What Linux browser do you use?

Jesse Long is carrying out a survey to find out what browser Linux users use. If you use Linux please visit her site and complete the survey. It’s short, and she’ll be publishing the results soon so get your votes in quick!
A thought occurred to me, she could simply use the browser identification to find out what browser the user is using, and they’ll usually have the OS in there somewhere too.
Update! Jesse mailed me saying it was a short term survey so check the CLUG archives for the url if you want to do it!

3 thoughts on “What Linux browser do you use?

  1. But the OS you might use at work/in school/wherever to visit to the site may not be Linux, even though you use Linux with a browser.

    It’s more accurate is people just fill it out themselves and don’t stuff the ballot box to inflate their favourite app’s numbers.

  2. True, true, but the browser string could be used as a hint to the survey script so at least the browser used to fill out the survey would be the one selected by default! Then the user can change it if they like.

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