Tooth Ache

Some Thoughts:

  1. When you have a tooth ache everything else takes second place.
  2. Oh, and the tooth ache always happens on a bank holiday weekend, to ensure maximum pain, and remind you to go to the bloody dentist more often!
  3. Vodka, rubbed onto the infected gum/teeth is a god-send for pain relief. It lasts almost 3 hours and it’ll let you get some measure of rest at night.
  4. Have an understanding partner who’ll take care of you and fuss over you.
  5. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  6. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  7. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  8. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.

I’ll probably have to get a root-canal next week, the tooth is dead so hopefully it won’t be too sore. (I’m not too hopeful though..)

898 thoughts on “Tooth Ache

  1. HELP!!! This pain is unbearable! This tooth has had a cavity before, was filled, and then the filling fell out (all when I had good dental insurance). The tooth then broke in half….never bothered me. Half of the filling fell out a long time ago and didn’t bother me so figured the roots were just dead on that tooth. Now the other half is feeling like it wants to fall out and man does it hurt. It hurts the entire right side of my jaw. Problem is that now I have crappy insurance, no money saved up because of this stupid economy lowering our salaries making us use up our savings, live paycheck to paycheck because of economy cuts, and yet make too much to get any type of aid…go figure. My insurance will only pay for cleanings, cavity fillings, and about 80% of pulling teeth. I went to a dentist that a friend highly recommended…only to find out that my tooth cannot be pulled. He wanted me to try a root canal….which insurance won’t pay for. They only pay 10% of a root canal and I have to pay the other 90% which was about $800.00. My husband and I barely make ends meet right now without having a dentist bill to add to the equation. I asked the dentist about pulling the tooth….guess what…it cannot be pulled. It would have to be surgerically removed…WHICH my lovely insurance won’t pay for. I don’t have any vodka in the house because we are non drinkers and don’t allow it in our house. My husband has some Vicodin left from his car wreck that he never took….he hates taking any kind of pain medication at all…so I’m using that for now to numb the pain. Only problem is…what will I do when it runs out??? I can’t bear this pain. I can’t afford to have it removed or saved. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any places that might help someone in my situation? PLEASE HELP!!! I’m almost ready to go start a fight with someone so they will hit me in the jaw and hopefully knock the thing out of my mouth and I’m not even a violent person or a fighter.

    1. My suggestion would be to see a different dentist and demand that they pull the tooth. And don’t tell the new dentist what this dentist said or he’ll agree with the other dentist. The only reason why this dentist won’t pull it is cause it’s much less money. These dentists are scams. They’re worse than the AIG executives who are accepting bonuses while the company goes under. Trust me. I’ve been to enough of them that I know. And don’t let them put you in fear by saying that your whole mouth will shift if you have the truth extracted. It’s nothing but hogwash. I’ve had two teeth extracted already and my mouth and eating are doing just fine. Dentists use the fear method in order to get you to do more expensive treatments.

    2. In reply to MRD. Get online and check to see if there are any dental schools and free dental clinics around your area. The schools charge hardly nothing, because once again it is a school, but the people who actually do the work are pretty good and they always have an instructor with them during most procedures. Free dental clinics are mostly area dentists that volunteer their time to help people in the area. There are no income restrictions most of the time and they normally give one free service. Also, if there is anything left of the tooth, most of the time they can still pull it out without surgery. Hope this helped atleast a little. Good luck

    3. Tell the dentist to get stuffed! Get another one and have the tooth extracted.
      There’s something the doctors should know (I heard this from a doctor himself). It’s the patient and not the doctor who decides what’s urgent and what’s not.
      I understand that dentists want money but not helping people who are suffering, just for the sake of the profit makes me sick!

      Try some clonixin pills, anyway.

    4. i have Horrible teeth 6 cavities and im TERRIFIED of the dentist i know their there to help but im SCARED…one of my bottom teeth MIGHT be loose and im in pain please ANYBODY JUST HELP ME!
      (IM 13)

  2. omg!
    this is the worst pain i ever felt in my life.
    i fractured my arm. and currently have a cast on.
    that fractures nothing compared 2 the tooth ache.
    my left top tooth 3 to the last counting the molar hurts like hell.
    im freaking sick cause of iht.
    i heard this pain causes fever which i have atm.
    i feel like killing my self.
    i use ibuprofen which take the pain away for a while then i come back with a fever.
    god help me.
    anyone does root canals hurt?

    1. I know exactly what you are going through!!! I have had 3 root canals. I had 2 done by exceptional dentists and one done by a dentist that was awful(didn’t realize it until she started doing the work). The dentist that I currently have, she done one of my rcs and she said that if a rc hurts then the dentist isn’t doing it properly, that a rc shouldn’t hurt at all. My new dentist, lets call her Rose, had to go in and extract the tooth that the bad dentist worked on b/c it wasn’t done properly, became abscessed, and had to remove it b/c it couldn’t be saved at that point. Dont be afraid to ask the dentist how long they have been doing dentistry, and all that stuff. But trust me, if you are worried about a certain dentist, see someone else. But once again, rcs don’t hurt when they are done properly, which most dentists do. If your tooth is abscessed, which it probably is from the sound of it, they will more then likely drain the infection, give you a oral rinse and schedule you for an appointment at a later date. Most dentists don’t like to work on someone who has an infection because it causes more problems then necessary. Plus an abscess is harder to numb because it is an acid and anesthetics are also acids, so it makes it a lot harder to numb. Anyways, good luck, and remember don’t be nervous but if you are extremely nervous you can always ask them to put you to sleep while they do it. A lot of places do that now.


