Microsoft, this video of Natal Natal doe…

Microsoft, this video of Natal Natal does not convince me to buy your new upgrade. After an exhausting I will not be jumping up and down, swaying side to side in the living room.

Check out the comments on that post, many more funny cynical responses.

Oh, Natal is now called Kinect, not Kinetic. After seeing a dozen headlines with the new name I still searched Youtube for “kinetic” and wondered where all the coverage was. I wonder if that’ll be a marketing problem?

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  1. Kinect? I wonder how many kids at Christmas will be disappointed when they find that their parents have come home from Toys R Us with Lego K’Nex (or even Kinetic). And it’s handy that the name is similar to a shortened expletive for just such occasions.

    1. I just watched the vid (and some hilarious comments there too). At the end when he moves his hand to “fast forward”…. What happens if you sneeze? Will it explode? It seems that when playing a game you’ve got to jump around, get all sweaty and look weird, but if you want to watch something REMAIN STILL UNTIL THE FEATURE HAS ENDED…… hmm, anyone with kids will now be rushing out to pre-order this.

    2. Of the two, I prefer what I’ve seen of Sony’s Move. Some comments I’ve seen and meant to blog about indicates that at least one person high up in Sony wants to use it to play shooters. What are we going to do with Kinect? Make a gun shape with our hands?

      1. I used to love playing soliders as a kid, I’d be good at making gun shapes with my hands.

        We have a wii in the house that I never use, takes too much energy. I prefer to sit (laze) in my game chair using the controller. I cant see me buying the Kinect.

      2. Have you tried COD WAW on the Wii? That was fun. I played it through twice, in the days before I got a “real” console. I still have it, even after trading in most of my other Wii titles.

      3. You love WAW on the Wii. Our Wii is hardly ever on. I’m with Gavin on this one – I can’t see us getting any of these new fangled consoles. If I get concerned about the kids not getting enough exercise because of gaming we can always play “Chase you around the house with the mop”.

      4. I love that game, but I’ve barely switched on the Wii since I got the Xbox and maybe once this year when I thought Adam might enjoy Mario Kart (He didn’t, he loves Little Big Planet!)

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