it, spinkled the powder and placed it between my cheeks and my #30. I must have swallowed 3 of those gauzes.

    I was told by the little woman to go to the library and stay there so that I was not so embarrassing. There, I met with a husband of one of the guests whom I explained my plight. He carefully listened and told me that my problem was simple. I have a particle of organic matter that most likely got pushed by the dentist using the pressurized cleaning process. It happens many time than people know. Investigations have shown that Teledyne’s Water Pik and the like equipment contributes to the same problem. An unexpected boom for the dentistry industry. I realized why my frickin dentist saw me! he didn’t even charge me too. I went sober, got up and went to the bathrooms and got the water piks and tossed them out. I now have to take antibiotics with antihistimines for at least 7 straight days. The pain will be there until the body absorbs the rotting organic matter or I can have oral surgury and expose myself to even greater problems.

    Moral of the story. You don’t have to be a doctor to lose your patients. Get rid of that water pik and know that a lawyer who made money to keep quiet about a dangerous product from Teledyne is telling the truth.

  269. Hey people, i must say I am glad that you are all in pain, because that way I know I’m not the only one here thinking of killing myself to kill the pain. A few days ago one of my toth broke, and the nerve is open and ready to be attacked. Last night I had the worst pain ever. I fell asleep with a bottle of Malibu (was the only alcohol i had in the house) next to my bed. From previous toothaches i remembered smoking a joint would relieve the pain. This time around it doesnt work. I get stoned AND feel the pain (live in holland, weed is legal).
    Clove oil and SUCKING (like someone mentioned) everything out of the tooth really helped. I even have a smile this afternoon haha. But be careful with the clove oil….i missed the tooth, and ended up filling the right side of my mouth woth clove oil. It burned the hell out of me…even my lips felt like there was an inferno burning. Have to go to the dentist, be she has time for me AFTER januari 15th. I dont know how I’ma survive that….

  270. Hi there Guys,
    I discovered this site the over night while not able to sleep due to the immense pain of toothache. Unfortunatly I don’t have any remedies as I feel toothache is toothache it just fecking kills. I’ve decided to blog a text message I sent to my bf while in a night of pain…..he suggested I should drive over his n he’d help take my mind of the toothache, unfortunatly due to the advice of others I’d been drinking vodka…..BOO
    This just summed up how I felt before I got to see my beloved dentist.
    ‘2b honest I don’t know where I’m finding the humour from. There is nothing funny in this what so ever. I’ve realised I’m slightly sadistic aswell. I’m poking my tongue in it-it makes it hurt more n I realise the constant pain is slightly better then the sharp shooting pain of my infliction. Fuck it I’m going to have another vodka. Website said to swill but I’m not spitting out vodka thats against my religion. Please help me!!
    I feel for you all, but the dentist is your only help…ask then if you can pay in installments if your a bit skint.
    Love to you all.

  271. I think that the best thing you can do is go to your doctor and ask him to prescribe you some antibiotics. Being on antibiotics really helped me although my problem hasnt gone away. So also make sure that you make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible! I really really hope that you feel better soon xx

  272. Well can I just say cant believe when I looked up tooth pain advice I would find this. Really got me thru the last hour!! Dinner smells lovely but I know I am about to waste my time even going down to dinner. In so much pain wondering when I will pass out but at the dentist tommorow to start root canal and fillings. I paid out a fortune 2 years ago I wouldnt mind but seem to have bad luck with teeth!! In agony again though as wisdom teeth coming at the same time oh joy!!1 Well to everyone in pain right now, you are not the only one and good luck

  273. Where do i start? I am going to die. Feels like someone is torturing me… I tried everything nothing helps. The pain just wont go away. extra strength oragel was working a lil but now it makes it worst. I was popping 3 asperen ever 2 hours. Now the pain is to the point even vicaden XS dosnt workI went to hosiptal they gave me antibiotic and the vicadin XS well wrote me a script. Worked for 2 days best two days all week. I have no money so i called around to all dentists to see if they would work with me on payment plan. NONE WOuld.. they said $200 up front… I want to take plyers to the tooth so bad. I am even having a hard time typing. errrrrrrrrrrrr

  274. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IM DYING Its approx: 3:59 AM.. yes thats almost 4 in the god damn morning. omg omgomgomg i have 2 teeth hurting right next to eachother in my lower left jawbone the very last tooth and the one before that. and just recently like maybe 5 hours ago the tooth directly above those started hurting. I’ve just been sitting here reading this blog and have almost crushed a thing of maximum strength anbesol. My tooth has been hurting for almost 2 days now. I took too much tylenol yesterday and my stomach felt like there was something melting through it so im done with that BS but now i feel like im overdoing the advil gelcaps.. i feel like slamming my head down onto a 6 inch nail this hurts so bad someboddy pleaseeeeee kill me!

  275. I’ve got a persistent nagging toothache that seems to be spreading around my entire mouth and won’t stay localised in one spot. That’s weird enough, but I only get it at night. The whole week has been the same – fine during the day with no painkillers at all, but aching at night. Not just when I’m trying to sleep and have nothing else to think about, but starts about 9pm everyday regardless. Is this a real pain or psychosematic? It seems to respond to painkillers…

  276. yeah thats the thing 4 the last 3 days i’ve had a REALLY bad toochache, but it dont hurt till just as i’m going to sleep – its really hurtin now but im tryin 2 ignore it {wich is hard}.
    hope all u lots teeth stop hurtin as 4 me it will be a few hours till it fades away a bit – or i fall asleep.

  277. Ok everyone listen I found a way to ease the pain.. Well this works for me only problem is it only calms the pain for about 3 to 5 min. Small piece of ice. Dont chomp it just put it on the top of the hurting tooth and apply a lil pressure by biting down lightly. Let it sit and melt. When its done melting the pain will be releaved. Problem is by the time you almost asleep the pain comes back and you have to reapply the ice. I can feel the pain generate gradully back starting with a switch and working its way from the tooth all the way to my temple and down too my neck just under my jaw. Its a crazy feeling as it gets stronger and stronger to the point my eyeball feels like its going to pop out of my head. You ever watch the swarznager movie where there on mars and they fall out on the planet and there eyes start popping out and there head looks like its going to expload. Thats how this feels.

    This works for me and its safe no over dosing on any meds.. hope it helps you all out. at least it may take the spikes out of the pain

  278. I need an Answer please i have had this really bad toothe ache since monday and it is now Sunday and i have taken t 3’s , Advil regular tylenol’s nd nothing works i need sleep……I don’t have the money to go to the dentist either…what can i do ???? It is 4:21am in the morning and i am really tired………

  279. I have a tooth ache but only at night??? I have no idea why but its not that bad, one advil and its gone to I guess after reading these I will just deal with it.

  280. Holy @#$% went to the dentist on thursday to have temp inlays put in and the bloody dentist accidently drilled through into the root of my tooth !!!! he quickly patched it and put the temp inlay in (proper inlay in two weeks ) he said i might get some pain and if i do call him. well by 3 am the whole side of my face felt like it had 200000 volts going through it!
    took two t3s and 600 mg of advil poured some clove oil in my mouth got back into bed tried to sleep, not going to happen, by 7 pm the next day ( sunday , dentist closed ) i had had enough so went to the medical clinic. dr gave me more t3s and said it was infected! really, i said! on way home looked around for some heroin !! just kidding But really i wondered if it would work.
    same routine sunday night only this time i couldnt sleep at all with the searing pain and the wonderful thoughts running through my head as to how i was going to go postal at the dentists office the next day. Ok saw dentist yep infected prescribed antibiotics & more 600 mg motrin, and get this said he couldnt see me for three weeks as he was all booked up! I said you have got to be #@$!*& kidding me ! So now i am not sleeping much as you all know, feeling angry, in the worst pain i have ever felt, hopped up on t3s and looking for a new dentist…………. wish me luck !

  281. Extreemly bad toothache. Past Sunday tooth (crown) felt strange and slightly loose. Monday pain relieved by tylenol, ibuprofin & 3 beers. Tuesday face slightly puffy – called dentist – redirected to a local oral surgeon – made appointment for Thursday. Had job interview only relief from the pain were taking 4 200mg ibuprofin & 2 tylenol at a time. Once they wear off it takes 2 hours to get the pain under control. Call dentist and pleaded for earlier appointment. That night slept two hours only to wake up in excruiating pain – lower jaw swollen – right eye sock hurts. Applied ice to jaw – slight relief. More ibuprofin through out the night. Today will see oral surgeon. My lower face swollen & lips look like I’ve been punched – even my ear hurts. Looked up home remidies for tooth ache on the net – placed clove on gum – helped somewhat – massaged ice into the v created by thumb and 1st finger for 5 minutes on each hand. Seriously this actually worked to relieve much of the pain – the area where the ice was applied is now however swollen. God help me I’m falling apart.

  282. About a week and a half ago I was experiencing a pretty bad toothache but chose to ignore it being I have gone through hundreds of toothaches in my life and they went away after a week or so. BUT this one swelled my neck and made it impossible for me to even open my mouth. I became concerned. I finally went to a dentist yesterday and his exact words were, “you should be in the hospital.”
    He told me that my life is now in danger.
    Being the stubborn Irish/American Indian that I am, I chose not to go as he directed.
    He put me on 2000 mg penicillin a day and gave me Tylenol 3s to help the pain {which they don’t}.
    I have not slept in several days and have not eaten in 5 days.
    He couldn’t do anything for me as to take the tooth out because I can’t open my mouth, so he has me on the penicillin therapy and made an appointment for 10 days to extract the tooth. If I live through the infection that has traveled to my jaw, wind pipe, and tong.
    I used to laugh at the thought of dying from a toothache because I didn’t think it possible. Well, today I fear for my life because of a toothache. Tooth problems are hereditary in my family being American Indian and I am quite experienced with them. I get many a year. NEVER THIS BAD.
    In the year 2000, I was hit by a car and left for dead. I was found 12 hours later and put in intensive care for two weeks in a coma. I was initially listed in GRAVE condition. It took me a year to recover. The right side of my face and head are titanium now.
    This tooth pain I have endured for the past week and a half has dwarfed that experience and caused me more pain than I remember ever going through in my life.
    If I make it through this with my life, I WILL NEVER IGNORE TOOTH PAIN AGAIN.

  283. Hey Guys / Ladies. Well I was looking up the temporary cavity filler called “Refilit” and found this site. I wanted to see how long does it last. Well anyway heres my story.

    I go to the dentist twice a year, and have been going to this same dentist office all my life. A normal cleaning is 75$. I have no insurance but since I know the lady Dr. that cleans my teath, she gives me a 15$ discount. (Ironically she is also the wife of a teacher I had, when I was in school lol) Anyway I have had a total of 6 minor cavities in my life…I’m 26, and have had them all fixed when they were found.

    The Dr. that does all the minor/major repair work is the owner, and I’ll give him credit that he is actually really really good at the work he does. I will mention his website for that reason.

    But I don’t exactly agree with his prices, I actually think its outragous. But sure, insurance providers are there to be raped of their money. But someone without it…he should knock down the price.

    3 of my fillings fell out after 5 years. *I* think it was due to my wisdom teeth trying to grow in, (yup, their just starting to pop through my gums and it friggen hurts too!) and the pressure crushed the fillings…2 turned to mush, 1 fell out while eating and i swallowed it heh. I had them fixed. Took him 15 mins to drill and fill. $380 i believe i had to pay.

    1 year later the other 3 fell out. which made 2 of the NEW ones fall out as well. I had 2 cavities on 2 different teeth. I was like WTF! Now I have 2 teeth with mega holes in them now. “OH…they normally are good for about 5 years.”

