Tooth Ache

Some Thoughts:

  1. When you have a tooth ache everything else takes second place.
  2. Oh, and the tooth ache always happens on a bank holiday weekend, to ensure maximum pain, and remind you to go to the bloody dentist more often!
  3. Vodka, rubbed onto the infected gum/teeth is a god-send for pain relief. It lasts almost 3 hours and it’ll let you get some measure of rest at night.
  4. Have an understanding partner who’ll take care of you and fuss over you.
  5. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  6. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  7. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  8. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.

I’ll probably have to get a root-canal next week, the tooth is dead so hopefully it won’t be too sore. (I’m not too hopeful though..)

898 thoughts on “Tooth Ache

  1. shana quickly go to dentist, she/he will probably give you antibiotic (aminoxicilin)…

    and your gum will be ok in 7 days…

    pain will go at 3rd day.

  2. FCK!… FCK FCK FCK!!!… Had a filling fall out a year ago, and only two months ago, the tooth broke in half. Been able to deal with the pain until now. The entire left side of my face is swollen, so is the left side of the roof of my mouth. What I FEEL like doing is going to a dentist and punching him in the face until he gives me a free extraction to *hopefully* get rid of the PAIN!

    Anywho, as to the original posting, Vodka numbs the pain for a bit… salt works a little… garlic works a bit better… but nothing can kill the blinding confusion for some reason!

  3. Oi! Broke a wisdom a few months ago, couldn’t get time off from work get it looked at, what with it happening during Christmas season at Toys R Us, then inventory right after Christmas, then store resets right after inventory… they need all hands on deck.
    Yea, well, I should’ve pushed harder – woke up at 1am on a Saturday with excruciating pain, couldn’t see a dentist til Monday, 3 days later, only to find out the local surgeon is booked solid til April 13… Today as I type it is March 24…
    So yea, I’m desperate enough right now to try anything for a little sleep and relief and will definitely be trying some of these remedies in the next few weeks!
    Thanks all for posting! I bookmarked the site and will let you know how it works out for me…

  4. Okay, tried the vodka trick, and it did work – right up until I fell asleep sitting up, woke up clenching my teeth and was in that old, familiar world of hurt.
    That gave me an idea, though. I ran down to the nearest department store – K-mart in my case – and spent 1.76 on a sport mouth guard. I cut it in two and fit the left half (my good side) so that when I clenched in my sleep again, there, theoretically, wouldn’t be any pressure on my bad right side. Thank God it worked; between the numbing effects of the vodka wash, the lack of pressure granted by the half-mouth guard and the antibiotics finally taking hold and eliminating the constant low-level pain, I was actually able to sleep through the night for the first time in four days!
    Just a word of warning to anyone thinking of using the mouth guard trick: be sure to blunt or round off the corners where you split it and be prepared for it to slide around a little. It’s a bit awkward at first and takes some getting used to (especially if you’re like me and have never played sports or used a mouth guard before!) but the results are worth the effort!

  5. First, let me give you some background on me & my “disappearing” teeth. I’m 30 & have had pretty good hygiene habits for the most part. I didn’t get my first cavity until I was 11. My teeth are perfectly straight naturally. In my opinion my teeth were my best asset. Teeth were so important to me that I became a Ortho (braces) Assistant. However, my health has me on a slew of medications & my immune system is shot. So, bye bye pretty mouth & career as a dental assistant.

    I live in Hemet California & we are inundated with tweakers & other drug addicts so messy meth mouth is rampant. Messy meth mouth is a mouth full of half teeth & decay & is largely found in those using speed because speed attacks the tooth from the inside out. Broken teeth were “tells” of a person’s abuse of drugs, stereotypically. Imagine how easily I can just walk around with broken FRONT teeth & keep my head high. I can’t.

    Other drugs can affect the condition of teeth & heroin is one of them. However, Heroin attacks teeth from the outside in so it is a much slower process. In my mouth I have 1 molar & 2 wisdom teeth that had to be removed due to excessive rotting where just the base of my tooth remained a bit past the gum line but completely hollowed out & PAINFUL. I, too, had a baby w/no epidural & would rather feel that than the pain from an exposed nerve.

