First, let me give you some background on me & my “disappearing” teeth. I’m 30 & have had pretty good hygiene habits for the most part. I didn’t get my first cavity until I was 11. My teeth are perfectly straight naturally. In my opinion my teeth were my best asset. Teeth were so important to me that I became a Ortho (braces) Assistant. However, my health has me on a slew of medications & my immune system is shot. So, bye bye pretty mouth & career as a dental assistant.

I live in Hemet California & we are inundated with tweakers & other drug addicts so messy meth mouth is rampant. Messy meth mouth is a mouth full of half teeth & decay & is largely found in those using speed because speed attacks the tooth from the inside out. Broken teeth were “tells” of a person’s abuse of drugs, stereotypically. Imagine how easily I can just walk around with broken FRONT teeth & keep my head high. I can’t.

Other drugs can affect the condition of teeth & heroin is one of them. However, Heroin attacks teeth from the outside in so it is a much slower process. In my mouth I have 1 molar & 2 wisdom teeth that had to be removed due to excessive rotting where just the base of my tooth remained a bit past the gum line but completely hollowed out & PAINFUL. I, too, had a baby w/no epidural & would rather feel that than the pain from an exposed nerve.

I have 2, a molar & bicuspid, that have completely snapped off below the gum line so there is no tooth there, only a hole. On one of those, because it was a root canal that never got it’s crown, the skin has grown over the remainder of the root left in my gums. The other one is starting to grow over the root left in the gum as well. I’ve got a wisdom tooth on the bottom that has a quarter of the top missing straight to the gum line. The nerve is exposed & the dentin rotted away. Next to that tooth is a molar with a hole right on the gum line that is pretty deep.

3 of my 4 front teeth are as follows, the one in front on my left is chipped w/a hole in the back & ready to sliver off any day, the one next to it is slivered off in the same way it’s buddy will soon be, & the one next to that is slivered but only in the back so cosmetically it’s fine but the nerve is exposed in the back. Finally, I have half of a bi-cuspid on my right side 2 teeth down from the one slivered in the back that split & broke clean in half! It has it’s front but no back.

That makes a total of 11 teeth & that’s just the teeth in my mouth that are broke. So, I’m sure you all can imagine that, not only is it very painful when they decide to flair up & my tongue has been sliced to the point of spaghetti, but it’s really embarrassing to have to ask Santa for your two front teeth when you’re 30 & your 5 year old still has hers! Anyway, long story short (ha ha ha, I’m long winded & I’m sorry cause it’s more like short story long), I have teeth in various stages of ouch & falling out so I can relate to every story told here.

Now for the remedy that I’m extremely surprised to see that it hasn’t found it’s way on this forum……. AMBESOL! The liquid! Go to Wal-Mart & get the liquid extra strength ambesol. It comes in a glass vial & it’s orange colored. It is a topical anesthetic much like the gel dentist’s use to numb the gum area where they inject the Novocaine or Lidocaine. Only, this stuff is liquid so it gets in where the gel can’t & the level of strength is much higher. I’m not kidding & I’m not exaggerating when I say that, were it not for the use of liquid ambesol, I would have flung myself from my daughter’s bunk bed in an effort to kill myself.

The pain relief is IMMEDIATE. When your tooth pain is a fierce pulse intensely beating in your tooth & brain in a way that makes you want to rip off your face all you do is douse a q-tip in this orange liquid and place the q-tip on the offending tooth. Seriously, the headache you had instantly ebbs & if you’ve been battling this a** of a tooth for the better part of the night, you’ll be surprised to find yourself nodding out with the cotton swab dangling beautifully out of your mouth.

Have you ever envisioned breaking into your dentist’s office, taking out that dreadful contraption that forces tubes of Lidocaine through that horrific needle into your gums, & assaulting your mouth with it until you can’t feel anything other than the sensation that maybe your mouth fell off? Well, ambesol is the next best thing.

For the really bad ones I just swig the ambesol & swish it all around my mouth until the pain subsides. See, when you have an abcessed or painful tooth, say, on the bottom left, then that whole side of your mouth on the bottom can hurt. If you have a bad tooth on the left in the upper portion then, unfortunately, the whole side (top & bottom) can hurt. The only side effects from this stuff is incessant drooling. HOWEVER, you’ll be able to stop writing that suicide note.

DO NOT SWALLOW THE AMBESOL. I guarantee this will work. Also, when you don’t have tooth pain but you do have a hole in your tooth, get some dental wax (it’s right by the ambesol in wal-mart/walgreens/& so forth), & cover the hole with it. This blocks food, liquid, & air from doing the 10 step on the nerve of your tooth & prevents the tooth from flaring up.

Oh, one more thing, you want to use mouth wash every time & should do that multiple times a day. After eating, smoking, or drinking. Carry a compact bottle of listerine or whatever you prefer & periodically wash out your mouth. Take special care to swish violently in the sections of your mouth where the hole is so that you can get any food that is lodged in there out.

Well, I hope I’ve helped with this instead of just completely boring you all taking up a lot of space. I don’t get out much (having broken teeth makes people shy away from you & causes severe loss of confidence), & the majority of my conversation is about my other health problems & yesterday’s episode of Dora the Explorer. Now, for the reason why I got on here, my upper lip is swollen all the way to the bottom of my nose & it’s very painful. The teeth don’t hurt, only the lip & I can feel that there is a ball of something in there. I have no insurance though. Anyone know what that is??