    So….you mean every 5 years I gotta go through this?!? Well F**K THAT!! Thats how I understand it unless I misunderstood. Nevertheless, its more expensive now because I have two…1/2 teeth and one thats a hair bigger than half from it chipping away. So the price I was quoted was about $1200. (4 cavities, extract 2 top wisdom teeth) I REFUSE to pay that kinda price for 15-20 minutes worth of work. And NO EXTRACTIN ANY WISDOM TEETH! They are fine

    Six months later I had my teeth cleaned, and she told me just try to do 1 at a time. I said to her, tell the Dr. Ed I want the same price as I paid last time for 3 fillings 380$….The cavity is only bigger because he enlarges it everytime he fills it.

    Well she did mention that to him at the end and he came in the room within 30 seconds because he probably though I was trying to blame him that its his fault and make a lawsuit or something. I tried to reason with him about having no insurance ect, ect, ect….but to no avail. His last words to me were before he left the room were…and I QUOTE “Well if you want to let your teeth rot, then let them rot. Then we can start fresh on a clean slate and go with dentures. Which will cost even more.”

    So I have been letting my teeth “Rot” for about a 4 months now since that last cleaning. F**K it, i won’t pay that price. I’m NOT looking around for any other dentists either. And if thats true, that I really can DIE from a tooth infection, so be it.

    Thats my story I felt like I wanted to share.

    My wisdom teeth are starting to break through my gumline and since its a very tight fit, its pushing on my other teeth and making my cavities act up a little. Not to mention my gums are sore as hell too to make matters worse. I have found at time the pain to be almost unbareable, but I don’t really drink hard liqur. But think about about it…its alchol, OF COURSE it will numb or at least calm the pain somewhat! Can you think of something else that has alcohol in it…how about MOUTHWASH! 🙂 Try using Listerine. It has 21% alcohol in it. It seems to calm down the pain for me. Although Vodka can have also work where you can get drunk and not feel the pain as much either LOL 🙂

    Hope that helps.

    — Wolfe

  284. Kick and punch ur pillow until u realize it doesn’t help. Then stop all noises, and stop all lights so ur head doesn’t pound as much. Then think about crying, but then realize ur too old for someone to come to ur rescue. Then brush ur tooth around the gums form like 4 min, it will take away the pian for 2 min…. then just thank urslef, that u know when this is over….u’ll never under estimate the dentist……then debate what to do……then use mouthwash……..rinse rinse rinse……..then look at ur tooth in the mirror…….ur mind will suddenly stop pain for a brief 5 seconds…..then come to this blog snd many others to figure real anmd better solutions……..hopefully u reading this took away of 2 min of pain time…….but now, that ur thinking of the pain again…… hurts even more……..i amk sorry……..lesson to you…….ur mind is more powerful than any cure…….i would say try and get ur mind off it, but that doesn’t work since u know ur doing it…..maybe tune into ur favorite song, and hopefully u’;ll forget u read this……..goodluck…..

    p.s……… my tooth hurts more than anybody’s tooth ever hurt in the world…..and just writing this paragragh alone took away the pain for 5 min or so… thank you

  285. i’m down with the person who said “i’ll never under estimate a toothache again, it’ll kill you!”
    Thats totally correct… well as “toothache makes everything else second!”
    I think we should all join together and create a club…share our pains and sorrows…..then maybe get some milk……wait, “milk was a bad choice”. Yeah i was kidding about the club… but not the pain……..i think expressing my pain through electronic words on a comp screen really shows my inner beauty……wait no it doesn’t…….. OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
    Labour is prolly have as painful as a toothache… i right??

    (guys come on……how would you know)

  286. Even though I had a dental appointment the next morning, I was in so much pain I tried to pull my own tooth with a plyers, but it didn’t work and the tooth broke off right above the gum. Once the tops of the roots were exposed I was able to drill a hole in the top of each root with my dremmel tool to relieve the pressure. Once I did this there was a foul smell because the pulp of the tooth had died long before it started to hurt, so I did my best to clean the roots out with a special tool. I don’t suggest doing this if you intend to save the tooth, as it can cause further complications for your dentist, and end up costing you over a thousand dollars extra, but I have had such bad results with root canals in the past, I planning to get it pulled any way, so while I did make things a bit more complicated for my dentist, I am glad I did this. From what I have learned, much of the reason for the pain we feel from a dead tooth is a result of the decaying pulp causing gases to put pressure on the nerve. Prior to having any pain from my dead tooth, I had a continually re-occuring pimple or pus pocket on my gum, but because it was almost a quarter inch from the bad tooth, I never understood it was related to my tooth decay trying to drain. The other interesting thing is that this bad tooth had not been a problem until I started to do a lot of cardio exercise in conjunction with consuming an abundance of fruit in greens in the form of smoothies. To me it appears that the exercise I started doing was excessive, and robed my body of the energy it needed to keep this potential infection from spreading, or perhaps the exercise made my blood clots around the infection start to decompose. What ever the case thank God for dentists.

  287. Hello again. I just wanted to say that I’m actually better now. I figured out what my mouth pain was. It was my bottom wisdom teeth. They are growing in and trying to force their way through my gums. Man….it’s like trying to stab yourself with your fist. lol

    I just kept pressing down and rubbing on the skin to help it break through. I actually can’t feel it anymore….hopefully it stays that way.


  288. I have been smoking for aprox 35 years

    since about november of 2006 fire safe cigarretes were introduce in california
    since then i have very bad toothaches on all the teeth it seems that there is a correlation between the two since several smokers that i know have the same symtoms its not only me so i guess now i really have to quit for real if i want the toothache to go away

    i would like to ask people that have the same symtoms to write here and find out if this is really related i am at a lost

  289. I can’t believe what I’m reading here…I sympathize with you all because I’ve been there when I was younger, and I had to get a tooth pulled as a result, but by that time I was taking good care of the rest of my teeth on a regular basis. I have a few fillings, and one that is large enough that the next time it is replaced it will need a root canal or have to be pulled (in which case I’ll get a dental implant to replace it.) But…I sincerely hope that all of you out there take control of your oral health. It is absolutely imperative to brush thoroughly with a flouride toothpaste twice daily (three times is better), FLOSS daily, really limit soda and sugar and most importantly, see a dentist every six months for an exam and cleaning. Someone halfway up there said that they heard dental cleanings damage your teeth in the long run…that is hogwash. I’ve been having 6 years of clean, cavity-free checkups now (except for getting the large filling replaced.) But see, my dentist detected that it was leaking on one of my 6 month check-up intervals…so I got it replaced before it caused me any problems.

    I’m actually thinking of becoming a dentist…looks like I wouldn’t have a shortage of patients to attend to. Please take care of your teeth.

  290. ok this is what i found to work for the past few days. 4 advil because they are something to help the inflamaton that is causing the pain but can only take 12 a day = to 3 800mg of motrin that will work too just 800mg no more and 3 times a day tops and for me that only works for 3 hours. you want to hear something to make you laugh MY DOCTOR seen that it iwas abstract and told me to take tyanol and keep sucking on the 100proof youcon jack. i suppose that will go great with the cops when i get pulled over . well i have gone 6 days and nights with this throbbing pain and in the morning im going to stand in a first come first serve line for a dentist.COME ON 8 AM. as for the doctor im going to see her one more time and not payin g to see her im going to tell her she needs to stop her penis envy and get some damn dyke telling me that she can bive me regular tyanal to someone that has a problem with their stomic ( it bleeds from tyanol) and people pay to hear her say on their problems lol too funny she need to work in a 3rd world country o well try the motrin or advil people and get to the dentist. At leats that will bring down the swelling so they can do something about your pain and another thing BAKING SODA on the tooth and around it will draw out the infection quicker than any medication ANTIBODIES ARE A SHOT IN THE DARK HIT AND MISS AND THEY CAN MAKE YOU REALLY SICK THEY SHOULD DO BLOOD WORK TO SEE WHAT ANTIBODI IS THE STRAIN THAT IS AFFECTING YOU B-4 TREATING IT
    Night all advil kicking in time to get 3 more hours of sleep


  292. Lucas yes my tooth started hurting when i started somking again after two year without . o and our water here in Michigan is suposed to be the best city water around IT REAKS OF CHLORINE LIKE A PUBLIC POOL ill bet that is great for the body and teeth too. but that is how the government uses us 4 testing and that is a whole nother topic People LEARN ABOUT YOUR BODY AND WHAT YOU BUT IN IT ITS YOURS AND NOONE IS GOI9NG TO MAKE IT LAST LONGER

  293. DanO,

    You’re expecting advice? See a dentist! Then do what you have to do prevent it from happening again. I agree with DentistDownUnder’s comments up there that tooth decay and teeth problems are preventable.

  294. @DentaGirl: I quote “DentistDownUnder’s comments up there that tooth decay and teeth problems are preventable.” She is the truth, I do not have decay why I prevent.

  295. DanO…

    Hmmm I’m NOT a doctor in medicine, but I do have Logic. In regards to the Baking Soda to treat an infection and antibotics statement, I would have to agree with you there. And thats what I would use. I’ve had antibotics twice in my life when I was a sick during childhood…you know, that pink chalky stuff? But the Dr. already knew what the lab results were beforehand. But ya, thats a good point on the hit or miss. But theoretically, wouldn’t most tooth or gum infections be caused by the same type of bacteria? But again your right….Dr’s should NEVER ASSUME anything.

    HEH I COULDN’T RESIST TO ADD THIS…..That would be another great way that the dentist can rape you or your insurance. Add a lab test and culture to the bill.


  296. Hi
    I tried the vodka and it really worked, I soaked a cotton ball in it and left it on there for 3 minutes POOF the pain wad gone foe 4 hours thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. hi people ive had a bad tooth now for a few weeks and i agree tooth ache is the worst kind of pain ive ever experienced, iwent to the dentist yesterday an got what i thought was the affected tooth taken out but i was woken at 4am with agonising tooth ache yet again now im a tooth down an still have chronic toothahce IM WOUNDED.400mg ibuprufen isnt workin anymore neither is clove oil i cant have alcohol for 24 hours cos of the the dentist said not to does can anyone suggest anything else?PLEASE HELP IM GOIN INSANE.

  298. I have just tried the Vodka trick for my toothache. I have my fingers crossed that there will be a delayed reaction as the pain is not any better yet. I have no idea how much longer I can stand this pain. I have tried Ibuprofen all day (lots and lots), clove, vanilla, orajel and Vodka. I have tried heat, cold compresses and saltwater rinses. It is only 2 am Saturday morning. I won’t be able to reach a dentist until Monday at the earliest and I know I will not be able to get in that day. I have no idea how much longer I can stand this. They should have on-call dentists at the emergency room.

  299. Oh..Denta Girl…sometimes a toothache is caused by a tooth broken by accident. I think you should become an Oncologist. Then when you tell your patients they have cancer you can lecture them about how it is their fault for having an incorrect diet or being near cigarette smoke. I pity your patients considering your superior attitude and lack of empathy.

  300. wow toothache again I suffer from it every so often now I’ve got it in a broken tooth which only has the root I thought it was dead as it’s not hurt for years but no today it’s fighting back and not alots working this time I normally use
    clove oil
    teething gel
    holding water in your mouth
    salt water rince
    corsadil mouthwash
    just trying the vodka trick

    last night I attempted to get drunk to ease the pain but it did not work

    moaning helps too, Ive also got my two kids in bed ill and my wife is at work!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. Trish i bleed 4 ya. Try 4 200mg MOTRIN IB and take it with something on your stomic.(so you dont upset you stomic) im going on week 3 and the dentist pulled a tooth that he assumed was the problem but it turns out is not so now i have one less moler and still have an infection to deal with. GOD I LOVE PAIN (IT LETS ME KNOW IM ALIVE) any how try that and post weather it works or not. and as for the vodca try that cotten ball trick with 100 proof youcon i have a stomic that bleeds and it dont upset mine so try it it has to be better that an 80 proof vodca

  302. Just read about cloves on herbal remedy site. I had no oil but I did have ground cloves. I mixed some with vegetable oil and put on swolen gum area. It is helping. Thank you thank you herbal remedy site. Maybe I can actually get to sleep for a bit. Wish me luck.