  4. I take real good care of my teeth and see the denist often. My back lower tooth broke a small piece off a couple of months ago. No pain at all so I didnt rush to the denist or anything, then finally last week I went in and he is working on it and he is rebuilding the toooth with pins and stuff. I leave the denist and am fine that night, then the next day the most unbelievable pain sets in, just feels like a knife grinding with no let up, the pain was crippling and brought me to tears. It was so excruciating my left arm was going numb. I called the dentist and he prescribed me Lortab, which takes the pain away but makes me sick. So it has bee 3 days and is now the weekend and I am still taking these pills, last night the pain set in so strong it brought me to my knees, I cant take it anymore. I am going back to the denist Monday morning, before I go crazy, I have already missed 2 days of work.

  5. Update:
    Well I couldn’t wait though the weekend, woke up in pain again last night, called my dentist this morning and he agreed to meet me on Easter Sunday in a couple of hours.

    I feel for all you guys on here, I know how bad tooth pain can be. One thing I would like to say though, and that is you guys really need to do what ever it takes to get to the dentist. Teeth problems do not clear up on there own. I just had an implant put in for $1700 and I dont have any dental insurance. I just wanted to keep my teeth nice. Do whatever it takes to get to the dentist, they will work with you on payments, but look at the alternative.
    I was 32 and had tooth problems and had not been to the dentist in many years, and was embarrassed about the condition of my teeth. But after some unbearable problems I went to the dentist and he was very kind and put me on a treatment plan that spanned over a couple of years due to cost. Now 2 years later with a lot of work and 1 implant and 1 bridge later, I have very nice teeth, but I am still subject to getting a bad tooth ache (obviously), but because I have such a good relationship with my dentist he is meeting me on Sunday to help. Good luck folks, that is just my story.

    Met the dentisit yesterday at 12:30 and he got to work on my tooth, turns out it was infected with pus, he spent and hour and cleaned it all out, made a drain and prescribed me anitbiotics.
    I feel SOO relieved right now I cant tell you guys. I slept so good last night. If I had not went to the dentisit I would be in unbearable pain right now, because these kinds dont fix themselves, also because your teeth are so close to your brain you have to be really careful about that.

    Nost importantly do not be afarid of the densist, they are there to help. they want your business.

  7. I have a fractured nerve. I pain $2000 already for the dang dentist to try and figure out what happened. He pulled my molars out, said I had a dry socket and then put a new cap on my tooth. The tooth that he capped is the one with the fractured nerve. I have waited almost a year and cant get it taken care of. My chest is starting to hurt, my left arm is so sore as well as my neck and shoulder. I am in so much pain!! I am a mom to two small boys and am afraid I might not wake up in the morning due to the tooth. I was able to get on Care Credit but the dentist maxed out the card with everything he did to my tooth. I dont know what to do…I dont want to die. Im only 30 years old. :<
    I have called dentists about payment plans…there are none that accept.

  8. Hey Guys, i feel for each and everyone of your if your haveing to put up with the pain ive had to just these last 2 days, seriosuly.
    ive got some self diagnosed absess/gum infection over my bottom left cainine area, it batters like hell… i was in so much pain last night i thought i was going to overdose on the amount of painkillers i had to take just to get 45mins sleep every 2 hours. ive got a emergancy dental apointment in 30mins… im pritty scared, i dont want my teeth pulling im only 21.

  9. its been some time since I posted on here… I can recall when the molar in the back of my mouth was throbbing, streaming with pain from some unknown realm of being. I kep putting it off, saying I’ll have enough money to get it pulled next month, and it seems that perhaps was a mistake. I now have a swollen face, the right side of my lower jaw swells outwards like a plastic bag full of water ready to topple off a table. I went to the doctor the other day to grab some antibiotics, hopefully they start showing signs of working within the next few days… wish me luck folks:)

    peace in the middle teeth!

    1. harvey tooth banger – I don’t know where you live, but here in the U.S. (Michigan), a tooth extraction is usually no more than $200 if you go with a general dentist, and usually not more than $300 with an oral surgeon.

      A root canal is usually $700-$800 if you go with a general dentist, or $1,000-$1,200 with an endodontist. Then the core build-up is usually $250. Then if you get a crown after the root canal it’s usually anywhere from $700-$1,000, depending on the dentist.

      With that being said, If you don’t have insurance and you can accept not having a few teeth missing here and there, the extraction would be the way to go. The main benefit is it’s about $200 for the extraction compared to $1,800-$2,200 for the root canal, core build-up, crown. You also never have to worry about having another toothache there again. The bad part is you then have to get used to chewing your food with out that tooth.

      Then you have the possibility that the crown won’t last if you get tooth decay under the crown, if you go that route. That would mean you would need a new crown for another $800. Dentists are notorious for saying you need a new crown when the one you have on is doing just fine. This is the reason dentists are getting extremely rich off of our pain. It’s also the reason why dentists don’t like to extract. If they only did extractions, dentists wouldn’t get rich.

      But if you know the extraction is the way to go for you, I would just go and get it done. Plus, taking those antibiotics all the time isn’t good for your health. Repeated antibiotic use can really mess up your intestinal bacterial flow over time, which can cause many other health problems such as candida and yeast infections. Dentists don’t seem to mind giving out antibiotics, just as long as they get to do the root canal/core build-up/crown so they can get rich.

      1. Absolutely right!! My tooth (rests) started aching last week. Not really bad. Yesterday I had it extracted. Fortunately I know the dentist. No bullshit of root-canal or those things for millionaires. No time for keeping on pain. The problem is when one is young. If you don’t take care of your teeth by then, forget. At this age, I’m 45, I prefer not to have a tooth then be continuously in pain. No one knows the future but abscess and pain from that tooth, no for sure.

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  11. Well, I know this has nothing to do with technology, but I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned in the past 2 days.

