How do you know you’re on a TF2…

How do you know you’re on a TF2 team full of noobs? Half of them are snipers, nobody is a medic, and players run past the control point without taking it! ARGH! Thanks DRMB James for joining me, we made a noticeable difference!


Respect the PC Gamers

(via) It’s a well known fact that console gamers are scrubs, they’re abusive and unhelpful and rude. They’ll cheat and hack their consoles given half a chance. Isn’t that right? PC gamers on the other hand are enthusiastic and helpful. They’re mature and civil about their communities. They delight in […]


Team Fortress 2 Goodness

Yes, it’s free to play now and while some would ask, why? I want to share some TF2 videos and links with you… Good and Bad Weapons? so why don’t you try competitive TF2? I suck at TF2 TF2 Strategy TF2 Pubbing TF2 Wiki TF2 forum on Steam


It’s quite impressive how much support Valve give…

It’s quite impressive how much support Valve give Team Fortress 2. It’s getting a a bit long in the tooth but it continues to get free updates. This week you can try the game for free through Steam plus there is apparently going to be a big update today, following […]


What makes me a good Demoman?

This is one of the entries for the Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Awards. If you have TF2 you can vote for the best videos in each category here. I can’t wait to watch them later! This is certainly a step up from many of the TF2 videos I’ve watched which […]


TF2: Heavy vs Spy

Just a short clip of me as a brazen spy flanking a hulking heavy, iTimoleagueDuck who was ripping my team apart. We had some great games tonight though both of us are still noobs at it. We still managed to score highly on the leaderboards and I refuse to credit […]


The TF2 Community in a Nutshell

Every community has a defining characteristic. This is from this post on the TF2 sub-reddit. Sorry, I should say the very busy TF2 sub-reddit. Methinks the big publishers could learn a lot from what Valve did with TF2. It’s not just Reddit either. My last video, a Team Fortress one […]


Crazy TF2 Soldier Frag Movie

Skip past the lengthy 63 second intro and you have a frag movie full of rocket jumps and what appears to be commonly called “airshots” in the world of Team Fortress 2. Insane stuff. Oh yeah, really good use of the replay feature mixing first person clips with external camera […]

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