My 2 year old daughter was sat on my knee and lunged back playfully and hit my mouth with the back of her head, she never cried but I felt a bit strange & thought no more about it, I was just glad she never brought the house down and was ok.

Then about three weeks later I got a white spot on my gum, I showed my wife and she she just looked at me and went eerrrr. Again I though little of it and put it down to being under the weather.

Then after a few more days I got an ache, and here begineth the roller-coaster of hell….I mean, the word pain doesn’t justify what I was feeling, there should be a new word to describe it…

My dentist told me that when we collided my two front crowns roots almost definitely died instantly. Then I got an abscess over them which has slowly filled with puss and is pushing them out (they are now both about 3-4 mm lower than the rest of my teeth). This slow extraction has been a living hell. Its taken about three days for them to drop. He’s given me antibiotics but cant do anything until the abscess has gone, I was nearly crying leaving the dental practice with nothing more than a prescription, I was considering pulling them myself.

My pain relief – needs must, here is what helped…….
Im taking 2x400mg Ibuprofen along with 1gram of paracetamol every 2-3 hours ( I know, I know way too much), I even took some left over lanzerparole gastro tablets to stop the Ibuprofen from stripping my gut. Its been hard getting the timing right as the pain killers wear off after about two hours, then I got to take the antibiotics somewhere in between too. Im working on the assumption that my body can handle a little 2-3 day peak of pain killer abuse until the abscess has gone.

What worked I think was the combination of the two together (for me anyway) as neither worked on their own or at small doses, but not everyone is the same so be careful.

To top it all off ive been using anbesol but ive used too much I think as my face has swelled up and im now talking like john merric.

Good luck all you fellow sufferers, god bless and may the pain killers be with you!