    My first tip won’t ease your pain, but it will save you some. I’ve seen it on forums that you should put aspirin on the tooth where it hurts and hold it there. I mean this is just stupid. Aspirin doesn’t ease your pain like numbing sprays. It is meant to be ingested and works in your bloodstream. If you hold aspirin to the inflammation, you will however get a cool aspirin burn, next to which your toothache will be of secondary importance. Whatever you do, swallow the aspirin, don’t rub it on.

    The single most helpful thing I did, which was almost the only thing that could ease my pain was salt water. And I don’t mean go to the ocean salt water (although that’s ok too), I mean the almost as much salt as water type, truly disgusting stuff. Just sip some in your mouth (try not to vomit, you’ll get used to it after the 30th time you do this) and rinse it around where it hurts. My pain could not be relieved by the medication, but salt water in 90% of the cases completely dissolved the pain. As you would guess there is a downside. In the better cases I needed to do this every 20 minutes, but sometimes I needed to repeat every 5 minutes. Near the end, my experience was that neither the medication nor the salt helped, but if I took the medication the pain remained, but the salt water could ease it. Go figure. Apparently there is no danger to this, although I am no doctor, but believe me, it is not pleasant. Sure beats the pain though. Oh, and yes, it does sting your mouth and tongue, just rinse with water afterward.

    The third tip is also a prevention type tip. Whatever you do, don’t pick at it. Sometimes its tempting, because a nudge here and there with maybe moves your tooth in such a way that the pain will be better. No it won’t. You could cause an inflammatory reaction which is very, very painful. Rinsing is fine, but don’t touch or try to move it ever.

  12. i got three dead molar in lower left mouth. two of them are decayed to jaw bone and the other is decaying as i write. my gums are sore. i know i got infection because my jaw is swollen slightly. i got no money, no job, just finish spring semester. i cant not sleep, but i can eat on other side of mouth. need all three removed now. why did i wait ten years to have them decay. last time been at dentist, bad experience.. they make fun of you, belittle you, make fun of your teeth. 5:34 am and my left jaw bone feel like i have in the ring fighting. puffy and sore. im going to take paper towel and sook of some scope and ram it on the check and gum area… ipry ot works…..

    1. I can understand the pain you are going through (Three Dead Molars). I have just returned from the dentists 4 hours ago. My first time in 30 years. Last week one of my teeth became abcessed. I held out as long as I could, but it was unbearable. I am so glad I went

      Like you I had Molars down to the gum line. I thought they would have to be cut out.

      To make a long story short.. This Dental office was the best.. They calmed all my fears and took away any enbarassment I had.

      All my lowers were removed today under a light IV sedative. Very minimul pain if any .

      Even if you do not have all the money now.. You should go and get that infection cleared up.. It will only cocst for the vivit and Antibodies. If you go further with treatment , many have some kind of Financicng.

      I wish you luck and hope that pain goes away.


  13. I am in agony with my top tooth at the back, had a fillin in it that fell out ages ago, didnt do anything about it, it was a bit sensitive but not to bad, then last week some sharp twinges in it,….then yesterday full blown pain, and today the tooth cracked and now i am in agony no-one could tell how much pain im in, i feel like smashing my fist through the window to have something else to think about!!!!
    dont go to the dentist till thursday and its only monday i have no idea how ill survive i really dont im so scared of this pain!

    1. I can mos def. feel your pain Craig, I also have a fillin that fell out in my left back molar, and so I made a appt. for today and the dentist agreed to see me. I went into the dental office around 2pm and they took my xrays and found out the reason why this fillin is hurting is because my wisdom tooth is crooked and pushing on all my other teeth. I asked the dentist if they were able to extract the teeth out today knowingly that the receptionist told me that they would be able to today. So, the dentist told me that he could do it only if he had time.. Im in the chair like WTF im in pain and you worrying about your damn time isnt this what you get paid for.. To make a long story short he said that he didnt have enough time and that he has to reschedule me for Thursday. They did prescribe me some tylenol 3 which has codeine in it and it works a little but I just ran to Walgreens and picked up this little bottle of miracle ointment called “Red Cross,” this ointment is working miracles and I think it will hold up until Thurs.
      Good Luck

  14. Never GO to the dentist wearing a suit. Make Sure your Dentist has a big stick but two good ears. Nothing worse than a great book knowledge dentist who’s great on cadavars but can’t setttle the pre & post UFO’like Jitters
    U know when the guy says ahahahahahahaah,,soory, not ha hah ha ha but aha aha aha
    then runs out the door two minutes after a failed extraction & leaves the fat lady at the front to explain why you owe $100 for a prescription for penicillin.
    He toook one look at my nice suit and ran. When I explained to fatty that I wasn’t paying for shyt she said you only owe thirty dollars. I said I’m not giving you thirty cents. She said do you have a credit card. I said “WHAT?!”
    and not a Stone Cold “WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?” but maybe it should’ve been
    Then Fatty said “Don’t worry its tax deductible”
    If fatty were a man he would’ve got a stunner which woul’dve left him in the chair & then after a quick extraction & a flurry to the Solar Plexes He’d find his pants around his ancles & I’d preform a root canal on him,, i’d say”It’s OK Fatty, Time for your root canal! U want the good news or the bad news first” to which fatty would reply ” A BLUUUUUU BLUUUUU” oh ya forgot i’ve got one of them Alien lookin’ things prying his mouth open…then I’d say “OK Fatty the Bad New’s is you’r not gettin’ any Novacane for this root canal” However the Good News is You’re Gettin Vaseline” Then As I’d prepare to stick in my drill I’d hit turn Fatty’s Bosses Drill on for sound and then Fatty’d get a drill of my own, Its not a Black’nDecker its an All White’Pecker! LMFAO

