http www youtube com watch v=aIPBtpYIb0U Playing against…

Playing against bots while honing my skills as a devious spy in Team Fortress 2 is so much fun. Went 16/22 eventually after a few games. I swear those bots had eyes in the back of their heads! Needless to say, the gameplay above is not mine. (via)

2 thoughts on “http www youtube com watch v=aIPBtpYIb0U Playing against…

  1. What was going on all those times that it looked like he was killed, but, apparently, wasn’t? Is there a decoy perk that unlocks for spies?

  2. I asked the same thing on the Reddit post for this video. It’s the Dead Ringer. It feigns death when you take damage and makes you invisible. It can either be bought (for a small sum) or earned, though I’m sure if I ever get it it won’t be through getting all those achievements ….

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