Respect the PC Gamers


It’s a well known fact that console gamers are scrubs, they’re abusive and unhelpful and rude. They’ll cheat and hack their consoles given half a chance. Isn’t that right?

PC gamers on the other hand are enthusiastic and helpful. They’re mature and civil about their communities. They delight in the strategy and skill required to use a mouse and keyboard. They never call anyone names and accept games as they are, because nobody ever does anything underhand. Isn’t that right?

Oh yes. Gamers everywhere are all the same. No matter what platform they use.


3 thoughts on “Respect the PC Gamers

  1. When I used to PC game I use to get so much shit for ‘camping’ because I must be one of the original sound whores. It usually went like this.
    Me /moving from room to room *stops… can hear CLUMP CLUMP CLUMP of an enemy approaching. Follows sound, then *BLAM”.
    dead guy in chat: u camping noob
    me in chat: not camping, heard you coming. And if I’m the noob, why are you dead?

    Hilarity ensues.

    The only platform that doesn’t have this level of douchery is the Wii (but only because it doesn’t have any real comms).

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