    1. I had an abcess, had no sleep for 4 nights, the pain was sending me absolutley crazy, the pain was every 10 secs continuasly ,I couldnt get into see a dentist so the receptionist told me to take 2 paracetamol and 2 co-codamol ,omg it knocked me out it was great, id even been to the hospital and the tablets they give me didnt work

  15. hey right now iv tryed everything to get the pain to go away but its just not working please help me are there any around the house remmedies that i can use say like if you rub vegiemite on an oulcer the pain goes away xxx thanx

  16. Hi, I had my first abscess 6 months ago, it was horrendous, went to the dentist and he gave me some antibiotics, and told me for root canal it would cost £500 or for £100 he would pull it out for me!! Anyway took the pills and it went away so I thought, about a month ago I got this pimple which appeared on my gum right next to the abscessed tooth, it was disgusting just like a spot, went back to a NHS walkin centre, and the pimple was lanced which was foul, given some more antibiotics but the pimple never went away. So this Tuesday went in for root canal, now the good thing about an NHS walkin centre, it doesn’t cost a thing, expecially if you got an exemption card which I had. Anyway root canal was absolute agony, so after half an hour I pleaded with them to pull the tooth, which they did, my gum is still a little painful, feels a bit swollen, but I am going to go back next week and ask them to check it for me. So some advise for my fellow brits out there, if you are in pain phone up the NHS direct helpline who will give you a telephone number for an emergency dentist, NHS usually they will be located in a hospital, and the most you will have to pay is 45 pound, if you have the worse case it will be about £180 for a full set of dentures!!!

  17. I just got my molars yanked hurt, especially when it was being numbed, however I had unbearable pain for days beforehand. The best way to deal with it is very warm salt water rinses and ice packs on the hand, web between the thumb and index finger, it really worked for me.

  18. Jesus. I lost a filling and feel like shooting myself in the face. I’d rather crap out 100 giant cactii than have this kind of tooth pain. I might go to dental school one day just to help people who need a tooth pulled and can’t pay right now or can’t wait days to see someone.

    If a moth lands on me again I’m going to freak out. It’s going to be a terrible weekend if I can’t get in today.

  19. all of u guys seem to have very much pain but im an 11 year old and ive had my tooth ache for 2 days i have been trying to go to the dentist but i have to have this very bad pain in my teeth intill monday cause the dentist is not opened on weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh ive took 2 advil pain and i whet to this party and the water there is amazing it heals my tooth ache for like an hour but at night i have this afual stomach ache! anyway im muslim and am fasting today
    so i think ima like die O.o!!!!! try dealing with That

  20. Hello Folks! I am amazed by the amount of people had/are gping through the same shite as I am right ow. The pain is awful and I cant stand it anylonger. I went to the dentist acouple of days ago and had an x-ray the doctor said take these antibiotics and then I advice you to have a root canal that is your only option. So luckally my insuance plan will cover this in October but of course this has to happen in september and having to wait for another monh roughly is no fun at all. And No I dont have a credit card or any other ways to pay in full. Anyhoo I have been taking my antibiotics for about 2 days now and getting fed up because I see no improvements yet, as i am a very impatient person esp when having to deal with horrendous pains. I find what help is Ibuprofen 600 mg 4 times a day.(spoke to a nurse who said that was fine)It lasts for about 3- 4 hours and just as the pain starts coming back I take a half of an advil so on and so forth.

    Anyways I cant wait for this pain to go away. And Thanks for a great Forum:o)


  21. I grind my teeth when I’m stressed out. A month ago, one of my molars developed a HORRIBLE tooth ache. My dentist said my ligament was swollen and would probably need a root canal/crown, but didn’t seem too worried about it when I saw her last. She even looked at my xrays from my last visit and made me confident the tooth could wait to have work done. Since then, my tooth stopped hurting and I assumed the tooth died. I scheduled another appointment 2 weeks past my last root canal in a different tooth. Since then, my tooth developed an abscess but hasn’t hurt too bad. I figured I could wait until my scheduled dental appointment to have treatment but yesterday, I woke up clenching my teeth and experiencing the worst pain felt in my molar in the whole world. I am at work today, still feelign this horrrrrrrible pain. I only ate soup and took about 6 Tylenol – which refuse to work. I have 1 more day until my appointment. I just hope I can handle this pain. It’s the throbbing that is the worst. Infection is disgusting and horrible. I am just so surprised how quickly this all developed. I just saw my dentist!

  22. I’ve been kicked, punch, bashed, gang-bashed and even yelled at and even humilated in front of 300 people by my ex-girlfriend, by telling me “i was dropped! because i was too poor for her”. BUT, there is nothing WORSE than a “THROBBING TOOTH”. The pain is so unverable that i am on my “bended knee” in PAIN!!! I am even asking GOD OUR HEAVENLY FATHER for forgiveness, because i generally thought, i was going to die. And the worse thing was, this was Saturday evening, there is no Dentist until monday. Anyway, on Tuesday the Destist eventually told me, that i needed 3 “root-canal” done, for the price of AUD$1500 each. I told the Dentist to get stuff!!! How the hell i was goint to get the money, when my whole family are poor? So, the Dentist left cotton balls on 3 of my teeth. 15 years later, those teeth are now gone, and so are my other 5 teeth. However, i been lucky enough to visit home my mother birth country the Philippines and while i was there realised the Dentistry (American Teaching) there are 70% cheaper than the USA, Europe, Australia etc; this is due to the low Pesos value. So, i eventually decided, that i will get my teeth “CAPS” which will only cost me around AUD$75 each tooth. CAPS tooth will last for 25 years, and the only negative thing about it, while in operation’s the Destist might damage your sinus nerves etc., For me, CAPS tooth sounds good, because it is better than having denture and taking them out all the time. Unless with CAPS they are screwed in my mouth…good luck to you guys and MAY GOD OUR HEAVENLY FATHER “EASES THE PAIN THAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH NOW” IN THE NAME OF OUR SAVIOR “LORD JESUS CHRIST” AMEN!!! You can PUNCH ME! YOU CAN KICKED ME! YOU CAN BASHED ME! BUTTTT PLEASE, DO NOT GIVE ME A “THROBBING TOOTH”!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! PEACE OUT FROM AUSTRALIA!!!