    I have 2, a molar & bicuspid, that have completely snapped off below the gum line so there is no tooth there, only a hole. On one of those, because it was a root canal that never got it’s crown, the skin has grown over the remainder of the root left in my gums. The other one is starting to grow over the root left in the gum as well. I’ve got a wisdom tooth on the bottom that has a quarter of the top missing straight to the gum line. The nerve is exposed & the dentin rotted away. Next to that tooth is a molar with a hole right on the gum line that is pretty deep.

    3 of my 4 front teeth are as follows, the one in front on my left is chipped w/a hole in the back & ready to sliver off any day, the one next to it is slivered off in the same way it’s buddy will soon be, & the one next to that is slivered but only in the back so cosmetically it’s fine but the nerve is exposed in the back. Finally, I have half of a bi-cuspid on my right side 2 teeth down from the one slivered in the back that split & broke clean in half! It has it’s front but no back.

    That makes a total of 11 teeth & that’s just the teeth in my mouth that are broke. So, I’m sure you all can imagine that, not only is it very painful when they decide to flair up & my tongue has been sliced to the point of spaghetti, but it’s really embarrassing to have to ask Santa for your two front teeth when you’re 30 & your 5 year old still has hers! Anyway, long story short (ha ha ha, I’m long winded & I’m sorry cause it’s more like short story long), I have teeth in various stages of ouch & falling out so I can relate to every story told here.

    Now for the remedy that I’m extremely surprised to see that it hasn’t found it’s way on this forum……. AMBESOL! The liquid! Go to Wal-Mart & get the liquid extra strength ambesol. It comes in a glass vial & it’s orange colored. It is a topical anesthetic much like the gel dentist’s use to numb the gum area where they inject the Novocaine or Lidocaine. Only, this stuff is liquid so it gets in where the gel can’t & the level of strength is much higher. I’m not kidding & I’m not exaggerating when I say that, were it not for the use of liquid ambesol, I would have flung myself from my daughter’s bunk bed in an effort to kill myself.

    The pain relief is IMMEDIATE. When your tooth pain is a fierce pulse intensely beating in your tooth & brain in a way that makes you want to rip off your face all you do is douse a q-tip in this orange liquid and place the q-tip on the offending tooth. Seriously, the headache you had instantly ebbs & if you’ve been battling this a** of a tooth for the better part of the night, you’ll be surprised to find yourself nodding out with the cotton swab dangling beautifully out of your mouth.

    Have you ever envisioned breaking into your dentist’s office, taking out that dreadful contraption that forces tubes of Lidocaine through that horrific needle into your gums, & assaulting your mouth with it until you can’t feel anything other than the sensation that maybe your mouth fell off? Well, ambesol is the next best thing.

    For the really bad ones I just swig the ambesol & swish it all around my mouth until the pain subsides. See, when you have an abcessed or painful tooth, say, on the bottom left, then that whole side of your mouth on the bottom can hurt. If you have a bad tooth on the left in the upper portion then, unfortunately, the whole side (top & bottom) can hurt. The only side effects from this stuff is incessant drooling. HOWEVER, you’ll be able to stop writing that suicide note.

    DO NOT SWALLOW THE AMBESOL. I guarantee this will work. Also, when you don’t have tooth pain but you do have a hole in your tooth, get some dental wax (it’s right by the ambesol in wal-mart/walgreens/& so forth), & cover the hole with it. This blocks food, liquid, & air from doing the 10 step on the nerve of your tooth & prevents the tooth from flaring up.

    Oh, one more thing, you want to use mouth wash every time & should do that multiple times a day. After eating, smoking, or drinking. Carry a compact bottle of listerine or whatever you prefer & periodically wash out your mouth. Take special care to swish violently in the sections of your mouth where the hole is so that you can get any food that is lodged in there out.

    Well, I hope I’ve helped with this instead of just completely boring you all taking up a lot of space. I don’t get out much (having broken teeth makes people shy away from you & causes severe loss of confidence), & the majority of my conversation is about my other health problems & yesterday’s episode of Dora the Explorer. Now, for the reason why I got on here, my upper lip is swollen all the way to the bottom of my nose & it’s very painful. The teeth don’t hurt, only the lip & I can feel that there is a ball of something in there. I have no insurance though. Anyone know what that is??

