It would seem that friends playing together is…

It would seem that friends playing together is regarded as team stacking in Team Fortress 2.

On one hand that’s great because the server is free to balance teams but it sucks when you want to play with friends you’re chatting with on Skype. Any notion of playing strategically as a team goes out the window when you have to be careful what you say. The same happens with Bad Company 2 on PC.

Who ever decided that a server browser was the best way to join a game anyway? I Just want to play a game with my friends! I don’t care what server I’m on.

PC players will look down on console players because they have to use fiddly controllers but the squad system in Bad Company 2 on consoles is a great way of getting a group of friends into a game. Yes, there is team stacking, but servers do auto balance as well (sometimes). Then like any of the platforms you have to try to get back to your old squad. At least you start out on the same team!

Now, come on Microsoft and Sony. Let console players use a mouse and keyboard! Best of both worlds!

3 thoughts on “It would seem that friends playing together is…

  1. Choosing to play with friends is not team stacking. Going in as a try hard clan is team stacking. The autobalancing on PC is the single biggest PIA for PC gaming. Especially when it switches sides on you at the end of the game and suddenly you go from winning to losing.

  2. The only people who complain about team stacking are noobs who suck ass. Ignore them and game on.

    The only times I play multiplayer games are when I’m playing with friends and we usually end up holding up the team and winning as a result. What do you think clan tags are for? 🙂

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