  23. o wow i havent laughed this hard in a whilee. you described EXACTLY what i been goin threw. My teeth are a mess right now. Im 23. didnt have dental for a while so jus didnt go went to the dentist a year ago and it sounded like a goddamn bingo game with all the numbers they were calling out that needed worked on.Year later so far 3 teeth pulled. 4 rootcanals. and jus went i thought it was done. 2 nights ago i was in the worsttttttttttttttt pain. my girlfriend gets so madd cuz she tries to be helpfull and kiss me and cuddle me but i jus DO NOT want to be touched talked to on some medication that blocks any pain killers so that doesnt help. granted i still eat them like there m&ms because you never no right? lol but anyways what i been doing is

    a.gargle salt water
    b.put hot cloth on it
    trust me it helps..thers natural pain killers in it or somethin

    1. wow im 13 and i have screwed up teeth ive been to a dentist but got so scared they couldn’t finish (i was put out and after they told my mom to come back in 6 weeks but I COULDN’T)i might be loosing one of my bottom baby teeth but it hurts and all i can do is bite on my lip IM SO SCARED OF DENTISTS WHAT DO I DO?

  24. I’m joining y’all in the club here with the tooth pain. A month ago I started having pain on both my upper and lower left side which caused a severe headache as well (I assume because the nerves are all connected together), and I had experienced that before a year ago, and the dentist at that time had said I had gingivitis so a hygienist cleaned my teeth and the pain had gone away, so I went to my new dentist and scheduled an appt for a cleaning thinking that was what it was again. The pain did go away – for a few weeks. But now its back, and its different. It is concentrated in my upper left wisdom tooth. I’m 30 and haven’t had them pulled yet. The doctors are wanting to do a re-treat for a botched root canal first, but that tooth doesn’t hurt. The one that hurts is this wisdom tooth, its throbbing, I can feel my pulse in there. I can’t close my mouth all the way, it hurts too much to touch the tooth. If you poke the tooth with a finger, then smell your finger (I know, ew, right??) it smells… rotten and gross. When I was able to brush it (now I’m not, it hurts too much) I kept spitting out yellow stuff. Pus, I assume? So I made another appt with the dentist and told them that I need an emergency extraction of my wisdom tooth. You know what the lady on the phone said? She said I first have to have the dentist look at it, then I will be referred to the oral surgeon. So how long is that going to take? Seriously, give me some pliers, Jack Daniels, a couple percocet and the lidocaine that I have, and I’ll do it myself!

  25. Wow i have found a website forum that helps us get through this unimaginable! off the wall! cant put into words!.. Pain! its now 1.19am and im counting down the next hour until i can have 2 more cocodamals! had my first 2 at 10pm and slept from 11pm till midnight! havnt known what to do with myself i am in such awful pain, the right top and bottom half of my jaw is killing me! the pain throbbing through my ear and up the side of my head! i just need somthing to do, hense writing this and desperatly wanting time to pass by quickly! its now 1.23am please time pass quicker all i want to do is get my sorry tired self back to bed and sleep till morning when i can actually run to my dentist for hopfull releif!!! i dont know what really has caused this!?!?!? did have a hole in my back top tooth that i thought was about time it got sorted.. saw the dentist today at 4pm.. i am 12 weeks pregnent so no xrays allowed.. all she did was fill the hole and ever since 4pm i have had an ache that i thought i could cope with until 9pm when the pain was so great i cryed and moaned for help! with 15 mins left until the out of hours would close i desperatly ring them with no answer! i am so upset and angry at this stage!.. what do i do where do i turn now! i go to 2 hospitals feeling so confussed i dont know what to do for the best! the hospitals are packed out! i manage to see a GP who prescribes me cocodamol.. i am in tears just wanting the pain to disapear, my hands wondering all over my face to my legs, im looking down at my shaking feet then my hands again holding my face.. i swear i look like im going mental! at 10pm i finally get to take the 2 cocodamals and within 15 mins the pain starts to ease, its amazing the pain is slowly slowly slowly giving me some hope, hope i will be able to face the next few hours! this is bliss. im am in bed and manage to sleep until midnight, i am woke up again in absolute terrible pain!.. sitting up it does not crying i again dont know what to do sit up lay down sit up again, i walk down stairs and have a cigarette outside in the cold.. i have not had a cigarette since finding out i was pregnent 7 weeks ago! i feel so guilty but seriously dont know what to do with myself!!! i am finding comfort in writing this knowing that some poor poor person is going to be reading this when they are in immense toothache pain and i just hope for you reading this i am helping pass the time as the others posts have done for me right now!.. its now 1.33am, finally i am now counting down the next 30 mins! please plaese pain go away i cant take this anymore! i never ever thought a toothache could seriously be this excrutiating! sorry for my spelling! its the last thing on my mind.. 1.35 pm.. please hurry! just read this back and its as acurate as could be.. its now 1.42am, come on come on i desperatly need the 2 cocodamals!! i am so scared that it will only last 2 hours if that again and the while cycle starts again.. omg what have i done to deserve this! now 1.43 i am going to have another cigarette.. why? i dont know another thing to do to pass a little more time?.. 1.50am in from the quiet outdoor cold with water and cocodamals at the ready! 10 mins and counting! thank you for this site!!!!! i hope i am now back writing again in another 2 hours! 🙁

  26. Well My pain is back and I have decided to get my tooth pulled tomorrow. thats it I am fed up no friggin root canal here….Its a waste of time pain and money

  27. Hmm..I didn’t know Vodka could be good for toothache.

    Must get toothache more often. Must get toothache more often

    (Darn, I keep on typing “toothcake” instead of “toothache”. Am I craving something?)