  6. Oh yeah, I’m not saying that you have to be a drug addict to have messed up teeth. I was saying that I get embarrassed walking around with my teeth this way because teeth like what we’re describing is generally stereotyped as drug related & people pass judgment on that. I believe my teeth problems come from all of the prescription medicine I’m on, including pain killers (oxycodone & I STILL get gnarly tooth pain) & a weakened immune system. Anyway, I hope nobody takes my comment the wrong way. I’m not accusing or implying anyone of drug relation to their teeth issues.

    1. i wouldnt give a rats butt what people think..they will think what they want anyways and surely pass judgement without one moment spent in the mirror seeing what all is wrong with theirself and believe me..they would be there a very LONG LONG time i am sure…i had to take tons of antibotics when i was a kiddo and i believe that is the source of all my friggin dental problems..i am 45 and when i was a kid there was a coupld of anitbotics that ended up being a nightmare on teeth……they dont use that antibotic like they used to for that reason alone….so i hear ya and can relate…but dont worry about what people think if they do have a bad opinion its normally cuz they are jerks and have lots of problems themselves..but easier to judge someone else…….really dont worry….girl you have to stop that kind of worrying in life…..people and especially strangers are not worth the effort of that worry…..people are over rated.get a dog and value that opinion…it will lvoe you no matter what your teeth or hair looks like and will respect you and never form a opinion of ya……..wink

  7. 1st if all, just about everything on the market (food wise) has some sort of additive that will destroy your teeth.

    2nd, and for me, most importantly, it is spelled ANBESOL, not AMbesol.

    3rdly, I am an RN and numerous medications and disease will cause dental decay………and vice versa. Tooth decay can cause wide spread systemic failure………illness, bacterial growth, etc.

  8. and, oxycodone (active ingredient in oxycontin) is THE number one drug known to destroy, rather ROT your teeth. Its even listed on the insert (you know, the paper in the bottle, or on the bottle)…….the side effects

  9. Wow, I was just trying to help my fellow tooth pain sufferers. I was not rude or anything in my post so I’m perplexed as to why you feel the need to get on here & respond to my comment in a condescending way. Frankly, you’re coming off as quite a b****.

    1st, and according to the English way of spelling it’s OF all not IF all, I understand full well the many causes of dental decay, being a Dental Assistant myself, & even followed up my original comment with a clarification so that everyone would see I didn’t think JUST drug abuse is to blame.

    2nd, I apologize for my spelling mistake of Anbesol not Ambesol as you so nicely pointed out. Come on, how petty are you? This forum is for people suffering from tooth pain & those who want to HELP them, not go out of their way to belittle them & point out a TYPO.

    3rd, congratulations on your successful career as an RN. How wonderful for you. Being certified at being Rude and Nasty must be quite an achievement for you. I do know that many medications cause tooth decay. Oh, & that little paper insert in the bottle doesn’t go unread by me. No siree! Me reads that funny piece of paper every time I crack a new bottle ma’am!

    Thanks for telling me though. Just in case I didn’t know. Obviously, I want my teeth to fall out of my head because I take the Oxy for that reason alone. I want to experience what these fine people are talking about when they explain excruciating pain. I want to be able to say I empathize and mean it. Yeah, good ole Oxy, it’s a good thing I take it because I really want decaying teeth and systemic failure!

    I think you should go take an etiquette class or learn about online tone. That way, the next time you are spreading your two cents around you can do it in a way that is less abrasive & condescending. You’re a nurse, use your bedside manner when composing a message. Remember, the reader won’t be able to hear your voice or see your facial expressions while reading that message so you can easily come off as a know-it-all snob.

  10. Damn, who let the troll in?
    Sorry to hear about your difficulties Krystal (both in your mouth and here) but try to ignore Nurse… she’s just a grammar nazi webtroll.
    Those were good tips, and coming from a former dental assistant lends them authoritative weight, which should make it more comfortable for people to try them out. I know I’ll be trying the tooth wax if my pain comes back before I can get my broken tooth extracted! I didn’t even know that stuff existed til you said something, thanks!

