Mann Vs Machine

Looks wonderful doesn’t it? Humans vs robots in the Team Fortress 2 world.

The reality is a bit different. Servers are overloaded as players try to join, but there are free servers so it must be buggy too. I didn’t wait around.

Happy Birthday TF2!

It’s hard to believe but Team Fortress 2 is really 15 years old! Well, strictly speaking the franchise is 15 years old but who am I to raise that point on such a day?

To celebrate they’re giving every player who plays today a free hat and other goodies. You’ll also see other birthday party related changes to the game like cake and presents instead of health and ammo packs. Check out the screenshots below!

Four Free Games

  1. Spelunky looks like a modern day Rick Dangerous and that gets my thumbs up!
  2. Dig n Rig reminds me of Terraria but it’s not.
  3. SkyIsland is a fairly cool browser based platformer with a 3D twist!
  4. A Flipping Good Time is a 2D platformer with a gravity twist.

Of those I’ve only played SkyIsland. I just haven’t got around to installing them yet.

Oh, apparently to get better at TF2 you should install tr_walkway. Again, yet to try it myself. Not enough hours in the day!

While I have you, does digital distribution spell the death of retro gaming? Interesting read but having a physical copy of a game is no guarantee that a game will work on a machine in the future. Modern consoles are so prone to breaking that I can’t imagine any regularly used Xbox 360 or PS3 surviving 20 years …

It would seem that friends playing together is…

It would seem that friends playing together is regarded as team stacking in Team Fortress 2.

On one hand that’s great because the server is free to balance teams but it sucks when you want to play with friends you’re chatting with on Skype. Any notion of playing strategically as a team goes out the window when you have to be careful what you say. The same happens with Bad Company 2 on PC.

Who ever decided that a server browser was the best way to join a game anyway? I Just want to play a game with my friends! I don’t care what server I’m on.

PC players will look down on console players because they have to use fiddly controllers but the squad system in Bad Company 2 on consoles is a great way of getting a group of friends into a game. Yes, there is team stacking, but servers do auto balance as well (sometimes). Then like any of the platforms you have to try to get back to your old squad. At least you start out on the same team!

Now, come on Microsoft and Sony. Let console players use a mouse and keyboard! Best of both worlds!

TF2: Meet the ….

The “meet the ” videos for Team Fortress 2 are legendary. So much so that I had heard of them but nobody ever linked to them. The first one I saw was the recently released “Meet the Medic” (check out the out takes from that video, hilarious!)

So, here they are for your viewing pleasure. All the TF2 character videos so far produced! Go visit the TeamFortress Youtube channel for these and more!

Meet the Medic

Meet the Sniper

Meet the Spy

Meet the Soldier

Meet the Engineer

Meet the Demoman

Meet the Scout

Meet the Heavy

Timing is Everything

This is how you play the spy in TF2. I don’t have the patience to do it and I reappear behind my victim only for them to turn around and blast me because they heard me.

Good work with the replay editor! Check out the Gamestunts post on the video with more background detail on what’s going on.

TF2: Tips for playing scout

You should watch this video on Youtube as cvnmcvnmcvnm1234 has posted annotations to it which I don’t think appear here. Great set of tips to go along with hectic gameplay. Via this post on Reddit. If you’re new to Team Fortress 2 then you’ll want to visit NewToTF2!

Here’s a great scout gameplay commentary that appeared on Pixelenemy so some of you may have seen it already.

Here’s a big list of video guides to TF2 for your viewing pleasure. So much! Brain Overload!