Wow, I was just trying to help my fellow tooth pain sufferers. I was not rude or anything in my post so I’m perplexed as to why you feel the need to get on here & respond to my comment in a condescending way. Frankly, you’re coming off as quite a b****.

1st, and according to the English way of spelling it’s OF all not IF all, I understand full well the many causes of dental decay, being a Dental Assistant myself, & even followed up my original comment with a clarification so that everyone would see I didn’t think JUST drug abuse is to blame.

2nd, I apologize for my spelling mistake of Anbesol not Ambesol as you so nicely pointed out. Come on, how petty are you? This forum is for people suffering from tooth pain & those who want to HELP them, not go out of their way to belittle them & point out a TYPO.

3rd, congratulations on your successful career as an RN. How wonderful for you. Being certified at being Rude and Nasty must be quite an achievement for you. I do know that many medications cause tooth decay. Oh, & that little paper insert in the bottle doesn’t go unread by me. No siree! Me reads that funny piece of paper every time I crack a new bottle ma’am!

Thanks for telling me though. Just in case I didn’t know. Obviously, I want my teeth to fall out of my head because I take the Oxy for that reason alone. I want to experience what these fine people are talking about when they explain excruciating pain. I want to be able to say I empathize and mean it. Yeah, good ole Oxy, it’s a good thing I take it because I really want decaying teeth and systemic failure!

I think you should go take an etiquette class or learn about online tone. That way, the next time you are spreading your two cents around you can do it in a way that is less abrasive & condescending. You’re a nurse, use your bedside manner when composing a message. Remember, the reader won’t be able to hear your voice or see your facial expressions while reading that message so you can easily come off as a know-it-all snob.