  28. Oh my god i am in so much pain, desperately i have taken extra strength Bayer back and body that’s all i have at the moment.This maximum strength anbesol does not help and all, and on top of this it is a holiday {Columbus,discovery day whatever}. Out of desperation i have resorted to mashing up a Bayer and putting it directly into the cavity. It has brought me some relief thank god, have a dentist appointment in the morning i can not wait this is torture!!!!!!!

  29. I hate going to the dentist and I havent been to one since High school and now out of the blue my mouth is really hurting I ate a little bit of candy like I do ever once in a while, I am not big on sweets, crazy I know. When I was younger I went to a dentist and he filled a tooth and hit my nerve in the tooth well Now it seems like its on the other side. I would rather be going through childbirth rather then have a toothache..LOL.I am supper terrifed of dentists as well because one also gave me to much laughing gas and I started panicing and I also hate needles I also had a bad experiance with that to…..The pain is thrubbing so bad right now over the counter pain relief doesnt work well….Did the first few hours but not now and I can’t sleep and this really sucks………

    1. Sorry to hear that Tammy…. Hang in there! I’m in the same boat. My rear molar(which is only missing about the top half for the longest time!) just started throbbing/hurting about 2 days ago. I started taking tetracycline immediately but it hasn’t really kicked in yet. I soaked it with some 160 proof vodka last night and that seemed to help quite a bit for a short time although half my mouth was burnt numb! Anyway, I feel your pain and toothaches really do suck! Hope yours(and mine!) get better REAL fast!!!

  30. Looks as though my the gum around my wisdom tooth is infected, along with my canine at the front is probably absessed. The pain is god awful. I have been taking painkillers and swooshing with Hydrogen peroxide but they don’t seem to do much. I read people saying use hot water and salt. Well I tried the hot water part and omg I felt like crying. The pain made my whole body twist. Im just sipping on very cold water or taking mouthfuls and swooshing it around for a bit. I’ve considered just getting some plyers and ripping my canine right out sometimes. Looks like im going to have to lay down some cash for this shit, I have tried to avoid it as long as I can ( NO INSURANCE SUCKS ) but does not look like I can fend much longer! I have never felt a pain like this, I’ve broken my ankle, wrist, collar bone and not to mention have broken in 3 of my front teeth, and these damn tooth aches take the cake for being one annoying painful mofo.

    1. I hear what you’re saying. I am going through about a half case of water a day, just swishing and spitting for those precious 2 minutes of relief from the most painful thing that could ever be. I have had 3 children and childbirth doesn’t touch this pain! I pulled a filling out with a dag-gone gum drop(which I normally don’t eat) about 2 months ago. After seeing the dentist, I am told I need a root canal. Keep in mind I had a fantastic dentist in the next state(40 miles from where I am now) so needed one closer to me. I am terrified of the dentist, so going to a new one is harrowing. Needless to say, it didn’t work out, and I traveled back to my beloved dentist who put me on penicillan. OMGoodness!!! That makes the pain worse!!! I also have vicodin, but have to take 2 of them just to get it to work and the pain still manages to break through that! I am able to sleep for those 2 minutes in between swishing while taking the vicodin, though I am doing an awful lot of drooling as well. Have an appt to have it yanked on the 29th. I am counting the days!!! (and hoping the infection isn’t too bad, as I have all but stopped the antibiotic.) Hang in there, do what you can, and good luck! P.S. The vodka didn’t work for me and the salt water made it worse too. Be careful with the motrin/advil/aleve, I really messed up my stomach.

  31. Hey this-is-brutal, I had the same problem and wanted to yank my tooth after suffering for days, finally, I took a pin and poked down alongside my tooth and into the gum…, it really didn’t go down too deep and at first only bled for a little bit, but about an hour or so later the infection followed its way up and started to come out ! What a relief…. Anyway, can’t guarantee it will work for you, but with that kind of pain, hell, what have you to lose?! Good Luck

  32. Im from the Uk and have always looked after my teeth. I dont have any fillings. brush three times a day, floss and mouthwash regularly. Well on Tuesday evening I started getting a tingling pain in my tooth, went to bed, woke up around 12 midnight with THE WORST PAIN I HAVE EVER EVER EVER FELT. Hideous, gut wrenching pain. Paracetamol did not touch the pain, ice water helped but only when in my mouth, ended up sitting under the cold tap (made the pain worse when i stopped doing it but i had to do it for some form of relief.) Anyway on wednesday morning i ring the dentist – they have no appointments and I cant get in anywhere else. They advised to take cocodamol (a mixture of paracetamol and codeine available over any pharmacy counter without prescription) and ibuproen combined, so two cocodamol tablets of 500mg (1000mg in total) and two ibuprofen tablets of 200mg (400 mg in total) every four hours. Took them and WOW, around half an hour later wehn they had kicked in, the relief was amazing, pain subsided gradually and had to take very four hours but after a few doses the pain was dying down. However then i looked in the mirror – my face had swollen up on the side where the tooth pain was and was getting worse quickly. Hopped in the car to A and E where the announced it was definately an abcess on the tooth, and gave me amoxycllin antibitoics to take 500mg three times a day. The next morning the swelling was worse but i carried on taking the tablets and after a day the swelling had subsided and the pain was hardlyi noticeable. Then i went to the dentit, who confirmed i had an abcess and to take the antibiotics to the end of the course. I then had a root canal treatment (didnt hurt one bit and i hate dentists) and unknown how i got the abcess as i have very good oral hygiene, but it was over and the pain was gone!! Now i truly know what pain is!!