  303. It’s 3:30 a.m. and I just woke up because of my tooth hurting so bad! I want to go to the emergency room but I don’t know what they can do for me there, should I go? I have to mention that I’m taking several meds for hypertension, kidney, and heart problems. Please tell me what to do! The on;y pain reliever I’m allowed to take is aspirin, and it’s not working. Also my tooth is bleeding.

  304. Oh Trish, if you learned to actually READ my post you’d see I never said I was a dentist. If your tooth breaks due to an accident, you see your dentist immediately. Most dentists do offer an emergency number to reach them. But see, if you aren’t already visiting a dentist on a regular basis which is what you should be doing, you’re shit out of luck when you need one. Maybe you should become a stable cleaner since you seem to like shoveling shit.

  305. Dentagirl,

    I have been told by two separate dentists that the first and foremost factor in having ‘bad teeth’ is the physical make-up of your teeth (i.e. LUCK), second comes diet and third your dental health.

    I have had many, many problems with my teeth, some of which were caused by too much diet soda when I was younger (acid erosion). However, I have been very careful with my teeth for a long time now (and spent 1000s and 1000s of pounds on them) but at present am in absolute agony with a tooth which needs a root canal. The tooth needs a root canal because there was a crack in my filling WHICH MY PREVIOUS DENTIST DID NOT SPOT.

    Why do you want to go into dentistry? Fot the money? Or for your obvious care and concern about members of the general public?

    To all you others out there – I hope you are getting on ok. I am currently on antibiotics, nurofen plus, clove oil. The pain seems to be worse at night (seems so for lots of you guys).

  306. so, this is my time line of pain:
    late November- get 3 cavities filled; they are immediately sensitive to hot and cold, begin brushing with a sensitive toothpaste
    early December- get all four wisdom teeth removed and experience lots of pain-end up having to have one of the sockets stuffed with clove oil for several days…(ps- if you have to have this done- ASK- nay, DEMAND that you be given the curved syringe to flush out the sockets once the stitches get well enough- they didn’t give it to me and it was GROSS to get them flushed at the dentists office.)
    finally, the sockets started healing up lovely and everything was peachy, with naught but the sensitivity to heat/cold and the occasional twang to lead me to be suspicious.
    then two days ago, the left side began to ache persistently, working up to a full on nightmare. i haven’t been able to eat, sleep, or drink. nothing helps. and as yesterday it snowed and everyone closed up, and as today is Friday and the the office is closed, i get an extra long weekend to suffer… however i did call the dentists emergency line and my dentist is calling in antibiotics and pain medications, and i will pick up some of the clove oil because i have tried everything else…… anbesol, tylenol, aspirin, motrin, ibuprofen… vodka even.(got well toasted and burned my gums with it, but still was in agony) a warning on ice water- it may help your teeth feel better immediately, but then they also begin to feel immediately worse… i drank about three gallons of ice water and a gallon of milk in a day trying to feel better before giving up to try the warm salt water, making the transition from cold to hot was the most painful thing ever… i thought i was going to die. anyways, god bless all of us suffering through the insane torture of a damn toothache… i just failed two tests in easy classes because i couldn’t focus long enough to read the questions properly..
    well, im off to the pharmacy to get my medication and see what happens.. luck to all.
    ps- it looks like i have to have a root canal… will update once that joyful event occurs.

  307. aaawwwwww my tooth is really really sore i dont like alcahole cloveoil dosnt work i cant get a dentist i nead help im in agony n i cant stand it no more had toothach 4 about a year and its just got worce n worce i had an abses but popd it myself.. that was nothin compaired 2 this pain…….hhheeelllpppp

  308. The whole clove between the cheek and the tooth works. It deadens the pain. I think it numbs your nerve ending. I have had one in my mouth for about an hour…best relief I have had in 6 days.

  309. Please Lord free me from this un holy pain!! Pain rules my world with a iron grip!I am dealing with 1 broken tooth. The tooth has been broken for a couple years and has flaired up like the hell fires. The pain is unbearable and i if i hadnt found a way to manage it i would be begging for someone to shoot me. Ice my friends, simple and cheap, works wonders. Im going threw 5 KGs of ice a day just to stay sane. But ive had enough now. My 3rd sleepless night, im ready to face my fears and see the dentist. Life is pain and pain is life! All the best with your pain and lets hope we never have to go through it again.

  310. Any way tou lot just bean to the dentist and had a root canel filling the pain has now gone ,but not from the pocket it cost £226 thats about $350 .So i will leave this site .untill the next time brush your teeth take care gary

  311. If your poor like a me, a quick, temporary,cheap fix is availble from the dentist for arount $30. My tooth was killing me, unable to sleep, contant pain, just plain horrible. The dentist just put some sort of white putty in the hole in the tooth and all the pain went away.I belive some of the pain is because of the cavity or abses is exposed to air. Cover that hole up with something. I would guess even blu tack or something in the hole would shop the pain untill you can see a dentist. I am now going to buy some of this dentist “gum” or whatever it is, in the medical draw for next time. All I can say is if your really in serious pain nothing short of a trip to the dentist will give you any relief. Good luck each and every one of you in your battle with pain. As from now, no cordial, soft drinks or cakes for me.

  312. I am in soooooo much pain. I was told my wisdom teeth would come in fine, and the top did, but the bottom is giving me grief. Im allergic to alcohol and cold(i have cu) so i am unable to use those relievers. Pain meds are all I have and those arent even helping. I have no insurance to go to a dentist so Im basically screwed hoping it will just go away.

  313. I just had a root canal this morning, and I’m so glad to have had it done. To those of you out there that won’t go to the dentist because of fear, believe me, what you are experiencing now is far worse than what you will experience at the dentist. The dentist part was a piece of cake!

    Also, please use the temporary pain relief ideas here as just that – TEMPORARY until you can see a dentist. And if your pain goes away by itself – please don’t think that means you’re healed. What it means, most likely, is that the nerve just died. The infection is still there. I went to sleep last night with a painful throbbing in my tooth. When I awoke this morning, the throbbing was gone. The nerve died overnight, but when they opened up my tooth, they found active infection. So now I’m on antibiotics, no pain killers, and I feel good.

    Of course, this procedure isn’t cheap, but it NEEDS to be done. Beg, borrow, steal the money if you have to. Get it done now and you could be avoiding having to spend even more money and and a potentially life threatening situation later if the infection spreads.

  314. Oh my godddd!!!!! I was walking around my house today screaming like a caveman!!! biting my couch in pain and agony…..finally I went to the dentist that gave me a filling a month ago… I made an appointment for in 3 days… And she told me ice helps…. I was like no you don’t understand.. I need something…I have to work……so I got Amoxcillin which is a penicilin which will take care of the infection right quick… and make then pain go away!! yes…. and it only cost like $15.00 I was ready do dish out 250 with this kind of pain!! you can’t put a price on pain relief like this…But Its not over yet!! The pain won’t go away until tomorrow… Today I tried oragel, salt water, garlic, biting on a wet cloth, and ice…. everything helped for a little bit, but then when i took it off for a sec it would come back 3 times as much!!.. I ran out off ice, so ran outside and grabbed some snow of the ground and put it straight in my mouth!! awww feels so good…. thank god it snowed today…. so yah now im eating ice cream!!! It helps cause your being normal for a couple mins….until you run out i guess!!! ok good luck everyone
    and remember with out the bitter the sweeter is never as sweet !!

  315. Im reading this as my tooth POUNDS! Im am glad to see that many of us have been in the same boat as I am right now. Ive taken Ibuprofen 800 all day, and 4 Darvocet in the past 4 hours. The pain seems to come on really bad when I lay down to catch some sleep. Vanilla extract on a qtip seems to be helping for the time being. 6am, havent slept a wink, and Im dizzy from pills.

    All this from a little ole tooth. HELP!

  316. New news! God has led me to a new remedy. Well, firstly , I got this conviction that I didn’t want to be “guzzling” painkillers all day and night. Firstly, because it not safe. Pain killers are not safe. Just check out all the warnings on the bottles when you buy advil or bayer. I got to the point with my toothache that not even 4 advil was working. Any more ,and I would have been on the verge of ” overdosing”. So just prayed that God would help me to Get back to good health naturally with taking pain killers and being in pain for the rest of my life. I started looking up alternative methods for pain. One was brush, floss every night before bed, then rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Another was , taking my first 2 fingers and touching the base of my jawbone, then you take an icecube(either bare or in a plastic bag) and rub it on that area marked between your two fingers. Do this for 5-7 minutes. It actually worked! It reduced the pain by 50%. I was able to sleep for the first time in a week. Drink water too! I ‘m also looking in to other alternative pain methods, so i’ll keep you updated.

  317. Fractures, punctures, abrasions, and cuts.. all childs play compared to a bad tooth ache. Oddly my ear hurts worse than the tooth thats causing the pain. But folks, im here to tell you: there is worse pain out there. When i was 16 i had a severe burn to 1/3 of my back, and that actually trumped this tooth ache i have now.
    Pain scale (1-100):
    small metal fragments puncturing skin and lodging deep within-1
    skinned knee- 5
    cuts- 2
    broken toe- 4
    back totally screwed throwing a couch across the room-65
    severe tooth ache with pain across jaw and into neck- 75
    severe burn- 100

    Dental appointment after 3 days of waiting is only 20 minutes away:)

  318. Hi again guys. I left my last message at the start of the year and I’m happy to say my tooth is so much better. I’ve got myself a lovely dentist who finished saving my tooth yesterday with a naughty bit of root canal. It hasn’t been cheap, I’ve spent the best part of £300 saving one tooth (which is soo much money when I only make minimum wage.) I’ve also been informed I will need 5 more fillings. Its not the best start to 2007 but atleast I have been able to stop the pain and find the cash to get my teeth sorted over the next 6 months. For all you guys who just simply haven’t got the cash I do have sympathy and obviously my sympahty goes out to all you peeps who are feeling like shit due to the blighters in your gob!!
    Love to you all.

  319. I have been in so much pain and now it hurts in my ear.Went to the dentist 5 days ago she tells me I have to have a root canal and she told me I bet your in alot of pain cause there is infection she says most all the time tooth pain is caused by infection build up.And she scheduals my about to have root canal 5 days later. I have been tring all kinds of pain meds tyelonal 3’s perkacet,Vicoden and nothing helps at all even have tried the vodka with no help.For a while I would wet a cloth and place it in microwave for 1 min then wrap it in a dry towel. and placed it on my jaw seemed to help ease it somewhat and also did ice packs but now nothing helps. I called my dentist twice asking for antibodic and a pain pill he told me take 4 ibprofan 200 mg tablets did not help and she never did call me in an antibodic which would relieve some pain as infection starts to go it relieves pressure which is what is causing the pain. So I went to a walk in clinic and they gave me a pain pill and antibodic I am still hurting today but it is a pain thats not as bad and easier to cope with I doubled up on antibodics whe it said take one I took 2 and hopefully by tomorrow I wont be hurting as bad. but as long as theres infection you will have the pain. and alot of times if you need root canal and you have infection they have told me before sometimes they can’t get you all the way numb I am changing dentist but have to go tomorrow to get my tooth taken care of. because my pain for over a week is to much to bear.