  11. It is good to read all the comments written in wee hours of the morning.

    I like the rest of posters am one small step from yanking my tooth out pliers. Or carefully making use of Tom Hank’s method of tooth removal from Cast Away.

    The annoying part is this is not the first time I have had problems with this tooth. Four years ago I had a similar experience. Fortunately I have good dental care and got a root canal and crown put on. Unfortunately it didn’t work (at least for the long term).

    Of course the toothache (why is it called an ache? Ache are mild and inconvenient, “toothackes” are not mild and inconvenient) starts on Good Friday. I make it to Easter Monday before I head to medical clinic to try and get antibiotics. The doctor there tells me to rinse with salt water and see my dentist. Now salt water is better than nothing but needless to say not the response I was hoping for.

    May we all brush our teeth 5 times a day and be free of dental pain for the rest of our lives.

  12. i have had severe pain my whole life 8 broken ribs that were not set so i have one pressing in on my lungs a horrible car crash i lost a chunk of my head opiod withdralls
    ect. so i know what severe pain is!!! recentley i had an absessed/infected tooth that
    hurt so bad that i did not sleep for days i thought i was going to die i considered pliers
    and trying to yank it my self i called the only oral surgeon in my town and they said
    it was a 2 month wait so luckily i was able to get a emergency app. with this really
    bad dental clinic where i have experienced nothing but screw ups the 3 times iv been there but when your in this kind of gut wrenching pain it still seemed like a god send
    the dentist told me that my infection was as bad as they get sitting right on top of a
    giant nerve pocket so he had to give me antibiotics for a week before he could pull it
    i tried every home remedy for the pain nothing helped!! i then tried ambisol still nothing i take very strong pain killers for other conditions and they did not touch the pain finally i took the 800 mg ibprofen and it killed the pain enough to where i could get some sleep watch tv ect. when before all i could do was rock back and forth i am telling you forget vicodin oxycontin methadone ect. they dont work for the really bad tooth infections the ibprofen is a anti inflamitory as well as a pain killer so people i beg you try taking it even if you cant get the script only 800 mg
    just get the reguler over the counter ones and take 800 mg worth my dentist told me its the exact same thing it is really the only thing that worked i will eventually have to get all my teeth out because they are beyond saving but i wish the rest of you the bast of luck and hope you will take my advice…bless you all


  14. Glad I found this site. I have a bad toothache. I had root canal a few years ago and the stupid doc put in a temporary filling said thats fine for a while. I didnt like him and switched docs. I HATE DENTISTS. I am terrified of them. My family never took me to them and my ex husband wouldnt allow me to go to one. Probably because he knocked out all my top teeth.When I finally started going I hated it. But I got a partial and stopeed going. NOW!!!! The temporary filling the doc put in has fallen out and I am in so much pain. I have no insurance and was laid off so no money. Also I am having knee surgery in 2 days. My regualr doc has me on antibiotics. Can my bad tooth affect the knee surgery. Can someone answer this please as I am so scared. I cant put off the knee surgery cause i cant take the pain in my knee and want to walk normal again. But the tooth is hurting so bad. One dentist said it would cost around 300 dollars since i have no insurance. Any ideas fellow suffers. please let me know.

  15. Hi Jeanne,

    Try filling the hole where the temp filling was with dental wax. The wax can be found at any drug store or walmart. The brand I use is G.U.M. mint ortho wax. It runs about $2.89 or so for a pack. This wax trick really works as a temporary fix. I think it works so well for me because it stops the air from getting into the cavity….. and also, I have found that the rough, jagged edges of the cavity (or broken tooth) can rub and wound your cheek, gums and tongue which cause me the worst throbbing and pain…… so I use this to cover those rough edges and then I can function, without pain, until I can get myself into the dentist and get it fixed. I hope this trick helps you…… I also recommend Motrin and ice packs on your cheek for pain…. Hope you feel better soon and have a speedy recovery with your surgery….. the tooth pain and the knee surgery shouldn’t affect each other…. the good news is that the antibiotics for your knee will help the infection in your tooth.

