Happy Birthday TF2!

It’s hard to believe but Team Fortress 2 is really 15 years old! Well, strictly speaking the franchise is 15 years old but who am I to raise that point on such a day?

To celebrate they’re giving every player who plays today a free hat and other goodies. You’ll also see other birthday party related changes to the game like cake and presents instead of health and ammo packs. Check out the screenshots below!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday TF2!

  1. Strange but true…never played this game

    These little things on such occassions make it all the more special don’t you think 😉

  2. Wow, you should go download it, it’s free now after all! The game is full of character and while I don’t play it that often it’s a good laugh and updated all the time.

    1. OK is it on Steam? Rarely go on there but maybe I should seeing as I have a new graphics card. Shame that didnt cure my pc issue but at least I haz grafiks 😉 Really need to test out L4D2 as well

      1. LOL, you really have to get back to Steam! TF2 is one of Valve’s most famous games! We definitely have to play L4D2 some evening, so much fun.

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