  320. ok, its 3:34am and I have the most painful toothache i have ever felt. I have tried vodka salt water, ibuprofen, but these don’t work. What I am finding to help is swirling water around my mouth over the sore tooth then spitting it out. I was swallowing it but i got sick off getting up and going to the toilet.unfortunately this only lasts a few minutes at a time but it’s better being in agony. I am meant to have a root canal next week but I just cant wait that long. I will die if I don’t get this pain fixed!!!!!!!!!!

  321. I’ve suffered from a toothache for the last several days. I am in a remote area and not able to see a dentist right away. The tooth already had a root canal several years ago. I’m taking antibiotics – although I wouldn’t suggest doubling up on the prescription as suggested in someone else’s post, mine warns that the medication is most effective if an even dose is established and some antibiotics have intestinal side affects that are magnified if you double up.

    I’ve had several people suggest different things for the pain and a few even worked. I had an earache as well, so I was told to take an antihistamine and lay off any dairy products for a while (dairy promotes the production of mucus, as does chocolate). The antihistamine cleared my sinuses. This helped alot! Also suggested was a paste of aloe gel, baking soda and clove oil – this also helped alot until the antihistamine kicked it. Red Cross Dental Medication makes your tooth or mouth numb for a while.

    Motrin, Oral B Oral Mouth Cleanser, moonshine, a clove on the gum, hot water bottle all worked for a little while. Keep trying until something works – and get to the dentist!

  322. My crowned molar started hurting one night and the very next day (friday) I called the dentist and made an appointment for the following monday. The weekend was horrific with so much pain. Long nights with no sleep & crying thinking how could I pry the crown off my tooth to bring me some relief. Was too scared to do it though. Monday morning I woke up early to get to the dentist.. I get there and I’m told my dentist had a family emergency. Ok then maybe one of the other two dentists in the office can see me. No, the receptionist tells me I have to come back tomorrow, they’re booked. I tell her with tears in my eyes I’m in extreme pain, can they see me on emergency basis. She says she’s sorry come back tomorrow. I left crying from the dentist office and on my drive home I just stopped at random at another dentist clinic. They saw me right away and took care of me put me on medications. My blood pressure was way up high. They called my dental insurance and got everything ok’d for emergency treatment. I am changing dentists and never going back to the dentist office that turned me away.

  323. I am having pain in my bottom side of of mouth. My enter ear and towards the back of my neck, behind my ear. Also I have head aches,a fever last night with cold chills. I felt like I couldn’t breath over night, as if I air supply was blocked. Before I went to bed, My husband bought me some Aleve medicine/motrin. I only took Aleve medicine, so I don’t know if it was causing me not to breath properly. I also, had a little chest pain before I took more medicine. The next morning I felt find, went out for a brief moment more and now my tooth started hurting again around 1:30/2:00. I did take some motrin this morning and now the pain has returned, but just not as bad as last night.

  324. Man I feel for you all! I’m right here hurting too. I’ve had lots of teeth problem in my life, and have more fillings and root canals than I care to remember. One thing I’ve learned is that your pain WILL NOT go away until the infection is gone. Go to a urgent care clinic and they will give you some antibiotics and probably some strong pain killer too. the pain killer will get you through for a few days until the antibiotics kill the infection, and then the pain will subside until you get the tooth taken care of.

  325. I feel all your pain. now 35, its only now after 20 years of poor dental maintenance that my mouth is healthyish. abscess over 4 years, holes, cracks, lumps of brown tooth, root canal work gone bad, crowns, a wobbly tooth for years (the worst one) and dentists seemingly creating work for next week, its all in my records.

    finally after a long break from mr phang, i went to a new dental surgeon close to my workplace, nice honest people, and technology seems to have been applied. now, 4000 sobs over 4 years worth of payment have put everything right, i can smile, chew, crunch and i don’t have “that taste”!

    the thing that made me do it and suffer all that “lets see how many hands we can get in his gob” treatment was a simple feeling of self preservation, a close friend had a heart attack at 40, doctors blamed diet, smoking and dental hygiene, it seems that the blood vessels in the jaw and neck lead directly to the heart, which suffers the infection.

    the price of a good second hand car has made my life so much better. I cant do anything but recommend it, sorry!

  326. Stu’s email above is right. Your dental problems affect your overall health. I went in with an abscess and the pain was already radiating to my lower neck. The dentist told me an abscess can affect your heart and brain. That’s pretty scary. The key is to get on penicillin as soon as possible. Toothaches don’t generally go away without treatment, so if you think you are going to just wait it out, I can tell you it will only get worse each day. Abscesses do not go away without treatment. I’ve never heard of anyone dying because of an abscess but I’ve heard alot of people dying from heart attacks. It makes you wonder how many of those heart attacks came from abscesses. I’m sure more than we think.

  327. I just heard a story about a farmer who spent three nights taking out his bad tooth himself. He used a pliers. The story came from his wife who was pregnant at the time time and she said it turned her stomach, that blood poured down his chin as he twisted away at the tooth.

    After 3 days he proudly showed her the black tooth.

  328. Allie,

    Sounds like you have a personal vendetta against dentists. Dentists, like all doctors, are human, which means they make mistakes. If you are not happy because your dentist did not detect a crack in your filling, then by all means see another one. It’s your right. And BTW, was it the dentist’s fault your filling developed a crack in the first place? No, it was probably caused by you biting down on something hard that broke it, which you should know better.

    Some people are more susceptible to developing decay then others but knowing that, shouldn’t that be a greater incentive to take especially better care of your teeth? If you knew the soda wasn’t good for you, why did you continue to drink it?

    I love it how several people on here get all bent out of shape when someone suggests preventative care. All I’m saying is, do what you need to do to get your tooth fixed, and then do what you have to to ensure you don’t suffer from the agony of a toothache again.

    I want to be a dentist because obviously, from reading the messages on this board, there’s a ton of people out there who sadly aren’t doing enough to prevent problems with their teeth. More education and prevention is needed. Do you think dentists really enjoy looking into mouths full
    of cavities and other problems because they want to make money? No. Their jobs are so much more easier when someone comes in with healthy teeth. In my opinion, the mouth is the most important part of the body which overall health is connected to.

    Now, for those who want to know how to relieve a toothache, any dentist will tell you to take ibuprofren or another OTC painkiller. If the toothache is due to a cavity that you can see, gently clean out any food particles and brush with toothpaste, rinse, and then pack part of a cotton ball that’s been soaked with clove oil into the cavity. Note: do not expect your pain relief to last forever! Every person and situation is different. It is not recommeneded to put crushed aspirin or another OTC into the tooth because the acid can damage the tooth structure and tissue even further. By the time you get a toothache, you WILL NEED a root canal or an extraction. There’s really no other way around it. If you don’t believe me, you can read it yourself at Scroll to FAQ’s.

    Thanks and stay healthy.

  329. Hey all,

    Like the rest of you I am having some severe pain in my mouth.

    Back when I was in high school I had to have a dental procedure done by a surgeon where I was to be put asleep. I accidentally ate that morning and had to stay awake during the entire procedure. This experience has scared me and left me very fearfull of the dentist.

    I just graduated college and haven’t had dental insurance for about 5 years. I put off getting a few cavities fixed since I didn’t have insurance and figured I could wait untill I secured a full time job.

    Obviously this was a horrible idea. I went from having sensitivity in the few areas where their are cavities.. to a tooth that has become rotten. I now have excruciating pain in my ear and head from time to time. I know I need to go to a dentist but am trying to find a dental clinic to go to because I won’t have the money to cover a high expense.

    I am extremly embaressed and fearfull to go. I have cried about this for nights. I am honestly petrified to get this fixed. From looking at me my front teeth look fine but I know I have countless cavities (as I have always been cavity prone).

    Anyone else deal with anxiety over going to the dentist? What do clinics normally charge? Are they used to patients like me who put off getting care?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  330. Embarassed and uninsured,

    Have you looked into sedation dentistry? You can do a search for it on the Web…I see and hear lots of advertisements for it lately. I believe they give you a pill to help relax you while they fix your teeth. Don’t know if you live in the U.S. but if you do, you can try looking up dentists on There are patient reviews on there for all kinds of doctors (including dentists) and you can see who is good with scared patients.

    I used to be scared, too. My parents never took me to a dentist when I was a child (my dad had a phobia of dentists) and I was a sporadic kid with my brushing and flossing habits, so I ended up with an absess molar that broke off so much it had to be extracted. I only now realize how dangerous it was to let it go that far, as the infection could have spread throughout my body. I know you’re scared, but trust me, the dentist gives you novacain, so you feel nothing during a procedure. I don’t think I’ve ever felt pain in the dentist chair. Once I had the tooth pulled and realized how painless the dentist was, I had all of my teeth fixed (they weren’t that bad – I only needed five fillings) and now I go every 6 months for regualr checkups/cleanings and take fasdicious care of my teeth. As far as payment is concerned, dentists are human, too – most if not all will be willing to work out a payment plan with you. I don’t know how much root canals cost, but it’s cheaper to get cavities filled, so the longer you put off getting work done, the more expensive it can cost you in the long run.

    Good luck…I hope this helps. If you go I hope you’ll post on here again to let us know how you did.


  331. I have been dealing with a horendous toothache for a couple weeks now (I live on an island and can’t see a dentist for some time yet). I’ve found that a combination of the following works well for me:
    1- Brushing several times a day
    2- Rinsing with Listerine every time I eat
    3- Peppermint tea – not hot, but warmer than room temperature
    4- sleeping in a semi-upright position

    Hope this helps some of you fellow sufferers!

  332. I have had bad toothache now in several teeth for exactly 2 months today.

    2 months ago my top-2-back-teeth were hurting like mad. I went to the emergency dentist and she extracted the one which hurt the most.
    Next day I wake up and my mouth is full of of infection or whatever, horrible taste. I ring dentist to tell her and she says its an infection and to use saltwater every 4 hours. Didnt make a bit of difference, eyes/ears/gums/face all hurting, so I went to anyother emergency dentist and he filled it up for me, and got rid of pain.

    But there is still alot of problems cause where the tooth was taken out, I still get pain. I’ve been on 3 courses of amoycillen and they do sort it out temporarily but they always come back.

    I asked my regular dentist, if the tooth next to it was an abcess and she says “not yet”. Well maybe not but its a rotten tooth with only half-left, anyone can see it needs to be taken out.
    NOW its starting to hurt again, not constant pain but I think its only a matter of time. I dont even have a dentist appointment until March.

    Anyway I also have toothache occasionally in 2 of my bottem teeth, which are filled with temporary-fillings. They only really hurt of a morning so I can cope.

    I guess I’m lucky I live in a city with 3-emergency dental clinics and lots of NHS-Dentists.

  333. Here I am, can’t sleep at 3AM, waiting for the pain killers to kick back in, reading all your stories helps me somewhat get through this.

    Waiting before the infection clears (on anti biotics) before going to the dentist

    A Tylenol #3 and 800mg of ibuprofen is barely enough to somewhat numb the pain. By far the worse pain of my life. I’d rather break bones again.

  334. I am so glad for a site like this….I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has been dealing with an IMMENSE amount of pain. I had a wisdom tooth awhile back that was packed in the back of my mouth and was giving me TERRIBLE pain because of an infected nerve…I had pain in that side of my face and terrible ear aches. I had the tooth pulled and guess what? I dealt with dry socket then…

    To top it off, I broke a tooth on the same side of my mouth and the nerve was exposed and so I was dealing with pain from two areas. The tooth became badly decayed so I finally went back to the dentist (which I HATE doing by the way) and he pulled the broken tooth and gave me penicillin and hydrocodone. A week later I am doing SO much better I can’t even explain it. I don’t know why I let myself be in that much pain for that long. Believe me, I would rather break seveal bones than feel that kind of pain again.


