i have had severe pain my whole life 8 broken ribs that were not set so i have one pressing in on my lungs a horrible car crash i lost a chunk of my head opiod withdralls
ect. so i know what severe pain is!!! recentley i had an absessed/infected tooth that
hurt so bad that i did not sleep for days i thought i was going to die i considered pliers
and trying to yank it my self i called the only oral surgeon in my town and they said
it was a 2 month wait so luckily i was able to get a emergency app. with this really
bad dental clinic where i have experienced nothing but screw ups the 3 times iv been there but when your in this kind of gut wrenching pain it still seemed like a god send
the dentist told me that my infection was as bad as they get sitting right on top of a
giant nerve pocket so he had to give me antibiotics for a week before he could pull it
i tried every home remedy for the pain nothing helped!! i then tried ambisol still nothing i take very strong pain killers for other conditions and they did not touch the pain finally i took the 800 mg ibprofen and it killed the pain enough to where i could get some sleep watch tv ect. when before all i could do was rock back and forth i am telling you forget vicodin oxycontin methadone ect. they dont work for the really bad tooth infections the ibprofen is a anti inflamitory as well as a pain killer so people i beg you try taking it even if you cant get the script only 800 mg
just get the reguler over the counter ones and take 800 mg worth my dentist told me its the exact same thing it is really the only thing that worked i will eventually have to get all my teeth out because they are beyond saving but i wish the rest of you the bast of luck and hope you will take my advice…bless you all