It's been a while since I upd …

It’s been a while since I updated here. Since my last update my expectations of Linux as a demo platform have gone up and up. First of all, I rediscovered Quake2 on Linux. It does run better in Linux than in Win95, just so long as you have no services running in the background. 🙂
Running Megademo IV in X and even running a few small intros in dosemu windows just goes to show that X can handle all the traffic, even on my old S3 Trio64 video card.
The new release of Cross-elf gets me wondering again about producing cross-platform demos in Linux. As does the port of PTC , although that does require a recompile for other platforms.
I think lots of demo-sceners probably voted in my quizlet for GGI. For a long while X was leading by about 15%, but then GGI took the lead by that margin! GGI will be good, but not now. Now we have X, and that’s “good enough” IMO for todays’ coding. Besides, having to patch your kernel to run a demo is a bit too much, and the yellow cursor just drives me mad!

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