How do you know you’re on a TF2…

How do you know you’re on a TF2 team full of noobs? Half of them are snipers, nobody is a medic, and players run past the control point without taking it! ARGH!

Thanks DRMB James for joining me, we made a noticeable difference!

4 thoughts on “How do you know you’re on a TF2…

  1. I just noticed that I earned the “Mutual Assured Destruction” award in that last game. That was for killing an enemy sniper with a rocket after he kills you.

    Wish I had saved that replay!

  2. That sounds like almost any FPS. Particularly Rush on BC2 lately, ugh. It sucks to be the only player going after objectives, especially when your snipers can’t even provide decent cover.

    1. That annoys me too! Usually I play with friends now so we’re all up for having a laugh and we work as a team.I enjoy being a sniper, but still help with the objectives.

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