  33. It is SO nice to find all of your comments about your experiences on here. I usually try to find answers from a forum that I am a member of, but nowadays the only answers I get are basically “I dunno go talk to a professional.” WTF!?!? I thought forums are for ppl to share their experiences but apparently no one has any on that particular forum anymore, lol! Anyway – I’ve had blinding pain on the right side of my jaw earlier this week, went to see my dentist who x-rayed it and found that I needed a root canal, and scheduled an appt with an endodontist (who’s daughter happens to be an old schoolmate of mine, so I felt slightly better knowing that for some reason, a sense of comfort maybe). My dentist also prescribed me penicillin for the infection & acetophenamin (sp?) with codeine for the pain. For me, both these meds worked, and I’m scheduled for the root canal on Monday.

    What I don’t get is that even though I’m on these meds right now, I have a DIFFERENT tooth acting up on me, and it started yesterday night – I go to lay down and ten minutes later, this tooth is throbbing with pain. So I get up for 5 minutes, and the pain goes away. What the heck!? I can’t figure out how to get to sleep without this new painful tooth going crazy on me, and I most likely will be telling my endodentist about it on Monday. At the moment it’s not an emergency situation (ie the tooth isn’t hurting at the moment), but I’m tempted to even use his emergency number right now just so I can ask him what’s going on with this other tooth and why does meds for one tooth not work for the other? The vanilla ext, salt water, vodka, and clove oil are all things I haven’t tried, so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing first!

    Thx again everyone for sharing your experiences! It’s also nice to know that there are nice dentists out there, I might have to do some dentist shopping after this! My dentist is okay but after having all these problems lately it would be nice to not have someone make me feel badly about it or feel embarrassed to have all these dental issues.

  34. I am glad that we toothachers can find humor in possibly the worst pain known to man and woman!! i have never had proper dental care and have lived more than half of my life with dental pain. It is impossible to pay for dental care unless your blessed with a good paying job, or unlimited supply of money. I think this horrible tooth pain has practically driven me mad!! And forget dating, i dont want anybody to even look at me, much less touch me. aggghhhh! and i agree with you heather, the last dentist i went to made me feel like i just enjoyed having such jacked up teeth, thats why i have waited so long to do something. i think this year when i get my income tax refund, instead of trying to pay some bills, and buy my kids a few nice things, im just gonna get my whole grill fixed! sorry kids, but those bicycles will have to wait till next year!
    but meanwhile, i deal with my tooth pain by flossing. i mean really getting in there and flossing till my gums are sore, and it’s gross, but sometimes i guess some sneaky food will work its way into one of my cavities. and when i get it out, taaadaaa, the pain is gone. but now i have the gums and inside of my cheeks swollen from my wisdom teeth that should have been pulled out about a decade ago. hope i can get to a dentist soon. its kinda hard though when your and unemployed single mom. I guess i should ask God for mercy and maybe some pennies from heaven!!

  35. like most of you i have been up all night with this crap(meaning tooth pain) i have tried motrin/erythromy i think next i will try a sledge hammer lol yes i still have a bit of humor left in me not much and it,s draining fast but i just wanted to say that i have read about 60% of theses post and found some of the helpful thanks it,s nice to know (hate putting it this way) that there are other out here in the same boat because it sure makes you feel like your by your self so untill next time hang in there folks pain free days are just around the bend.

  36. i have HORRIBLE teeth and i cant eat.i think one of my bottom teeth is loose but the pain is to bad to find out im TERRIFIED of dentists and i need a FAST RELIEF.

  37. you know what i think i have found out? i think that the weather has something to do with tooth pain really i do. for the last few days i have been able to get some ez with meds and i even managed to get some sleep yaaaaa me the sun was shineing the weather was a mild 60’s-70’s and then this afternoon a front has moved in and a few hours ago sure as god made little green apples the tooth pain is back it seems to be getting worse as the night and weather goes by i may be wrong on this but it’s something to think about

  38. I was eating a sandwich one day and my filling came out. Then i was eating candy and another filling came out. This is 2 years ago. They never bothered me so after a while i didnt even bother to go to the dentist. This sunday i woke up in the middle of the night with the most horrible pain ever. I couldnt lay down, sit up all i could do was cry. I called my dentist on Monday and i have an appointment on Thursday. I really really regret not going to the dentist 2 years ago, cause it just gets worse and worse. Plus being a student, you dont have that much money to spend anyways. So im very curious to see what my bill is going to look like. But now i just want to get rid of this awful pain. I can’t eat properly, so im just on soup right now. The only good thing about all of this is that i’ll probably lose some weight just before christmas haha :P.

  39. well tomorrow is
    y-day{y=yank} want be to soon 4 me i went to wallyworld last night and picked up some temparin max seems to be working great as a matter of fact it is working so good that i thought about not going to the dreaded den* but i know better i will go dam it lol anyways g-l 2 all hope my comments helped in some way

  40. Funny how our stories all happend at night time. I am sitting on my bed with my computer on my lap trying to endure this pain. I have a decayed right molar. It started to hurt a little the day before but i wasnt paying attention to it. To day coming home from partying around 3pm it started to hurt really bad. I used warm salt water to rinse myy mouth, 2 antibiotics and 1 800mg pain killer. it seems to be working right now. I am going to go downstairs and use the Garlic remedy, i will let you know tomorrow how that goes.

  41. Ok this is the second night regardin to the post above. During the day my teeth seemed ok. The pain slowly coming back around 9pm. I took antibiotics and even tried to put arlic around the tooth. it did work for a brief moment but the pain came back and it seemed to made it worse then before. Its 6am, and the pain is getting worse. pain killer seemed to stopped working completely, this is hell!!!