    Okay, I’m ex-forces and can take all sorts of pain and laugh! But this toothache at the back of my mouth is gripping me and inserting rusty nails into my gums and then using broken glass on the same area. I’ve packed ambesol into the tooth which has limited effect.

    I’ve just taken a 50mg Tramadol tablet. Last time I took one of these the pain went and didn’t return for nearly a week. Once the tooth was numb, I sucked the poison out (really couldn’t feel it) and spat it into the toilet. This, I believe, erradicated the abscess.

    Just waiting for it to kick in now….then it’s sucky suck sucky…yum!

  336. Come on you pathetic wimps. Grab a hard wooden stick and go to work on the tooth. Yea, that’s it. Back and forth. More whiskey. Getting loose? Good. More whiskey. Looser? Good. Now, here comes the hard part. Wrap electricians tape around the jaws of waterpump pliers. Snag that crappy tooth and twist while pulling. After removal, rinse with salt water and finish the whiskey. Good night.

  337. I’m in the middle of a root canal on a lower tooth that I’m now in my 3rd visit due to calicified roots. They stuff gauzge-like stuff down there to loosen it up and you come back in a week. Now he was going to take the cap off the next visit so he could get to it easier. My cap came off over the weekend, luckily not much pain–but my tooth disentegrated when the cap came off. QUESTION–does anyone know what they do with a tooth that’s broke off at the gum baseline? There’s not any tooth to hold a new cap on!!

  338. donna,
    Normally when your tooth breaks off like that they will go in and pull it but some dentist do different things. To everybody that has posted something up about tooth pain. I just had my wisdom tooth cut out (not fun at all),stay away from salt (a must),don’t rinse on the side that hurts(only if u have a hole in your tooth that’s a not do or it’ll hurt worse),honestly u may find pain meds that work but most don’t just to be honest!! I couldn’t deal with the pain so I thought I was takin the easy way out by havin it pulled and that wasn’t easy at all. I’ve bought some many pills off the streets for pain it’s a cryin shame. The dentist won’t go without pain meds so why give only a little pain meds? Good question right? Yeah, I know maybe one day they will treat people the way they treat themselves(with pain meds)!!!

  339. As far as broken teeth go….YES they hurt like hell – especially when it’s broken so bad that the nerve is exposed. I remember drinking pop and just getting this terrible pain where the tooth was broken off. This tooth was in the very back of my mouth and the dentist said he could do a root canal on it but I told him to just pull it because it was way back there. That little sucker took FOREVER to get pulled out but looking back, it was so worth it. No more searing pain in that side of my mouth, in my jaw, in my damn EAR….it’s finally gone. I even have the stupid little tooth as a reminder and boy does it look bad. Once again though….I’m so glad to hear other peoples’ stories and know that I’m not the only one that suffers!

  340. I sympathize with all. Just back from dental surgery having one of my molars removed and receiving a bone graft. I chose to ignore and hoped the problem would go away with a combination of therapies including using antibiotics, home remedies and strong narcotics (Dilaudid). While this dealt with the symptoms and provided relief, the problem never really never went away and in fact only got worse. The net result is that I had to have part of my jaw bone removed and will be dealing with this for up to a year. While not feeling on top of the world, the pain is mostly gone. Another 48 hours and the front of a moving subway train was beginning to look

    Most importantly the infection must ultimately be tamed using antibiotics or a combination of therapies. Dealing with the infection is absolutely critical, particularly as the potential exists for other problems to occur. In my case, I allowed extensive bone damage to occur, because I didn’t deal with properly! Secondly, there is a real risk if left untreated, that the infection can further develop and get into the bloodstream and you don’t want to be dealing with that or the potential consequences there of.

    Had an associate who like me chose to use bandaids in attempting to placate. Well he finally got some relief after the infection spread to his brain!

  341. my tooth hurts right now just went to the dentist this weekend to have them clean and have a mouth x-ray he said one of my teeth was dead and now it hurts like hell that damn vodka sounds reallllllly good right now.

  342. Front Tooth Pain… HELP PLEASE!?
    I had a filling placed on the backside of tooth #7 due to a small cavity between tooth 7 & tooth 6 on Jan 24 and that tooth is still bothering me now, sensations in my front teeth and aches/sharp pains daily and I feel it when I bend over, chew gum, etc… It seems to be hurting on the opposite side of where the cavity was, around the corner of tooth 7 where it meets tooth 8. I also keep feeling grit between tooth 7 and tooth 8 and I’m not eating or anything. Does anyone know what’s going on here? Is my filling coming out? Could my bite be off? Or the filling placed too high? I’m using sensodyne and Gel-Kam. This tooth isn’t sensitive to hot, cold or sweets but my dentist told me that after a filling is placed the pulp may become bruised, to give it time to calm down or it will need a root canal. It did seem better until today when I got my teeth cleaned and now its worse, the back of the tooth and in between where the tooth was filled does feel wierd to me but I have never had fillings before. I recently got my teeth cleaned , 3 days ago and it just got worse after that. My dentist checked the tooth and said there was nothing wrong with it and said if it continues he’d recommend a root canal which I will use as a last resort. He told me this tooth had very little decay so I don’t understand how this could be happening to me. Should I consider desensitizing this tooth? What could be causing this pain and discomfort? When you have a root canal on a front tooth does it require a crown? What kind of crown? How much do they cost? I’m already out of benefits for the of 2007.

  343. Why is it that health issues always hit the wall when you are in a situation that makes it exceedingly difficult to get things taken care of?

    Wouldn’t you know it, it’s happening to me too. I’ve had lots of fillings done over the last several years, some deep, due to the fact that: in my youth I was not encouraged to see the dentist and almost never did so, as I started college and my first employement I had no money, and now after a bit at my first decently paid job I have insurance to take advantage of.

    It’s one of those filled teeth that’s just starting to give me trouble and I’ll have to place a call to my dentist. It started as just a twinge, I figured I’d bit something wrong or had a piece of food causing an inflammation, so after a careful cleaning and flossing – no change. It has been on-and-off for a few days now, and of course I’m in contined training for my job of a type where if you skip out, you get a few weeks off with no pay, no work, and have to start it from the beginning again. I feel awful for the previous posters and can only hope that my tooth will remain bearable for the next 4 days and not reduce me to a useless fool until I can get out to a dentist.

    If I botch this training up, I’ll have to do it again anyway, so here’s hoping I can get through it OK. I’m calling my dentist tomorrow to set an appointment for as soon as I get back home.

    Best of luck to all, I hope it gets better. Sometimes false teeth seem like less of a bother….

  344. Hello everyone, I too am suffering from massive tooth pain. I have my root canal tomorrow (Finally!!!) but it’s been a long time coming! I am 6 ½ months pregnant so everyone is scared to work on me! I finally had to call and rip my dentist a new one in order for him to take me in. Anyone who’s looking for relieve should use anti-inflammatory medicines. I’m not able to take any because I’m pregnant, so I’m stuck using useless Tylenol. My dentist told me that the root is so inflamed and it doesn’t have anywhere to relieve the pressure so the pain just build and builds and builds. Eventually, it will rupture and the pain will go away or your dentist will have to drain it for you. Anyway, an anti-inflammatory medicine should help with the pain until you can go to the dentist. Don’t be fooled though…..if the pain suddenly stops, it doesn’t mean you’re good to go!! It just means the pressure from the infection has been relieved but you still have bacteria so go to the dentist!!

  345. I had a two root canals done five months ago on two of my top teeth. Recently the filling fell out of them, (the teeth were right next to each other), and the pain started a few days later. To make matters worse, I have an extremely infected tooth on the same side of my mouth that has decided to flare up, making the pain in my mouth unbearable. I was in tears. I called the Dentist who cant see me until April 3rd, however he did prescribe some vicodin. Well, the vicodin did absolutely nothing for the pain and it caused me to throw up non stop. I went to Fred Meyer’s and they actually sell temporary filling, next to the Orajel, on the toothpaste aisle. It was easy to do and it has actually helped tremendously. It was only five bucks so I recommend you try it. As for the other tooth, it had been two weeks and I couldnt take the pain and throwing up anymore, so I caved and headed for the emergency room this morning(Sunday). They switched me to percocet, 1-2 every four hours, gave me penicillin, and told me to take up to 800 mg of ibruprofen every 6 hours. I went right home, popped all them pills, and for the first time in two weeks I have NO PAIN!! NONE!!! I actually ate dinner and managed to keep it down……………So, needless to say I highly advise you call your Dentists and ask them to prescribe these for you………………Good Luck

  346. Hi, I have a abscessed tooth! I took 3 lortab tablets for the pain but it didnt put a dent in the pain. I was in so much pain that I went to the ER to try to find relief. They gave me a shot of Morphine, Visteril, Torradol…but it just wasnt enough. They had to give me a second shot of Morphine, that I think helped? After that, I went home and slept like a baby only to wake up the next morning with the pain back again. I have been sitting in bed all day sipping on a cup of ice water (swish it around the infected tooth for relief). Any other home remedies for pain relief?

  347. Wow!! Never had a tooth ache like this before.

    Last week cracked a filling on the molar top right side, it was soooo painful! Managed to get some paracetamol and calm it and it was fine up until last night.

    Last night stupidly ate on the bad side which has now given me the mother of all tooth aches and like many others on here im at my wits end as to what to do about the pain and typically its sunday today and the dentist isn’t about until tomorrow!

    I’ve been taking strong paracetamol which is ok but doesn’t kill the pain completely. But i’ve just swished some whiskey around the bad tooth and that seemed to numb the area a little.

    Good luck to you all and your poor teeth, maybe from this we will all learn to take more care of them and see the dentist more regularly?

  348. I have lived through tooth pain on and off now for a few weeks. Some days I think it’s related to the cold I’ve had for a while now. I’m going to make an appointment with my doc in the morning.

    I’ve been dealing with pain, that averages about a 7 on the 10 scale all day today. I’ve taken so much ibuprofen, tylenol, naproxen sodium and aspirin, I’m afraid I’m going to OD. I’ve also read so many comments here about trying to swish with vodka. Unfortunately, by the time I saw that tip, it was too late for the day to try and get any, because our stores here stop selling by 10:00 pm on Sundays. I did have some beer, however, so I’m quite intoxicated as I write this. The pain is there, but I think I will be able to sleep just fine… for the first time in days.

    I’ve tried everything…. salt water, which usually does help, but hasn’t today… and of course, the coctails of over the counter meds. I’m sure mine is either an absess, or it’s caused by the cold (sinus infection). Either way, I’m making that appointment for my physician.

    I don’t have dental coverage with the insurance at work, and I can’t afford a dentist, else I’d have these damn things pulled. Incidentally, it’s in two teeth, top and bottom on the left side. I’ve no idea why my bottom tooth is hurting. I really think it’s pain association rather than a problem on the bottom.

    I think it probably is an absess. If I can find a dentist locally that will work with me on payments, or an oral surgeon my regular insurance will help with, I’ll get done what I need to do. Otherwise, I’m doomed to live with this pain because I only make enough money to meet my basic needs, and not enough to pay for dental care.

    Of course, like many, I’ve not had the best habits of dental care, so I’ve got teeth rotting out like crazy. The odd thing is, the teeth that have the most wear are just fine. It’s two of my molars on the left side (top and bottom), which are hurting me now. This is the worst pain I’ve ever had, and the worst part is… it’s constant. I’ve almost been brought to tears because of it.

    Good luck to you all. It’s nice to know that places like this exist. I’ll be thinking of you all, and hoping that you find relief.



  349. OMG I wish someone would just give me the courtesy of shotting me than to live wit this never stopping toothache.Ive tried everything except the vodka due to the fact that im kinda religious .Any other remedies pleas?

