Hehe. I wish I had heard this story before the election on Friday! Royston likes to scrawl his name on wooden desks! Very impressive trait in a political candidate! He, and many in Fianna Fail didn’t do too well in the election so it’s just as well I think.
Pity the referendum passed. Now that the government can control who gets Irish citizenship it’s only a matter of time before extremists come into power and decide a citizen has to be white, fluent in Irish and can recite the names of the 1916 leaders…

5 thoughts on “RoystoN BRADY WOZ `ERE

  1. I can’t see why some people are surprised that the referendum passed. Tell me, did you see an organised No campaign like the one we had with the first Treaty of Nice referendum?

  2. But those were all piddling, nothing on the scale as the No to Nice campaign. There was no organised strategy behind these, all while the government stayed on message all the time.

  3. Which I suppose just goes to show that the Irish are a racist bunch, and that even those who care don’t care enough! (I’ll hold my hand up and admit I didn’t call to my neighbours with leaflets and fliers either so there you go!)

  4. Sure even of you did go out and spread the word, and even if people did listen and even if there was a resounding “NO!” in the ballot boxes…
    We learned our lesson after last time:
    “Bzzzzt! Wrong answer! Try again.”

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