Hi Jeanne,

Try filling the hole where the temp filling was with dental wax. The wax can be found at any drug store or walmart. The brand I use is G.U.M. mint ortho wax. It runs about $2.89 or so for a pack. This wax trick really works as a temporary fix. I think it works so well for me because it stops the air from getting into the cavity….. and also, I have found that the rough, jagged edges of the cavity (or broken tooth) can rub and wound your cheek, gums and tongue which cause me the worst throbbing and pain…… so I use this to cover those rough edges and then I can function, without pain, until I can get myself into the dentist and get it fixed. I hope this trick helps you…… I also recommend Motrin and ice packs on your cheek for pain…. Hope you feel better soon and have a speedy recovery with your surgery….. the tooth pain and the knee surgery shouldn’t affect each other…. the good news is that the antibiotics for your knee will help the infection in your tooth.