Steam Games over USB 2.0 is painful

450GB of games Somehow I have over 450GB of games installed. I went a little mad installing them when I bought this PC last year but now that I need the space I don’t really want to download them again. Luckily I have a number of external USB drives so I started copying games over yesterday evening.

Out of curiosity I used Steam Mover to copy and symlink the games back to the C: as I wondered how well games would play over and old USB 2.0. It didn’t work well. It was very painful. Assassin’s Creed wouldn’t even load but crashed on the Ubisoft logo. Arkham Asylum loaded but the graphics of the main menu moved like molasses. I think I’ll use Steam’s backup system to make archived copies of the games as that will compress the files too saving a bit more space.

External drives are simply enclosures with real disks in them so I opened up one of my external drives to see if I could hook it directly to my PC internally but the disk in it is using a different interface to the one in my PC. The last time I went diving into a PC was when IDE was the standard and SATA was only just becoming mainstream!

144KB seemed so big back then

So, I’m going to backup games to the drive instead of copying them. I’ll also dump another copy of my photos there too as I started using Backblaze (aff) to do remote backups. It may take some time to squirt 681GB of data into the cloud though. Eventually I’ll have to buy a second drive for my PC but that’s something I’ll look at in the future.


Four Free Games

  1. Spelunky looks like a modern day Rick Dangerous and that gets my thumbs up!
  2. Dig n Rig reminds me of Terraria but it’s not.
  3. SkyIsland is a fairly cool browser based platformer with a 3D twist!
  4. A Flipping Good Time is a 2D platformer with a gravity twist.

Of those I’ve only played SkyIsland. I just haven’t got around to installing them yet.

Oh, apparently to get better at TF2 you should install tr_walkway. Again, yet to try it myself. Not enough hours in the day!

While I have you, does digital distribution spell the death of retro gaming? Interesting read but having a physical copy of a game is no guarantee that a game will work on a machine in the future. Modern consoles are so prone to breaking that I can’t imagine any regularly used Xbox 360 or PS3 surviving 20 years …


Tips for tweaking Bad Company 2 (PC)

Playing games on consoles is so straight forward. Pop the CD into the machine and hit play. PCs are a bit more problematic. Bad Company 2 has many options for tuning and here’s a few I found this morning. I’ve found others and I’ll add them to this post when I find them again! 🙂

  1. Reddit
  2. Gamers Underground
  3. More Reddit
  4. geforce tips for BC2

Bad Company 2 Vietnam on December 18th?

This page on the Steam network suggests the Vietnam expansion for Bad Company 2 will be out on December 18th, at least on PC.

Hopefully Map Pack 7 will be out before then! Thanks Mike for the heads up!

Update! MP7 is out tomorrow and Vietnam is out on the 21st and 22nd according to this post! Wooo!