Sanctum and other indie games all for $2 cheap!

The Indie Royale bundle is offering Sanctum, Ares, Nimbus and Gemini Rue for a knock down but slowly increasing price. It started at $2 but it’s currently showing as €3.67 here. The more people pay the minimum the higher the price, pay more and the price goes down. I already […]


75 Free Indie Games in 5 minutes

You should watch this video here because all the games are linked in that post. I haven’t watched the whole lot yet but the following games do interest me: Monolith, Screwball, Dreamball 64, Annihilation (woah, that looks very familar!) and finally Pylo Nouveau (only a demo available). (via)


Four Free Games

Spelunky looks like a modern day Rick Dangerous and that gets my thumbs up! Dig n Rig reminds me of Terraria but it’s not. SkyIsland is a fairly cool browser based platformer with a 3D twist! A Flipping Good Time is a 2D platformer with a gravity twist. Of those […]


I’m a sucker for cheap indie game bundles…

I’m a sucker for cheap indie game bundles and here’s a $5 one I just bought. It has the following games: Delve Deeper, Spring Up Harmony, Mactabilis, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution and Digitanks. I already have Delve Deeper thanks to a Steam Sale but I was interested in Steel Storm […]

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