  16. Hey im not a nurse or a Dental assistant and my spelling isnt the best so dont rag on me cause im in no mood for the online bickering. But for all you other sufferers of excrutiating tooth pain. for the last month or so my tooth has been causing me ALOT of pain. So i did some research for home remedies. the only one i found that works is more of an over the counter thing. But Walgreens has this stuff Called Red Cross in the dental section, its active ingredient is Eugenol, Which is Basically Clove Oil. it stings on any moist fleshy surface for a moment but then it numbs it after. its an oil and comes with cotton balls and a tweezer for dipping the cotton in the oil. if u cant find the stuff u can just get clove oil or whole cloves. u can chew the clove a lil bit and keep in on the surface in pain. works great for a short time. Ive found that Oxycontin doesnt do crap for me. i was taking like 5-6 ibuprofen tabs before the clove oil and that worked for a lil while till it stopped working lol. but yea anyways the oil stuff is like 7-8 bucks in the US most pharmacies have it or something similiar. i use both the clove oil “Eugenol” and the Extra strength Oragel works pretty good. Also the Clove oil is Antiseptic so itll help clear up an infection if you have one. DONT DRINK THE OIL. large doses More then a couple drops ingested can make you sick, Barfing and nausea and the lot. and a tablespoon or more can kill ya, so spit it out dont swallow it. and rinse your mouth after treating with luke warm saltwater. hope this helps. it helped me. regardless its not a cure so im still gonna have to have the teeth yanked out on monday. but the pain isnt so bad.

  17. hi guys
    i’m under ********* pain for like 20 days >> root canal and wisdom tooth
    i can not pay the bill now and hate dentists ; they irritate me I feel like they do not know wat r they doing since every tooth they fix WAS refixed again so why bother ?

    fast home remedy
    chup 4mint leafs on the hurt side
    or put a toothpaste on the tooth it works for days

  18. A friend of mine just let me in on a technique he’s used for tooth pain in the past that might help some of you.
    What he does is puts a pain pill (can probably be anything, though he used Ibuprofen) in his mouth, chewed it up so it was kind of a powdery paste, then packed it into and around the affected tooth so the pain killers went straight to the site, as opposed to waiting for it to go through the bloodstream and getting diluted along the way (assuming the medication ever gets to the site, seeing as how an abcess can sometimes restrict bloodflow).
    Hope it helps someone.

  19. For me – The only thing that will stop the pain is antibiotics. The infection is what is causing the pain. SO, get antibiotics in your self asap. My dentist charges a $35 emergency visit to just do an xray and give me a script. Amoxycilan is $4 at WalMart. Until they kick in, the best combo I’ve found is to take ibuprofin – a lot of it – to reduce the swelling along with Alieve. Alieve lasts longer so you can sleep. When I was taking hand fulls of Tylenol I would wake up every couple hours in pain and need more. Orajel and ice packs for those times when the Alieve and Advil are wearing off. That’s how I deal with the pain. But antibiotics are the only way to stop the pain.

  20. doctor pescribed me naproxen (anti imflamatory) and Tylenol 3’s (Tylenol, caffeine, and codene) at the emergency room after a 13 hour wait. he said no infection because gums looked normal, pink, and not swollen
    I also use mouthwash, liquid bonzocane (stuff in orajel or anbesol) and the red chloroseptic spray i found in the medacine cabinet.
    will get antibotics now that trying dental wax squeezed out a tiny bit of puss!
    got to get to the dentist soon!

  21. Okay. I’m 14. My dentist did a partial root canal when I was 10, and about a month ago I ate a very hard tootsie roll, and half of my tooth broke off.(the one that had the root canal) It didnt even hurt, because the nerve was dead. I went to the dentist and they put that putty stuff up there, and they also made my tooth shorter, because I grind my teeth in my sleep. I was fine, and didnt have any pain. But about 3 days ago it started really hurting when I ate, or talked. When Im not even doing anything it still throbs like crazy! When I bite down, I nearly throw up, due to the pain. My mommie has no more money to take me to the dentist with. How can I make my tooth ache go away? Please help!!!

