Phoar! What a spike!

I released WP Super Cache 0.5.3 on Friday last. From the stats it looks like people are upgrading which is good news!

This version has a number of fixes and improvements:

  • If your blog is installed in a sub-directory you’ll want to upgrade. This version fixes the mod_rewrite rules that search for the cached files. If upgrading, make sure you delete the Super Cache rules so they’ll be upgraded. (Thanks Otto42)
  • With a click of a link in the backend page you can view your mod_rewrite rules to check that they are ok. This may help the adventurous who want to upgrade those rules manually too.
  • The plugin now warns if your blog’s root directory is writeable. Most of the time there’s absolutely no reason for this so it’s good to be reminded to fix it.
  • Check that $mutex is set. This is really only useful if your server is borked and the filesystem is mounted read-only but it’s good to be complete.

Wondering about the title? Check out this traffic graph Scott Beale posted a few weeks ago and you’ll understand. One of his posts hit the front page of Digg (twice) then, and was covered by lots of other blogs and media. Wow.

On December 12th our blog hit a record high of 222,523 views in one day.

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13 thoughts on “Phoar! What a spike!

  1. Wow – that’s a heck of a traffic spike! Here’s hoping he gets some additional readers from it!

    Will the $mutex fix check for old locks (can that even be done efficiently?) I got nailed by a hung mutex lock on a wp-cache file, which slowly locked up web processes waiting for the lock to clear, eventually shoving me into my max virtual proc limit – suddenly my sites are returning 500 Errors!

    Definitely think it’s time to make the switch regardless – your new cache plugin looks great.

  2. It won’t clear out old locks, but I guess one way of doing that is by checking the age of an existing lock and deleting it when it’s over X minutes old.

  3. HOLY CRAP! Look at that spike! I hope you don’t get charged a massive overage from your webhost! I’ve been lucky enough to get .. 30 .. as my top. Probably has something to do with I don’t have any service or anything the public really needs to see 😀

    Keep up to good work!

  4. I found a small(ish) bug with this verison’s detection of a writable blog directory. If your runnign php as a cgi, or have it setup through suPHP (as many webhosts do), your directory by default will be writable. not because it’s writable to the webserver, but because it’s writable to the php script which runs as the user.

  5. Here’s an interesting bug.

    If you have a blog post with multiple pages, and someone posts a comment… only 1 page expires not both.

    I’ve also noticed that even when logged in, the site doesn’t always recognize you as logged in when supercache is enabled. But that’s minor.

  6. WWooo.. This is kind o a spike.. that Digg or what so ever Social Media site could.. do.. this what you called.. A golden Information Mine spike.

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