  350. Wow my tooth hurt so much. After not sleeping for two straight days I finally went to the clinic. The doctor gave me antibiotics and T3. Hope it takes care of the pain. I cant get into the dentist until next week. It was so weird it went from being a normal tooth (no sensitivity at all) to an infected mess over night. I think it might have something to do with my wisdom teeth coming in. It feels like they are crushing the other teeth. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life.

  351. I feel for you all. I’ve came here in hope of distracting myself for a while because this toothache is nearly too much to stand! Hopefully the pain killers will kick in soon… we can all have hopes.

    I’ve found keeping yourself busy as possible serves as the best distraction but its 5:35am and i have to be up at 7am for work. No rest for the wicked :(.

  352. WOW denta girl your a nice pice of work we are sick and tired of suffering and being ripped off at some overcost help just so some trukey can have a ship so cruse on… turns out after 3 teeth the dentist pulled and 400 some odd dollars HE WAS NEVER RIGHT I was having a reaction to SOY and it gave me an infection. GOOD MEDICAL WORK THERE NOT THIS NATION IS JUST A BUNCH OF MONEY HUNGRY RIP OFF ARTISTS. (just like the government… but that is another post)
    Fair well all and make sure the know what the problem is and you dont loose 400 bucks and 3 teeth over thier stupidity

  353. I think I’m going crazy.

    I’ve had a toothache for about a week. Was able to see the dentist quickly 3 days ago, only for him to say “yeah.. i see the problem. You’re scheduled for an appointment on the 30th, we’ll let you know if anything opens up before then.”


    Best part of all of this… I work in radio. I NEED to talk for a living, and now I am going to have to do it with intense pain for the next 16 days.


  354. Strangely (unless I read the haeding wrong) everyone is competing in pain and I have seen no solutions. I will say in my case (which may or not be as bad as others) It really is down to Money. I have 4 teeth at the back and front that have cavities, I went to the ER yesterday it was so bad, Im up writing because I just cant sleep, Antbiotics and that Codine stuff aint working at all. Sadly when I get it extracted this weekend it would be nice if the Dentist would say ” Since your teeth are sooooo bad, I’ll give you 4 for the price of one.” very unlikely although there does need to be a break for people without money. Hey the pains going away now that the sun is up. Theres definately something about that night time pain thing. Thank you guys for giving me something to do.
    blessings and ease of teeth to you all because

    I KNOW THE PAIN. :>)
    Any solutions.

  355. This is what I know and hopefully it will help someone else. I have had tooth pain before just as described above with the throbbing and pain and sleepless nights. What I have concluded is this. In some cases, not all, the pain is not actually caused by the tooth itself being infected it is caused by the trauma to the gums and cheek tissue surrounding the tooth. You see I had a filling fall out on the side of my tooth next to my cheek. As I ate and talked throughout the day, the rough, sharp edges of my tooth scrapped and wounded my cheek. By the end of the day I was sure I was experiencing an absessed tooth. I could not pinpoint the exact origin of the pain… all I knew was it throbbed, got more intense when I laid down… I was sure I needed a root canal.. the pain was torture….. to make a long story short… after having pain come and go for weeks…. I determined that I needed to patch the hole in my tooth… so I bought some dental wax, the kind made for kids with braces and stuck it in the hole…. and smoothed out the rough edges of the tooth that were cutting into my cheek…. the pain disapeared…. the wax doesn’t last long… and can get stuck to food and come out… but it really can help you get on with your life. Unfortunately it doesn’t take away the pain of trauma to your cheek or gums immediately but if you have a cracked tooth or have a filling that fell out and have a rough jagged tooth give this a try.. it really does help me. Then the irritation and swelling can go down and I can get into see a dentist and get it fixed…

    Another thing that I have noticed is that when my bite is off I have severe pain…. the dentist over filled a tooth and I have a high spot. I tend to hit that tooth first when I chew food because it is high. Anyway the tooth rocks now because of the force and this tooth gets the pressure of my entire mouth… eventually it will get irritated and get super sore and rock…the pain can be as bad as you all have described…. if I mess with it with my fingers in my mouth it gets worse… if I lay off it for a few days and eat at the other side it tightens back up and calms down…. I’ve been back to that dentist 8 times to get my bite adjusted and he just can’t get it right… so I have suffered over a year with this bite problem….. with all that I have determined that there are alot of incompetent health professionals out there and I’m sure there are many unnessary root canals being performed….educate yourselves, get second opinions and be your own health detective…If you can be specific with where the pain is originating from and what caused it the dentist has a better idea of how to help you…. If you don’t like your dentist… go to another one or two…. some are better than others…. god bless you all… and thanks for this site…. this is where I come when I get tooth pain and just reading this can help the time pass more quickly ….

  356. Are fillings supposed to hurt like this???Ive just had my first fillings ever ,in the 2 back molars on bottom left side of mouth,mouth still little numb from the novacaine but whats weird is like this pressure i feel on my other healthy teeth,god i hope that this pain will fade,why oh why dont they just agree to extract a persons teeth???i asked for it like 3 times and the dentists explanation was”if u have a splint in your finger,will you go to the dr and ask him to cut off your finger??”who gives a sh…t ,as long as the pain goes away,im sure i wasn’t in this much pain before the dentist saw me,and in 10 days time I have to go back for them to change the temp filling to a perm one and have to have another tooth filled on the upper jaw,right opposite the ones filled at the bottom,sounds like fun ,doesnt it!!:-(true what people say,TOOTHACHE WORSE THAN CHILDBIRTH!!!

  357. Ouch! It hurts so much!!!! My gums around my wisdom tooth is hurting and the pain seems like it’s running all around my bottom gums. Please help!!

  358. everybody i am not sure that this works but i have heard from many sources that if you have a tooth ache on the left side of the jaw put an ic cube between your thumb and first finger on your right hand and vise versa on the other side of the jaw.

  359. I have to agree with those who say tooth pain is worse than child birth!! I would rather give birth a million times over instead of going through this! I am waiting to get in to see the dentist and hubby and I will be heading into a clinic today to get some antibiotics. I don’t know how much more of this I can take!!!

  360. iIcant believe it worked!!!! My tooth hurts sooooooo bad. I read about 1000 posts about vodka, but dont have any. So i tried the only thing i had. ….Tequila. It is working and imediatly. Dont know how long it will last though.


  362. OH MY GOD
    toothache pain is the WORST
    i’m taking percocet, toradol and clyndamicin but of course it’s the sunday of a long weekend. i had a root canal about 2 months ago and now the tooth has cracked. i thought once you had a root canal you wouldn’t feel pain in that tooth – guess i was wrong!!!
    to top it all off – my dentist called in my prescriptions today thank god for that at least – and then tells me he’s closed for THE WEEK because of some course. so i’m 8 days away from relief.
    good lord help me!!

  363. I’ve been on amoxicilin for about 2 1/2 days right now while waiting for my root canal, and so far it hasn’t helped. But what has helped – in fact its a bloody miracle, is Aleve. It gets rid of 99% of the pain for 14-16 hours for me off of one pill. When the Aleve wears off, the pain is bad enough to wake me up in the middle of the night. Pop another Aleve and I’m back to sleep in 20-30 minutes.

  364. OMG!
    my molars are starting to grow and my cavity is acting up.
    so much pain.
    and i’m only in the 6th grade and i have EOG’s tomorrow.
    can’t function.
    any home remedies that you know of.
    if yes please email

  365. 3 Months of toothAche should end this Thursday i hope 31st May 2007.My problems started at the age of seven being pinned to a dentist chair by my father as the Dentist pulled a tooth out with an absese on the side of the root.NEVER AGAIN, anyway as it happens i could have had the tooth pulled 5 weeks ago,but the fear would not allow me to let him do it.Now to Pain Relief, i started of with Bonjela A mild gel,,then moved onto clove oil and 3 bottles later just bought Orajel as the clove oil was blowing my head with constant use any way 1st aplication of this Orajel and the Ache as gone,dont know how long it will last but only 2 days to go,Good luck to every one,

  366. I have horrible teeth, but I am only 24 years old and I take really good care of my teeth. My dad had this dental desease called pierea, and I think that I have it. I have all of my wisdom teeth still that bother me alot, as some of people said that they are afraid of the dentist, well you are not alone, I am deathly afraid of them, if they come close to me I start to freak out. I have a cracked and slightly briken wisdom tooth on the left side of my face well my whoe face is so sore and my ear and my cheeck, all of a sudden last week well it never before bothered me, but then I was dressing my son for school and all of a sudden a sharp, sharp horrible pain made me scream and drop to my knees. I have had toothaches before but never like this one. This felt like living was not worth the pain. I have had 2 kids, childbirth maybe something that they say is the worst pain in the world SORRY, no. I even had surgery on my chest were they break your sternum, this is so omuch worse then them both. It is excrussiation pain and I can’t take it. I hope that god is with you all and helps take the pain away, please prey for me too, I can’t take it anymore

  367. Hi everyone, I am here feeling every single one of your pain. I have had a debilitating toothache for 4 weeks now, like the kind that forbids sleep, and prefers to have you convulsing and crying like a baby, the kind that make you ask why me? This sight has provided some much needed comic relief to me. A friend of mine has 4 kids, including a set of twins, and she said she would rather live those childbirths again then experience another toothache of this magnitude. And the question about the number of toothache-related suicide attempt statistics made me chuckle, and yes that’s all I can do at this point. I also have looked longingly at some tools in my b/f’s tool box and though of the many possibilities…
    But I went to the dentist, I showed her where the toothache was, she told me it was my decaying wisdom tooth that was the culprit and not necessarily the tooth I thought it was, although that was where all the pain was centered. The pain moves around in what was described to me as a “nerve tube”, and decay or a cavity in one tooth can be displaced to another, even to another side of the face or from bottom teeth to top and vice versa. So now I need all 4 wisdom teeth extracted as well as a botched root canal lack there of tooth. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. The worst part is the day after my visit, after the dentist filled the cavity in my tooth I believed was hurting, the pain came back TENFOLD now including the sight where she gave me the needle, the muscle there, causing it difficult to open my mouth or even talk. She sent me on my merry little way with no prescription for anything. So 4-5 Advil every 3 hours is providing me with 90% relief, to the point where I am able to actually be productive or think about ANY thing else… Now my gland is swollen on the same side as my decaying wisdom tooth, my throat hurts and I have become a snot factory. Help!! P.S. I don’t have dental insurance =) I love life

  368. Hey the vodka thing seems to work. Especially once its warmed up (it was in the freezer). Thanks!
    My teeth have always had problems, even when I was on daily fluoride gels as a kid. I would brush 5-6 times a day and still get cavities.
    Since moving out on my own, I haven’t been to the dentist in about 10 yrs. I simply can’t afford it and health insurance is a @!^$# joke. So now my teeth are rotted and ugly. I think I have perhaps 3 teeth that don’t have a cavity right now. And I know I have awful breath that no gum or mint can cover.
    The last 2 years or so have been bad. I’ve lost several fillings, and have pieces break off all the time. My back molars are down to the gums. I had a molar split in half and I pulled 1/2 of it out myself. I think my wisdom teeth are coming in now, so that isn’t helping.
    I’ve been lucky so far and have not had any serious infections or abscesses. I don’t know what I would do if I did. I heard in the news a few months back about a kid who died from the infection getting into his brain.
    The pain comes and goes. Sometimes I can go several months with out hurting. Other times it lasts for weeks. I can usually suffer through without anyone aware, but other times the pain is literally blinding. Sometimes its just one tooth, other times it is spread over a group of 5-6 teeth. And painkillers against a toothache is like a BB gun against a rhino.
    I have found for me, sometimes sipping a small amount of water into my mouth every 30 seconds or so and running it over the painful teeth can help keep the pain down. Some days (like today) I will drink around 15 glasses of water. I feel like I may die from water poisoning, or at least puke if I take one more sip. And it can be a big hassle to keep a bottle of water in hand at all times, and be running to the bathroom 10 times a day.
    I am so very tired of it all. Yes the pain, but more so, the embarrassment. Trying to never laugh or smile facing a person, wondering what they must think of me when they catch a glimpse. Keeping a distance when talking to hide my breath.
    I hope that by the end of this year I will have a solution. I dream about being able to afford getting implants, the titanium posts and porcelain veneers. I would settle for dentures even.
    I’ve been checking into cheaper options such as flying to Costa Rica. Even with flight and hotel its cheaper than the dentists here.
    Thanks to all the posts. Reading them took my mind off the pain a bit. Its also nice to find some comfort in numbers. I know your pain. Now I am off to bed with a small glass of vodka.