  42. good morning folks well i guess you can tell that things are better went in to the dds last friday i would rather took an ass whooping than have to do that anyways went in he got down to work on it and most time when you have a tooth pulled it,s in and out in about 15 mins right? well guess what yepppers you guessed it he took an xray and found out the reason i was haveing such a problem was 2 things one i had an absuss under the tooth and 2 there was an extra long root so he gets started pulling trying to be as ez as he can but that sucker just didn,t want to leave my body. he twisted pulled twisted pulled well you get the ideal i thought my freaking head was going to come off and that with i dont know how many shots he gave me and it still hurt like hell but we was already half way down the road no turning back now. after a while he says he may have to cut it out but he,s going to give it one more try. so i grip the chair arms brace my self and give the old go ahead look and leans forward gets a big hold on it and boooooooooom it pops out i was so relived you wouldn,t belive it. he says we are all done. i leave *must say in a hurry couldn,t wait to get away from the house of pain* get back to my home after a while i get up the courge to pop the gauze out and eyeball the hole looks gross but i know in time it will heal and things will be back to normal. thanksgiveing is just a few days away and i will be able to eat now without hurting so to all my teeth hurting friends do your self a favor if you can go get that thing yanked out thanks to this website for letting me vent good luck 2 all hang in there tomorrow will be better i promise

  43. Hi all,
    my story is kind of weird. Three weeks ago I go to the dentist for a deep cleaning…everything ok. A week after I go there for a couple of “small” cavities on a upper molar and it’s neighbor premolar. After the fillings and 2 days of totally no pain. I started feeling a weird pain on a molar on the same side, close to the filled teeth and I started thinking it was the wisdom tooth pushing its way out (’cause I could see the tip), but it was weird because the dentist did not say anything about it because it is straight. The first two days the pain started to grow and I initially got Orajel and two 325mg aspirin tablets, but they were not helping. Then the tooth started to wake me up at night and I basically decided to take more aspirin (the box says no more than 12 tablets/day), but at the fourth day that was not enough anymore…I did not have any swallowing, but the pain was there, kind of constant and I could not bite on the tooth at all, like the pain was coming from the inside.
    I called the dentist because the aspirin was no more enough to make me sleep and he told me to keep taking the painkillers and recall on Monday…it was Tuesday!!!! I went to buy Ibuprofen and I basically decided to take 2 tablets of Aspirin, then waited 2 hours and took one tablet of Ibuprofen (200mg), this way every two hours I was taking one of them and the pain was not showing up much. I could also sleep for the hours in which the painkillers were acting. I did this never going over the directions quantities and after two days, I was able to sleep more than expected, the alarm woke me up instead of the tooth and the biting was not painful. As of today, it has been 5 days that I used this “therapy” and this morning after taking the last Ibuprofen at 10pm yesterday, I woke up at 7.30am with no pain (just a very small little bit) and I took the Ibuprofen at 10.30am, just in case…
    Now, it’s Monday and I don’t know if I have to call the dentist, I am scared that the pain came from what he did, the wrong bite that he gave me maybe…but still, I would like to know what I had…suggestions???

  44. Oh dear god somebody help me! This is pure insanity….
    It hurts so bad my eyeball fells like its swollen out of it’s socket…my ear like its about to fall off at any given moment the back of my head about to blow off into a million tiny chunks and my mind is going into delerium……I have been been plagued with problomatic teeth most of my adult life. In part because of poor education in tooth care in part, poor genetics….I wanted them all pulled two years ago when i had money, but think I could find a dentist willing to pull them all….no. They said I was too young for that. BullS***. I was 29, my mother has had dentures since she was 26. They just want to bilk you for procedure after procedure. Its my mouth, its my pain, why is it not my decision?
    Sorry I am my wits end and using my ice skates like in the movie “Castaway” is looking like a sweet fun filled vacation at this point.
    Thank you all for posting your stories…its helping through the waves of pure torture that is engolfing nearly every moment of my exsistance right now…..
    Take care, and good luck to all of you!!!

  45. hi everyone;

    unfortunately, i am having same problem right now for a couple of days, yeah it is a horrible toothache, i had an infection,omg at night time even so-called stronger pain killer “paramol” didnt work but amazinly ibuprofen was more effective 10 minutes something after taking it.

    i went dentist 2nd day and he gave me amoxicilin and i am using it for 3 days, nothing better but no more killing pain. my face is a bit swollen, my teeth is still throbing, i can feel and count my pulse. i wish to get better soon, i cant eat real food for 4 days.

    damn, this pain is the worst !!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 🙁 My tooth hurts! And I tried motrin (Ibuprofen), vodka, salt water solution, and flossing, and it feels a little better just after I took my braces off! My gum was swollen but I am not sure if it is infected! I hope not. The pain has subsided but it has a little tingling pain! My mother’s tooth is infected and went to the dentist today. But I can’t go to the dentist till a little later so I have to deal with the pain for a few days! 🙁 The motrin worked at 3am yesterday when the pain started but my gum was swollen after I took my braces off. At least my teeth are straight, white, and perfect. But the pain is killing me! The floss made it worse but the salt water solution subsided the pain the vodka seemed to work also after I used the salt and warm water just swished it around my mouth and the retainer makes the pain worse but I can not take it off! 🙁 My eyes are blurring and my stomach hurts! 🙁 Got to go to bed and get ready for school! Peace out!

  47. I had horribly pain in the back of my mouth due to the top last tooth in my mouth. I found one of the worst things you could do is put cold water in your mouth. The relief is very brief and ends up irritating the nerves even more. Made the pain even more unbearable then before. However I was able to find relief after I washed out my mouth first with mouth wash, then salt water and then when I was still in pain, with peroxide-which probably helped kill the bacteria-(in fact it deadend the pain after.) I also took tylenol or was it asprin? for the inflammation.

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