  22. I use to come on here crying about my tooth aches..i tried every home remedies i could fine.

    but im tellin yall..just get those 800 mg ibrophens (spell check) eat some food..maybe take 2? and i guarantee you the pain will go away. Dont want to jinx my self but i havent had a tooth ache that lasted more then a hour ever sense i have been taking those.

  23. clove oil really does work almost instantly to take away the pain! just dab a bit on a piece of cotton and bite down on it, not too much though as it is very strong oil. God bless and hope this helps someone!

  24. My 2 year old daughter was sat on my knee and lunged back playfully and hit my mouth with the back of her head, she never cried but I felt a bit strange & thought no more about it, I was just glad she never brought the house down and was ok.

    Then about three weeks later I got a white spot on my gum, I showed my wife and she she just looked at me and went eerrrr. Again I though little of it and put it down to being under the weather.

    Then after a few more days I got an ache, and here begineth the roller-coaster of hell….I mean, the word pain doesn’t justify what I was feeling, there should be a new word to describe it…

    My dentist told me that when we collided my two front crowns roots almost definitely died instantly. Then I got an abscess over them which has slowly filled with puss and is pushing them out (they are now both about 3-4 mm lower than the rest of my teeth). This slow extraction has been a living hell. Its taken about three days for them to drop. He’s given me antibiotics but cant do anything until the abscess has gone, I was nearly crying leaving the dental practice with nothing more than a prescription, I was considering pulling them myself.

    My pain relief – needs must, here is what helped…….
    Im taking 2x400mg Ibuprofen along with 1gram of paracetamol every 2-3 hours ( I know, I know way too much), I even took some left over lanzerparole gastro tablets to stop the Ibuprofen from stripping my gut. Its been hard getting the timing right as the pain killers wear off after about two hours, then I got to take the antibiotics somewhere in between too. Im working on the assumption that my body can handle a little 2-3 day peak of pain killer abuse until the abscess has gone.

    What worked I think was the combination of the two together (for me anyway) as neither worked on their own or at small doses, but not everyone is the same so be careful.

    To top it all off ive been using anbesol but ive used too much I think as my face has swelled up and im now talking like john merric.

    Good luck all you fellow sufferers, god bless and may the pain killers be with you!

  25. I am at a loss for words! The pain good lord! I too have a tooth problem I have two back teeth on my right lower side that has large fillings in them, I had one refilled about 2 years ago and wouldn’t you know it here at Christmas time all bills due no job no insurance and bam severe pain in one or both of the teeth it hurts to just do nothing my jaw my ear my face good lord it does not stop I can chew bit put anything on it it hurts dentist is out of town on vacation fir 2 weeks I am scared and in pain, it feels like my whole bottom teeth are all affected by the 1 or 2 teeth I am a grinder and have taken the pain meds the over the counter and scripts not helping using sensitive tooth paste, vinegar and baking soda, tooth med gel, heating pad, nothing us helping and I do not have any liquor in my home if I did I would go way over the limit, my car us broken down it happen today I have cried so much I feel sick from the pain yes I think there should be a study on why the heck isn’t there 24 hrs dentist out there for low income or no income people but there is no help for any type of medical issues either unless you are rich or covered under some great plan! Good lord will it ever stop!

  26. As an expert of teeth rotting out of my mouth, I can tell you this. The very best thing, and most natural thing, which dentist also use when they pack your teeth is Oil of Cloves. It cost less then $5 and they most of the time sell it behind the pharmacy so you have to ask for it. I take a qtip and dip it in the clove oil, rub on the tooth and gum. It burns and taste nasty but it works. It has a natural way of calming the nerve and numbing the area. If you have an infection, you must get antibiotic. If you don’t have dental insurance then go to the regular doctor and ask for a script. This is very dangerous to let go. Also do not put heat on infected area, it makes it feel better but it makes the infection grow, put ice on your face at the area…..suck it up, it will make it feel better at the end.

  27. Sounds weird but if you take 4 pieces of trident gum and chew them and then using your tongue spread the chewed gum out over the hurting part of your mouth like a bandaid it will relieve pain. I’ve done this a few times for a couple days each waiting for dentist appointment. Also garlic powder salt and pepper with a little water to make a paste works good rubbed on the tooth

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