  369. OHMYGOD! Tooth pain is the worst. I have been suffering since Feb. Let me say that I have always always practiced nauseatingly good dental hygiene and my dentists have always told me I have excellent teeth. I brush and floss, don’t drink sodas, yadda yadda. Never had a cavity either. In Feb, one of my lower teeth started having a tickling pain. The nerve was so sensitive that I was actually using my finger to “brush” my gums to get rid of the sensation. Made an immediate appointment and my dentist saw a black spot at the base of the tooth. Okay, went to endodontist for root canal. He did one cleaning but the infection was too bad. So I took a course of antibiotics, but the pain was building up to a hammering intensity, and I went back, at which time he took out the temporary filling and all the fluid that had been building up came leaking out. He left the filling out and till my next session next week, I’ve been taking a second round of antibiotics and using a lot of mouthwash. Did several nights of vicodin, but mostly Advil. I cannot be sleeping off medication because I have small children who need me. Hopefully next week will cure things. Meanwhile, the abcess, which was previously very spread out and huge, has receded to a ball at the base of that one tooth. I hate it. I hate my mouth so much. My dentist said it was probably caused by an impact injury, such as a baby’s head crashing against my chin, causing my teeth to crash together. Or even a childhood injury. And I only felt the pain now becase of bacterial infection. There never was any pain before, and I go every 6 months for cleanings, so I do take care of my teeth and things like this can still happen. Take care, everyone. May we all find pain relief soon.

  370. Ahh the old enemy is back, i had toothache on and off for years (scared of the dentist so i put up with it, absesses, the lot)…..then a few months back i couldnt take anymore so i went and had 2 fillings.

    2 months later on the other side of me mouth a storm is brewing……ahhhh pain ahhhh pain….like other accounts nothing really works but you live for the hope that something will…….i am up and down the house like some mad man trying to relieve from the pain

    have been reading loadsa websites and i just tried something that has worked (a little)……it tastes foul though and my breath is now like a swamp

    anyway…..half a cup of vinegar….table spoon of salt then swill it…all of of…in about 6 goes

    im quite suprised, but i defo off to the dentist this morning.

    good luck with your pains

    Stefano from the UK

    email me if you have any great remedies……

  371. hi its me again

    just wanna say again the half cup of vinegar with salt in and swilled is doing the trick as we speak

    so try it, it just may work for you

    im gonna try get some sleep (although i worry as soon as i get me head down it will return)

    you would think in the year 2007 these scientists surely could have come up with the perfect tooth ache pain killer by now surely.

    peace and let none of you suffer from tooth pain ever again

  372. owwwwww… it’s only been 2 days and sweet sassy molassy… it hurts!!!! Left upper (or lower) I can’t tell, it hurts so bad. Anbesol (sp?) maximum has been working, but I fear that will soon stop. I think I’ll try the vodka tonight… I hope everyone feels better soon. 🙂

  373. 1 (200 mg) ibuprofin every 4 hrs (take a second pill if still hurting after 1 hr), dip a toothpick in peroxide and clean all plaque out of the cavity. THe pills take about 30-40 minutes to kick in but once they do, it pretty much kills the pain for me and lets me sleep. Some dentists like to prescribe 800 mg of ibuprofin. TOO HIGH DOSE!! Take the smallest dose possible and spread out as long as possible and take with food. I dont like the prescription pills like hydrocodone/ibuprofen that mask ALL pain such that I can be sitting in a bad posture position and I dont get the muscle signals to adjust or get up and stretch, then when the effect wears off, I feel all kinds of neck and back pain that was masked all day.

  374. 4.30am in uk….suffered with toothache on and off for the past 3 years…worst pain ever…vodka definetly seems to be helping…need a dentist sooo bad, i feel for all you guys i really do…not being able to sleep is the worst thing ever espcially when you feel completely knackered but as soon as you lay down the pain starts…horrid…anyway guess im gonna be staying up all night tonight like ive done so many times…good luck to everyone!!

  375. Well, I thought that I was the first to feel such pain. It hurts so much, I really thought that it was something serious and i was going to have my teeth taken out. it’s been about four day with this dreadful pain. I have not sleept well these past few days. i’ve had maybe 10 hours of sleep in the past four days. I taken tylynol, motrin. exedrine, orajel, and even vicadon, nothing has worked for me. the only thing that seems to calm the pain is sipping cool water holding it on the side with the pain, and spitting it out when it gets warm. I’ve done this all day and night for four days. I really am sick of doing this but the pain is unbarable. I’ll be going to the dentist tomorrow. the strange thing is that i have a really bad half broken cavity on the right side but the pain is on the unbarable on the left side. the tooth take really causes all the pain has been filled about a year ago. If i don’t do my cold water method, the pain spreads to the bottem side of the jaw, my ear, my cheek, and even to my eye. i’ve cried from the intense pain. sometimes i just feel like ripping it out like tom hanks on castaway. I really feel for him now! well i’m going to try to sleep.

    Good luck People and i hope you guys feel better!

  376. oh dear God. I never had any toothache till last month, one of my teeth broke. and I am afraid of the dentist so much so every time I get on the floor where he works, I start running back home. Till now all the meds worked. But tonight nothing. My jaw feels like falling off. And I don’t have any votka at home. And I have 4 exams next week. + tomorrow is a holiday. whou, what a surprise! daaamn that tooth. Somehow it seems I’ll have to go and see him (pssst. don’t say dentist out loud) next week, ’cause this is unbearable…
    Good luck to you all.

  377. ****PAIN****

    so I had root canal a few months ago with no problems. But now all of a sudden, EXTREME PAIN. cant eat, drink, sleep. so, went back to dentist today and they didnt even do anything. They said come back in 7 days for an x-ray!!

  378. Well I have been in chronic pain dealing with toothaches since this past December! 🙁 Every single month I have had atleast 2 toothaches. I have had 2 failed root canals by 2 different dentists (on 2 teeth). On June 13th I had my 6 remaining top teeth extracted because of toothaches and had a top denture made. Well now my 6 remaining bottom teeth are ALL giving me toothaches too UGH!! Why is this all happening to me??? I am soooooo depressed that I think that I’m having a mental breakdown. Every day since December, all I do is cry! I used to get 1 toothache a year, but now it’s 20 toothaches within 6 months, what’s going on??? My dentist did some kind of test on my teeth, and he says that the nerves in my teeth are all dead, how can that happen, when my teeth don’t look that bad?? I go and see my dentist next Tuesday, July 3rd so I am going to tell him that I want ALL of my remaining 6 teeth extracted, and than get a bottom denture made after my gums are fully healed. And than I will NEVER EVER have to go thru another toothache as long as I live, Thank God!! I have been on vicodin off and on now for about 6 months (prescription from my dentist) so now I will have another thing to worry about after I get my remaining teeth extracted (going thru horrible withdrawals) UGH!!! 🙁 I never had any major cavities so I don’t understand why all of my teeth are giving me toothaches, do you think it’s because I have some major infection going on like in my jawbone that has been spreading from one tooth to the next since December?
    I just can’t wait until the day that I wake up and be pain free and drug free.

  379. Oh I forgot to mention that after getting my 6 remaining bottom teeth extracted, that I would have a total of 20 teeth extracted, since this past December, all because of toothaches. 🙁

  380. To the guy above who was embarrassed because his wife found him crying because of toothache pain:

    Man, there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. If you’re not reduced to tears, you’re not having a real toothache.

  381. 22 years ago while a senior in college, I was hit head on by an uninsured habitual offender drunk driver. The impact knocked several teeth out in front and broke off several in the back. Not to mention a broken jaw, collar bone, nose and collapsed lung. It took nearly a year before I was able to continue with my eduaction. I have had problems with my teeth since the accident.

    I am in agony right now!!!!!!! I have never in my life had a pain such as this and now I can see that the right side of my face is beginning to swell. Unfortunately tomorrow is the 4th of July so I probably wont be able to get in to see my dentist anytime soon. It is soooo bad that I almost wish I would die just to stop the pain.

    Someone said earlier that laughing helps out so I’ve been watching my Seinfeld dvd’s since about 2am and now it’s 5 and I don’t really feel any better.

    Oh well, at least I’m off for the rest of the week.

  382. Hi Everybody,

    This is an update from the guy above (not God) but the guy who was in agony less than 24 hours ago. In my desperation to find relief for my tooth ache, I ran across a bottle of Oxycodone (generic for Percocet) that was prescribed for me in March 06 after double hernia surgery. Thankfully, there were 9 pills left over which I began taking at 7:30 this morning. Within half an hour, the pain had subsided considerably. In addition, I also ran across a bottle of four pills of Cipro(anti-biotic) which I had been prescribed at the same time because of a staph infection I picked up while in the hospital. After getting the OK from my local Walgreens pharmacist(both bottles expired 4 mos ago), I have started taking them as well.

    All I have to say now is HALLELUJAH!!!! I am a new man, the pain is gone. The swelling is still there but within a day or so the swelling should begin to go down as well. I can’t get in to see my dentist until Monday but at least now I wont have to go through the weekend in pain and hopefully not looking like the Elephant Man.

    Another little tid bit of info the pharmacist shared with me in regard to prescription medications, is that most meds are still effective sometimes up to two years past their expiration dates. The reason the pharmaceutical companies put the expiration dates so far in advance of the actual date in which the meds in essence become “placebos”, is so that you will have your doctor call in another prescription for you to purchase from them.

    So if you in desperation run across an old prescription of pain pills, don’t be too quick to discount their effectiveness. When in doubt, call a professional.

    Hopefully someone else will benefit from this information.

    God Bless >
    John 14:6

  383. Oh my god!!!!!! It is 4:30 in the morning and I have to be
    to work at 6:30. I havent been able to sleep because my tooth hurts so bad. My eye, head and the teeth surrounding the molar that I need the root canal in HURT LIKE HELL!!!!! I go to the dentist tomorrow and I can not wait. I feel like I won the lottery b/c they fit me in so quickly. Nothing works for me and if it does it’s only temporary. Good luck you guys and I will let you know after I get the root canal done how it went. Also try an endidontist. They specialize in root canals.

  384. I feel for you people.

    I have an issue with dentists. In my youth I spend every thursday for two years in a dentist chair to have my teeth straightened.
    Then I had all four wisdom teeth out at the same time (done by local dental hospital. During this they managed to chip my molars. I was young and didn’t think much of it at the time. Leaving me with an odd phobia for dentists (I get cold sweats too) – so I don’t have a regular checkups.

    Since then I have had to have two root canals done on those molars after being in serious agony. My only trip to the dentist as the pain was so bad!

    Now one of those root canal crowns has failed after about 5 years.

    I got woken up at on saturday night with major tooth ache, I thought I could control this with pain killers until I have a chance to get the tooth looked as I was to go to Iceland for business.

    On my first night in Iceland I find that have a infection abscess starting to appear under right jawbone (not an internal abscess), later that night this is so hard that it traps the nerve to my lips = making my bottom right lip completely numb. Nasty.

