WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a full page caching plugin for WordPress that makes your website run much faster!

Version has been released and has a number of bug fixes and changes including:

  1. CDN updates: it can be switched off. Multiple CNAMEs can be used for serving static content to improve performance.
  2. Uninstall process improved. Files that the plugin creates are removed, and the wp-config.php and .htaccess files are fixed. If the plugin can’t do any of these steps it will display a message explaining what to do.
  3. Cached dynamic pages can now be stored in Supercache files and compressed. No need to use legacy caching any more.
  4. 1and1 Webhosting fix. They use “/kunden/” in some of their paths but not others.
  5. I removed the “log by email” functionality as it caused problems for users who were inundated by email.
  6. Many more minor fixes and changes.

The old uninstall process has been completely revamped. Now all you need to do is deactivate it on the plugins page. It will then remove wp-cache-config.php and advanced-cache.php. It will also remove the extra code it added to wp-config.php and the .htaccess file. On the off chance it can’t remove those files it will print a helpful message asking you to fix the problem. Unfortunately this class of plugin (full page caching plugins) are by design more complicated than regular plugins and are more invasive.

Got a problem with the plugin? Use the support forum please. Support queries posted here may be ignored or deleted.

13 thoughts on “WP Super Cache

  1. Quick suggestion, might want to remove the “tell the world your server is digg proof” option.

    I don’t think even digg is digg proof anymore…


    Thanks for the updates!

  2. Quick note to say THANKS!

    We used w3tc in the past (yes, we configured it properly, so for the fanboys out there don’t get me started on that plugin, we use it on several servers, for some reason it just doesn’t play well with some configs, e.g. extreme load as many pages would not be cached due to cookie management issues, etc…).

    We decided to switch to supercache, after a day we already see a huge improvement on a low end machine. Also note that supercache handles mirror CDNs better than w3tc, as ALL JS and CSS requests are now sent to the CDN, while w3tc was only able to catch half of them (not sure why).




    Using WP Super Cache, and received a message while testing.
    Warning! D:\Hosting\751[ ]\html\word/wp-content is writeable!

    You should change the permissions on D:\Hosting\751[ ]\html\word/wp-content and make it more restrictive. Use your ftp client, or the following command to fix things: chmod 755 D:\Hosting\751[ ]\html\word/wp-content/

    I don’t understand exactly what it does however would like to fix whatever the problem.

    If you could assist me i would be very great full.

    thank you

  4. Just installed your plugin on my girlfriend site which gets a lot more traffic than mine, its made a big difference, thanks again for the regular updates

  5. i thing this plugin is great, just i like that also could make the cache of the database to avoid a heavy load on the server

  6. Just switched from W3, which was causing problems (Theme not appearing – just text). Delighted with the transparency and control. Also got the notice warning me that my folder was writable, and didn’t know what to do. Love WP Supercache!

  7. Hi.
    When I use the plugin with statistics plugins (Eg. FireStats), they don’t count correctly. Hits to cached pages are not counted.
    Is there any advice for this?

  8. Hello @Donncha. Trying to do some troubleshooting; is the CDN feature working for all sites in a multisite setup or does it only work on the main site? Thanks.

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