    So I battle through the next day with a presentation on painkillers – looking like a lopsided hampster – then fly home with people looking thinking wtf is wrong with you? The flight attendants (iceland air has the most beautiful women which too my mind off it slightly, as did the book I read).
    Once in the car I noticed that I could not breath properly as my neck down to my colar bone was inflamed. So I ring ahead to a mate to take me to ER once I get to his house. We decided to go to an out of hours surgery at the local hospital (it helps living near Ascot as the racecourse has a minor injury clinic right next to it).
    The doctor looks at it and agrees that it’s a serious abscess (now on the cheek, pushing the bottom of my mouth lining up, squashing my voice box – making it hard to swallow and breath as the inflammation has worked down the neck too.
    He says “nothing for it – you’ll need two strong antibiotics”, so I’ve been prescribed Metronidazole (400mg) and Amoxicillin (500mg). He also stated that should also use an anti-inflammatory which is Ibuprofen (200mg) plus a painkiller Coodamol (500mg Paracetamol+ 8mg Codeine).

    So now I feel like I’m spaced out due to the pain killers numbing effect! I don’t take any form of drugs as I don’t get pains or even headaches. I gave up caffeine 4 months ago too!

    So the moral of this experience. Ensure you have regular dental checkups as prevention before is better than ‘cure’ after.

    I will now loose this molar which is annoying (my own fault as I didn’t face my phobia of dentists). As I had the other molar removed to uncrowd my mouth as part of straightening this means I will only have premolar on the right side – not a good point to be at 33!

    What is worse is that this all causes a slight self-reinforcing negative feeling as I perceive that I have bad teeth so therefore I’m very self conscious about showing my teeth when I smile or laugh with my mouth open.
    In short it hits my personal confidence.

    When I have kids they will not be allowed sugar and will have the best regular dental regime I can afford!

    Now, the day after the trip to the doctor’s I have decided that I will arrange a regular dental checkup (in addition to having the tooth removed asap).

    Thanks for listening, I hope my experience will push some of you to make better use of your dentist!

    Yours, sitting here looking like a Hampster,


  385. To Nick K

    I am a Registered Nurse in the US. The symptoms you describe would lead to an admission to the intensive care unit for continuous monitoring of your airway and the administration of intravenous antibiotics, pain medication, and anti inflammatory medication.

    It is of great concern that you were sent home. I have taken care of several patients in the intensive care unit with symptoms that you have described.

    I think you should go to the emergency department immediately for more evaluation and admission to the hospital.

    The swelling in your throat could continue gradually until it reaches a critical point – and if that occurs you need to be where immediate life saving intervention can occur – in the hospital – preferably in the intensive care unit.

    With proper care and treatment you will not die from this infection.

    You should also be sleeping with the head of the bed up at least 45 degrees until the swelling decreases considerably.

    Sitting here with my own intermittent exquisitely painful toothache from hell – terrified of dentists – waiting for Monday to go in and get treated. I have to say that this one is probably the worst pain I have ever felt. Vicodin barely touches it.

    Take care

    Steve, RN
    San Francisco, CA

  386. Steve you are entirely correct.
    The condition is called Ludwig’s Angina. Rare nowdays, it is has a 50% fatality chance prior to antibiotics. Post antibiotic era this is now 8-10%.

    Just to let you all know, the antibiotics are working, the inner abscess did actually rupture by itself (well I was brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush and after spending 20mins with spitting vile pus out) which cleared the impact on the airway and my voice box.

    I have a dental appointment tomorrow – now I can open my mouth and we’ll take it from there. I plan to make this a regular occurrence from now on.

    I can foresee that I’ll be on antibiotics until the abscesses have gone – currently these reduced but the remaining is now solid/hard. I suspect that this is now just a waiting game as the body slowly reabsorbs the dead structures.

    An interesting website is this one:

    Have a look at page further down for Ludwig’s Angina, I’ personally glad it was not an upper front tooth with an abscess affecting the brain!

    Still all this was brought into perspective as a work college died over the weekend in a traffic accident – RIP Paul.

  387. Start a new job tomorrow, and what happens a few days ago? Hello major toothache, the pain is maddening. It’s Sunday today, so obviously can’t see a dentist. I can’t call in sick or ask for time off on my first day. Argh!

    I’ve dropped a couple of cocodamine, and am trying Anbesol gel, the pain has reduced, but i can’t believe what bad luck this is!

  388. Hello, I am about a month pregnant and have had EXTEAMLY bad tooth ache for the past few weeks. I am currently taking antibiotics but its not helping. also taking tylenol but again not working. the tooth needs pulled it is almost compeletly broken and hurts like hell. will a dentist extract while pregnant??? and what other pain killer could i try while i find a cheap dentist to take the tooth since i have no insurance? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! IM BOUT TO PULL IT OUT MYSELF!!!

  389. OMG. That’s all I have to say. If what I read was right about tooth aches hurting worse than giving birth then I can’t WAIT until I have a baby! Looking for to giving labor because this mother effen tooth ache is driving me insane. It’s 4:14am in the morning California time and I have to get up in a couple hours to go to work. I will make it to work but I know for sure I’ll be half dead. I’m sitting here right now reading these blogs and gargling warm vodka since the Grey Goose I had in the freezer would most likely send me over the edge since it’s cold. So I put some in a little mouthwash cup and put in the the microwave for 30 seconds to warm it up. I’m gargling some then spitting it out, so and so on. I guess it’s working? I’ve already taken more than I’m supposed to of Ibruprofen and Motrin. I’m suprised I haven’t overdosed yet! And my poor kindeys! This can’t be healthy. It’s like becoming part of my daily routine along with taking my regular vitamins! My whole right side of my face is throbbing and even affecting my eye! I shouldn’t have put it off because of the cost. My dentist gave me a prescription for antibiotics, vicadon and Motrin until i can afford getting a root canal which are simply horrible. Even though they numb it, it still hurts. It’s a lot of pain but it’s worth it in the end. I’m calling the specialist tomorrow and demanding they see me ASAP! Well at least i’ll be hopeful! Until then, I’m going to start working on my suicide kidding but sometimes you wish you were in the situtation! Good luck to you all fellow tooth achers!

  390. I have an exposed nerve in a broken molar and can’t see a dentist for a few days (daze). I have a perscription for a medication called vicoprofen. It not only takes the swelling down but will relieve pian for a good six hours. Along with clove oil, fresh coffee grounds (against the molar ) and Top Care mouth wash, I recomend Pepsi One combined with a pint of brandy to get you through. Your life in some cases will be somewhat returned to normal and for the majority will be a unique and life enhancing emotional experience.

  391. Cracked tooth hurts like shizzzz. ouch.
    Two extra strength tylenol and it still hurtz.

    Damn overpriced dentist.

  392. okay im serouisly dying here
    all day at work.. ive been over using orajel like krazy
    i wanna eat it hurts so bad it brings tears to my eyes
    i have no idea why .. GAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    make it stopppppppp
    i never felt a pain like this before.. id rather get my wisdom teeth pulled again
    .. BUT i do take some confort in knowing im not the only one here thats dying with tooth pain

  393. I had a horrible toothache side of my face was swollen and the gland in the left side of my neck was swollen as well, I got some cephalexin antibiotic and it worked like a miracle, within two days the swelling was gone and my tooth no longer hurts. The pain is caused by bacteria attacking your nerve and causing pressure and swelling so all of those other remedies will ease the pain temporarly but it may take your body quite some time (2-3 weeks) or longer to fight off the infection so my advice would be to do whatever you can do get the antibiotic cephalexin which is a generic version of keflex you can get it over the internet without any problems i was able to get 100 pills for 40$.

  394. ok i have had a toothache for the last 2 years off and on and cant save the money to go to the dentist…. i had a really bad one tonight it woke me up at 4:30 in the morning well i did what ya’ll said to try the vodka thing… the pain was going away… i tried orajel and it didnt work i tried a heating pad over my mouth nope i had to get on the internet and google it… putting vodka on your tooth works wonders… thanks

  395. I know how you all feel….trust me. I had a broken tooth and went nearly half a year with it until it just got unbearable…not to mention a wisdom tooth that was pulled from the top of my mouth and later caused me to have dry socket. And the pain would be the worst at NIGHT…I would honestly sit up in bed crying cause it hurt so bad. I couldn’t afford to have the broken tooth pulled…I went to my parents who thank God helped me out by paying for it becuase I don’t have dental insurance. The only thing I can say is that the home-made remedies only work so long – the pain only gets worse….I really REALLY feel for the people who can’t afford to get done what needs to be done by a dentist. I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for my parents helping me out.

  396. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    i am going to remove all my teeth…

    i will plant SHARKTEETH instead so i can eat ice cubes without problems…


  397. I know how painful toothaches are. If none of the common remedies such as painkillers, clove oil, salt water, peroxide, baking soda, garlic, etc doesn’t work maybe oil pulling can help. Visit the two urls below to read what it is and how to do it.

    Virgin coconut oil might help as well because it has antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties.

    Of course, these remedies won’t replace a visit to the denist office but I wanted to post something different from the typical remedies. Oil pulling and virgin coconut oil may help with many other illnesses as well.

  398. WHEATGRASS will sort you out. buy four ounces of freshly juiced grass. ask the guy in the shop to give you some of the spent shoots as well. gargle about three ounces in your mouth for five minutes and spit out. soak the old grass in the remaining juice to make a poultice. stick it in your mouth and pack it at affected teeth for as long as you can. the wheatgrass will draw the infection from the gum. works for toothache/abcess/ulcer/gum disease.

    and no, you can’t smoke it

  399. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! i have a tooth missing on the right side of my mouth.. the second to last molar or whatever that i had pulled due to a failed root canal.. well the furthest tooth back thats all by its lonesome has developped a hole in teh side.. its fairly large and well like the dumbass i was.. i was in digging around in there with a tooth pick trying to get all the crap out of there and well i think i cut the nerve or whatever because it started bleeding and then out of NOWHERE the MOST INTENSE PAIN EVER!.. imagine taking the nerve out of your tooth and just pulling it out and omg omg the a/c is on in the house so every breath of air through my mouth is causing the most intense fucking pain i’ve ever fucking felt in my whole fucking life!!!!!!!!

  400. I honestly feel for you all. I had an extraction this Monday gone. There was a bad infection and I sobbed like a baby – on my knees at one time. After two courses of antibiotics the infection has cleared. But the adjoining tooth constantly hurts and is higher than the rest of the teeth. It’s obviously been tugged out accidently. I’ve got a constant migraine on that side too because of it. I feel like taking a hammer and banging it back in. 🙁

    I pray you all feel better soon.


  401. Activated charcoal helps to draw out the infection. You can buy activated charcoal at most any health food store. Take about a tablespoon and mix it in with a little water,mix to a paste consistency. Smear it on a small piece of gauze,and place it directly upon the hurting tooth and the pain will stop shortly.

  402. It’s 3:30am, another almost alnighter of pain! I went to my dentist last week complaining of the whole right side of my gums aching. I had 3 canker sores also. She insisted it was not infection because it was only one side of my mouth. Instead she suggested maybe I had a piece of food stuck, or it was hormonal.
    Ok I’ve been in pain since then and its now above and in(around) my front right tooth and it started looking grayish last night!!, excruciating pain at this point and yes-gray. I called the office within a minute when they open, and my dentist has tuesdays off. So I called 4 times until they could send me to someone else in an office affiliated with them 30 min away.
    Went there and the dr. took an x-ray while I nearly sobbed in pain.
    Said INFECTION…antibiotics, 30 mg codiene(which is not working)…recommended root canal & crown. My insurance is maxed out till January…this sucks.
    Damn my dentist for not listening to me last week!